Aug 9

SC EP:679 The Murderers Creek Incident

Murderer’s Creek, Oregon was named in the 1860s, or so the story goes, after a party of eight prospectors who were exploring its banks were murdered. On tonight’s show a group of hunters have a couple of run ins with a creature who has been watching them.


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64 Responses to “SC EP:679 The Murderers Creek Incident”

  1. Amy H

    Jeeze, I’m not sure I wanna hear this. I’ve got a deer tag for that unit this late summer early fall. I just left a unit where they’d meander past my tent at night. It was too much…. I wish my buddy would never have told me about the foot print he saw deep in the woods of WA state. That started this whole understanding of BF existence.

  2. Melinda J

    Wes thank you for all the wonderful interviews and I appreciate the work you put into each episode. I may not listen right away but I do get there by the end of the night.. It’s a great pleasure. Thank you again Wes.

  3. Jesse K

    Thank You Wes for giving a platform for people to share their experiences. You do an awesome job of letting them tell their experiences and that is what make Sasquatchchronicles so Awesome. Keep them coming.

  4. Michael W

    Is it too scary to think that this species are not opportunistic, but have the ability to think beyond the animal kingdom? Because that’s what you’re saying when you call them opportunists. You’re desperately trying to label them animals. Which in essence is partly correct. They are a type of animal as we are. They plan. They are capable of lucid thought. Like us.

  5. Matthew J

    Another incident where the damn thing did something bordering on paranormal. Running very very fast through a field where it’s loaded with rocks and stumps but yet observing the human activity at the same time. The entire design of these creatures is sinister. Maybe someday a very wealthy person will fund a huge study and do another DNA test. I’ve heard that scientists using ‘environmental DNA’ can examine a water source for DNA and identify it.

  6. theresa m

    Being a city girl I never understand why people go back to the place they had an incident with an unknown but when I compare it to what I would do in the city after a bar brawl in a favorite hangout, well, hell, I was back there the next weekend for another good time. So, thanks for another great show tonight, Wes, to you guests, as well.

  7. Rickye W

    Man, as a lifelong bow hunter from Louisiana/Texas borders area near Toledo Bend, I would love to see the woods in that part of the country! But to also camp out in a place known for Squatch activity would be a true adventure for sure!!! I enjoyed the story guys! Keep ‘em coming Wes! You’re doing a great job!!!

  8. Miss Kendall S

    There is definitely something different with them and the day will come when we all will find out what..
    Truthfully with What I believe I’m hoping it’s not in my lifetime….
    Thank you Wes that was great like always 👍🏼👍🏼

  9. Jay T

    Another fine interview and highly credible, hunting guest. Thanks Wes and Justin for sharing. I’ll share this with a friend that goes 2x a year elk hunting in Oregon and Idaho that scoffs at bigfoot. He does day hunting trips without camping overnight though, so “perhaps” less likely to run into creature.

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