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SC EP:1024 His Face Looked Like A Chimp

Carrie writes “Hi Wes! Your show is amazing, I have listened to every episode and when I’m done, I start all over again. I want to tell you my story. I grew up in Eagle Creek, Oregon, that is between Sandy and Estacada.

This encounter took place at our home back in 1970, I was 11 years old. This happened on a summers’ evening, it was dark at the time and my mom wanted to go visit her sister, my Aunt. She lived 1/2 of a mile from our place. My brother Tim and I wanted to go with and visit our cousins so we piled in the back of the truck. We were old enough to sit on the sides and that is where I sat, between the tailgate and wheel well.

My brother sat across from me on the wheel well. My mom was backing up to get on the main road, mind you, this is out in the country where there were no street lights. She continued backing up and got to the road, but she went farther than usual and almost went into the driveway of the neighbors’ across from ours. It was a long driveway and they had bushy-like trees close to the road. As my mom went partially onto their driveway, stopped to put the truck in gear, I saw this huge figure standing right next to that bushy tree.

It was very tall, it was white or silver and he was lit up in red from the brake lights. That electrical wave of adrenaline, or whatever you want to call it, went rushing from my lower torso to my head. Time stood still and I could not breathe! Sitting on the side of the truck like I was, put me almost to it’s eye level, he was a bit taller than I was.

His face looked like a chimps face only so much bigger. His eyes were dark, no whites did I see. They looked so spooky. His face did not have any hair and his mouth was wide like a chimps’ and he was like snarling at me. I did see his teeth and they were fang-like. He looked angry and I was so afraid! But I could not break my stare, nor did he. I figure I was approximately 10 feet from him, way too close. I could not breathe, I could not think, like I said earlier, time stood still.

I suddenly felt the truck being put into gear and it broke that trance I was in. I remember breaking my stare and I lurched forward, falling purposely onto the bed of the truck as mom drove away, trying to lay as flat as I could so it wouldn’t see me anymore. I never said a word to anyone, never talked about it, I buried it deep inside some recess of my mind and it has been hidden safely until about 3 weeks ago. I do not know why that nightmare surfaced, but it did and I told my encounter to one of my nieces I was spending time with. I relived it all over again and it was just as scary telling her, as when it happened.”

OUTRO SONG: Sarah McLeod – We’ve Got Tonight (Bob Seger cover)





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51 Responses to “SC EP:1024 His Face Looked Like A Chimp”

  1. Linda B

    Congrats Ms. Marcia and no😂 surprise Brian next up to bat! Thank you Wes. One of our members helped me figure out show times, isn’t that funny how since episodes 200s a faithful member could get confused. …but I’m back (envision gremlins, big hairy ones, little dainty ones). Have a super rest of your weekend guys!

  2. Linda B

    Btw, my big rig long haul brother Chris told me he saw something very large and black jumping from side to side/ridge to ridge in the mountains somewhere in Tennessee. “Now, that could have been something,”, he said.

  3. Linda B

    I just had an ephifany about the rock throwing (recording 40:00). People describe these things as being ancient and like cavemen, and cavemen threw rocks to kill things/hunting. I never put that together before.

      • Steve W

        Yeah now that I think about it, as kids we were playing hide & seek and a neighbor kid almost decapitated himself on a steel wire clothesline running full speed into it. (don’t know why it hung so low)
        AND… I was riding moto cross a few years back and almost cut my own head off on a guy-wire for a radio transmission tower. Spooky stuff !👀🤙

  4. William D

    I don’t know. You have a frightful experience at 11 years old eyewitnessing a humongous creature and then afterward have zero issues going out in the dark of night? Hmmmmmm. Very odd.

  5. Dovie D

    My first encounter was when I was 10 years old it came to my window. My mom said I was having a nightmare. I knew it wasn’t a nightmare but pushed it away until I continued to hear about how it walked. Then I posted it on my Facebook and my cousin sent me a message he and my uncle had seen it on the ridge above that house we lived in. I watched this creature peek out from behind our house before it walked out and walked to the window I was looking out of. We were living in Southern California in the middle of an orchard.
    My family moved every 3 -4 months and was so dysfunctional it was something I just didn’t think about much. 🤷‍♀️ my mom would have not believed anything but she just really didn’t give us time of day to busy drinking and partying. We kids were often home alone .

  6. Ron S

    Wes said something recently that seemed very profound to me. I don’t believe listeners or maybe even he himself has valued or validated it enough, so I feel compelled to say something.

    What he said (and I can’t seem to find it right now) was about holding back on releasing stories about some of the more terrifying encounters that have been put in front of him. I’m proud of him for that.

    With that simple statement it says so much. Wes has morals, and a natural born intuitive force to be a protector of others (both physically and spiritually/emotionally). For that I commend him and also humbly say something maybe meaningful to him… “Thank you for your service and hard work in bringing attention to such a strange topic for most people. You are a bright light and a kind warrior for truth in some peoples confusing and dark times”.

    Don’t let this go straight to your ego Wes… Just keep doing what you do.

    Maybe when good things such as Angels in Heaven guide us humbly unseen through their own humility and love for something greater than themselves can we find our own internal light. When we cast our own shadow on this inner light of ours it leaves an opening for something strange to take the stage upon this realm of physicality.

    The people emitting the most potential to keep heading in a positive direction towards the greater good, the brighter light within themselves or The Source are prime targets to see some unexplained things trying to throw you off the right path in life… like Sasquatch or ghosts for instance IMO.

    You might find better answers to your own individual unexplained sighting/s from a more spiritual standpoint and in asking yourself “Why did I see that?” versus “What did I just see?”.

    Soft hearts let things in easier but God will seal that scar through faith and with love and light . I have experienced this myself first hand… It’s not a one time eternal fix though, you have to keep hanging on to that faith until the ride in this realm is over.
    If you’re new to it just stay positive, when you have it you’ll know it and you’ll suddenly realize that your old fears won’t seem so scary. ❤️

    I used to never know what people were saying about “knowing” or finding God, sounded like crazy talk to me… Well, now I’m utterly speechless because in a metaphorical way I couldn’t have explained it any better or simpler myself.
    I’m not “out of the woods” yet so to speak, but I’m definitely feeling better when I’m actually in it now:)

  7. theresa m

    Hey Wes and Carrie. Thanks for this share. I think everyone who shares here is brave. When I was a little girl we moved around a few times with an actively alcoholic, violent father (who wasn’t a father at all) we spent time at my grandparents’ home in a rural part of Massachusetts. It was so quiet there and they had a large window in the kitchen. I was always a little skittish and one night I looked out into the dark, saw myself (not realizing it was me) and screamed bloody murder. So, when people say they saw a Sasquatch out their bedroom window and were frightened, I get it.

  8. Mike A

    Great episode! Carrie’s recounting of her story was really well done. Articulate, descriptive and ultimately believable. I tend to give all of your guests the benefit of the doubt, but Carrie had that particular ‘energy’ that speaks to the heart. Also Wes, thank you for the new outtake song. Sarah McLeod’s cover of Segar’s “We’ve Got Tonight” is awesome. Thanks for all you do

  9. M B

    Great interview with Carrie. She nails the point that no matter how long after the encounter, it stays with you. However, it is how you respond to the memory that makes the difference. It is a process that gets better with time, at least for me. Thank you, Wes.

  10. Carey A

    Excellent description Carrie, I’m sorry you were traumatized by seeing this creature. I’ve had experiences also an I can tell u it does change you forever, but if it wanted to grab u it could have. I believe it just wanted to intimidate you, I’m glad you were able to share your experiences thank you

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