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SC EP:132 A gold miners encounter

I was talking to Bob Garrett today on the phone for a few hours. Bob spent years living off of the land and in the mountains as a gold miner. We were chatting about a lot of things Sasquatch related, we were discussing past guests, I have had on the show to get his opinion on the creatures behavior. I told Bob “it would be great to do a show talking about encounters you had in the beginning, when you were mining and living off of the land, before you really knew about these creatures and behaviors you witnessed.”

Bob shared with me some of the best encounters I have ever heard. Bob also shared with me encounters that other miners had in the area. Bob talked about how the Sasquatches in Colorado are different then the ones in Texas. We discussed not only the physical characteristics but also the behaviors between the two. I am still thinking about some of the stuff he shared with me. Some of the encounters might surprise you.

Sometimes it is important to go back and discuss why you got into this field before the days of the online Bigfoot world. Join me this Sunday as I sit down and chat with Bob, you will not be disappointed.



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    • Robert W

      Agree with you Wes!!. A natural born orator with a sense of humility and will that is unparalleled. Again can’t wait for David Paulides!. Also creepy canyon story!

    • Eddie M

      Yes Sir me too. What is difficult to realize is everything this genuine, honest man with such obvious integrit witnessed and interacted with “doesn’t exist”. I can’t see how “zoologist and primatologist” allow that to be the case. I don’t recall a Mountain Gorilla being shot a dragged in as proof of its existence.. There are too many Credible observers and witness’ … It’s kind of silly. Thank you Great Show.

    • Joyce N

      I really wish you could talk him into doing a weekly spot on your show. He has a very open honest quality about him. I think he’s pretty awesome. Very pleasant voice with very interesting experiences to share. He’d be great. 🙂

  1. Tyler D

    The Man, The Myth, The Legend-Bob Garrett. It’s always interesting to hear the origins of a an amazing researchers start into the subject. Anything involving the name Bob Garrett in it, and I’m immediately hooked. He’s just very entertaining to listen to, and he always has stories that have you at the edge of your seat. And what I respect the most about him is that, in my opinion, he’s doin research with the most dangerous, fierce and aggressive sasquatch in the entire country and yet he still is out there day after day getting fantastic information on these animals. In my eyes he is the Steve Irwin of Bigfooting

    • Tyler D

      Honestly I think it would be amazing if Bob would be a Co-Host with Wes on SC. Or if he had his separate show on SC like how Shannon had Show Notes. And he is quite the entertainer. I absolutely loved THE BIG THICKET WATCH when he was hosting it. Food for thought. What’s everyone else think???

      • wolfheathen

        Yeah, Tyler…if Bob wanted to, I think we’d all be in line!
        Homo sapiens tend to make life miserable though when you’re in the public eye…for any number of reasons…like govt…or envy. Comes from all angles sometimes and as we’ve all seen in the past year can get very REAL, very fast.

        We are some damn unpredictable hominids. Lol

        Thank you Wes for weathering that, btw…can’t say that enough. Good show!!!

  2. DonRay

    Great Show Wes.. That whole being sick experience, could actually be made into a movie…. Bob would make a awesome co-host or a “on the spot” correspondence … He has more field work and more knowledge than most…. js Ciao Rock house site Mayan?

  3. JOHN E

    hey Thanks nice show …..HEY Mark Decal Proofs NICE …WES do you know what you have here …..Man you got it by the tail I hope …Becareful you know how it is where there is money the bad in people come out and try to get it …I do pray that you surround yourself with Good people we all what this to fly high for ya ……

  4. mark s

    Thanks John I here ya, we are very simple and we specialize in decals and I love the show it is what it is, but you have to be careful. I thought twice about posting about this.


    Only Bob Garrett….gains the respect of a male squatch despite throwing a rock at it…is cared for by said squatch…and is carried out alive. Bob I thoroughly enjoyed your recounting of events. Thanks to you and Wes.

  6. Frankie P

    Thank you so much Wes and Bob! I know those stories aren’t easy to share, but this is exactly what shows the shaping of a real good, honest, brave man. It’s 2015, and yet you could be one of the “heroes” in a Louise L’Amor novel, or Zane Gray’s. A straight shooter, God, Family Country, and an inspiration. It’s a pleasure to hear from you, your family and your friends, always!

  7. Tim S

    I have had the fortunate luck to have Bob as one of my very BEST friends. He is humble and is a genuine person. I cannot express in words the respect I have for him. I have been in the woods with him and he has taught me so much. We have a very tight group we research with and Bob keeps us grounded. These encounters are awesome!!! Even the ones he won’t tell publicly are AMAZING.

