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SC EP:1030 The Ozark Visitor

Tonight I will speaking with Ryan and Doug. Doug shares an encounter that happened in 1976 in Ohio. Doug was fishing with his cousin when this encounter happened.

Ryan writes “In the Spring of 2014, I took my son turkey hunting for the youth turkey hunt. Where we camped was a designated campsite, however, it was more of a “cleared spot”. There is no electric or concrete pad. Just looks like maybe a couple times a year, the campsites are “scraped” to keep them from getting overgrown. This campsite is 3-4 miles uphill from any paved road. The gravel off the pavement turns into dirt a couple miles in.

The sun had set and we were sitting around the campfire after eating dinner. I told my son (who was 12) we needed to turn in since we were getting up early in the morning.

We had not been in the tent for 5 minutes, then we both heard footsteps. They sounded like bi-pedal steps. It walks into our camp and walks non-stop around our tent and fire for almost an hour. Now, after we have heard these steps for a few minutes, my son asks what is outside. I told him it was just a deer or raccoon and he should go to sleep – which he did in no time. At this point, I was getting scared. I wanted to look out the tent, but if by some chance it was a sow black bear with cubs nearby, and she saw me or smelled me, she could be on top of us before I could do anything. Besides our shotguns, I had a .40 SW on me, but my adrenaline was going crazy at this point and I knew my shot placement would be anything but accurate. I laid down and put the pistol across my chest, should I need to use it. My heart was absolutely racing. After almost an hour, the footsteps left the camp and headed back in the direction it came from. I laid there for the next 2-3 hours before I finally fell asleep.

The next night, same thing – dinner, campfire, bed. I pulled the tent closer to the fire tonight. Just like the night before, bipedal footsteps came our way. My son was asleep in less than 10 minutes. The steps came into camp and again started walking circles non-stop around the camp. This time I was listening closely. I know it wasn’t a raccoon. I know it wasn’t a deer. I know it wasn’t a black bear. My heart was racing, and I can say, I felt fear like I’ve never known. This time it left after about 30 minutes, back the way it came.

Now, just to be clear, where we were, there are no houses for at least 5 miles. No one lives there. You can hear trucks/cars coming up the road 10 minutes before they get to where you’re at – it’s a very winding road with steep drop offs, so, you go slow. We had driven around – we were the only ones up there.

The next week, I was telling some guys at work about it. No one made fun, but one guy motioned me back to his desk. I walked over. He asked me if I thought it might have been a sasquatch. I didn’t know what to say to that. He told me there are lots of reports up there and make no mistake, they exist.

He used to live in Alaska when he was younger. Long story short, he had gone fishing with his dad and brother (who was 17) while in AK. They were going down the road and it was dark. His dad pulled over and told him brother to check on the trailer because he couldn’t see the taillights. His brother got out, I’m assuming hooking the wiring back up to the truck. He said after maybe a minute, his brother came running back to the truck, screaming and crying “GO GO GO GO”. His dad took off. They stopped a couple miles down the road. They finally got his brother to calm down and talk. He said when he hooked up the wires and the taillights came back on, maybe 10 ft away, it lit up a sasquatch – he said it was 9 or 10’ tall. When all was said and done, he had lost all control of his bladder and bowels.

Fast forward a couple month later, my family and I were at a cookout. My wife was a teacher’s assistant. The teacher and her husband were there. They were both from just north of the Buffalo, in Harrison, AR.

I started talking to her husband and asked if he ever spent much time on the Buffalo. He said he did when he was younger, but not in awhile. I asked him if he ever saw a sasquatch up there. His eyes got big and I’d swear the color left his face – he looked scared (he was in the Army at the time).

