May 31

SC EP:109 Campsite Encounter With Sasquatch

Tonight I speak with Randy Harrington, and he had one of the best close-up encounters you’ll ever hear. After setting up a fake camp site to attract Bigfoot, Harrington hid in his truck. When the creatures stepped out of the woods and approached the site, it decided to check out the vehicle where Harrington was hiding with his video camera and a handgun. He said he heard and saw the creatures rummaging through stuff in the back of the truck.

Randy has been studying the behavior of these creatures for many years and has put together a picture of what they do and why. I have to say a lot of what Randy theorizes about their behavior makes a lot of sense. Randy will also be giving us an update on the Falcon Project. Randy answered most of your questions but I may end up posting an After Hours show with Randy where he answers some of your questions. We ran out of time on the show to get to some of these but there were a ton of great questions. I will be posting that to the site tomorrow night.



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  1. jeffrey n

    hey wes I have emailed and emailed about joining in the texas trip no word yet from you if I can participate
    hopeful that you will say either one way or another.

    • Wes

      Anyone else having this issue? I would like to resolve this for you erin. I went back and listened on my iPad and it sounds fine but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue

        • david s

          Wes, maybe you can suggest to your guests that they use Skype or some other program like that if they have a computer with a microphone. The sound quality on those programs are usually good. Allot of times the guests forget to hold their phone to their mouth and their voice drifts away. Just a suggestion.

      • margaret h

        Yes Wes, Audio all gorbled like being on a speaker phone or a mobile speaker phone. Extremely difficult hear and listen. Great guest though and one of the BEST. Mx

      • Jim D

        I had to turn it off twice Wes, Last night at 16 minutes and then today I made it to 22:43 I couldn’t make out what the guy was saying at least half of the time. It sounds like he’s talking through a shoe box with a chaw of bacco in his cheek.

      • Rich A

        I heard it mostly ok no worries there. Anyone else out there with this problem however? …..Too much content? I can’t keep up with the shows. I’m falling behind. Hey Wes slow down man!! I’ve had to resort to sitting down with the wife for a movie, but I have SC playing in my secret earphone on one ear where she can’t see it….The shows have been great.

    • Diane L

      True, it is distorted, plus the guy talks fast. I wish I had a written transcript or something – he sounds fascinating with what parts I do comprehend.

  2. Tyler D

    Wes, you have really turned this show into something amazing. Everyone gets along for the most part. SC is not your typical sasquatch website. This show is amazing n I’m extremely honored n humbled being a part of it. N thank you for not giving in on Sasquatch Chronicles, I’m sure there’s countless people on this site that appreciate it beyond words can express. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING WES, YOU’RE EDUCATING PEOPLE N YOU’VE DONE MORE FOR US THAN YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE. SASQUATCH CHRONICLES FOR LIFE!!

  3. david s

    Randy was a great guest. His ability to tell the story with so many details along with what he was thinking at the time was excellent, and lead to credibility. Just another case that shows the human qualities of these BF. Animals don’t pre plan a signal to use if one of them needs help and then has another one come running right away…humans would.

  4. Frankie P

    Randy sure tried some interesting techniques and got really good response (whether what he’d hoped or not). That was very interesting. The rock stack with the items in it? How neat. And hiding in his truck while all that was going on? Scary, but he sure found out a lot. Thank you, Wes for finding us such good people to hear from. This is just a top podcast.

  5. Shawn B

    I could hear good. I used my volumn control. Great show Wes. It is impressive to see you match the show forward after the ℅-hosting situation ended. It’s a good thing to keep doing what works for a length of time, and ignore petty criticism. Again, comforting and familiar are my favorite qualities of your show.

  6. Bobby W

    This was an absolutely amazing show. The guest was awesome ( Randy is always a very informative and high octane speaker.).
    The bumper music was spot on. When it’s correct it can certainly make a strong statement and you did it this time. Your side of the audio was spot on perfect! I’m always looking forward to the next show. So please keep doing what your doing. THANKS. Bob W. Member.

  7. Sean C

    Great show Wes and Randy! Thanks again for another awesome and informative SC session Wes, you just keep knocking them out of the park! I wish you lots of luck with your TV endeavors and whatever else you have in your future bro, I think you can take it as far as you want to! I look forward to supporting your efforts, and enjoying your show, for the long haul brother, and maybe we’ll meet in Texas if it isn’t still flash flooding : )

    Chris Cagle

  8. Jeven M

    i had alot of trouble understanding what he was saying. some of the sounds he would pronounce caused noise on the fone and made it really confusing to figure out what words he said. can u clean it up please????