    • Reid D

      Thanks Tim for all you guys do down here in Texas! I hope your Big Thicket Watch comes back sometime. You Bob and the rest of the fellas stay safe and watch your 6!

  8. Jeffrey H

    Bob & Wes, a classic episode!! Thank you both! Bob, you’ll never know how much I appreciate your life experiences. You walked the walk!! Bob has to be one of the best guest with all his experiences. I know I will be listening time after time to this one as I am sure I will also be listening to tomorrow night’s too! This was like listening to Wes tell of his experience as when Bob tells of his, they both have you on the edge of your seat!! Thanks guys! Wes, you have to have Bob come more often! ????

  9. Christine J S

    OMG WHAT A STORY! I’m still sucking air…BF brought you food; carried you down the mountain; turned the bus around…BF SAVED YOUR LIFE….WOW…I have tears in my eyes. Bob you are truly a blessed man to have experienced this encounter and then to have the good judgement to share this story with the rest of us. I can’t wait for part 2.

    Wes you judged accurately, this is going to be your greatest episode ever. Thank you for bringing us Bob Garrett.

  10. Debbie C

    Bob Garrett,
    I’m smiling:) I believe your story. You’re a sweet honest man.
    Know wonder this Sasquatch, whom I’ll call your Buddy,
    took care of you best he could when you were sick.
    Somehow you and Buddy trust each other, I know, to a point that is.
    The sweet bread you made for him, that was one of your first
    gifts of food he never forgot. I believe the Sasquatch family misses you Bob very much.
    I believe you completely understand the Sasquatch way of life.
    Somehow the Sasquatch family understands you as the hairless man who is kind.
    Isn’t that something? Lady Sasquatch with their young smell like
    honey and cinnamon:)
    While male Sasquatch stink, lol:)
    Bob, you describe your encounter perfectly:)
    Your interview with Wes is my favorite!:)!

    Thank You Wes for a wonderful Sunday night interview!:)!
    I agree with your comment Patrick:)

    Debbie C.

  11. Karen C

    Tyler D, Love your expression of Bob Garrett, he is definitly the salt of the earth, my uncle was alot like him, but these real men are far and few between. Wes knows how to pick the best of the bunch… No Kidding….

  12. Linda C

    Thanks Mr. Garrett for another great story. I recall the story of the “mentally ill” female that almost took your head off, and the big guy that charged you because you came too close to his juvenile. But, I never would have guessed that one had actually saved your life! I hope someday a book is written about your experiences and research. Thanks Wes for another great show. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  13. Eddie M

    Yep .. That could be an Unreal Movie. Thank you Mr. Bob. Just from what you just told the creature should be immediately recognized as real. I don’t think they’ll ever have DNA not “contaminated” with human….too close to same! Appreciate you Sharing Sir.

  14. Theresa D

    Love Bob so much and love this “Family”! I so appreciate all your hard work Wes, and your commitment to making it grow….it is truly the best Sasquatch site out there! I can’t tell you how much it means to me and how I look forward to checking in frequently throughout the day! Thank you, Thank you!

  15. Kim L

    Can’t think of anything to say but WOW! How am I supposed to wait for tomorrows show? Great interviewing job Wes! I spent several weeks excavating the ruins of rock houses in the Tonto Basin in 1985, the thought of walking into a canyon with semi intact structures and altars, oh my! If a movie about this mans’ life never comes to be reality, it will be truly, a loss for us all. Many thanks.

  16. wolfheathen

    Unpredictable, compassionate, highly dangerous…sounds like another hominid Ww know…

    Bob…thank you. No honest and attentive person would doubt you.
    You lived subsistence and made sense to our hairy cousins…it’s when we DON’T make sense to them, that more accidents and danger can occur. They subsist on the earth and rarely manipulate it. We manipulate the earth but rarely subsist on it.

    There is simply a huge gulf between us and them. For that time you bridged that gulf and the big fella at your canyon camp was able to observe as much as you were.

    Wanted to ask where you observed the family groups though…amazed that you didn’t get into “trouble” for that!!! Lol.

    A far higher altitude I suppose?

    Thanks again for who you are…and for sharing your wisdom and experience with us all!!!