He pulled me aside and asked why? I told him my story. He asked if I was near the cemetery – the cemetery is where we turned off the paved road and it was just past a bridge that crossed the river. He said he and his brother was headed up there (basically the same area) to deer hunt. According to him they went there all the time to hunt. They were coming across the bridge around 4AM. Something totally black walked across the road in front of them. He said it was huge and made it across the road in 2 or 3 steps. He brother slammed on the brakes and was screaming “what is that”. They turned around and took off. He said a couple days later, they went back in the daytime. When they got to the bridge again, he noticed the yellow/black striped signs on the guard rails to warn people the road ended and the guardrails began. He said whatever it was they say was every bit as tall as the signs. But when they got out of the truck to look around, he noticed how the signs were at least 9-10’ tall. He is 6’3 and said he couldn’t reach the top of the signs flat footed. After that, he and his brother never hunted the Buffalo again.

Fast forward 6 months. I was at a farm supply store. Outside, they had a big deer blind – it was made to look like a big tree stump. I was looking inside it. An older man walked up and said “those deer will never see you coming in that”. I said I wasn’t worried about the deer, just the sasquatches – I meant it as a joke. He gets a very serious look and said “What do you know about that?”. I told him my son and I had a weird experience on the Buffalo turkey hunting a few months back. He said “I’ve never told anyone this” (I knew the story was gonna be good), but several years earlier he had been bear hunting on the Buffalo – he went every year – and was sitting in his tree stand. I asked where on the Buffalo he was at (the Buffalo is pretty big). He literally asked me if I know where the cemetery is off the highway. I said I did. He told me he was a few miles up the road from the cemetery (again, basically the same area my son and I were hunting). In his stand, he heard something coming his way. He could hear footsteps and limbs breaking. He wasn’t sure if it was a bear or not, but the sounds got louder and closer. He said he heard whatever it was walk up to his stand – it was breathing hard and making a “huffing sound”, almost like when a deer smells you and blows. He said it was right below me – he could hear it grunting – but nothing was there. He couldn’t see anything. After a little while, it walked around his tree a few times, grunting. Then walked off. He said he was so scared, he wet himself, but was afraid to leave the stand, so he stayed the night in it – except he didn’t sleep. He said at first light, he mustered the courage to get down and ran all the way back to his truck (he said it was a mile or so away). He quit hunting after that.

After my initial conversation with my coworker, I started doing some research/investigating on the internet. I had no idea about the sightings in Arkansas or in nearby Oklahoma/Missouri. I had seen Boggy Creek, but sasquatch was not something I was really into. I’m interested now.”



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62 Responses to “SC EP:1030 The Ozark Visitor”

  1. Maria G

    Hey guys..wow this sounds like it’s going to be an amazing episode tonight. I guess it’s time to relax and listen. Thx Wes..I hope all is well with the SC Family..be safe guys and have a great weekend

  2. CJ M

    Ryan, I’m a chicken, I would have every intention of not going back. Please take another informed prepared adult with you.

    You said, “So now I can’t quit listening to the podcast…” I don’t think yoy are alone in that lol.

  3. Gus H

    Hey Wes, great podcast. Have to correct you on that scream recording in the beginning of tonight’s episode. That was a fox! Hear them all the time in my southeastern PA. Neighborhood. Thanks for a great show!

  4. Jennifer M

    Doug- my parents attended UK- go CATS! lol. They grew up in E-Town. My Cousin trains and runs horses in Lexington. I’m from Ft. Thomas, KY, right across the river from Cincinnati. Many close Friends attended Miami in Oxford. I’m shocked you saw a Big Foot in that area! I do agree, they seem to be seen a lot these days! God Bless!

