Nov 3

SC EP:1 The Beginning

Join Will Jevning, Wes Germer and Woody Pratt as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this to be ignored. Listen as we talk to researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot. Every week we will also bring you the latest Bigfoot news and information. Our live call in number is 646-716-8791.



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92 Responses to “SC EP:1 The Beginning”

  1. Jay Carlsen

    This Guy’s account of the Eye Shine , Could it have been effected bye the Night Vision he was using? Could it have cause the Eye’s to look Bright ? ( Maybe ? ya never know….)

    • erin f

      Well, that’s because secret bigfoot government operative, Mr. Black, provided Will with some new top secret information on the actual bigfoot types of the America’s

      • Eddie M

        There is a Neanderthal Type…Too many people have seen this type. Tim Baker describes the type pretty detailed. The swamp ape type is another and of course the Big Guys that have to be descended from Giganta Blacki. I do not want to see the type that they refer to as type 3 ever.

  2. glenn b

    This week I watched an episode of ” Alaska State Troopers ” from the 2014 season. An officer responded to a call where some fishermen recovered possible human remains. He met the fishermen and collected a full leg including foot and what appeared to be a thigh bone. It was found in a bay at the tide edge and all the muscle was gone, but the cartilage and some tendon was in tact. It was large and did not look like a bear leg to me. He took it to a museum in Kodiak (I think) to have an archeologist look at it to determine if it was human and required an investigation.
    The archeologist held it up to his own leg and said it was to large and couldn’t be a human. That’s all that was said and off they went. No discussion of “what do you think it is” or anything else. You ought to try and see the episode because the ridges for muscle attachment on the larger bone are incredible. The foot was longer than a human but I dont think it was a bear either
    It was just interesting. It was an episode where they visited a marker in the woods where a fellow officer and pilot died earlier in the year. They found a bear had pushed it over. Thanks Guy’s for the show. You generate a bunch of questions in my mind and have me more than half afraid to go bowhunting anymore. I had a sighting when I was 14 or15 and I know they are out there.
    Again just Thanks – glenn

  3. Trey

    Doesn’t matter what you guys bash on Will for, Ya he did bail on the show and could be a little arrogant too but Michael Jordan was arrogant as well why, cause he was the best in his field. Like it or not Will is still one of the most knowledgable people on this subject in the world.

  4. Eddie M

    I think an explanation would have been in order to DD the area “that fast”. Looking at the timing of episodes this occurs I think (and this is my opinion only) they had “touched” an area and even got Mr. Black in trouble. Giving out “Grizz’s” name was probably the coupe de grace…He got a phone call and probably was in fear of something we will never know about. There is a reason for the saying you can’t fight City Hall. Supreme Court Judges, Senators, Legislators suddenly do things contrary to everything they’ve spent their life expressing disdain for…for a reason. Listen to what they did to Mr. Garret and you don’t have to wonder too much. Makes you wonder how many Governments there actually is.

  5. stephen P

    What awakened my interest in this so complicated subject?. What brought me here?. FINDING BIGFOOT is the answer. Bringing people from abroad to explore this subject and learn more and more. The huge egos are part of this as well. Will has gone now from here and the nature of his departure says a lot about him to me. But you can hear the bulging,’I’m right, you are wrong’ condescending ego simmering away. I think Bobo and the gang know they aint going to ‘find bigfoot’, but they are helping in so many ways to make this subject acceptable and open for people. In turn it might just put more and more pressure in these weird,secret departments you are all so fond of to reveal the truth.
    Mr.ego said no one on Finding bigfoot has seen a sasquatch, I think Bobo and Matt have?.
    To me it all boils down to jealousy and the nasty nature of a lot of these ‘researchers’. Don’t you see, you have to ‘entertain’ to get people interested and to talk about this. Thats what the show does, like this one. Maybe Mr.Jevnings way will be better, if anyone elses opinion counted it may even entertain?.
    That show has definately had b.f around. Curious or whatever and then they decide to leave the area because of the noise and stuff probably.
    But it does a lot of good and I think it should be supported even as a novelty and then people get more and more numerous and find other things like this excellent show. Mind you, I’ll bet people like Mr. Ego don’t complain when indirectly people who watch Finding Bigfoot, start buying his books etc because of the show sparking their interest in the first place. Lay off them. Rant over.

