Jul 12

SC EP:125 Swamp Ape


Wikipedia says “The skunk ape, also known as the swamp ape, stink ape, Florida Bigfoot, myakka ape, swampsquatch, and myakka skunk ape, is a hominid cryptid said to inhabit the U.S. states of Florida, North Carolina, and Arkansas, although reports from Florida are more common. It is named for its appearance and for the unpleasant odor that is said to accompany it. According to the United States National Park Service, the skunk ape does not exist”

My guest tonight is Mark Zaskey who is a cryptozoologist, the creator, writer and host of “Crypto-Reality” radio show, investigative journalist, author of “Bigfoot: The Unavoidable Truth,” and “Who Decides What is real.”

Mark has been studying the Bigfoot species for over 16 years in the state of Florida. He is an eyewitness and has had multiple encounters, as have members of his field research team including his son Christopher in Myakka State Park.



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    • Patrick N

      Awesome show Wes. The cost of your show is so small (the price of one beer in a club or a sub in a pub) and the value is so high. Thank you. I’m returning to my home in beautiful palm beach county by Christmas. I was aware that there were squatch sightings back in the day.when families owned farms and orange groves. But i wondered about now. On the east coast of the bottom half of Florida you have A1A Federal Congress Military hwy then 441.which is like ten to twelve miles from the ocean Then what to most people is impenetrable wilderness. Literally a wall of darkness. Everyone looks to the ocean. We turn our backs to the swamp and shun it. I use to wonder what if there were bigfoot clans in there still even in beautiful Palm Beach county because one goes into the swamp or even thinks about it.we focus completely on the glamorous paradise that surrounds us near the ocean. So glad you had Mark on the show. When i get home i’m gonna look him up and we’re gonna raise some hell and get us a squatch.

    • Eric Z

      Dang, that Mark guy was awesome! I would sell everything I own, just to help resolve this. I know a bunch of ppl out there will do the same. Let’s do work!!! P.S.. Mark sounded like the ex baseball player Eric Burns!

  1. Tyler D

    Wes, you’re constantly stepping up your game and boy is it paying off. It’s truely impressive how you keep getting this show bigger and better in every way. You make everyone feel comfortable and welcome at SC. You’re interviewing skills are second to none. I’m not sure how you keep so level headed and on top of everything. I’m sure it has to be overwhelming to a certain degree but you handle it very well and with an amazing anount of grace. Which says a lot about your character and your persistence. I’m sure I’m not the only life you that you’ve changed in a very positive way. And in a topic where everyone is gunning to be on top and cutting the legs out from under people it’s very refreshing to be a part of something where people work together towards the same goal. And I know I’ve said this time and time again. But honestly I can’t say it enough, thank you so much Wes for not giving up on SC and giving us all a comfort zone we can all be a part of free of judgment and ridicule from close minded people. It’s absolutely arrogant and foolish to think that mankind knows everything there is to know and has seen everything there is to see. I can’t say this enough, Sasquatch Chronicles For Life!! AND I’M RIDING THIS OUT TIL THE VERY END, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT

  2. Matt C

    To be honest about it, I would pay (donate) even if it all was free. Why? I want to continue to enjoy the programs. Great shows on the internet often fail, because of lack of funds. And great shows are difficult to find. This one is a great show.

  3. mike u

    Wow Anthony Wes just killed it last week throwing down five episodes in six days and ur going to complain about a seven dollar contribution? he’s prob spent his fourth of July working and vetting callers and all because he cares about his audience and cares about his creation. He is a blue-collar working man and I don’t blame him for letting the general public listen in if he thinks its going to help the cause in the long run. You are not “special member elite status” and I’m glad thats not what sas cron is about…seriously Anthony that’s ur comment dude. Go troll somewhere else

  4. Jeff C

    $7.00 to help Wes keep this moving forward is a very small price to pay.. I truly enjoy my daily drive back & forth to work with a newly released episode available.. Wes – you will hopefully notice that I deleted my Facebook Sasquatch Chronicles Fan’s Page yesterday.. Obviously the other page (SC Fans) took off and mine fizzled and created unnecessary confusion.. Anyway, keep it moving forward, my $7/month will continue without question as long as your active.

  5. Scott A

    Excellent sound quality. You said you are using Skype now, Wes? It’s great to be able to hear and understand clearly instead of backing up and listening a second or third time. Thank you!