    • Charles R

      Hi. Jennifer. My wife’s best friend and her maid of honor at our wedding graduated from Miami University. I have been down through there a good number of times. Usually on my motorcycle heading to a little town 6 miles south, Reily, OH for lunch at the Indian Creek Tavern. Oxford is a neat college town, the college students are always out and about on the downtown mall on route 732. Route 732 is where Doug had his road crossing. Doug is correct about the hairpin turn on the 732 at 10 mph so he got a good look. Coming from his right and being late at night, my guess is that the Bigfoot was leaving Hueston Woods where it probably holed up in the 4500 wooded acres and was heading out to some of the farmland to scavage food – but who knows. This area is in Preble County which has a history of Sasquatch sightings. I live in the southern part of the county to the North, Darke County outside of Arcanum. Preble County has much more woods than we do, and small hills and curvy roads and Twin Creek which starts out in my area and gets wide as a river down in Preble County on its way to the Great Miami River. July 30th of 2022 I stopped off at a favorite place to investigate. It is on the outskirts of Gratis, OH on Enterprise Road (off state route 503 ). A good sized bridge crosses Twin Creek here and behind the parking lot on a hard grass, gravel trail I found one footprint that was 20.5 inches long and 10 inches wide. It just happened to be in one spot where there was some sand and all the stones were crushed into the ground. I took some pictures on my phone with my boot next to it. On the Dr. Grover Krantz scale, this would put it in the 10 foot height range. I drove back the next day with casting material and my good panasonic camera. Unfortunately it rained that morning there and washed out the footprint to enough degree to not film it. Years before in 2014 there is a BFRO report and picture of a footprint found on a sand bar of Twin Creek, just below where I found mine. There are 5 BFRO reports in this general area, which I am sure is just a small sample of actual encounters that go undocumented.

  5. NHSquatcher

    The sounds at the beginning just sound like foxes. I have them in my back yard and their screams are very loud.

    It also could be a lion. In any case the sounds were very cat-like and as we know foxes are sort of feline as well as canine.

  6. Ron S

    I’m still learning, but I’d like to share what I know so far for myself and from my own experiences in dealing with various encounters off and on over the last 12 years. I don’t desire anything from anyone on my own behalf but I would like to help anyone I can with my honest intentions while staying out of any kind of personal attention. I feel as though I’m getting a better understanding as to what is happening surrounding these encounters, so allow me to share but also take everything I say how you like as I’m only trying to potentially enlighten without taking away anyones free will to believe what they wish to.

    From my understanding so far, first and foremost God loves us. Demonic entities barter with God and what they are allowed to do and how they are allowed to appear to us. Sasquatch seems to be one of these more common forms of spiritual entities.

    Although not all religions or even all forms of Christianity or versions of the Bible acknowledge openly the ability of different spiritual beings having the ability to manifest in this realm… There is an exception in most cases which would be Christ (which BTW many religions outside of Christianity will not deny did exist), at that point you have to realize or consider “As above, so below”.

    When God does allow something such as a Sasquatch sighting there is a reason for it, many reasons actually.

    Sometimes the encounter is exclusively for the witness only and in those cases we will likely never hear those stories… The stories or evidence we do hear is undoubtedly a message or sign for all those who hear it to pay attention to, it is testimony not just for us listeners as validation but as evidence to Gods power and thusly not being bound by such things as time.

    Those who have “encounters” can somewhat (but not entirely) be summed up in one way as “God expects more from you and has faith in you as well… Faith that you will make better choices”. How your experience is presented to you is meant to be pondered or self reflected upon.

    First of all these experiences are supposed to shock you and change your paradigm or view of reality because your current view of it isn’t entirely grasping the reality of these spiritual realms quite the way you need you in order to get back in good graces.

    In almost all testimonials (that I feel are credible) it does seem as though you have reflect on your own encounter in a few different ways, viewpoints or angles to decipher this spiritual message… One aspect is as a metaphor and how it relates to your own lifestyle at that time or even how it affects you or those around you even now. If you find yourself still confused or “haunted” by the memory of your experience you simply haven’t analyzed it in the correct mindset, with an honesty of how you see yourself as a human being and how others may be affected by your own actions.

    Sometimes it seems as though certain areas hold spiritual food energy in ways of natural elements within the environment, such as water or minerals or even weather conditions, but sometimes there is residual energy left over through historical events we may or may not know of… The ones that bring about frightening encounters are sometimes/often tragic or emotional.

