Feb 11

Knights Templar: Forbidden History

The Why Files writes “Knights Templar, Forbidden History and their Secret Quest for Atlantis The accepted narrative describes the Knights Templar as humble warrior monks protecting Christians on the road to Jerusalem.

The Knights were later betrayed and, ultimately, destroyed. But there is another story within that story. It’s a legend filled with murder, mystery, and buried treasure. And it involves a secret powerful enough to rewrite history and change the world.

Yes, the Templars were in Jerusalem protecting Christians. But that was their cover story. The real reason they were there was: they were looking for something. Ancient technology. So as soon as the Knights Templar arrived in the Holy Land, they started digging.

And then–”


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4 Responses to “Knights Templar: Forbidden History”

  1. Charles R

    The Templers spent close to a hundred years digging in and around Jerusalem. I bet they found plenty. After the 1307 order to disband, be inprisoned, and deaths of many, the others boarded ships and other methods and made their way to Portugal, and Scotland. The Lagina Brothers and their associates at Oak Island, in Nova Scotia have seemed to find one connection after another to the Templers possibly bringing treasures to Oak Island. We shall see.

  2. Jana P

    They get their information and “ancient technology” from channeling demons. Interestingly, to this day, there is an organization called Knights of DeMolay in honor of DeMolay. They’re Freemasons — Satanists who practice Black Arts and Witchcraft with secret knowledge.

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