  6. James B

    Man Wes, What type energy drink do you drink. You are knocking it right outta the stadium. I know everyone says this but Thank You very much, I use to go camping, go to the powwows and sweat once a month. now I’m lucky to get out once every 2 months. but mainly your show keeps me going.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    And may The Great Spirit bless You every day!

  7. James G

    whatever you’re doing for sound now is golden. So I guess what’s next is sweet video of you doing Krav Maga while interviewing blurred out guests on skype,,,right?

  8. Knobby

    I agree with the guest about their great physical ability. I’ve witnessed it. I saw one run straight threw thick bushes like it was cutting through butter. They also have great accuracy when throwing rocks.

  9. Jim D

    Great show, great job Mark and once again Wes, just enough, you are an amazing interviewer bro, you never take the show away from your guests. Wil used to always have to stick his two cents in and that makes listening to some of the older shows hard for me to listen to. Ever since I have become aware of Mark (a fellow Palm Beach County resident, a fellow musician, and a fellow student of this subject) I have become a big advocate for what he and his crew (Crypto Reality on Facebook, The Web and You Tube) are doing. I hope to be able to go out with them someday soon if I ever fully heal from this case of pneumonia I have been fighting for the past month and a half. One thing Wes, I was SURE I’d get a shout out on the show this time for my recommending Mark to you. I’m also trying to get Mitchell Townsend to contact you from a partner of his that I messaged on another site.

  10. Steven D

    It’s funny when skeptics talk, it’s like they don’t listen or research….even funnier is when they say….sasquatch arnt real because ……well there not real! It’s a joke…. do a little research….even on the net..sooner or later anyone can sift through the crap…I obsessed over ufo s for like 12 yrs. It’s tag me to see through crap….that’s why S.C. rocks! Wes I assure you the sculpture is comming. ..I ran into some probs…but time is what he needs!! Great show!!!

  11. Debbie C

    You have the best audio interviews on the net!
    Another super clear audio interview!
    Great interview with Mark Zaskey:)
    I would love to see photographs of those “cabbage palm meadow patch”.
    To visually see what those tunnels look like, photos alone as Mark describes,
    would be helpful.
    I’m wondering where one can view Mark’s videos-photos?
    When people see these creatures, it doesn’t help to report their sightings
    to the authorities. They seem to not want to know what you’ve witness.
    I have no doubt there are many different species of Sasquatch-Bigfoot
    within this blue planet.
    Mark I believe is correct, validation of these creatures has already been done.
    This falls into the UFO/Alien/Sasquatch category, the government knows about them.
    So what’s next? How do you protect yourself from these creatures when the
    government, police, FBI and so on won’t?
    This is one intense session!

  12. Andrew L

    Wes, I DON’T think they should have rights. I was just qualifying the point that it COULD be difficult to pinpoint exactly WHAT these creatures are. They’re just so damn STRANGE. As far as the “rights,” I was just kind of throwing it out there, I don’t know. I’d be willing to bet that when they’re acknowledged and studied by mainstream science, it will change a lot about how we view life on earth and how it evolved- especially primates and Man. But I’ve ALWAYS completely agreed that it will also be a huge money issue regarding fishing, hunting, camping as well as lumber and any other lucrative business that depends on the forest as a resource. There IS something else we’re all missing here besides the money factor though. But that’s a topic for another day. Thank you for the shout out Wes. And thank you for another great show. We all appreciate how hard you’ve been working lately.

