Nov 3

SC EP:3 Inspired by Bigfoot with Bill Lee

Thirty-four year radio veteran Bill Lee takes an upbeat, ethical approach to all things “Bigfoot” in his weekly talk radio show on WQ4D Radio — The Inspiring Friends Network. Join Bill live Tuesday evenings at 7:00PM Central Time for a weekly look at what’s going on in the field of Bigfoot research.

You’ll hear interviews with other Bigfoot researchers, learn about those who have had Bigfoot encounters, and get answers to the many questions surrounding this fascinating mystery. And last but not least, you’ll hear Bill’s own weekly episodes of “The Bigfoot Stories.” Inspired by Bigfoot has it all! Listen to the live show by phone or streaming audio and join the chat room conversation at



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559 Responses to “SC EP:3 Inspired by Bigfoot with Bill Lee”

  1. Jason C

    Well , I Like this Bill Lee ! He’s alright.
    I am a Christian ( don’t get yer Panty’s in a Bunch – I am not a very good one ) I have been a Oil Field Laborer since I Broke Out in 1992. I barley made it through High School . And I bought a Lap Top in 2000 , To occupy the Time I spent Drinking after work at the Motel. I do not care for sitting in Jail.
    My Plan for this ended up being Computer Games. I would return from work w/ Happy Meal in hand, Go back to my room, & Veg Out on those Jedi Games. I Haven’t been to jail for Drinking Since ! ( July 28 2000 )
    I found the YouTube maybe a couple years ago . & began hunting for Sasquatch from behind the Key Board. My Family moved to Northwestern Michigan from Detroit in 1978 . The People who moved in to the Apartment up stairs of this old Farm House we rented , Had a Foot Print. That was cast 15 miles North of where we were Living at the Time . I Held It ! ( if I sat on the Couch ) & was pretty Impressed , at 7 years old . ( that’s what i knew )
    I kind of thought , Maybe , that these thing’s were what they were referring to as Nephilim? The Giant’s of the Bible ( Gen ch 6 ) ? Connected with the Finds of Giant Skeletons , that have been Buried in the Mounds ? & I just thought of them as such. Where they the same as the Giants of Jotunheim of Norse Myth ?
    My Mother is a Librarian & I admit: I Am A Reader . I do not remember where I read it. But I recall reading of 9 Skeletons were found overlooking the Allegheny River Basin just outside of Bradford Pa , Back some time in the 1800’s. All the Skeleton’s were extremely Large , with a range of 8 – 14 foot tall . All had Long Blond or Red Hair & Long Beards , all were clad in copper Armor , all had Swords . & they were found sitting on seats chiseled out of the Rock. The one that was 14 foot tall wore a Copper Crown , & there was one that had Horns that Protruded from the Forehead ! All were sold to the Smithsonian Institute, & Conventionally Lost – Stolen – or Misplaced . Since I heard Jim Vieira calling these Giant People , Maritime Archaic .
    Then as I was reading the book & found Esau , Jacobs Twin Brother . As I read about how Jacob stole Esau’s Blessing from Issac . & it just hit me . So I went back to their Parents . And it reads something like ‘ The Children struggled together in Rebekah’s Womb & She went before the Lord to inquire why . And was Told :
    – Two Nation’s are in your Womb , Two Manner of People will be separated from your Bowels , The Older will be the Stronger , But serve the Younger –
    When her time had arrived , & Rebekah gave Birth , It was Twins ! And Esau came out ” Red all Over , As if wearing a Garment of Hair , And Jacob came out right After, still clutching his Brothers Heel” ( I thought WHAT ! NO SHIT ! ( it really does say that . Ch 25 of the Book of Genesis . Please check it out yourself )
    And it says Issac favored Esau because he was a weary Hunter. A Wild Man of The Field . He loved to eat the Savory Meat that his Son brought him . But Jacob was a Man of Tent’s , A Man of the Plains . And Favored bye his Mother .
    As She over heard her Husband tell her Son Esau , that He would get his Final Blessing if he would just bring the old Man that Savory Dish of Meat , One last time , Before he Left this Earth .
    & She straight away ran to her Son Jacob & told him of this Blessing. And Bid him to go fetch a Kid Goat & She would prepare the Fathers Favorite Dish . & Jacob could bring it to him & gain this ” Blessing “. But Jacob said ” But as Father takes the dish from my Hands , or as He takes the back of my Neck to kiss my Forehead , He will Preadventure Feel Me , & He will Know it is Me trying to Deceive Him and I will Gain his Wraith ” And this ” Blessing ” was so Important ….. Rebekah told him ” Let his Anger be on Me . Just do as I say ”
    When Esau returned with his Savory dish of Meat , & Found his Brother was there Before Him. And Found that he had taken Issac’s ” Blessing ” He Cried out to his Father ‘ Haven’t you held just a little blessing back for Me ? Don’t you have a little blessing for Me Also ? ‘ But his Father told him ” No , I have given you & your Brethren into your Brothers Hand, { I Thought WHAT ? what are they trying to Convey ? You & Your brother … to your Brothers Hand … what the fuck do you mean ?} You will Live & Die bye the Sword ” then he try’s to Comfort Esau. And Tells him ” You must serve your Brother for a While , But the Time will come when you gain Dominion You will Break your Brothers yoke from your Neck , You will drink of the dew of Heaven , & Eat of the Fat of the Land.” & Esau Left & Hated his Birthright .
    It was after I read the last part , was what made me think. Do Not these Sasquatch eat of the Fat of the Land & drink of the Dew of Heaven? Before they were Born , Their mother was told “Two Nations – two Manner of People “….. What does THAT Mean ? 2 Manner of People ? what does that Mean ? Isn’t a Black Man the same as I am?
    or a Chinese Man, or Mexican Man , and all the Tribal Men ? are we not all of the same Manner ? All of us are Men . ( like the Man of the Plains ?) But clearly these Beings are stronger than we are. Would not a 7 – 12 foot tall Man , with the Muscle density of that of a Primate be the Terror Weapon for a General of some Ancient Army? Like Goliath was for the Philistines ?
    I just find it Crazy , what were those Goat Herders & Fishermen trying to Record ?

