Jan 20

From The Shadows: Terrifying Ohio Dogman Encounter

From The Shadows writes “Brian joins us to share a terrifying Dogman encounter from December 2005, outside a small Ohio town. This story doesn’t end on this one night though, listen to hear the whole story!”


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3 Responses to “From The Shadows: Terrifying Ohio Dogman Encounter”

  1. Connie O

    What ever happened to Wolf? I wish he would have left him in the house at night. I don’t think Wolf, would have minded after sensing the horror outside. The thing was probably by the garage because it wanted to get Wolf. Too bad the neighbor didn’t bring their dogs in the house too. Poor dogs must have been terrified. This encounter was terrifying to me. Extremely similar to a different one in a different State. That’s what these things are, pure evil. Be careful at night!

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