  9. Daniel W

    Wes, I hav to give it to you. When the whole break up came and the accusations of full moon or not I was wondering where the show would go… But hats off to you, sir! You have done nothing but produced your best shoes since being on your own. I don’t care if you made your story up or it’s the truth…. Because that’s of little importance to me on the quality of shows you bring to me. You’re passion for the subject is unquestionable and your ability to ask the right questions and let the guest talk are perfect. Best Sasquatch show going. May your future in this endeavor just grow.

    • erin f

      Daniel totally. what some people dont understand is an appearance of a full moon can occur even if its just a few days after a new moon, esp. in increased elevations.. Neil Peart and the gang explain it best and as an amateur astronomer i concur: “on certain nights / when the angles are right / and the moon is a slender crescent / it’s circle shows / in a ghostly glow / of earthly luminescence”

  10. Papa - Yeti

    Wes, a bit of audible sound distortion – I’m Listening on Internet – through Modem – by way of logging into Sasquatch – Chronicles – Using lap –top and listening through AKG 240K studio headphones. There is an audio distortion when Randy is talking, your own voice is clean and clear, as in all episodes. – but I could make out all of what randy said. So the level of distortion in low. As well Wes, Dandy has done an excellent job and a great service to all of us encounter survivors as well as to us believers, and those who are skeptics who have been fortunate not to have had any encounters to cause them and their families harm or shock trauma / PTSD.. Randy’s voice does falter towards the finish, but this is a matter of the strain upon his vocal cords as they are taxed out from speaking so long to get it all stated. There have been other shows here where guest caller have phoned in on cell phone and those are harder to hear clearly. I was able to listen to and enjoy Randy sharing his encounter in great detail. Wes, thanks to both you and your staff members and to Randy for putting this episode together and making it happen, and making Sasquatch Chronicles what it is to this day. Wes. I think you should have a Promotional event. There are many charitable causes out there. It would be great if we as members could pay for a year’s membership to a single mother raising her children alone. Or to a veteran of war. As there are those who are listeners but cannot afford a year’s membership. Through a year’s membership to a child –Fan struggling to fight a terminal disease. Fallen Fireman widowed U.S> Military wife/ mother. An Appreciation membership into an appreciation account of which we members can contribute to when we pay out monthly or annual Sasquatch Chronicles fee. I know I would be willing to provide such a gift. Sasquatch Chronics is and has provided me with so much case to case information, of which I will be able to teach to my little adopted son here while he grows up into manhood so he and our family and his friends can be far more aware and educated upon the Creature living in or Forests, desert, a swamps across North America, Canada, Australia as we and our family Go upon Fishing and hunting adventures or just to be aware of the dangers lurking just within the treeline of our Nation Parks to keep out families safe. Thanks Wes. Papa – Yeti

  11. Jack33

    After you’re done with the work you’re doing for television in the DFW area, what part of Texas will you be exploring?

    I had contacted you a short while back about the possibility of having my uncle join you guys in the field while your here in Texas.
    You may remember him. A few months back you spoke with him on the phone about the USFS and his time working as a Forrest Ranger.
    After speaking with you and listening to a few of your shows, he became courious about the reports coming out of the Sam Houston NF and the Big Thicket Nature Preserve.
    Being fairly familiar with the SHNF, he decided to go out and do a little investigating for himself.
    He sought out and camped in a few of the areas where activity had been reported. He even believes he found the location where BG discoverd the infamous ‘torn up campsite.’
    He didn’t report having any sightings while camping at any of these places, but he did report hearing strange noises he couldn’t explain away logically.
    I found that part rather significant because he can tell you every animal known to inhabit our National Forrests and the sounds each one makes.
    He said the only thing he could compare these noises he heard to were the noises he’d hear from the primates at the zoo, where he worked in various capacities after retiring from the USFS.

    Anyways, message me back with the details and we’ll see if it’s a possibility.
    I know he’d be thrilled.
    Who knows, he might even come in handy with all his experience and knowledge of the NF.



  12. Seamus J. C

    Cell phones are just not of the same sound quality as land lines. With them we traded sound quality for convenience, that’s just a fact. I was able to understand Randy OK, but had to turn my speakers way up, and when Wes talked, his voice was very loud! But no worries….The question I had wanted to ask of Randy, Wes, or somebody who might have a sense of it, was, Do you think that Sasquatch are becoming more numerous? It seems that they, like the stealthy and now nocturnal coyote, could be exploiting the niches left open by top predators that are essentially extinct in many areas–the result being an explosion of deer, a sasquatch prey animal. People here in Illinois talk about how one used to hardly ever catch sight of a deer, and now they’re all over. Same out East. Also, unlike the coyote, very few believe they even exist, so they’re not being hunted–and any road would be much harder to hunt. If gorillas reach adulthood at 15, then I suppose sasquatch do so between 15-20 years of age, so a new generation every 15-20 years–When did the deer population explosion start? Anyone?

