Jan 20

Tonight’s Show: His Face Looked Like A Chimp

A listener writes “Hi Wes! Your show is amazing, I have listened to every episode and when I’m done, I start all over again. I want to tell you my story. I grew up in Eagle Creek, Oregon, that is between Sandy and Estacada.

This encounter took place at our home back in 1970, I was 11 years old. This happened on a summers’ evening, it was dark at the time and my mom wanted to go visit her sister, my Aunt. She lived 1/2 of a mile from our place. My brother Tim and I wanted to go with and visit our cousins so we piled in the back of the truck. We were old enough to sit on the sides and that is where I sat, between the tailgate and wheel well.

My brother sat across from me on the wheel well. My mom was backing up to get on the main road, mind you, this is out in the country where there were no street lights. She continued backing up and got to the road, but she went farther than usual and almost went into the driveway of the neighbors’ across from ours. It was a long driveway and they had bushy-like trees close to the road. As my mom went partially onto their driveway, stopped to put the truck in gear, I saw this huge figure standing right next to that bushy tree.

It was very tall, it was white or silver and he was lit up in red from the brake lights. That electrical wave of adrenaline, or whatever you want to call it, went rushing from my lower torso to my head. Time stood still and I could not breathe! Sitting on the side of the truck like I was, put me almost to it’s eye level, he was a bit taller than I was.

His face looked like a chimps face only so much bigger. His eyes were dark, no whites did I see. They looked so spooky. His face did not have any hair and his mouth was wide like a chimps’ and he was like snarling at me. I did see his teeth and they were fang-like. He looked angry and I was so afraid! But I could not break my stare, nor did he. I figure I was approximately 10 feet from him, way too close. I could not breathe, I could not think, like I said earlier, time stood still.

I suddenly felt the truck being put into gear and it broke that trance I was in. I remember breaking my stare and I lurched forward, falling purposely onto the bed of the truck as mom drove away, trying to lay as flat as I could so it wouldn’t see me anymore. I never said a word to anyone, never talked about it, I buried it deep inside some recess of my mind and it has been hidden safely until about 3 weeks ago. I do not know why that nightmare surfaced, but it did and I told my encounter to one of my nieces I was spending time with. I relived it all over again and it was just as scary telling her, as when it happened.”

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  1. Mark R

    Looking forward to it! Due to our below normal temperatures and having to work on my wood pellet furnace, it’s been an incredibly long week. But God is great, we have heat and higher temperatures on the horizon.

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