Feb 11

SC EP:1031 A Witch Screaming

Tonight I will be speaking to Jason. Jason had an encounter 29 years ago in Ohio. Jason said “We were just a bunch of teenagers hanging out in the woods. I heard what sounded like someone walking into our camp area. I thought it was just normal wildlife. I wasn’t a woodsman so we hear this thing walk into the camp, it breaks a large branch off of a tree and then started screaming at us. I was physically shook. You played a vocal on your show that was really close to what we heard. I haven’t been that scared in my life. My buddy started yelling it was a witch screaming. I am pretty sure it was no witch.

Today is the Super Bowl! Go Chiefs!






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70 Responses to “SC EP:1031 A Witch Screaming”

  1. Tina M

    Yay!. I don’t have to wait until tomorrow!. Thanks Wes. I don’t know much about the Super Bowl, but go Chiefs lol. My hubby is staying up late to watch some of it. Its becoming popular here in the UK.

  2. Carrie S

    That would have scared me to death also, dang! It’s amazing what you can do on a big shot of adrenaline. You go Joe! I’m glad nobody was hurt. Great story, man. ♥️

  3. Cynthia J

    We are so happy here in Kansas City!!! What an amazing game- Parade on Wednesday!! Our Chiefs are pretty incredible!!
    Thanks Wes can’t sleep without SC… even if we win the Super Bowl

  4. Ric M

    Great day today! I made money on Gronk missing the kick; RIP “Apollo” it was bittersweet to see you on the small screen one last time! A $10 bet turned into $390. The big one was putting $10 from the free money given by Draft Kings and betting $10 that there would be an overtime. I won $100 for that one! And that’s it! I barely won the over/under by the slimmest margin! That’s way too much for my anxiety! And I wouldn’t want to get addicted to this. … Short show tonight but I still enjoyed it. I really miss those earlier shows from before that lasted an hour and a half. Many of those were awesome shows! Anyone think the same about the old show’s duration?

  5. Matt P

    Patrick Mahomes is the biggest crybaby in the NFL. He is also the whitest black guy on earth. His wife is annoying and his bro is a predator. Travis Kelce is a shill for big pharma. He probably needs to be since he’s like body #50 for TS. Hope he wraps it up.

    • Linda J

      Not a chiefs fan. I saw a side of them, especially Kelce, going after his coach, which showed me a glimpse of who he is as a person. There was an incident (Kelce, Mahomes) with another team not long ago and I have a different view of them. I know they are competitive, but those actions scream privilege, possibly untouchable, to me. My .2 cents.

      • Linda B

        Bless you. Kelce was saying, “put me in Coach, I’m gonna score, I’m gonna score.” Kelce is like the Mad Hungarian. He’s so full of passion for the gane he cannot contain himself. Reed was alright with it, said he’d seen it before. I can understand people not liking that behavior. Totally. Me? I’d rather have hot than cold and lukewarm.
        Thanks Wes. I’m about to listen. We did have a full weekend. Always back to my SC though, it’s my energy fix, my comfort zone….when I think back to all the episodes I’ve listened to I like the afternoons around the chiminea (can’t have open fires in the mountains) in Bailey and Evergreen, knowing full well that we were listening in hot spots to peoples’ encounters. Thank you Wes for interviewing me. I will always cherish it. Nobody ever cared enough about me to ask my opinion in a public forum like this before. You do a lot for people and you don’t even know it.

    • Jay T

      I booed that commercial in NYC bar. Like & Hate type ad and fits diva Jello & Benny perfectly. Friend of friend doing work on J Lo’s house had him fired because he looked at her.

  6. Janetta V

    Good job Jason, you are very good at discribing the scene, and your stories were very good. Glad you all made it back to the station wagon, just being in a vehicle make you feel safer. Another good show Wes, thanks so much. It has been snowing all day here in OKC, and is very pretty. We don’t get much snow here like you all do.

  7. Janelle K

    I grew up in Oak Openings Metro Park practically. Oddly this is validating because after learning about bigfoot and it has made me view the past differently with my outdoor experiences where I grew up. There were a couple times back in 2019 I felt very unnerved towards dusk in a part of the park while walking alone. Didnt see anything.