  2. Frankie P

    Missed this before somehow! Very good interview and such an interesting person. I’ve heard the “voice” before, but don’t know where. This really gave me something to think about – I’ve been very single minded about BF being flesh and blood, or at least getting that kind of information first, and then finding out about their “social/life” etc. just as we do for other creatures, but at least now I’ll keep this in the back of my mind, and not just skip over it. Thank you.

  3. Debbie C

    Where they are talking about the skier vanishing
    while skiing.
    The same thing happen to my brotherenlaw.
    He was leaving his house during the afternoon, got into his car
    drove down the driveway and down the street.
    As he approached the end of his street the entire area had change
    to a dirt road with wilderness as far as the eye can see.
    He had no clue where he was. He turn the car around and went
    back the direction he came. Suddenly he was back driving towards
    his house. He doesn’t drink or take drugs.
    This has happen one time.
    He has UFO encounters all his life as well.

    I know animals can hear your thoughts. I took care of a darling Lab. I would “think”
    lets go for a walk while looking at the dog. He could hear me and run towards the front door all happy like.
    Horses and cats react the same way with my thoughts to them.
    My point is, Sasquatch I don’t believe are any different.
    These creatures can hear your fearful thoughts.

    When animals die their spirit can visit anywhere they want.
    Sasquatch, I feel, their spirit remains on this planet, I’m not sure why.
    Those daytime vocalizations are frightening.
    This was a great show:)

  4. Daniel S

    I now find sasquatch quiet condisending, how dare they questioning our ways, when they can rely on the spirit world to get by, double standards HEH HEH HAIRY AHOLES!

  5. craig d

    Joined up last week, was listening to random shows when it dawned on me to go back and do a huge catch up!
    I need to learn to accept people have different opinions and stop writing folks off just because they are in the American Ape camp. They still have valuable info to share even if they seem very closed minded. Love the show. Superb!!

  6. craig d

    Well I’ve listened to every episode back to back and I gotta say it’s funny listening to the Old Wes, in the Ape Camp, knowing that he is an open minded dude who has learned so much and realises that in this subject, that there is very little black and white.

  7. Cryptids Unlimited

    I’ve been investigating these creatures for 40+ years off and on and I’ve been down the supernatural road and back.
    In all of my interactions with them, I’ve never experienced anything supernatural.
    I’m still not convinced there is a supernatural aspect to these creatures. I don’t buy that they disappear because everything I’ve heard can be scientifically explained by either infrasound or natural psych.
    The UFO aspect I do believe exists, but I am not convinced they are connected.
    Bigfoot is paranormal by definition, but I cannot see them being inter-dimensional beings. That would sure make the argument of people vs animals totally moot because they would technically be neither.
    Why would they eat and poop? The argument of having to follow the rules of nature when they’re here makes no sense if they can pop out of this dimension at any time.
    Ok, maybe they want to taste food. Ok, that makes sense, but who the hell would want to take poop if they didn’t have to???
    Make me understand that!

  8. Cryptids Unlimited

    I’ve not ruled out the “mind speak” aka ESP. I think only certain people could communicate with them that way. Only people with ESP to begin with.
    That would be a very good reason for the government to want to keep them to themselves. Imagine what kind of warfare they could do with that. And they have absolutely studied ESP as possibly useful in warfare.

  9. Cryptids Unlimited

    Ok. I’m confused.
    How can you say these are supernatural inter-dimensional beings and then agree that a burial site with a bone will solve the mystery? If they were inter-dimensional, how/why would they die and be buried?
    That makes absolutely no sense. Less sense than wanting to take a poop just because you can.

  10. Cryptids Unlimited

    I’m not, btw, trying to be belligerent here. I’m just really trying to understand your way of thinking.
    I personally agree to disagree with a lot of my own friends on this subject and we’re still friends and go on camping together and have fun together.
    Please take it as I mean it to come across. In a friendly conversation of differing views. I always keep an open mind. Sometimes I just can’t wrap my head around some things as hard as I try.

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