    • Jay Carlsen

      How we evolved ? ………………………………………………………………………………………… Man , All you People are Hard Wired on the Evolution Religion ! We did not Evolve from these Things. That would be totally Bass Ackwards ! These Creatures are the Top of the Pyramid in there Ecological Nitch . Our Feeble asses could not even Compare to these Things .
      ” OH – OH – OH – Wheres your Peer Review Paper ?” Keep putting your Faith into the works written bye Man. Written to be Published in the Peer Review Journals , Making their Bid for Grant Money’s more attainable .
      What will happen when one of these things slips through Big Brothers fingers & makes it’s way into the Public Eye ? What will they say when this thing is Proven to be Neanderthal Man ? ( Which I am sure is why it has been Repressed . Can’t have the People figure out how much we have been Lied To ! Shatter everyone’s Belief in that Racist Religion – Can’t have That now can We ?) ( The Title of mr. Darwins Theory is ‘ Origin of Species & the Preservation of FAVORED RACES ‘ is the Full Title of that book . Is it not a Crime ? Killing thousands of Aboriginal People of Australia for only their Skeletons , To show where there Jaw Bones are Larger ? Would it not be a Crime to Steal a Man from his Family in Africa , & keep him Caged with Monkey’s in the St. Lousis Zoo ? Trying to PUSH the Evolution Theory to the Public ? ( That poor Man committed Suicide – Wouldn’t You ? Were you , Your self stolen from your Family & forced to live in a Cage at the Zoo ? Where is the Peer Review on That ?)
      I am Amazed at just how Many People that they have Hoodwinked w/ their Precious Evolution Religion . Just Because they do not Want a Creator ! That would Mean that there are Rules ? And Who wants more Rules ?
      Animals do not Change into Other Animals . It does not Happen that way . Never Has . Dogs do not give Birth to Fish – or Birds. Natural Selection – Yeah , Sure , Fine , That is the way it works . Law of the Jungle Baby ! ( it just is how it IS , Only the Strong Survive )
      Mutation does not Carry NEW Information , It has always been observed to be a Loss of Genetic Information . Every Time . C’mon , this isn’t the X-Men here .
      Mark my Words , when someone brings a Subject into the Public eye. It will be found that These ” Creatures ” are in Fact the Neanderthal People of Old . The ” Pre – Human ” as they have dubbed it . Even though we now KNOW , that we inhabited the Planet at the Same Time. And since that is KNOWN & Accepted , How far off is it that these things have Survived ? And inhabit the Far Reaches from Society ?
      Saying it all happened bye Chance , That Live Magically Appeared in some Mud puddle somewhere is just Crazy .

  13. Tracy A

    Hello all, long time SC addict, 1st week as member. Just wanted to add my thanks to the chorus. Wes, sent a you tube sas breakdown vid. Was wondering if you had a chance to have a look? (from “bestoutdoorbar@*****)

  14. Dawn O

    Mark Z: Did I hear you correct when you said this thing was flying through the air about 35′? If so, that’s amazing, that could explain why I didn’t hear my creature sighting land on anything. So if your creature leaped, that might explain that my creature sighting could’ve leaped. That’s actually scary to think they leap that high! I’ve read stories online in years past that some say Bigfoot also is found UNDER water, could anyone verify stories that they can swim under water for long periods of time?

    • Dave T

      Dawn O, I can’t recall exactly where I read the encounters at but I think on the BFRO. There was some place I think in California where they kept having encounters with a creature maybe more than one while they were fishing at night. The one encounter involved the guy snagging the BF while fishing and having it just emerge from under water right by the boat. They were fishing for trout in a river and figured the BF was diving underwater trying to catch the trout too. It was an awesome and sheet your pants encounter. BTW, they thought it was a fluke, so they went fishing again and it was there again! Scarrey ass encounters. I wish I could put you right on it.

  15. Jonathan B

    Two things about south Georgia and North Florida area one we have a lot of hogs second we have a lot of plantation’s/hunting lodges. We have famous and wealthy people come to these plantation’s I have been to a lot of them and no expen is spared. Deer and other game are plentiful and dangerous because deer running across the road. One day someone is going to encounter one and it’s going to be bad.

  16. Jori N

    Big up to Wes and SC Facebook fan page…
    I going to start up this day with this new
    episode…..Back in Sweden it’s Monday
    morning 09:01 just now…A little bit of
    SC is the shit on a lowly morning as this..????
    And Wes if you could give me a shout out
    on the show….I will be forever grateful…????

    Jori Wargaz

  17. Elmer Fudd

    I do not believe that most of those creatures acting in an aggressive manner are doing so as some kind of revenge because of what was done to them by people, and those that were shot at, what did they do to get peppered by bullets in the first place? I believe that most people would not shoot at such a huge and dangerous animal but rather walk away if they could and that if they shot at them it would be only as a last resort. Creatures being shot for no “reason” would only be in a very small minority. So I disagree with Mark Zaskey’s opinion on this.

  18. Dave T

    There’s a welcome face I haven’t seen on here in a while. Nice to see your still here michael harrison. Looking forward to your overload of info once Wes fires up the forums again.