    • Mark B

      “You lived subsistence and made sense to our hairy cousins…it’s when we DON’T make sense to them, that more accidents and danger can occur. They subsist on the earth and rarely manipulate it. We manipulate the earth but rarely subsist on it.”
      Wolf heathen, that is a profound statement. Very well stated and I wholeheartedly agree.
      I think that statement should be put on a SC T-shirt.
      Bob is one of those rare types that perpetually keep us entertained and sitting on the edge of our seat while recounting yet another seemingly endless number of accounts. Boy! That man has lived a life.
      Having Bob as a co host on SC is an awesome idea but I would think someone like Bob would not have time to be grounded so to speak with doing a weekly show, unless he did it from the field.
      Wes, cudos to you for once again earning our money.

  17. Jay Carlsen

    I have NEVER been Disappointed ! You probably do not Remember ( All the FAME & Stardom ) But I was one of the First on the YouTube , to back your move to Paid Content . ( or one of the First , Everyone else Demanded the Free Content – & good way to “Bait the Hook ” & generous to say the Least . As There is still Free Content Today )
    It has to Consume Time , That you could be Doing Other Things . I Pledged My Children’s Bottle Deposits ( Michigan 10 cent Refund on ALL beverage Bottles , are more or less Children’s Currency .Who else wan’t to take the Deposits Back ? This makes it well Worth it ! It was were I got my Money from when I was a Child ) ( YES – I WAS A CHILD at one point – To my own Children’s Disbelief .)
    Bravo Mr. Garrett ! ” Not a Scientist ” But I would Listen to his down to earth explanation , Before I would Ask those who Suppress this Topic .
    The story of Curios George , I have heard that account before . & was Amazed !
    Durango Co – Wonderful Place ! been out there working a few separate times . Beautiful Area ! Were I to choose a Place to Retire … it would be out there . ( that is if I am Wrong )
    Please Forgive Me , I am on Hiatus from FaceThing – Boycott! So please Bare w/ me .
    I can see these creatures have Compassion . I heard a Account of a Hiker that was out Hiking alone , when he slipped & fell off the Trail. suffering a compound Fracture as he looked to his Own Leg . He seen the Bone sticking out of the Flesh of his Leg & lost consciousness. The Hiker came to , as He felt something Lifting him up . But soon lost consciousness again . When he did finally came Too . He had been Placed at a Trail Head ! & found bye other Hikers , who got him Assistance . Later when he had gone back for his Pack …… it was 6 Miles from the Trail Head , where he was Found !
    Again another account of a Man who had recently gone through a Divorce , Who decided to go boating down a River in California. To FORGET his Broken Heart & do some Fishing . He recounted the River was Swollen & Said he found Himself in Rapid Waters . When His Boat capsized , & he broke his Ankle . Making his way to Shore , Lost his Boat & Tackle Box . He collapsed when he Made Shore .
    When He came To , 2 Arms were Picking him from the Waters Edge . & set him down against a Tree . And That is where He Seen that the Arms belong to a Massive Hairy Man ! When it set him down , it stood & Urinated & (while standing ) Defecated before him. Then Left , but Soon it returned with a Female & a Grey Man , Who also Urinated & Defecated around him in a Circular pattern . But the Large Male had brought him a Sharpened Stick of some Length . & they Left . He was Propped against this Tree , Wondering of what had just occurred , As Night Fell . He was trying to Figure out a Way to splint his Ankle , & soon fell asleep . He said in the Middle of the Night , He heard a Growling up Behind the Tree in a Thicket of Bushes . Assuming it was a Mountain Lion , He Gripped the Sharpened Staff . But the Growling never came in Any Closer . He was certain it was from this Marking , that had been done surrounding Him . Eventually this Man awoke in the Morning … To find His Tackle Box , had been Brought within his Reach !
    With His Knife he had in there , He fashioned a Splint for his Broken Ankle & eventually found His Capsized Boat , Down Stream . Which took him back to Civilization
    Does THIS show that We Are the Dumb ones ? That Maybe we do NOT know Everything ? ……. Maybe .

  18. Reed D

    Wes & Bob,
    Absolutely the best episode to date!
    I can’t wait for part 2 tomorrow nite!
    Thank you soooooo much you guys, you really made my day.

  19. Dario G

    That was my absolute favorite episode!! I already liked Bob, but now I have a deep respect that will never go away. I seriously appreciate that piece of his life that he poured out to all of us. I feel privileged to be a part of this journey. Wes, I don’t know how you do it but the show just keeps getting better and better every week. I have been on this journey since episode 12 and have been totally captivated ever since. Wes, thank you for the constant scratching of the itch that I can’t reach. All I can ask for is MORE!!!! I would like to suggest a mid week show involving the more minor encounters like my own. Maybe a call in show or multiple story episode where people call in and tell their quick stories. You would definitely be able to collect more data on behavior and habits of these creatures.