    Now this makes me really wonder about another weird instance I experienced. Recently my sibling reminded me of this memory that I apparently had blocked. My family members live 4 minutes up the road from this park. I spent all of my childhood running around the property, it had woods at the back of it. When I was about 16 I kept feeling drawn to go to a certain area of the property and just take it in. There was a favorite tree I’d go stare at and just relax. It was getting closer to dusk, and something caught my eye to the right of me some yards out in the treeline. It wasn’t super close or anything and I didn’t see any details, but it was enough for me to look. My memory is a little shaky but I seem to remember what seemed like a large man standing there looking towards me. Next thing I remember I was running for my life, swearing up and down something was going to eat me alive if I didn’t go as fast as possible. I got back to the house. Apparently I kept saying to my sister and mom, “It stood up, it stood up.” over and over, only to reassure myself it was probably a guy in a bulky black coat straggling from a nearby campground.

    It is country out there, but it isn’t desolate. There definitely could be people around and that isn’t out of the question that it was some weirdo from camp nearby. We also have coyotes and lots of deer. I will never know. I was really terrified either way. Nothing spectacular if it was not a human after all. Like I said I’ll never know, but this episode has certainly given me much to think of. People always say they don’t live in northwest Ohio so that was another reason I also dismissed what I may or may not have seen. I’m so glad this episode exists.

    • Charles R

      Most interesting story Janelle K, something strange was going on, and it well could have been a Bigfoot. People also say they are not in my Ohio County of Darke (NW of Dayton) but I know better and know of several sightings, and other evidence I have found close to here, including my own rural property. That close by Maumee River and creeks and such that feed it are certainly avenues. I doubt they would hang around for long, however from time to time certainly some would migrate through. I think I know or at least close to what Jason and his buddies heard as he mentioned a female scream. My experience was Sept 1. 1996 in Mt. Haley township of Midland County, Michigan appx 3 am. while sleeping overnite at my best friends house on 10 acres of wooded property. What Mike and myself heard scream sounding like a woman being tortured with the volume of an elephant that scared the hell out of us, especially being at most 50 feet outside his house. Even though Mike had many guns, no way were we going outside to investigate.

  8. Gabriel H

    It’s about time someone reported an encounter from this area! I’ve always thought there was Squatch potential in those hills and ravines carved out by glaciers by the river and Lake Erie, while passing through Toledo on the way to known squatchy areas of Ohio or Pennsylvania.

  9. Linda B

    Shut up Romo. Man, two seconds left in the game with the TD and Hartman didn’t even know he just won the Superbowl. Too funny. People may not see the side of the chiefs Insee, but the way they played this year it was their faith in God and God himself who took the championship for Kansas City this year. They were humbled, couldn’t do anything right quite a few times this yr and half way through this game with the 49ers’!
    Wes, thank you for being one of the top five guys on my hero list. Have a good week!

  10. Linda B

    Loved the story about the guys all taking off and the guy on crutches running for it. I must be a little twisted because I think that’s really funny, and it wouldn’t be if it was me, so….twisted. lol
    Re the Chiefs game– they’ve been cliffhangers for sure but this one, in OT, last two seconds……I find I have a pacing the floor pattern. It’s like, standing slightly huntched over, face in your hands, peeking out between your fingers head bent down between your shoulders….kind of like a Sasquatch position hide and seek thing, waiting for the Chiefs to pull it off. Agh!! We did it!!!! Lol

  11. Rodger f

    I had something like this happen at Mary Stockham’s grave east of Woodbury. For years I thought it was the Ghost of Mary Stockham. After looking into this topic I really think that that Legend comes from these things screaming. If she truly killed her children they would not have buried her in the family cemetery.
    My girlfriend and I were mushroom hunting down in that area and ran into a sheriff’s officer and I told him about what happened to me and he said that does not surprise him the least bit. They hear stuff like that all the time. That is in the Sasquatch triangle in Ohio and there is a ton of land in Southern Ohio.

  12. Jennifer H

    Great encounters. I’ve heard a Sasquatch yell very aggressively and it’s terrifying! Also have several UFO sightings … might be living close to Wright Patt , but they move like nothing we currently have…at least that I’ve heard about. I reported one to Mufon and so did a Springboro police officer, he saw it too. Creepy every time.

  13. Janelle K

    came back to revisit this comment section since I haven’t been able to put this out of my head since I listened. Wow. more people have seen these things here. This really changes things for me. Thank you, Charles R for the comment reply. I appreciate people sharing and interacting so so much I genuinely mean it.

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