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The Confessionals: Billy The Kid: The Man Who Died Twice

Did Pat Garrett kill Billy the Kid?
It was a moonlit night in Ft. Sumner, NM when history tells us that Sheriff Pat Garrett shot down the notorious outlaw Billy “the Kid”.

Newspapers across the country quickly reported that the Kid was dead and Garrett quickly put the body in the ground. But rumors spread that the Kid had survived and the testimony of Garrett’s posse was contradictory about how, exactly, the shooting had gone down. Nevertheless, without evidence, the story of the heroic Sheriff stood for almost 70 years. Then, in 1950, an old man from Hico, TX petitioned the governor of New Mexico for a pardon for crimes he committed as Billy the Kid. No one took him seriously, and yet the old man was an exact match in physical characteristics and knew intimate details about the Kid’s life. He also knew details about the fateful shooting the night Garrett claimed to have shot him that had been erased by history. Details, for example, that Garrett had killed his very drunk bearded half-Mexican partner, a claim that has only recently been verified by modern research.

It has been said that the living write history and not the dead, but when one returns from the dead, so to speak, that which was lost to history is restored. This is the true story of Billy the Kid, complete with new evidence that he lived to a ripe old age and died a free man.



In 1882 the notorious outlaw Jesse Evans, a childhood friend of Billy the Kid and a participant in the Lincoln County War, walked out of jail after serving a sentence for killing a Texas ranger. Jesse walked out of prison a free man and disappeared, never to be heard from again. Never, that is, until 1949 when Jesse came out of hiding after almost 60 years to claim an inheritance left to him by his brother.

In the course of proving his identity to a court, Jesse told some amazing stories of his time when he was an outlaw but his biggest revelation of all was that his good friend Billy the Kid was still alive. Jesse led a young lawyer named William Morrison to an old man named not William H. Bonney but William H. Roberts who after some consideration finally agreed to come forward and reveal himself as Billy the Kid. He agreed to this on one condition- that the lawyer helps him obtain the pardon he was promised by the Governor but never received so he could die a free man. You see, Billy the Kid was still wanted for murder and was condemned to hang. To reveal himself was to risk arrest and death. This was a risk that William H. Roberts was willing to take. He sat down with Mr. Morrison and told his story.

This book contains that story. It is the one true autobiography of Billy the Kid. A story that aside from some definite highlights and adventures that one would expect from the Kid, was remarkable normal and focused on his skill breaking horses as much or as more as his skill as a gunslinger. Billy the Kid was, in fact, just a gifted young cowhand who found himself juxtaposed against corrupt officials and lawmen at what became a key moment in American History.

Before one dismisses Mr. Roberts it should be considered that 5 living acquaintances of Billy the Kid, aside from Mr. Evans who revealed him, were willing to sign legal affidavits that Mr. Roberts was the man they knew as Billy the Kid. Further, the new photographic comparison shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were the same man. Mr. Roberts’ story became the inspiration for the opening scene in the hit movie “Young Guns II” starring Emilio Estevez as Billy the Kid. Also, Consider that Pat Garrett was denied his reward for killing the kid for many months and that only a special act of the legislature allowed him to finally receive it. All of this and more is contained in this book. Thanks to Mr. Morrison each of us can now pull up a chair, sit down across from Billy the Kid, and listen as he shares his story.

Check out Daniel Edwards book below:


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  1. Lisa B

    Woop! Woop! Waylon Jennings! Great choice Wes!

    Who’da thunk it?! We had “Fake News” back in the 1880s!
    Let Freedom Ring!
    God Bless America!

  2. Stephen C

    Hi Wes.
    Usually I don’t care for your ‘Going off the rez’ episodes.
    However this episode was outstanding.
    If you care to do so again with the same quality guests and historically insightful information it will only add to the pleasure of being a dyed in the wool SC subscriber.

    • Clifford B

      I’d get burned out too I guess . He eats and sleeps more Bigfoot that tbe 4 horseman of Sasquatchery combined.
      He actually knows more than every anthropologist, cryptozoologist , self proclaimed researcher that ever was . Wes should’ve gotten the animal planet offer to produce instead MM.
      I wouldn’t hold it against him if one day he snapped and named the show “Not Sasquatch Chronicles “. I’d still listen too as long as it was him. This show has inadvertently turned me from a s Bigfoot head to a Wes Germer fan . If I had a billion I’d finance Wes with whatever show he wanted to produce .
      He is a really kind soul you know .

  3. Matthew J

    As an additional story that Wes finds interesting and thinks we may enjoy it too, it’s win-win. Enjoy it, maybe learn a bit or watch an older sasquatch story. Thanks, Wes.