    The other kinds of energy that allow certain things to take place is our own energy which can come from emotion, and yet another way is from existing electricity that is stationary or ones we have with us at the time, which is (in one way) a sin against nature. All the energies above can be used by something unsavory to manifest.

    The gateway which they are allowed to enter has everything to do with the “message” you need to decipher or eventually pass on as information to others with an even greater purpose. This telling of your encounter can be assimilated to something like “going to confession”, your affirmation of this is often a sense of relief… Yes, this feeling is intentional and you are meant to connect these two dots at the very least.

    With Wes and Sasquatch Chronicles, I believe it was Wes himself that was supposed to notice many things happening around him… I believe it’s no coincidence who he has chosen to befriend or what other podcasters he feels good about promoting. This is for himself to uncover in his own journey (when he’s ready) but I will give him a clue there is an obvious synchronicity happening here that he hasn’t acknowledged for himself yet… And yes “Confessionals” is part of it, and no accident that Tony and many others made their way into your life… There is a greater message in all of this unfolding.

    I guess I’ll wrap this up before I go for a walk outside by saying… Everything you know and don’t know about Sasquatch falls perfectly in line with demonic activity and its interactions with us are all things that make sense when they have limitations or allowances under God law.

    The terrible descriptions and sometimes odd characteristics of the smell, the strange banging or crackling noises, the rock throwing at people or sometimes multiple small rocks on rooftops, inexplicable feelings of terror, spontaneous smoke-like appearance, odd phenomena with wind or insects, explosions, vibrations…strange sounding vocals, growls, laughing… Apparitions of shadows, horrible figures or even people (Sasquatch could’ve indeed been a form of ancient people at one time), that would make sense why they are more capable of appearing or physically interacting in this realm in that form, because there’s actually historical truth in that. IDK, just a thought.
    Everything we know as natural or true has more influence in this world for sure.

    All of these similarities between the demonic and Sasquatch encounters can be found on page 417 of Fr. Chad Rippergers
    (Professional Exorcist) book Dominion: The Nature of Diabolic Warfare.

    I’ve only read page 2 pages so far… #1 and #417… Like I’ve said before, I’m not a reader but things come to me fast as confirmation or validation. I may not be drawn to read more of it until it feels right to do so, I’ll just keep rolling with my intuition I think. I’ve got my own battles just like all of you.

    To the first guest Ryan, I would encourage him to examine his life and see if he’s possibly causing intimidation or fear to other people that he may not be aware of as harmful to others.

    To Doug, I would say don’t feel like you have to be so overprotective with your boy or show him your fears, show him by example how to be strong with faith.

    I think that last lesson is a good one for all of us.
    God bless 🌞🙏🏼❤️

    • Ron S

      I just wanted to add one more thing… Yeah yeah, I know. I gotta say what I gotta say though. I’m not doing this to waste my own or anyone elses time, not doing this to burst anyones ape shaped balloon or for funzies either. I take this topic seriously.

      If the conclusion I’ve drawn for myself really is true for many other people as well, and if Wes is as good as I think he is about accurately picking out credible people with true encounters… The thought just dawned on me that it’s pretty scary in itself that so many people are witnessing these creatures and additionally with multiple different witnesses per year (especially in the last 50 years or so), it’s even more frightening to consider we could very well be dealing with true manifestations that have something to do with the demonic.

      On one hand this seems to make sense as society might actually be gravitating more towards science and technological comforts and away from their own spirituality or belief in God (which I’ve learned only recently is very important). Not so many years ago I could’ve cared less what anyone else thought about religion or politics, but times change, things in general change with it.

      It took many of my own instances/experiences that I had no explanations for to eventually figure out (at least for myself) just what the heck was going on before I finally felt comfortable in the outdoors again, and faith in God got me there.

      I’m not saying that I’m in the clear entirely, but I at least know enough now how to be prepared and more protected when I’m randomly being allowed to experience strange phenomena a d what to make of it.