    • Dave T

      Seamus J. C. The best I can tell about the whitetail deer population increase started back in the 50s and 60s. I live in Ohio and my grandfather told me they didn’t even have a season for them till the late 50s. He said you had to go to Canada to hunt deer before that. By the early 1900s, the deer were virtually wiped out in the Midwest. The numbers had steadily gone up since the 50s and have been about the same give or take since the 1990s.

  13. scott o

    Confrimed, marginal audio most probably due to fringe cellphone reception. Staight landline is best for shows. Still intelligeble but several areas may require repeated playback for complete info uptake. Great show and most success coming for Wes as he deserves this due to his contininous focus on quality interviews and compassionate interviewing style. Best to you and the folks associated with the show. I have been seriously thinking of starting a discussion group at our installation, the folks would enjoy it and many appear to have had experiences from some of the conversations that we have had.

  14. Richard C

    I must admit, I have not listened to tonight’s show yet, will do so tonight (based on the feedback here, as always I’m really looking forward to it). I wanted to post this somewhere and picked this location. I get up early and have shows DVR’d. One redeeming value of “FINDING BIGFOOT” are the interviews they do with people that have had encounters. I only watch the show to see those, their going out at night really doesn’t interest me anymore and it’s always the same story :). But last night’s show was from the AMAZON and it was pretty interesting to hear the stories from down there and how much their description of the creature from their encounter matches what we’ve heard about SASQUATCH here (and all over the world for that matter). One description described the creatures head as being Triangular in Shape (==Cone Head? 🙂 ). Others described the sounds, all matching what we’ve heard, this from some natives that don’t have electricity, television, etc. Pretty fascinating.

  15. NHSquatcher

    I’ve emailed many times with tech questions but no answer.

    Why can’t we search the site? I just subbed and want to get back to the episodes where you started offering a second hour for subscribers.
    Hard to do when you cannot search for an episode number.

    Audio on this one was terrible… your voices sound great but try to have your guests use landlines if they can.
    I’m a radio talk show host and that’s what we do. Even Skype might be clearer.

    Finally on this episode if this guy was hiding in his truck, and free not to have to run away, why didn’t he get clear video and pics of the visitors? I’m a believer but some of these stories are suspect.

    • erin f

      i agree that a search feature is becoming more and more nessessary as the content on the site grows.. even a summary list of all episodes and a one line description would help, as clicking through each page looking for something is time consuming.. who would have thought the site would have grown with so much content so quickly…

  16. Dave T

    Randy H. Great stuff you shared with us. You have some great ideas and information to share. I really liked your popcorn baiting idea. What’s your opinion on squatches? Friendly forest Giants, or monsters to be feared? I kinda had the feeling you’re in the middle,but you carry a firearm I assume all the time. Just wondering your take on the pro kill issue. BTW, you mentioned you had a crew cab diesel pick up. If you feel that Squatch cracked your leaf springs then he weighed a lot more than 6-800lbs. You should be able to put 1000lb payload in that truck and not break anything. If that squatch did it he was bigger than 1000lbs. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how big these creatures are.

  17. NHSquatcher

    On the right side of this page there is a face pic of a bigfoot and this text:

    I shot a Sasquatch at point blank range
    The listener writes “I still have a hard time understanding what happened to me. I was charged after being hit with a baseball sized rock, after I fell down by my truck it came over the bed of my truck I was able to pull my pistol and shot it over the left eye and…
    Members of the site, check out tonight’s show in the podcast section

    What is ‘tonight’s’? And when you click on anything over there, it sends you to a bogus link.. not coded properly.

    I think you need a new webmaster.

  18. craig b

    the rock cairn thing makes sense that it very plausibly could have been people that did it. I’ve often found lost items on hiking trails and placed the item at cairns or traill forks, or trailheads or other noticeable spots that are likely to be seen by people looking for their lost items on the trail. I’ve lost car keys on trails and found them placed at the trialhead with a note from the people that found them. people make cairns on trails all the time.

  19. Jim D

    Is there any way that we can read along on a transcript? I’m sure there has to be some app that can do that in real time. It’s a shame because from what I’m reading I’m missing out on a good episode.

