Nov 3

SC EP:2 Class A Bigfoot Encounters

Class A Bigfoot Encounters and aggressive Bigfoot encounters. William Jevning will be interviewing Woody and Wes as they recount their aggressive encounter with Sasquatch that happened one year ago this month. We will also be discussing other aggressive Sasquatch behavior and encounters.We will be discussing recent encounters and older encounters including the Cowman story.



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129 Responses to “SC EP:2 Class A Bigfoot Encounters”

  1. Lindsey B

    I am usually a very sceptical person, I don’t believe in ghosts ect, but I had one of those moments where I wanted to hear a scary story… Congrats you’ve changed my mind on the subject of Bigfoot.
    You guys looking at this creature as an animal and not some supernatural being, has changed the way I look at this subject. I’ve always been Interested in learning about animals and their behaviours, so hearing stories on this creature is very intriguing.
    Love the show, joined as member to hear more.

  2. Mikel F

    You guys really should make the first episode that you told your encounter available too. It was longer and quite a bit more detailed. It was so vivid, I could literally picture everything as it happened. I LOVE that episode. It’s not iTunes any more either. Also, the episode that Will was a guest was awesome too!

    Either way, I love this show/website. I’ll be a member for as long as it exists.

    Thanks for being the exact show/forum that I’ve been looking for forever!

    • Eva S

      I agree 100%, Mikel! I used to have it downloaded on my tablet but it finally died, I can’t listen to it anymore. I wish I could find it in anyone’s archives but no one has it. The very first time the story was told was on the Bigfoot Tonight Show two weeks after Wes and Woody’s encounter. Wes called in to the show and told his story then, the emotion in his voice was so strong. They (Wes and Woody) started their own podcast (Bigfoot Hotspot) a couple of weeks after that and told the first version that you refer to here after the first couple of shows. That’s when I found their new podcast and I’ve been listening ever since. I miss the first shows, there were several that I used to listen to occasionally before they started to remove them. Let me know if you ever locate it some where and I’ll let you know if I find it! Maybe we can talk Wes in to loading it on to SC it’s certainly a worthy addition to the website!

  3. David M

    I watched Wes’s video regarding the location of the encounter and the re-listened to the encounter itself . I would advise anyone to do that as it gives new perspective on the whole encounter, and makes it all the more terrifying – if that’s possible! Kudos to Wes for going back on his own to shoot the video clip, you can hear in his voice how hard it was for him…

    This is one of the best encounters out there.

  4. Jay Carlsen

    saying it had No Neck .
    I just found while surfing the YouTube , I think on one of the Top 10 Unexplained Creatures or something ? Where a Captain of one of the Spanish Ships that first came to the Americas , recorded in his Log Book an account of meeting the Tribe of the Blemyes . ( pronounced just as it is spelled ) A Race who had no head on there Shoulders ? That their eyes , nose , & Mouth was right on their chest ? I wonder if the Ship Captain was trying to describe one of these Sasquatch People ? who know for Certain ?
    I wonder if they are of the Elongated Skull , such as found in Peru ? or , would their actual skull possess a Mete Foremen ? the dimple on our Chin , is found directly under the Right Eye socket. Obviously not Human .
    Creationist look at it as it reads in the Book . That there was Firmament above as well as below . Some speculate it was Ice , like a sheet above the o-zone . if so , it would increase the air pressure ; Creating like a barometric environment. Pressurized Oxygen.
    I love ancient Indian Folk lore , While watching Clifford Mahooty – of the Zuni Nation of the south west . He was talking of the different society’s of Tribal Life , & he was at a gathering of one of these when it was Headlined in the Papers , that we were going to the Moon . He said an elder was there , shaking his head . Mr. Mahooty ask what was the matter ? The old man shook his head ” That Crazy white man is at it again . Now he wants to punch hole through the Rock Ceiling .” ( I am certain I am Quoting this from the Ted X in Australia. Gram Hancock was a speaker also …….)
    Now , what was the old Man talking about ? & this was what ? 1965 or what ever ….? 1964?
    & if there was in fact a sheet of Ice over the O Zone , it would block all the UV Rays & cosmic radiation . Also act like a Planet Wide Barometric Chamber. ( i am sure I do not have to point at the Amazing Healing property of Barometric Chambers ) & even Scientist agree , the Oxygen content was Much , Much , higher in Prehistoric Times . that would give reason why the People back then Lived Longer , Before the Flood . & right after , our life spans began to diminish. Who Knows for Certain ? Crazy ……..

  5. Trey

    Don’t be a coward. If your gonna call Will out for whatever reason or try to call Wes and Woody out because you think they lied at least use your real name. The fact is nobody knows what these guys saw because none of you were there, they didn’t even know what they were looking at when it was happening. As far as the moon phase thing goes the scientists and meteriologist gets those wrong too. I tried on a few different occasions to have a bonfire party at my house when there would be a full moon or at least mostly full moon and the chart said there wouldn’t be one. Guess what both times there was a 3/4 full moon out. After this Fiascal with SC I went back and checked those dates and according to the national weather service there wasn’t a moon at all when myself and 10 other people saw it. I believe Wes and Woody 100% and if you don’t like it maybe you should go on some other website with others of your kind such as or

    • Adam Stewart

      Lol nothing personal to Will… But I can’t stand the constant interuptions, the know it all attitude and then leave the show cause whatever jealous reason…
      Wes knows more now than will ever did, and I guarantee it was cause Wes was making money doing this and Will cant sell his books.
      Will was also the one encouraging the hater mentality toward all others researchers. Will was a typical bigfoot pseudo celeb… 110% EGO!! Hates everyone, knows it all… And super jealous.
      Btw havent even heard of hes still alive since he left!? But Wes is a monster celeb now!!!
      Shoulda put your pride away Will.

