Aug 7

SC EP:678 The Hunting Lease

Tonight I will be speaking to three guests. My first Cassidy had several strange experiences on a hunting lease in Wisconsin. I will be playing some sounds tonight that resemble what the witness heard. Cassidy talks about something walking up to his trailer on the property and tapping on the windows. I will also be speaking to Travis who had an encounter with several creatures while on a trail in Pennsylvania. We will wrap up with Matt who is a truck driver from Western Pennsylvania and witnessed a creature on the side of the road. Matt said “I wasn’t sure what it was the eyes were red, which confused me. I never looked into Bigfoot before this and did not realize their eyes could be red…it was strange.”







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75 Responses to “SC EP:678 The Hunting Lease”

  1. Denise F

    It’s the freakin’ weekend, 🎉
    Thanks Wes and guests and remember, folks, to stop and smell the roses sometimes… well unless you’re allergic or you have a phobia of aphids or you see a rosebush and go to take a sniff – only to twist your ankle in a small hole while walking to it….y’all understand the positive message I’m sending. Lol


  2. Lisa B

    Great show tonight Wes! Thank you to the guests for coming on and sharing their encounters with us. Enjoyed them very much! Where is that scream, at the beginning of the show, recorded? Never heard that one before. I was searching on Facebook but couldn’t find where it’s posted. Thanks again Wes…and don’t forget everyone…put the lights on…this is your home 🎶🎶🎶🎶 🥰 👍🏻

  3. Jason O

    Hi Wes,
    Greetings from Massachusetts! I keep hearing that these creatures move and walk in a very unique way. How is it different? Can you describe it? I’m trying to visualize the way they walk but I don’t have enough detail. Any chance you could devote some time to this?
    Love the show…love the stories!

  4. Thomas J

    Balance the issue out make the public show go public, say f**k it and move on. Thanks Wes not everything goes right but it goes and goes and goes. Don’t sweat the small stuff as you break down one night and get to play withe hairy scaries in the forest. Thanks for all your work. The show still ranks A+ in my book. Just keep the loonies with the sat phone from calling 911 while lost in the Ocala National Forest. Keep bringing the hairy giants, thier electrical dampening fields, transport orbs, other high strangeness, and all the weirdness that people see in our world toda.

  5. Barry R

    Hey Wes. Cassidy, just thought I’d let you know. The scream at the beginning, my bloodhound Bocephus alerts to it . First time he heard it and when I reminded! And played it again!

  6. Bob V


    Haven’t listened to the episode yet. Just want to tell everyone. I’m from Wisconsin and now live in Minnesota. I believe a Sasquatch was coming into my Grandmothers yard. This was only a half hour from Downtown Milwaukee. Folks, they come close to populated areas. I had a hunting friend tell me how he spotted one in upper Wisconsin. Had another friend tell me he heard one at his grandmothers property in Middle Wisconsin. My son and I had a “light” incident in a State Park near the Minnesota and Wisconsin border; this caused us to sleep in the car. A lady who works as a manager of a dollar store up the street from me was talking about how she had a Sasquatch looking at her in Elk River MN. The hardest part of believing in or seeing Sasquatch in the Midwest meaning: WI, MN, MI, Iowa, Ontario (I understand this is Canada), and IL is the ridicule a person takes from others. People just don’t want to believe they would be in these areas. I’ve always wondered why. There is plenty of water, plenty of food, and plenty of space. To give you some reference. It is a six hour drive from Milwaukee WI to Minneapolis MN. It’s about two hour drive from Milwaukee WI to Green Bay WI. It’s about two hour drive from Milwaukee to Chicago (depending on traffic). It took me twelve hours to drive from Milwaukee WI to Port Hudson Ontario. It took about Four to six (don’t remember exactly any more) hours to drive across the State of MI. I went north then East, crossed over in Sernia MI; wanted to avoid Detroit. It was about three hours from Sernia to Port Huron. It would take about four to six hours to drive from Milwaukee WI to Prairie Du Chien. There is a wonderful state park there. This is on the corner of Wisconsin and Iowa. It’s about two to three hours from Minneapolis to the boundary waters. The reason I’m mentioning this is to give a person who is not from this area an idea on how large these states are. In between these points are a large amount of forests, many rivers, many lakes, a huge population of deer, plus coyoties, elk, in upper MN there are Moose, large farm areas, and many swamps. Then you have Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior. These are really inlet seas. I’m writing this for anyone who would believe, even if you live here, that having a Sasquatch live here is a stupid idea. Bob V.

  7. m99

    😎 100th!!! Woo-Who! Good episode, as usual. WE’re amazed at your consistency with each and every guest. You’re a natural at this, and then some. Thanks Wesipoo. WE ALL love you. Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff! ✌

    • Robert C

      Great show Wes! The last guest Matt describes a rod flying creature. They actually featured those on a monsterquesr episode. Also the movie.. The greatest story ever denied. Its on YouTube. There’s a cave in Mexico or central America. Where they skydive and captured these things on camera. Exactly like Matt describes.

  8. Jason W

    My pops drove over the road for over 40 yrs, he says he saw 1 standing on the other side of a guardrail outside of Seattle Washington. He only saw it when the headlights shines on it. Said it was like it was waiting for traffic to pass so it could cross the road. Said judging by height of guardrail and him being right there at it by the road it was a good 8 feet tall.

  9. Frank B

    The scream is exactly what me and my brother experienced in episode 496 bad night fishing. The scream made the hair stand up on my arms & Neck when. It’s point on what we witnessed that night.

  10. Matt J

    Thank you for having me on the show Wes! Like I said in the initial email, I wasn’t sure if my encounter was show worthy because I wasn’t sure if it was real. I just wanted to tell it to you. But, it was a great experience being a part of my favorite (by far!!)podcast! Take care brother and keep it up!!

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