Mar 16

SC EP:1040 The Wooly Man

I will be welcoming Edmund to the show. Edmund grew up on a farm and he had seen the creatures a couple of times. He said “I was a kid in 1978 and I was not afraid of them until it came to my window.”

It was looking through my bedroom window, and it scared me so bad I got up and ran into the living room. I was home alone with my cousin, who was asleep. As I was looking out our living room window, there was another one standing up on the hillside nearby. These two absolutely instilled me with fear. The previous one didn’t scare me a bit, but these felt malevolent.”

Edmund he said “It would flip it’s lip up at me and I could see it’s teeth. The teeth were like ours just much bigger. My mother later told me that she was aware of them being on the property.”





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73 Responses to “SC EP:1040 The Wooly Man”

  1. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Haven’t listened – Can’t wait ! As I’ve said many times, so often you have people who have spent years, even decades going on expeditions, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Sasquatch. Then you have a youngster, looking out his bedroom window, sees not one, but two Bigfoot!! As they say, some people have all the luck!

  2. m99

    Well, hello! It’s early but we’re out the door. But that’s okay. We’ll catch it at dinner. I know being early means a lot to people in the far reaches, so they can hear the episode while it’s still today. Thank you Wes. _m

  3. Chad W

    What a compelling episode. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Edmund. Several of them were quite frightening, and they were all very interesting. A great interview, Wes.

  4. Linda B

    Wow. That was an awesome collection of accounts, and after listening to the encounters over the years I have to put the lights with the physical sasquatch as their supernatural form. To me that makes sense on so many levels (track ways, appearances/travel and showing up at people’s houses miles away, etc. ).
    I just had a thought if the Nephalim were physical, weren’t they also supernatural (part fallen angel)? Then I also remember the Ghost Hunters shows and most other ghost adventure peograms where they saw orbs all the time as energy or spirits.
    The whole “inner knowledge” conversation thing (not a voice) but a “knowing” is scriptural, so there again somewhat supernatural. “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.” Christians hear Him and they may also be given a gift of knowledge (Bible: 1st Cor. Ch 13) which is an inner knowing of something that you would never otherwise know if it hadn’t been told to you. This “there’s nothing to see here” was “directing” Edmund and his friends to ‘get out,’ basically-and they did, they left. Does anybody else see these aspects as being supernatural? 🙂

  5. Paul R

    Found out today that I’m having a baby boy in June, celebrating with Sasquatch Chronicles and a glass of Jamison. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody.

  6. william Y

    Great show, Thank you Edmond . this show really is a blessing. To have an outlet for people . I just watched Southern Fried Bigfoot tonight on YouTube. it was good but it kind of pissed me off the way they make the topic of Bigfoot sounds so mythical childlike and cheesy. I never had an encounter, but I wound up listening to the chronicles when I was putting together some IKEA furniture and I listen to about three episodes and that’s all I needed to hear. . There is definitely some kind of spiritual connection Because I’ll tell you what I definitely feel blessed to have this knowledge. Thanks to the Chronicles. . I cannot wait to go to the Whitehall festival in New York. I am going to thoroughly enjoy myself.

  7. Blanche D

    Thanks to interesting guest Edmund. I particularly enjoyed the discussion on mindspeak. So fascinating those “nothing to see here ” moments because it’s always the same words, not go, or be gone, or get lost etc.

  8. Janetta V

    I felt so comfortable listening to Edmund talk about all of these subjects, he had such a calming tone and knew just what he was talking about with such composure. Great guy. Thanks Wes

  9. Jessica T

    Great episode! Hey, Edmund, I’m in Radcliff. Had some experiences at Bernhiem and Knob Creek. Would love to meet up and compare notes. Let me know if you’re game!!!

    • Cindy B

      Wes, I really enjoyed Edmund’s accounts and both of your opinions and thoughts on everything. Really intriguing and really gets you thinking. I appreciate both of your accounts, stories, thoughts, and opinions. It helps me a lot in trying to understand it all and with my past encounters. Will probably listen again to the whole show. It’s so thought provoking. God bless and protect you both.

  10. Nancy B

    OMG- just listened to this one. I was enjoying it until Wes had to go and ask Edmund about the demonic encounter in the cemetery. WHY did you have to do that, Wes????!! Now I’m going to have nightmares. Thanks!

  11. Mike T

    He obviously has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time, energy and effort, into this, . It would take a lot courage. This is such an escape/adrenaline provoking endorsing, releasing escape without drugs, alcohol, or other more commonly used substances, but this also can be as life damaging for so many people, how to use not take marriages this becomes what your spouse can’t give you , I would’ve thought it would’ve been a much higher distraction from men than women until I started doing my own research and everybody would be surprised what I’m sharing is redundant common sense to everybody. You can’t let this subject absorb you. It is immensely addictive, especially if you’ve had class a
    class A encounter , or something that’s truly gravitated you too this Apex ancestral humanoid phenomenon ( technically Hass to be a phenomenon unless you have encountered an engaged.) Then it’s no longer a phenomenon subspecies very well spoken very articulate I don’t think this one thing can be critiqued too much everything he shared is consistent, with every other sighting and report for si many . The labored Behavioral locomotion was an extraordinary presentation. I’ve never processed the fact that they can be abolished from their colonized group or family . I’d love to know who his Mentor go to guy is .

  12. Randel S

    father Malachi Martin said that his research team identified Louisville Kentucky as having the highest number of demonic Obsession and demonic possession cases through the years of any place in the United States. They thought it would be New York City or Los Angeles or some other place full of rather doubtful people but no. It was Louisville Kentucky. Interesting.


    loved hearing these stories.. I was a military brat and lived in kentucky the early 80s. lived in Brandenburg, Radcliff and Colesburg. listening to all the ares he described brought back alot of memories, especially Gates of Hell cemetery..

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