  4. DOUG S

    Great show…lots of good and interesting stuff there. Funny thing…my friend’s neighbor is now also my friend. This neighbor told us last year that he grew up in Hamilton, TX which is the next town over from Hico. He said that everyone in that area didn’t believe Bushy Bill was really the Kid. In fact, they claimed he never left the county his whole life up until the time he was interviewed by the reporter and went to NY to go on TV. I will get this book and let him read it…I’m looking forward to his reaction.

  5. Carol W

    Fascinating show, Wes! I love western history & learned more about Billy The Kid from this show than I ever knew before. I like that you do this once in a while, a break from the hairy man. You’re the best host & interviewer in the podcast world IMO.

  6. Bryan H

    Doesn’t matter what you put on your show Wes, it’s always a great story. Keep up the good work, all who are loyal and chase the rabbit whole, appreciate it. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Caroline L

    MY FAVORITE PODCAST HAS BEEN HIJACKED. Ugh and then some. I love documentaries and learning about different things. But that’s not what I come here for. Tony Merkel bugs me to no end. (insert game show loser sound)

  8. Johanna V

    Ok, found the episode on TuneIn radio. What an excellent show!! Now that is a passionate researcher. Great interview, Wes! I love history, and especially history of the West. I’ll definitely be purchasing his book as a chance to learn more about Billy the Kid.
    Thank you for giving this to us and doing this *switch*!

  9. Deborah W

    Great show Wes! I will have to buy this book. I am related to Jesse James and my grandpa would tell the story that when things got too hot for Jesse, he would head north posing as a cattle buyer named Mr. Howard. He was known to stop off at my great-grandfathers farm in Illinois when he was laying low and posing as Mr. Howard.

  10. Linda B

    Wow. Wes, what a great episode. You must love a good mystery. Im definitely buying the book. We played Jesse James and Billy the Kid, shooting each other with our dimestore western guns, and running through the woods on our make believe horses, ofcourse I was Belle Starr. Lol
    How cool. Cool that he lived into the 50s.

  11. m99

    Gee Bigdude, that’s a very mean thing to say here. You know he’s a friend of Wes’ right? I was taught if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. Did you listen to the episode? I did, until I didn’t, and it didn’t have anything to do with Tony.

  12. David L

    I’m not a fan of going away from the sasquatch topic, but this was awesome. I listened to it twice! Young guns is an all time favourite, but I have never delved into the mystery surrounding Brushy Bill, till now.
    Thanks Wes, brilliant episode!

  13. Erin D

    :: great job Wes! Honestly, I’ve never been too fascinated with Billy The Kid enough to dig into his story other than what little info they gloss over in school. But this kept my attention and I actually was super impressed. Another show well done!

  14. Melissa P

    Congrats Wes, you finally were able to do this for a show! Must have felt great for you, eh? And you knocked it outta the park, as usual. Thanks
    Hope all of you youts, not a accidental misspelling, have a super fun yet safe weekend.

  15. m99

    The movie is good (my husband’s favorite) but annoying me because of that laugh Emilio portrays as Billy’s. It’s “aha, hah, hah…” annoying. I love the story line though, and we’ve often talked about Billy the Kid.. I wish you (Wes) might have also placed the old man’s picture up next to the kids (above) so we geeky types could sit and analyze them together.

  16. Jamin F


    I NEVER write anything… Bit I was SUPER excited about this particular show even though its not bigfoot related because I love OLD WEST Mysteries.. and I literally bought this book this guy wrote this past summer after during research…

    I was blown away to find out Billy lived… I usually attack a subject different.. most people force you to “prove it” I typically attack the official narrative… and sure enough THERE IS NO EVIDENCE Billy was killed… its literally like he said, Billy the Kid was killed because a corrupt Sheriff said so and wanted to make money selling a book…

    Like you said you poured your heart and soul in this show I LOVED IT and wanted you to know.. I own this book and HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT Daniel Edwards LITERALLY solved the mystery..Billy the Kid lived BUY THE BOOK absolutely amazing story..

    THANK YOU WES…. FANTASTIC SHOW the evidence was absolutely stunning heavy and complete…

  17. schlad

    Fascinating story, I always wondered what the Truth behind his story, thanks bro. Another hero defamed by the talenless elite, hey thanks to guys like you, light will always shine. Yee haa!

  18. Steve A R

    I was not expecting this when I turned on my Sasquatch Chronicles Tonight but I was so pleased! I lived in Arlington Texas for more than 30 years and the rumor was that Billy the kid what is indeed still alive at that time and living there in Texas. So to hear this information made me laugh with excitement that in deed it was a true story after all! Wes, you did a fantastic let me repeat myself, A FANTASTIC JOB!! You are just a natural when it comes to speaking and I’m not just saying that either. Quit putting yourself down because you are a fantastic speaker! I could listen to you alone all day long. I’m sure I’m not speaking just for myself Thank You for a job well done!

  19. Scott A

    This rendition of history is 100% correct Wes. I see the comments are filled with your classic non-independant thinkers who play devils advocate without once looking further into the facts….

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