  20. Theresa D

    Ok, so this was the first episode that actually made me have a nightmare and I woke up trying to scream in my sleep but only succeeded in making that awful hissing sound you do when you have a scream dream! I managed to wake up my husband, but didn’t tell him what I was dreaming about as he always gives me a hard time about listening to the episodes before bed, saying that I’m going to be dreaming about the encounters! He was right! No way could I remain that calm while observing and hearing these big guys in so close proximity!

    • Dorothy S

      Theresa D. I’m with you! I didnt have a nightmare, but when he was saying that his heart was beating so loud he moved his body forward so it wasn’t touching the back of the seat, I was so focused on his words that I found myself trying not to breathe as loud! This was an awesome show!

  21. Jim D

    I took the advice from everyone who had no problems hearing this Wes and ended up listening from my wife’s I-phone and ear buds and I heard it much better. Where and when or HOW do we get to see some of the pictures that he said he has and would let us see?

  22. Randy H

    There is so much more information about that location. I found proof that these creatures may go into the restrooms there in the park….tell me that is not what nightmares are made of? I have talked to people who have seen them there and never reported it to anyone other than family or close friends. Business owners in town there who spoke with me. Dave T, I do worry about these creatures nature at times, even though I have not been armed for the last 6 years, just bear spray. I had a story told to me from a 70 year old woman who I was put into contact with her through her son on Facebook, she had something happen up near Challis Idaho in the late 60’s that absolutely tell me that some of the missing 411 stories told by Dave Paulides are real bigfoot related happenings. And Dave, Even though the bed of my truck should hold a lot of weight, I had a few hundred pounds of camping supplies already in my truck, and the weight limit at the hitch is different than the payload…it says 500 lb. limit to the tongue weight of a trailer.

    • Dave T

      Randy H, Thanks again for the reply and the info. Don’t wait too long to come back on the show. It would be great to hear some updates from you time to time or Wes even having you cohost with him.

  23. Seamus J. C

    If you postulate 2 bigfoot parents breeding since 1955 to keep pace with the deer explosion, then those 2 have had 12 babies since then (assuming they can have one baby survive every five years), which would be a six-fold increase. But each of those babies would have had it’s own, all except the ones born since 2000 (assuming sexual maturity at 20 years, which is a conservative estimate), so 12 babies minus four not yet of breeding age means 8 babies currently of breeding age. Baby 1, born in 1955 and breeding since 1975, would have had by now five babies who are at this time of breeding age themselves. Baby 2, born in 1960 and breeding since 1980 has four babies of breeding age themselves now. Baby 3, born in 1965 and so my contemporary, has 3 babies themselves of breeding age now. Baby 4, 2 babies breeding; baby 5, 1 breeding….So 21 breeding sasquatch may have come from those two who had a child in 1955. And with plenty of deer, all that time, to sustain themselves. I know my numbers are rough, simplistic speculation at best, and that god knows how many have died of natural causes, but still…them’s a lot of boogers! They may even have twins sometimes, like we do. They may breed every three years. Apes in the wild pretty much breed as often as is possible. And it seems that, commando units aside, very few of them are killed by people. I wish Jevning were around to comment on this, some of those older guys might have a sense for any changes in their population. But it makes sense that, with plenty of prey and most people not even believing they exist, much less hunting them down, that they would be expanding in numbers.

  24. Don M

    Hey Wes, I just wanted to say that this show with Randy was riveting to listen to. Don’t know how you do it, but keep up the good work.
    I am a huge SC fan. Sincerely, Don M

  25. Janice P

    I have been to that park many many times and had no idea about bigfoot at the time. My boyfriend, now husband of 30 years, lived across the street from the west park entrance. Fond memories of the park in all seasons but I’m so glad I never saw a squatch!

  26. Jeffrey M

    This was an amazing interview! He really paid a lot of attention to the behaviour of the creature! Thanks Wes for bringing these incredible encounters and amazing witnesses to light! Randy is awesome!

  27. Kimberly M

    This was BY FAR the best episode I’ve listened to. Very suspenseful. My heart was pumping just listening to him talk about his heart pumping! Lol. As far as the “falcon project” I think is what I heard, how much money would it take? I would need to hear the details but I possibly have a couple of people in mind who are big into the big foot phenomenon and who are independently wealthy who would possibly fund this. But it would need to be be COMPLETELY planned out and a budget set!!! You would need to have a very specific, a budget calculated as well as a time frame and a team put together. You need to go about it just as people who fund treasure dives for gold and silver and sunken ships. These types of people are extremely adventurous and I have just the person in mind! Reply if these parameters could be met. I would be contributing as well.

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