Jun 1

SC EP:110 Hunter shoots a Sasquatch

I pride myself on having great audio quality to the show but sometimes it is only as good as the cell phone the guest is calling in on. I am going to go ahead and post Thursday’s show tonight. Don’t thank me, thank Erin who is a member of the site. Erin was having issues listening to the last show and I do not like to disappoint. I will upload it later to the site.

Show notes:
The listener writes “I still have a hard time understanding what happened to me. I was charged after being hit with a baseball sized rock, after I fell down by my truck it came over the bed of my truck I was able to pull my pistol and shot it over the left eye and it ran away but continued to throw rocks. My encounter is much more than I can write in an email……”

I spoke to the gentleman this morning and he has agreed to come on the show. I find him to be a very credible witness and some of the behaviors he describes I have heard first hand but have not talked about on the show. He was hunting and a rock hit him in the chest, the witness describes how the creature threw the rock which is very interesting because I have heard this “off the air” several times. He caught sight of the creature and ran for his truck. When he got to his truck he threw his rifle in the back and dropped his keys. The witness was upset, shaking and fell to the ground. The creature cleared a distance of 75 yards in a matter of seconds and was now on the other side of his truck. The creature came over the bed of his truck and was within a few feet of him. He describes in detail what it looked like. He said the creature kept screaming at him and was moving closer. He pulled out his pistol and shot it right above its left eye. The caliber he was using was not enough to penetrate the skull but he knows he hit it. He said that the creature let out another scream and ran off. He was able to get into his truck and drive off. As he was driving a soccer ball sized rock hit the rear panel of his truck.As you can imagine the witness still struggles with what happened to him to this day.

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    • Steven B

      Hi Stephan

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  1. DonRay

    Works for me……….. i dont seem to get home until late Sundays nites now…. Ever since i found out how close they really are….. Thank Wes… Ciao

  2. Dave T

    This sounds like a contender for one of the most crazy/scary, sheet your drawers encounters of all time. Erin, glad you’re still here with us and nice shooting. Most people I know would have shot themselves in the foot let alone putting one in that bastards melon. Just make sure you use the bigger gun next time.

  3. Christopher c

    Yeh man the audio is very hard to listen to at times, I listen though my music studio’s powered monitor and it is barely understandable at times,thanx for bringing this to Wes’ attention Erin good looking out girl.

  4. Gary C

    I agree over the last 6 weeks the quality of the audio has dropped, Wes is obviously very clear but the callers sometime can be hard to hear.
    Callers should try a land line if possible

  5. Sean C

    A lot of people I know, don’t even have landlines anymore. When you experience times that you have to think about your budget, paying for 2 different phone lines seems like not so much a necessity, especially when one of those is usually in your pocket. I can’t tell you how many years ago, I stopped checking an answering machine, only to stand around for ten minutes after coming home from work, to listen to people trying to get money out of my pocket for everything under the sun. Anywho, it’s a sign of the times, we keep sacrificing quality for convenience in this digital age. Vinyl records still sound better, but everyone downloads their digital music now, because it is so much more accessible from the convenience of wherever you happen to be. Wes can only have so much control over how great everyone’s audio quality is, but I think he probably gets the point that so many of you dissatisfied with it!

    Looking forward to the show Wes, and thank you for everything that you do to try and keep us all happy! You do have the greatest source of knowledge on the internet, concerning sasquatch. THANK YOU!


  6. erin f

    oh well golly gee, thanks for the shout out and for relasing the show early! On another topic, is there a way to get to the sites search bar ? a link to the search maybe? i have a way to get to it, but i dont want to generate unnessessary errors in your logs…

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