  19. June P

    This is an awesome encounter! There is a particular excitement’ that people who are relating an out of the ordinary experience have. I remember interviewing crime victims and accident victims ( I am a retired police officer) and the same ‘excitement’ was present. You can tell mostly, even when you are not looking them in the face, when they are being truthful. I bet this guy’s heart rate was elevated during this interview with Wes. Wow!!! Tool cool!!!!

    • Jim D

      yea June isn’t it something how most of Wes’ guests just start talking and hardly have to be asked any questions for the first 15 minutes or so. It is kind of like they are reliving the encounter.

  20. Dave T

    Wes, this show kicked ass. Mark was a great guest and needs to be on again in the future with some updates. Learned something from this show I hadn’t considered that Mark figured out. I had no idea these creatures would use hunters or people to help them make a kill or scavenge off of as a regular gig. I’ve heard the stories of hunters getting their deer they just shot snatched. I just thought it was just kind of a fluke. It’s starting to appear like these things know when a group of hunters show up, they’re gonna move the critters around and could be easy pickings for the squatches too. These guys are so damn smart and adaptable. I’ll bet the same thing goes on up north during the deer season when hunters put on big deer drives in the fall. The squatches stay hidden in the fringes around the deer drive and pick off any wounded or disoriented deer that got around the hunters. BTW, Florida is loaded with these big guys. The interior of the state is a damn jungle which virtually nobody goes into because of all the nasty things that can bite, sting, or kill ya. There’s more of these things down there than people would imagine.

  21. Andrew O

    Another brilliant show, Wes.

    Your new higher quality sound is working a treat!

    Your guest this evening was very interesting, and without being too controversial, but sounded really forthright and honest.

    I’m so glad your show is attracting such positivity.

  22. Gary C

    Great show, was suppose to be working from home today, not touched the keyboard for a hour and 30 minutes, please let us know when his documentary goes live .

    The sound is excellent too


  23. ron n

    Well said Tyler!! I agree with you as well as the many other commentaries related to bringing this subject forward with an educational/informative slant towards it that informs the general public at large.At the end of the day I don’t know how the general public would react to public disclosure by the government that Sasquatch is real but I do believe that the general public would not freak out if it is acknowledged that this is a real animal.I too do not believe that we have to close down massive tracts of land to protect Sasquatch.Thank you Wes for another top notch show!

  24. Bethany H

    Great show and about my state to boot. And the thing about not getting a lot of reports out of Florida? Not surprised. I have heard many encounters that have never been reported. If you sit down with people who regularly spend time in the scrub and swamps, they have had encounters but it would never occur to them to report them. The reports you do get are the folks that aren’t regularly in places where you would find one that just stumble across one.

    I was talking to the UPS driver that used to do the route my store was on 13 years ago, and this was a guy that I had known from childhood, and it came because I was looking at the BFRO site on the computer on my break. He told me about an encounter he had with a juvenile when he was around 9 or 10 years old. His encounter was in an area not too far from an area I knew of several more recent encounters happening. I was the first one he had ever told. The locals just don’t report their sightings.

    • Jim D

      I remember one night on Art Bell when a Palm Beach County Sheriff called in and said that he had seen a bigfoot out at the county dump up near 45th street in western Palm Beach County. My uncle was on a stakeout with another either Boynton Beach cop or maybe he was a sheriff at the time, I’m not sure as he won’t talk about it. Anyway, he told us that his partner said “I ain’t going back out there” He had seen a gigantic creature walking through the swamps again west of town. I keep asking him about it and he won’t talk about it.

  25. Brian D

    Great show Wes,

    The audio has greatly improved. Keep up the good work. I just recently moved to Palm Beach County and being from Texas was lamenting the idea of nothing happening in this area. I will try to reach out to Crypto Reality and join see if I can join in on a trip or too.

  26. JOHN E


  27. rick b


    • Gail d

      I totally agree Rick because big Government has to put their nose in everything. There seems to be no balance with them and these groups like PETA. Unfortunately people should not go in the woods unaware of these creatures and trust the governments word that these creatures are real. Wes is right they are not endangered and can take care of themselves just fine.

  28. Synbios

    Finally caught up. Back to back intense daily listening for 2 weeks lol. Love this. Its definitely convinced me and awesome podcast and the choice of music helps greatly. Keep it up.

  29. Steven D

    It seems as thow sasquatch are mostly grey…..I’m noticing a pattern…..plus all of these descriptions are really putting a twist on my drawings…..the ( glasses) reference really made me visualize a different look…..I get it now. I don’t think Palades forensic guy has it quite right……I’m on this.