  20. deborah m

    Yes! I agree I also love to listen to Bobs stories. He has always struck me as a down to earth honest guy that knows his stuff. I have spent many nights listening to the first shows he did with you guys and I never get bored with the shows. Keep up the wonderful work guys, lovin it

  21. SantiamLady

    Amazing!!!! ????What a wonderful encounter story from Bob!???????? Thanks Bob & thanks Wes! ???????????? Iwant to believe that there are some non-violent ones, that they aren’t all monsters. This was so good to hear!

  22. Laura R

    What can be said Wes?……once again it was hit out of the park! Bob, the legend, we can’t get enough! I never expected to hear this kind of interaction, totally taken by surprise. A movie or book deal needs done about this man!….before all is lost in the pages of time.

  23. Scott A

    Thank you Wes for another great show! Thank you, Bob Garrett for being on again! This was very informative, insightful and intriguing. That mention of a phantom canyon at the end is spooky. I wonder if anyone else has ever mapped it or been there. I like to look at Google Earth Pro and look at areas that are mentioned in the episodes.

  24. Dutch W

    There is more to this story…………Just kidding

    This was an excellant interview, Bob Garrett is a natural story teller and a true gentleman with integrity where his word is his bond always impressed with the SC interviews and the quality of individuals who share there experiences is a most welcome entertaining time spent listening.

  25. Joyce E

    Thank-you Wes and Bob. Bob talks from the heart. Really miss listening to Big Thicket Watch. A very interesting episode was the discussion about Sasquatch and eye shine. Blessings to both of you.

  26. Michelle L

    Thanks Wes. You’re knocking it out of the park every week and it’s so appreciated. I can’t imagine how much spare time of yours goes into this but I’m sure it’s a lot. Thank you. It’s really changed the landscape of the subject matter and brought it such respectability. When I listened to the fellow last show speak about his depression and how he lost his family home etc. over this, I couldn’t really imagine what he went through – no one to really speak to about it, no one would believe him, worry that he may be losing it etc. These shows really do save people who have PTSD from these encounters. Any, I’m rambling. I wanted to say thank you. Well done you.

  27. Scott P

    Wow !….. That doesn’t quite do it, but WOW !! I have/had the utmost respect for Mr Garrett before this interview, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his candor. Thank you both for this captivating interview. I can’t say much else other than, wow !!
    I’ve heard two other somewhat similar encounters where there’s been some type of help, or compassion shown, but this whole interview set the bar so high, that the other “shows” in this genre may as well quit right now. Thanks Wes, and thank you Mr Garrett.

  28. SANDRA E

    Thanks Wes….the best encounters I’ve heard yet! I love listening to Bob’s stories….they are so detailed. The one of the Squatch saving his life is the topper!! Looking forward to the conclusion tonight…..and you are right, I too could listen to him all night!!!

  29. Theodore G

    I loved the show. As I have said before listening to Bob and his stories brings back fond memories of my father. Great story!!!! I believe that we have so much more to learn about these creatures. For those that are arguing the pro-kill to save the species I ask to take a moment and ponder the question what’s the rush. If this species is endangered and going extinct then maybe I can understand the argument but there is no data that supports the extinction hypothesis. If fact, I would argue that the circumstantial evidence shows that the species is alive and well living in many areas throughout the world. The track evidence itself, if real, shows there are healthy breeding populations in most regions. Stories like Bob’s make me pause and think if I was to kill one to prove these things were real and come to find out the one I killed is the one that rescued Bob, could I live with that. Could I take Bob to the corpse so he could positively identify it and then try to convince him that killing this animal that saved him was for the greater good to “save the species”. For those in the pro-kill camp, ask yourselves, why the rush. If they are here now that means they have been here for thousands of years and yes we are encroaching on their habitat but they seem to be able to take care of themselves. Video and photographic evidence is enough. I am not talking about a 1 minute video and one clear picture. I am talking about long term, sustained, scientific study where-in you build a relationship of trust with these creatures gain there confidence or at least a irratable tolerance of your presence, maybe even communicate with them until you can continously and repeatedly produce clear evidence. And those of us that have had very scary encounters, and I am in that camp, You must understand that maybe they have a right to be mad at us humans, that just maybe our presence in these encounters are viewed by them as a threat to their very way of life, their’s and their offspring’s very survival. If that is true and you were in their shoes how would you react? And Wes, I am with you buddy, they can be very scary, but after all the evidence you have seen yourself that you put forth on your show and your Web site do you think that with all their awesome power and athletic ability, that if they intended to harm you or your brother that you would be here now doing this show. (A side note here I have been hearing a lot of the talk lately by other groups on the pro-kill side making their arguments and after hearung Bob’s encounter I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. Also, by no means is my use of Wes’ encounter and my rhetorical questions towards Wes is at all an implication that he is in the Pro-kill camp. I am just using his encounter to just make a point. ) When it comes to protecting oneself, their family and/or property I believe that they should do so with what ever means possible, but if these creatures have language and culture do we not have an obligation to extend this same thinking when it comes to them protecting what is their’s. I think there are some crazy ones and ones that have been thrown out of a group because of their actions and these may be the same ones showing up at peoples properties aggressively engaging the owners. In these circumstances lethal action may be necessary, but we really need more data, in my opinion. I just find myself questioning the thought process and logic of killing something to save it, when we almost know nothing about them, their numbers, their behaviors, and whether or not they have language and a culture. I myself wish to just promote caution when it comes to killing one to prove they exist when the only arguments I have heard that are in support of this initiative are based in fear with little or no supporting knowledge/data to go along with it. And for those that wish to argue the “well, this is how science has done it for years and look at what we have gained from it” I would say to those who proffer this mindset, that just because it is an established practice doesn’t make it right. Slavery was an established practice and still is in parts of the world . I felt i neededto say this and never had a place to where i feltcompelled to state this until ibheard Bob’s story. I will wrapup my rantings starting with a paraphrased quote “…Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them…Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement…” I do not aim these comments on any specific person(s). They are made for 2 reasons 1) to get people to think and discuss their motives regarding killing a Sasquatch in the name of science before they act on those motives, and 2) to get these thoughts off of my mind out there in a,somewhat protected forum. Thanks for allowing me to unload.