      Not everything strange is of a spiritual nature but oftentimes it does seem tied together in a way. In mh case I guess it’s Gods way of telling me that I still have to pay my dues to earn some wings, and I still have a ways to go… On top of that, I’m not sure if the battle will ever end for myself in my lifetime as it seems like once these so called “dark” energies have your # they seem to always try and find new creative ways to expose a person’s weaknesses (it isn’t always in the form of Wood boogers and such either). These things appear to be very persistent and try to catch you ag a weak moment or off guard. But like I said before, they aren’t always allowed to harass people unless God seems some good or growth to potentially come from it.

      If I had general advice for everyone, it’d probably be to make sure you invest just as much positive spirituality into your own life if you’re going to keep investing time in thinking/worrying about or even just researching some of these more unexplained topics.

      I can only speak from my own experiences and general idea that all these credible witnesses are experiencing roughly the same thing coming from the same source (it sure sounds like it IMO).

      But who knows, maybe it’s just me who’s experiencing different phenomena and finding success and answers from my own determinations that it’s basically like being dealt different hands by sometimes spiritual realms, and every one else is dealing with tricky or crafty and perfectly natural ape like hominids we haven’t caught up with yet… Either way, I gotta go with what I’ve learned myself and what makes sense to me… Just as everyone else has the right to believe whatever works in healthy and positive ways for themselves, including those around them.

      Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend!
      GO CHIEFS! 🏈

        • Ron S

          Yeah, I know… I guess I surprise myself at how much I had to say when I look back. I’ll look into the forum again… It’d be nice to post pictures in there right off a person’s phone though, I could probably share a lot… maybe it is possible and I haven’t figured out how. Idk, thanks

  7. m99

    Well, all around great guests. Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Ohio ~ all seem to have lots of activity. I’ve camped in Kentucky , Missouri and Ohio in the past. Never have I had such things go on. Truly, this seems more common nowadays. Which could be attributed to the internet, but also perhaps they’re multiplying faster as cavillation encroaches on “their” territory. As a child I lived a couple years in Arkansas, and me and my brother roamed the woods freely. Never a problem. All I know is times have changed and anyone going out now needs to be aware and vigilant. Be careful. Thx Doug as well. You were so very clear and the descriptions near perfect. Thx ya’ll. _m

  8. M B

    Nice interview and good to hear that others have experienced walk outs with no visual, just vocalizations and wood knocks. I even heard huffs but saw nothing. Of course I was oblivious to what was happening. Luckily I was recording video and audio so I have media to remember just how it was and what mindset I was in. It was for certain Bigfoot wasn’t on my mind. I can relate to how the experience, like these gentlemen interviewed, leaves you in shock of what it could be. Thanks Wes.

  9. Darinda B

    It seems they are confused about tents. I think some of them are very confused about people disappearing into the tent. I wonder if they are so curious that they come in to find out if the people are in the “mysterious box” they went into….

  10. Jennifer H

    Love these encounters! I live in Dayton right between Middletown and Hueston Woods. I knew they straggled over around here. I think they do stay on the East side of Ohio though where the Appalachia range runs through. Thanks!

  11. Charles M

    Believe it or not it is a Fox. Have had it happen twice in my life. literally saw it make the sound the second time. Sounds crazy scary if you dont know what it is. I live in Georgia too.

  12. william Y

    Great show, really fascinated about the cloaking. Just listen to an episode on YouTube 800 and something is about the paranormal. Everything seems demonic about them. Except the fact that they don’t attack people. Maybe they just enjoy watching people shit themselves.

  13. Eugene Z

    that was a great episode..I has a similar experience last summer..I was looking for bigfoot tracks n checking for sign..on my way back I did a wooop n a few seconds later I heard something big sliding down the hill n coming towards me..it stopped about 20 feet away n I couldn’t see anything..but I could hear it shifting its weight.like it was rocking side to side..my dog was freaking out..so I left..how can they do that cloaking..it’s crazy..if u read this wes..I sent u another email..this past hunting season I had lots of activity..

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