  6. Marc C

    Eye SHINE versus eye GLOW. I have seen eye GLOW, with no light source to cause a reflection. I have SEEN red, amber, blue, green, and white. So, in YOUR guys take I wasn’t seeing bigfoots, I was seeing something ELSE? I also have seen the color of the GLOW (again, NOT reflected from a light source) change! AS a retired Army Officer and retired law enforcement officer, I think I’d be considered as a credible witness. Just sayn’…

  7. Adam D

    Not sure why people are speaking ill of Wes and referring to him as having an ego. He seems like a humble guy when I hear him speak, every man has some what of an ego and if you dont then you dont have respect for yourself. An ego does not mean you think your better than other but that you are confident in what you do and honor respect that you earn. If he seemed like a prick I would not have been a member

  8. Michael W

    Wes, there is something wrong with the player or the file for Episode 1. I can’t get this to play. I want a friend to hear why you started the show, your scary encounter. That first SC episode was great and explained what made you decide take action and get people telling their stories.

  9. Frances B

    I just listened to this episode to hear Wes and Woody’s encounter but it wasn’t there. Also, there is no beginning of the show. It’s like the first part is missing. Very disappointing ☹️

  10. Colleen B

    This would have been the 3rd time to lusten to this but I couldn’t handle the way the interviewer conducted himself. This is about woody and Wes and not about his encounters. Sure, that could be mentioned but it just seemed more about him and less about Woody and Wes. Maybe I’m spoiled about how Wes and Tony Merkel conduct their interview. I just couldn’t get thru this for a third time.

  11. Steve W

    To fully appreciate the grace and skill with which WES GERMER conducts his interviews, it helps to go back to these old episodes. WES is MUCH better off after “shaking off the fleas”’; [ie] the “excess baggage” that bogged down the show.
    WES has amassed a G R. E A T bunch of listeners who have enriched my life. As a whole, this is a FIRST CLASS ACT !!!

  12. Penny F

    I have been listening to random episodes for months now, but I am starting today with #1, Numero uno. I am seriously obsessed. Sasquatch is REAL. I am convinced. Even though I have not seen one yet, I have been known to be able to predict events before they happen. I pay attention to my intuition now, I have predicted many, many important events in my life. Why I am suddenly drawn to Sasquatch is still a mystery, but I know it will not be for long. I live in a remote part of Colorado, we shall see what happens. Thank you Wes for this site. It blows my mind how many strong, capable MEN are brought to their knees and are afraid to even report this creature.

  13. Cryptids Unlimited

    Will is too much of a “know-it-all” for someone who really KNOWS nothing. Nobody in this community, whether researcher or not, should be saying anything is fact. Saying what your opinion is, is one thing, but saying things as fact makes you look bad. Nobody knows anything as fact. It’s all still theory at this point.
    Just because these creatures do something to your knowledge in one area doesn’t mean they all do it everywhere.
    There absolutely have been shelters and bedding areas found. Not saying they are bigfoot for sure, but they point that way. Other primates make shelters and nests. Why wouldn’t bigfoot? Many sightings have been near caves as well. Bigfoot would probably seek shelter in extreme weather conditions such as high winds or hail and might even hide their young in them. Makes sense to me.
    IMO Wes and Woody didn’t see any eyeshine because the moon was shining behind the creatures and not shining on their eyes. That’s also why they couldn’t make out any facial features.

    I am confused on the types.
    Is this what they are saying?

    Type 1 is like Patty
    Type 2 is like a Neanderthal man
    Type 3 is like dogman or more orangutan-ish
    Type 4 is like a smaller, more aggressive swamp ape?

    • Mike R

      I’m 100% positive they are “aliens” they aren’t from this world. They get away so fast. And just disappear. No traces of a dead one. They seem just as curious as us. They’re not from this world they’re just checking it out.

  14. Mike R

    I’m 100% positive they are “aliens” they aren’t from this world. They get away so fast. And just disappear. No traces of a dead one. They seem just as curious as us. They’re not from this world they’re just checking it out.

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