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SC EP:677 The Story Of Robert

A listener writes “Hi Wes, I had an encounter in 1979-1980 in Goshen, Virginia. We were at the Boy Scout Camp and got up early to try and see deer. I lived outside of Washington, D.C. so catching sight of a deer would have been a highlight for a young kid.

As we walked through the woods near our cabins, there was a thick morning fog. We were being lead by one of the Scout leaders, it was a small group of maybe four or five people. As we walked along for maybe 10 minutes, I felt that there was another person or group with us. It was not the feeling of being watched but more like we were walking along two parallel paths in the woods. I recall hearing the irregular sound of sticks cracking etc. I wasn’t familiar with these particular woods so I wouldn’t know what was normal or unusual.

As we stopped to look at some tracks, I recall looking into the woods and seeing something but not seeing it. It was as if something (a man-like creature) was standing flush against the trees.. I would say 30 yards away. The fog had disappeared but there was a light drizzle and it was overcast. He didn’t seem to be hiding it was more as if he was waiting patiently for us to continue down the path. It seemed as if his silhouette was being absorbed by the tree. As I reflect, It seemed to me that the creature felt certain it was hidden –nearly invisible so it wasn’t trying to hide.

An interesting point I just recalled. We smelled skunk. I imagined Peppy La Pew and we were laughing about the smell. In retrospect, skunks are nocturnal animals and we didn’t see a skunk but the odor was everywhere that morning. I decided to write you after I read today’s NY Times article about animals who have an adaptation that absorbs more than 99.9% of the light. I wonder if this is an evolutionary trait available to some bigfoot?”

I spoke to the witness and he also shared a story of a childhood friend named Robert. It was an amazing encounter and I asked him to share it on the show.






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78 Responses to “SC EP:677 The Story Of Robert”

  1. Barry R

    Popped up on facebook just now and by the time I log in I’m 8th? Do some people just hover over the site waiting and refreshing all day? Just curious.

    • Steve W

      BARRY R … to answer your question, speaking for myself,
      I dont “ hover” … I do online research so Im here anyway so when an episode is coming due, Friday or Sunday , I check in once in a while. I really dont care about being first but I love SASQUATCH CHRONICLES. It is far and away the very best of the best of its kind. WES GERMER is a born natural and has an easy way with his guests. The best thing he ever did was “ shake off the fleas” and strike out on his own. He doesnt need anyone else interrupting the guests to talk about THEIR EXPERIENCES or expound on THEIR THEORIES. All of our long time listeners know how much better the show is with WES in the “WHEELHOUSE”

      • m99

        I agree with ALL of the above, Steve W. We don’t apologize for being here, supporting Wes. If we find we’re first, we celebrate that fact. Plus it’s a fun game to play. Nothing wrong with that! All the curmudgeons need to get a new attitude or just shut up.

        • m99

          Sorry. I reread the comment above and I think I over reacted to that question / comment from Barry. So, Barry I’m sorry for saying to shut up, and calling you curmudgeon’ed.

          • Steve W

            I agree. He was asking an honest question. Thats why I went to that length to explain my actions. I LOVE SASQUATCH CHRONICLES and our SC F A M I L Y. Nobody does it like WES and he has the very BEST of the BEST AUDIENCE… I am proud to be a SC fan and welcome all new comers with open arms !!!

          • Steve W

            To be clear, I was agreeing with m99 …
            NOT the “person” who said [ Jesus, u people need to get a life] Kinda feel sorry for that one…

          • Eddie M

            There is no way ref. what’s currently happening in your geographic area Wes can I believe there is not a Demonic evil presence there. Humans just don’t go feral out of control like that on their own.

          • Eddie M

            There is no way ref. what’s currently happening in your geographic area Wes can I believe there is not a Demonic evil presence there. Humans just don’t go feral out of control like that on their own. No I have not previously said this

          • m99

            So if you don’t like it don’t participate, it’s that simple. It was something that started from the beginning as the show’s audience grew, and it continues. We came here in 2016 or 17, and I have participated a few times. It’s one of the few things that make us feel like we’re connecting with others at SC. If Wes doesn’t care, I don’t know why other people would.

    • Jay Carlsen

      The story behind it was BEFORE there was Sasquatch Chronicles when Wes & his ” Flees ” ( Cute Steve W – I got a chuckle out of that !) were Posting the Shows to the YouTube I live in Michigan and run on Eastern Time. I would sit on the YouTube util They would load a Show , Then I seen someone tag FIRST on the First Comment.
      So from that point forward if I logged in and just Happened to be First ? I would call it ! FIRST COMMENT !
      It all blew out of Proportion when I added ” Na – Na – N – Naa -Naaa ! ” Which might have been Childish at the Time – BUT I WASN’T SWEARING ! So it made it through the Censors ( I have been Good – Gumshoe Guy ! ) But being salty for being Childish
      ( because it is a free Country , and I can be Childish if I choose ( I thought it was Funny as all HECK ! )
      So Spite has bound me to congratulate anyone calling First Comment. ( and if Spite is a Sin …… then I am Guilty. But that is the Least that I am Guilty of so I am not sweating it too much )

  2. Dean C

    Evening, hope everyone’s well. Thanks for another show Wes, sounds epic!!!
    Has anyone watched the interview kerry at Bigfoot Odyssey did with Mark from Trail to Bigfoot last night? Talk about disturbing….most terrifying interview I’ve heard. If you watch it, dont with kids around, and be prepared to possibly have things like Bigfoot’s paranormal abilities, cloaked entities, 411, humans are prey to the invisible entities, Bigfoot assists them with’The Hunt’ etc….terrifying. Very traumatic for Mark and has damaged him severely.