    • Adam Stewart

      Thanks Patricia… I thought I was gonna get crap for saying that….
      I love listening to old episodes but further back then ep. 88 I get annoyed at will doing the asking the same question a different way later in the show trying to catch em lying…
      And the interview style sux especially when he talks over the guest about his Vast Knowledge or his time in the military as a airborne army commander recognescense comander infantry cavalry general and his bigfoot story he cant keep straight.. And his mentor the creepo Renee… If anything Will. Was full of shi+.
      Even if Wes made his story up… This show is still the best out there by far. And for the record i believe Wes n Woody. 100%.
      I’m so glad he kept this show going after that Rat Will tried to destroy it…
      I know Will was behind it all… He was obsessed with $$$$$

  6. David J

    Awesome recounting of y’alls encounter! The details in your encounter match details from my own encounter. It’s clear that this actually happened. I have been blessed with the ability to know when a person is making up a story. The details in your encounter are vivid and powerful.

  7. Christen E

    I think the one I called big guy was looking out for me after I was having trouble with this old pig on the farm like it was going to get me. Each day for 3 days when I had to feed the pigs the the old female was getting very aggressive towards me and the 3 day I had to defend myself from it by hitting in on the head as I was jumping the fence. The next morning it was dead and by the time I got home my dad was burning the body. After the pig was totally gone but the bones I noticed that the head was busted up in pieces while the other bones was fully intact. I think it crushed it’s head.

  8. Kimberly S

    Will seems knowledgeable but the constant interruptions make me wonder WHO is being interviewed! Lol I am not getting all the details of Wes’ and Woody’s experience. It’s driving me nuts listening to it ! lol I’ll go look for the longer version if it is still here 🙂

  9. Terran S

    Starting from the beginning today. The episodes do not get old. In full agreement on Will… speaking over people, constantly interrupting and trying to finish other people’s descriptions for them. Listening to the witness w/o interruptions as Wes does is the best.

  10. theresa m

    Before I joined membership on Sasquatch Chronicles and The Confessionals podcasts I watched Finding Bigfoot because that was all I knew about. Now I cannot watch the show. It’s laughable. I blame the network for screwing that up. I’m glad I found S C on of all things, YouTube! When I heard Wes say that he wasn’t posting those shows I realized I needed to become a member because it was just the right thing to do. Support and earn a listen! Thanks, Wes, and all the people who are serious about this and other connected subjects. Support the show. Fight censorship because it is a problem in this country and speak up!

  11. Jerry W

    This is still one of the best encounter stories, despite that other guy’s interruptions and he unknowable knowledge “they try to stay 1-2 miles apart” , how exactly does he know that?

  12. William H

    This is the first time I’ve listened to this episode and heard Wes and Woody’s story. It’s interesting. I wish Will had stayed quiet though and let them do all the speaking. He’s a great speaker but not such a great interviewer when he’s interrupting all the time.

  13. James D

    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Insider Chris’ episodes? The ones wes was pressured to take down? Are they archived on the internet anywhere??

  14. Jesse D

    James do you know what episodes or the title or anything? i think MAYBE you mean “the insider” episode, it’s my favorite I think it’s number 67. Just go to episodes and search “the insider” and it’ll come up, it’s like a series.

  15. craig d

    Awesome story, gripped throughout the episode.
    The production quality may have improved but the content quality remains top notch.
    I’m sorry I don’t know but is that our Wes?

  16. Christina W

    This is the episode I became a member for. I’ve been listening to Sasquatch Chronicles on You Tube for the past 2 years and I had watched this episode a long time ago and when I recently went back to watch it again, I couldn’t find it. Pretty sure Wes removed his encounter story from YT. So I finally decided to take the plunge and become a member. I’m super pumped! I should have done this a long time ago! There is so much content that I now have access to

  17. Pauline P

    listening to this episode makes me appreciate Wes as an interviewer all the more. Man, Will is so annoying, with his constant know-it-all interruptions. I keep thinking, “shut the F up!!”. Great encounter all the same. One of my favourites.

  18. Christina W


    In 2024 I would LOVE to see a new, updated version of Wes and Woody’s encounter. An episode dedicated specifically to their story, 10 years later, after hearing over 1000 encounter stories himself, how does Wes and his brother feel about their encounter now? What opinions of his, if any, have changed after so much time has passed? Plus, it would be so nice to have someone else interview them. Don’t even get me started on Will! Every time I listen to this encounter, I get so pissed off that the whole second half of the interview, nearly 30 minutes was spent with Will talking about himself and all of the encounters he has “researched”… what a WASTE of time! As detailed as this interview was, I am sure there are many more points that Wes and Woody could have touched on

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