SC EP:116 Reported Sasquatch Sounds

  I hope all of the dads who listen to the show have a great Father’s Day tomorrow. I am going to go ahead and release the show tonight. Have a great weekend! My guest tonight is Randy Savig who is a member of the MABRC, which is the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center.   You… Read more »

SC EP:111 What was that?

  Many encounters with Sasquatch happen so fast, it leaves people thinking “What was that?” One of the encounters on Sunday will be with a witness who saw one run across the road, jump and clear a 6 foot embankment. The witness and her husband were shocked by the size of the creature. The witness… Read more »

SC EP:110 Hunter shoots a Sasquatch

A listener writes, “I still have a hard time understanding what happened to me. I was charged after being hit with a baseball sized rock, after I fell down by my truck it came over the bed of my truck I was able to pull my pistol and shot it over the left eye and… Read more »

SC EP:109 Campsite Encounter With Sasquatch

Tonight I speak with Randy Harrington, and he had one of the best close-up encounters you’ll ever hear. After setting up a fake camp site to attract Bigfoot, Harrington hid in his truck. When the creatures stepped out of the woods and approached the site, it decided to check out the vehicle where Harrington was… Read more »

Bigfoot Sighting and Drowning?

Editors Note> I found this encounter story strange but interesting, people have reported seeing the Sasquatch swimming. Here in the Pacific NW witnesses describe seeing them swimming across the Columbia River. What are your thoughts? < This encounter was taken from Bigfoot Every once in a while people hear stories that seem so incredible… Read more »