  3. Leann G

    Thanks Wes for another episode. The story about Robert is so disturbing in that the guest describes what sounds like Robert’s “shell” visiting but void of his personality.

  4. Lisa B

    I would love to talk to the guest! I think sometimes when people have a traumatic incident, it opens you up to be more sensitive to your surroundings. I have that gift but not to the extent of his uncle. It is a gift but can be a burden as he says. It can be scary! I’ve wondered too, if some of that is inherited.

    And the SLUGS! Yes, the slugs are horrible around here! They’re nasty! Thank God for opossums slurping them up lol!

  5. david b

    Thank you Wes for another show, man, you do know how to do an interview. I agree, and have said for years, there is something different about these creatures. I believe they are flesh and blood, but whatever they are is the reason why it is being covered up.

  6. Tammi C

    Hi everyone & thanks Wes and guest. Just my two cents: We are all made of energy… many believe it is spiritual energy and even the scientific community agrees we are energy. So maybe it’s various energies we sense versus “past lives” but none of us will really know until ~maybe~ when we pass on. ❤️Love to all❤️

  7. Jan F

    …..i have heard many a few times about doc and other people see a person who is died just houres ago

    I love hear neardeath exsperience.
    Great show.

    • m99

      My oldest brother worked in a hospital. He said once he walked into a patients room as the person passed away. He literally saw the guys spirit come up out of the body and quickly disappear. Being the science minded person he was he didn’t mention it to anyone he worked with at the hospital. He said it kind of shook him up.

  8. Matthew J

    Good stories, good discussion. I’ve certainly encountered “new” people that either clicked or repulsed right away. For me, that takes a short conversation to determine.

    Not to make this political, but who it involves is: The 1st time I ever saw HRC she was on TV when Bill had just become a front runner for the Democrats’ choice for president. I thought that Bill (who was sipping a beer) seemed like a good ole boy and it didn’t bother me at all. When I saw HRC on TV, I had a really bad feeling. I felt strong feelings that she was evil and to be avoided at all costs. I’m 60 and I never got such a strong feeling of ‘something is not right with that person’, before or since.

    Seeing Robert’s ghost would have stayed with me for life.

  9. Andrew A

    Great show Wes! The bus stop experience was frightening and thankfully Perry was able to sense what was going on. I wonder where his ability to sense good and bad energy comes from? Is it DNA or something else? I wonder if his ability to sense the Sasquatch is the same as when he meets a person for the first time and feels like he knows them? Does that mean he is connected to the Sasquatch in the same way? Is it because he shares the same mitochondrial DNA as the Sasquatch? Does that mean in some way we are related? I believe we are but how did that happen? Were the Sasquatch here before us and did “the powers that be” use a little of their DNA to create humans so we could survive on this planet? It would make sense to do so if you wanted to inhabit a world that you weren’t indigenous to.

    Anyway….food for thought……thanks again Wes and Perry!

    BTW….”don’t you hate Perry’s wife?”…..LOL…..Arthur was a classic! Sorry young ones you won’t get the reference but I recommend the movie.

  10. Bryan G

    Great show. Really enjoyed the different experiences Perry had in his lifetime. One thing I found interesting was the fact that Robert came to his room and not to his brothers. It seems to indicate the ” spirit” was actually aware that Perry was able to see him when his brother could not.

  11. Tim K

    Interesting show ,I appreciate the time you put into your program and actually look forward to listening to the different incite and experiences your people bring to your program. You do a very good job Wes and especially on nights like tonight while I’m greving a loss your show brings enjoyment and takes my mind off of the everyday things at hand and let’s me relax and go to another realm where I don’t have to be on so to speak but can just listen and learn. Thanks again Wes!

  12. Matthew L

    Another great show Wes. Super spooky story about the drowned boy. By far one of the best things about COVID is getting to listen to a show a day. Cheers from New York. 👏

  13. William C

    I really like encounters with sasquatch and I really like when you go off the main topic and introduce new things to the community. Because I think they’re all interlinked in some way.

  14. Keith K

    I am a member who cannot access the member episodes. I have emailed Support three times and I have also emailed Wes and haven’t gotten a response. Can someone please help

  15. MONTE M

    In the comments I’ve posted about having a conversation with a gentleman who does restoration work on mansions and historic homes in Chicago. He said he could eventually sense when there was a spirit, ghost or whatever youd like to refer that as, present in the home the work was being bid on. He had a few workers walk off the job due to occurrences while working. He said that one time a ghost turned and looked at him as it walked up a staircase, at first he thought it was a real person and only later realized it had to have been a spirit. He talked about shadow people and said a regular occurrence that he attributed to the phenomenon was a cold draft, a significant temperature change that he explained as feeling like someone wrapped you in a cold blanket? Sometimes the ghosts were known because others had experienced it. One time he was working in a haunted frat house and knew there was a presence, the lady who wrote the final check for the work only then when the work was completed asked if he had encountered the resident ghost? This was on a website about guitar playing. This fellow and I were on the same thread because we owned the same instrument. In general conversation he stated his line of work in wich I then private messages him and asked if he had ever encountered ghosts or the like, in wich he found that to be an odd question but said yes that as a matter of fact it was common in the old homes he worked on. The conversation was random and off topic I just figured since he worked on very old homes for a living that he might very well run across such things as spirits,ghosts,entities and yes he had.

  16. Jimmy W

    Hey Wes,

    You keep alluding to a theory that you have on what Sasquatch is but you never go into it. You also said like a year ago that you were going to do a few shows diving into this theory and it never happened. Are you going to do that? And if not why do you keep teasing or alluding to your theory and not telling what it is? Just wondering….



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