    • Steven B

      From what I have learned here, “known” types of Sasquatch have apparently been divided into 4 groupings:

      Type 1 – “Patterson film”
      Type 2: as best as I can recall – a huge man-apish kind of creature – has large canines such as a gorilla
      Type 3: also called Dogmen – however there is a lot of variations in this type and, according to Vic Cundiff this type could be broken down into 6 different variations – for better explanation see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyiWV1w1KQw
      Type 4: Smaller with more human appearance (I may need to be corrected on this one)

  30. DonRay

    See… How powerful is a belief system?…. Like i’ve been saying…. The govt. secrecy is all about beliefs…… i was so glad to hear 1st guest say that about his beliefs now…….. I dont think people really understand what can be accomplished with just a small change of their beliefs….. all of a sudden the line of reality, gets bumped up a few notches….. very powerful. I hope what im saying is clearly understood….. i know of 3 types in the N.E…… from New Jersey north…. Awesome show Wes….. Ciao

  31. Steve W

    I never comment about guests. Some are hard to listen too sometimes. But I have to say Mark was one of the most engaging speakers you’ve had on to date. That hour and a half flew by.

  32. Frankie P

    Absolutely great episode! I wouldn’t have thought about him being on the show, but I’m glad he was here. That was very interesting and insightfuly. His hard work is evident, and I look forward to the movie. Great episode, as usual, Wes.

  33. Steven B

    I’d just like to opine on the comment made i the interview that the “reason for the government covering up the existence of these creatures is because they don’t know how to classify them.”

    I’d be fine with that if they’d just keep it to “They don’t exist.” However, this is not what they do. People have been intimidated, threatened, had their webpages and computers tampered with, photos and videos have disappeared, and communications have been uncovered where these entities were going to wrongfully charge and imprison people with crimes, and, possibly there has been a few cases where a person has been made to disappear. All of which are things that belong in North Korea – NOT here in AMERICA! It disgusts me more each time I read/hear about it and I hope that one day the people responsible for giving the orders and those that carry them out will be prosecuted and given the harshest penalties the law will allow for their crimes against the American citizens. May their days of doing these things be severely numbered.

  34. John Ellison

    Another great show Wes and for the record, I have been with you from the very beginning, and I don’t recall ever having a audio problem. All the best, from the hills of West Virginia….

  35. Melanie J

    The evidence I think that will change the world on this is to see a national geographic style video documentary capturing them on camera doing whatever it is they do in their environment. No kills needed. I think as long as you pose no threat, make a peace offering, let them know you are there, don’t make a mess of their habitat and in my opinion just be there quietly instead of howling and banging on trees, you might get these creatures to come out from hiding in a non aggressive way where either man or bigfoot feel threatened by one another presences. Like the man who filmed the grizzly bears (well that’s a bad example but he still got plenty of footage before one bear turned on him and killed him) but also the guy who was able to get so close little by little to a pride of wild lions. Nobody will capture this on a 3 day squatching trip in the woods. This could take months and many problems occur. Who would do this that has the money, the patience and can handle being away from society, friends and family that long? Food, how much can you pack in before you find yourself hunting and looking aggressive? Maybe you hunt and share? Another problem is, if they migrate, staying in one spot is not going to allow that time for them to get use to a non threatening presence. So if you are tracking or following them, how long would it be before they think you are a threat and attacks you? If someone has studied their migration patterns, you might want to try to stay ahead of them if you know where they are going. Leave them peace offerings and let them come to you, but then again humans can’t just go whichever way they want in the woods or as fast, so you will most likely need to have a horse and it just occurred to me writing all these problems, This is probably exactly why Patty is the best film evidence ever. Remember, most sightings and reports are just that. People were camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, or recreational riding. They weren’t looking for bigfoot and many probably didn’t even think it existed until their encounter. Therefor who really has a cell phone camera at standby when doing those things. I know it takes me about 15 seconds at the quickest to pull out my phone and snap a pic, say if my cat does something silly not to mention the time that passes as I just watch first to see something I wasn’t expecting, I don’t think, quick take a pic. I look at it with my own eyes for a while before I realize I should take a pic unless i’m purposely sightseeing taking pictures (or looking for bigfoot). Plus, if you have a life threatening moment of any kind, instincts takes over on how to survive the situation, turning on a camera is not a survival instinct. Unless that camera was on before the survival instinct kicked in, the camera probably will never catch a glimpse of bigfoot therefore you only have a sighting, report and maybe residual evidence to film to go on. Anyways just my opinion on why there are so many reports yet only 1 video evidence of bigfoot. Mainstream science wont bother to look at DNA samples so what deal does a dead bigfoot do? Science will just make up a story that its something else. The only evidence to make it mainstream will be catching bigfoot on film in HD, and hopefully capturing it going about its daily business, and hopefully catching just how many are typically in a group, where they sleep, and how far they walk in a day. I don’t see why scientists are keeping bigfoot from being a “Known Species” well unless anyone hasnt seen Lloyd Pye’s work, it probably has everything about his conclusion, and science is hiding where human origins actually come from that’s throws a monkey wrench in our evolutionary model. Anyways, I better stop now, my comment got long winded and all over the place. In the end, I just dont find hunting and killing a bigfoot for proof of its existence a humane way to get the proof to the public. I’m sure the government has plenty specimens already. A documentary though is all it will take, not of the hunters, but bigfoot itself.

