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Hunters experience strange events while at camp


During an elk hunt Aug.28th to Sept. 4th we were camped in the Snow Mass Wilderness area. The first two days were normal with no activity. We were just glassing for elk and fishing. After the first day of elk season my friend Jim shot his elk and that night things started to happen. That night we put some loins on an old saddle rack ( about 4′ high) for lunch the next day. The next morning they were gone with no trace of anything climbing or dragging them away. The rack would not of held up to anything of weight climbing on it. It was like something had picked them up and walked away. The next night one of the hunters was awakened by something pushing on his feet through the tent wall and asked his son if he was pushing on his feet but his son said no.

The next night I was awakened about 2:00 am by something dragging my tent. I thought I was dreaming at first but realized I wasn’t. I grabbed for my light but the tent quit moving as I rolled over. My first thought was a bear was trying to break in but I could not hear any breathing like a bear would be easy to hear at two feet also I could not hear no moving outside the tent. I did not turn on the light hoping whatever it was if did nothing it would leave. I layed motionless till morning and never heard anything. At daylight I exited my tent and found an old elk jaw at the doorway and the tent had been moved @ 6″ to 8″. I checked the elk jaw and tent for teeth marks or tears but there was none. Whatever had moved the tent would had to of had hands and had to of gripped the tent by each corner about 6 1/2′ apart because the rain fly would have been in the way.I did not tell the other two guys in camp because I didn’t want them to think I was crazy.

Then as we went out to track an elk that morning as we cleared the trees by camp we heard 3 whooping type calls from the thick pines above camp.The two hunters just looked at each other and said what the hell was that. I said I didn’t know and started walking.
That evening Jim had returned from packing his elk out so I told him what had happened. That night something spooked one of the mules so bad it was trying to get loose so we went out to check but saw nothing.

The next morning Jim and I talked about leaving and packed up camp and left with the other two hunters.We did find what seemed to be a track at above 12000 feet that clearly had toes @ 12″ long.Also heard something while hunting that sounded like digging sound but never saw anything.



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  1. Steven B

    Interesting encounter that would definitely freak me out and I would wish to leave that area.

    I just recently stumbled across something that makes me think that perhaps a certain commercial entity, started by a Mr. “D”, has inside info on Sasquatch behavior ๐Ÿ˜‰ Took a look. It is entertaining but some of the stuff seems like “normal” behaviors from what are learning here:



    PS BeeGees music may be a possible “life saver” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Kim L

    THANK YOU, Steven B !! You brought a hearty chuckle to my day, which was already pretty darn good ( my wife and I are leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks camping at the beach). My wife said “you must be watching something about viet cong being napalmed to laugh out loud like that”. Man, can you imagine waking up to your tent being dragged ? I had to read that the day before camping in BF country, Humboldt Co, northern Ca. coast. Thanks again for spotting and sharing a great cartoon!

    • Steven B

      My pleasure! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope you both have a great vacation! Please take are about announcing you’ll be away -people of ill intent are everywhere and it is more than just members that can see this blog. If they can figure who you are and where you are – not good.

      Watch out for Samsquanches while camping. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Kim L

        Thank you Steve for the good advice, I’m new to this internet stuff and didn’t give a thought to the need for that kind of caution. Did I mention the punji pits and other booby traps I leave? Or our pet velociraptor? The Hells Angel that lives on one side and dirty gary calahan on the other ? Seriously, thanks for the thought. I’ll be checking SasChrn whenever we’re near an internet source, look forward to your great comments.

        • Steven B

          LOL! Remind not to ever visit unannounced… ๐Ÿ˜‰ However, the thought of releasing a live Kodiak bear into the home of “he who shall not be named”, is a terrible temptation – I may well *have* to visit…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Kay S

    I would have yelled for my Mother and started rocking back and forth sucking my thumb! But then I’m not the bravest of people… you wouldn’t have guessed that eh?

  4. Papa - Yeti

    I have a lot of intriguing information to post here pertaining to: โ€˜The Sounds of diggingโ€™ and upon other Campers that were dragged away while inside their tent, the eyewitnesses took that opportunity to escape with their own lives, and yes it was a huge Cover up by the government agencies, I also have gathered insightful information pertaining to what those creatures just might be doing in their ‘digging into the earth.’ But as it is a lot of information, I am going to decline from posting it all here, as itโ€™s better posted upon the S.C. Forums when they finally are back up and running. With that all said, this was a very interesting Encounter, to include the โ€˜perhaps guilt upon the Sasquatches consciousness to where it paid for the elk lions with an Elk Jaw bone as in fair trade. But the Tent dragging incident was not a friendly jester. Not to mention these Hunters were being watched carefully, it could have turned very dangerous for the men.

  5. r v

    “…campers that were dragged away while inside their tent, the eyewitnesses took that opportunity to escape with their own lives” – that is very disturbing in so many ways, Papa – Yeti. Can you give us any more info here? Link? Location? Starting point to research? Sources? These kinds of encounters are more than curiosity for me. They are potentially life-saving. I understand the need to flee against an unconquerable foe, but using someone else’s demise to cover your escape just makes my stomach sick. Any more info would be appreciated.

  6. Debbie C

    If I were sleeping inside a tent and something was dragging
    the tent away from camp site, I would be packing it up and heading out by daylight.
    Ignorance is not bliss it’s darn right stupid.

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