  30. Andrew B

    The efforts and energy wasted on trying to convince non- believers to believe is akin to trying to convince a shirt man to be taller – it just is a wasted effort. People like that Renae chick from TV who advertise themselves to be “biologist” then scoff at the possibility that (we) science hasn’t slammed the “VERIFIED” ink Stamp on the Squatch case file and, therefore, cannot possibly exist. She runs around with that frickin beanie cap and mittens on while interviewing people applying sunblock in 72 degree temp. I bet 50$ she felt OJ was innocent. Sorry for rant, but if it weren’t for tow halls, I wouldn’t watch any of the show.
    Thank you, a Bob, for always being yourself. Great stories.

  31. Gail d

    What can I say Bob never disappoints a humble man who enjoys the simpler things in this life. The Squatch saw nothing in him that he needed to be concerned about and just went about observing him. I suspect this is how these creatures became so intelligent by observing people like Bob. Bob you need to have someone put this down on computer and make into a book. You have so much to offer to others who are fascinated with this creature and may I say it would make a great movie. Great job Wes someone suggested that he be a co host, I think that is a great idea.

  32. pam

    Riveting! If it came from anyone but Bob, I’d have reservations!
    Mr. Garrett you MUST write your memoirs now! Or record them at least for posterity. No one has the depth of experience that you do (ok maybe Coonbo and Bear ) . Please, record them. People may never have the opportunity, again, to do what you have done or see what you have experienced. No wonder the ‘powers that be’ feel you are a threat!

    • Christine J S

      I totally agree with pam purple rose! PLEASE, PLEASE Mr. Garrett you MUST write your memoirs now! The world needs to hear or read about your experiences. So much WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE packed into one man’s experiences…please record your memoirs. You are a blessed man and I feel blessed having heard just a few of your stories. Thank you

  33. joann m

    This is by far the best episode you have aired, Wes. I agree whole heartedly with Pam also. You should write a book about your experiences, Bob. Thank you for sharing with us.

  34. Frank S

    Awesome Show, Bob Garrett – all my respects/ what an encounter!!!! To gain the trust , respect, care , empathy , and assistance from a Bigfoot is such an amazing event. speaks volumes of the person: Bob Garrett and shows a different side of these mysterious and beautiful creatures / Bigfoot!!!! What an Amazing Experience / thank U for Bob for sharing with us that experience/ Truly Renarkable n Beautiful. Wes, one hell of a show n job. U Kick Some F#*! Ass!!! Love the show n this definetely is my favorite one. Keep up the great work.

  35. doug k

    Wow!!! This story from Bob really blew me away. I was starting to well up . I guess it shows you that not all of those creatures is out to hurt people. They may be animals but they seem to have some feelings just like we do. After all, we have good humans and bad humans. Seems like the same way with these creatures. Seems like the creature who helped Bob was showing a kindness to him for feeding him. Truly amazing. Thanks Wes. Your shows never cease to amaze me. Well done.!!!

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