  36. Scott P

    I apologize for not taking the time, but there are SOOO many comments… I usually buy into legit encounters.. I’m just not feeling this one for some reason. I’m sure I can be wrong. I’ve been in Florida for 26-27 years and moved here from the Adirondacks in upstate NY in 1988. I’ve had encounters in both states, but this one bothers me. I’m not sure why. Just a feeling. I normally don’t post but I fealt I had to this time. Again. Just something I fealt.

  37. Scott P

    Just my observance and, or thought. Animals don’t share. When something like this leaves a partial kill or,”catch”. That’s intelligence. Keep thinking.

  38. Robert V

    I’ve heard from hunting friends and from what I’ve read Grizzly’s are now waiting for gun shots as well.

    Wes, you have a great show. You can’t please everyone but you’re pleasing the majority of the listening to the show. One of the reasons you can tell you have a good show is because people want to drag the show down. Instead you’re getting better.


  39. david s

    The show was great…then it turned into another BF discussion. Those are a penny, not a dime a dozen.
    I personally listen, and pay for my membership to hear encounters, or hear the Bob Garretts of the world tell me something about BF that I don’t know. But the sound is awesome!

  40. Audrey E

    I would gladly pay $20 a month for this show if it was purely members-only. Thank you for your excellent work on this subject! I wish you had a daily show, I look forward to the new releases so much!

  41. Karey E B

    Hahahahaha, did anyone else laugh when the guest said: ‘And, hey, if you’re looking through your scope at a deer, and you see one of these things jump out and pounce the deer, don’t shoot or you’re gonna find yourself in trouble. Other than that, have a nice day.’ Gah, the irony! I see one of those pouncing a deer…only way I’M gonna have a ‘nice day’ will be determined by how fast I can run my fat butt outa there!

  42. Donald A

    Best show yet Wes!! Mark’s descriptions of his experiences were so vivid and real. A great recounting! You two knocked it out of the park though, with the passionate banter at the end. You and Mark should do some more shows together!!!!

  43. Jonathan B

    Wes thanks for all your hard work, it is comforting to know I not alone. The woods and hunting was great when I was younger now I don’t go in the woods anymore.

  44. Robert P

    Many thanks for another great show. Mark was a fantastic guest and your chat at the end was one of my SC highlights, and as a subscriber I’ve listened to them all!
    It may be viewed as heresy by some but I do miss the team dynamics offered by Will, Woody and Shannon. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed your discussion with Mark so much.
    Anyway, you’re doing a grand job Wes. Keep it up. Can’t wait for the next episode.
    Love and kudos from the UK.


  45. bilky w

    Great show, I happily pay my membership fees without a second thought…..thanks Wes for letting those who can’t afford it to get content as well. Well played sir. Keep it rolling.

  46. Mark Z

    I would like to thank S.C. for having me and Wes for being who he turned out to be. I enjoyed recounting my first encounter and the post encounter chat as well. There’s a lot more going on here in Florida than most people realize. We are grateful for your support at Crypto Reality, Thank you all for all your comments sincerely, Mark

  47. Bryan C

    I’m sorry but I’m in Mayakka all the time exactly at the towers that he is talking about. There are thousands of people there monthly walking, hiking, etc and he goes there the first time and finds one right off the parking lot. I think this guy is selling his film.

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