Jan 13

SC EP:1022 The Female Chewbacca

The first 19 minutes of show I briefly discuss artificial intelligence. I know it isn’t bigfoot related but it applies to the time we are living in. It is a creepy subject. I give two examples.

Tonight I will be speaking to Andrew. Andrew is a Physical Therapist who moved from NY to CA. In 2002 he was mountain biking when he saw a large creature. In shock he was trying to get a better look and realized he was not alone. A short time after this sighting he caught something going through his trash and it wasn’t a bear.



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97 Responses to “SC EP:1022 The Female Chewbacca”

  1. Greg O

    Good pre-topic WES! AI is relevant and so is Genetic manipulation. 1 if not both will probably be our demise! Blackrock used AI to dominate the markets. AI controlled supercomputers went live on the net in 2019.

  2. Patrick H

    Andrew I know exactly what tv show you were watching in 2002 with the cops in Oklahoma. It was on channel A&E. I remember watching and thinking ‘there’s no bigfoot in Oklahoma, only in the Pacific Northwest’. Boy was I wrong

  3. Jay Carlsen

    Native Americans from Northern California say the World will End right after these Hair People are exposed to the Public. This is why the Topic is Mocked & Ridiculed. Just as it says about Esau in the Bible.

  4. Catherine M

    Thanks, Wes, for playing the AI interview. I work for a big AI company where my co-workers say “it’s ridiculous that people are scared of AI, they just don’t understand it.” Bull corn! We should be very afraid!

  5. Kevin B

    this was a great show wes, loved the beginning but Ai scares the crap out of me. Reminds me of watching terminator as a kid in the 80’s and nothing good can come from this, I’m fearful of the future and for my children’s future

  6. James G

    The developers of AI are barreling towards the unknown. Even the top people don’t understand some of the things it can do and how it does it. There is without a doubt too many unknowns. BUT if we don’t move forward, there’s 0 doubt China is moving forward as well to use it to destroy us. Very scary stuff

  7. Jennifer B

    Wonderful episode, I am so much to say on this! I listen to a lot of Jason Breshears, and his theory that we live in a construct ran by AI. It makes my mind spin, but it makes our “reality” so much easier to comprehend on many levels!! Glad you are putting out the questions on this!

    Great episode and I think Andrew is a valuable witness!!

  8. Donald P

    I really liked this episode. Andrew is fantastic witness to what he saw and his background adds a great deal of credibility. I also think his answer to the question, What is Sasquatch?, is one of the best I have heard. Keep ‘em coming, Wes!

  9. Matthew C

    Also, thanks for the part on AI. That is subject that people better get educated on quick. We are headed for some dark days with the current path we’re on. thanks again wes

  10. Linda B

    This may already be mentioned in the members comments but heard about an AI attack on a data processor. I don’t agree but some people apparently want to worship these things. Just ducky. 🦆🦆🦆.quack quack quack. Hehe

  11. Linda B

    I saw an absolutely HUGE mountain lion that looked like a female African lion sitting on the shoulder of the road and as I approached the thing in my SUV, with the high beams on that cat was easily over five feet tall. Mangy, nasty, crooked teeth nightmare, and it was headed for the river. Freaked me out. So . Seeing this female sasquatch like Andrew saw would be like a nightmare, and yes it’s been awhile ago…. yet he sounds so reasonable and sound-minded. I’m personally at the Nephalim belief stage (fallen angels/demons+human) Good interview, Wes. Thanks!

  12. Mike T

    this is yours, Sasquatch Chronicles we are adrenaline provoking articulate, well spoken education, infused hypothesis they have checked with a individual who really gets to give us an intelligent approach , who, with clarity and self-confidence is able to educate tonight‘s guests, on which seems to be a highly viable approach to their ability to gain access to the speeds. The movements, the camouflage mechanism that may often be misunderstood as cloaking

    And then a brief history of his education to confirm that his findings of movement, and locomotion locomotion in a highly viable explanation to these bipedal, hominoid, quad hunting locomotive, explosions. It’s almost like Elon musk‘s new cyber truck the beast that poles in a extremely different way than combustion engines there physical attributes are really something we can visualize in our minds after this education this was an “? extraordinary presentation , of our allusive fascination, and is able to move with a full background to substantiate his findings , who was so credible and believable u I said Volvo somethings evening at least I have was able to bring us into his world through his presentation. What a fabulous guest.👏👏👏👏👏

  13. Mike T

    Linda B , if you don’t have something positive to add to this community, who really takes Wes’S years of exhausting work , week after week after week , to bring , watch either is something evolutionary extraordinarily difficult to catch up with or has some sort of super natural mechanisms. I feel like I can speak for everyone on his site that we don’t need negativity we’re still trying to climb out of the Harry and the Hendersons shadow., through Wesley‘s platform that gives a lot of people therapeutic value, and Wess has dedicated his whole adult life to trying to piece together some answers. If you want to mock something go on Rob Lowe’s site five days ago he had an extraordinary encounter which he also did back in 2017, but he’s going public on the one last week. It’s hard for me to believe Rob Lowe the Movistar is looking for his 15 minutes of fame he’s got everything to lose and nothing to Game, I would personally appreciate it. If you would keep any negativity directed towards your own family, gatherings and leave the site or please refrain from saying hurtful things. This is something tens of thousands of people look forward to on a weekly basis we don’t need female cliff Claven‘s that know how many penguins there are in the north pole to come on and make a mockery out of the show. I hope a few other people stand beside me before you know it there’s a hole lineup of” LINDA B “ beaten this like a piñata at a 10 year old birthday party, I appreciate any support from any other members if we don’t kick this in the butt early decide to get ugly, (Wes I apologize for the long rant sticking up for your site , “happy 2020”✨🦧🎉 Wess .,, I hope your health is vastly improving and getting stronger every day my friend , you had a tough 2023,, God bles, your a pioneer in the Big foot industry. Mike .

  14. Mike T

    Linda B “my apologies, my sincere apologies, this was going out to someone else. I Truly apologize it was sent out to the wrong person, . I didn’t scroll down far enough for the right name please to give me., I feel very embarrassed and ashamed so again happy 2024 Linda🎉✨ please accept my apology. I think I’m done commenting from evening.

  15. Ron S

    The human guest was very well spoken and interesting. Tech has gone from electrical nerd candy, to rocking you to sleep and potentially smothering you with your own My Pillow while you sleep. What the flux is happening?

  16. Nom S

    This was one of the best SC episodes that I have heard. Andrew’s anatomical knowledge as a physical therapist made his comments on proportions and ergonomics very insightful. And I found Andrew’s ideas about what Sasquatch is perhaps the best I have heard so far. He’s come a long way from, “Damn! That thing I saw was a Sasquatch!” to “We need an extraordinary explanation to justify why our government cannot acknowledge them.”

    It would be fascinating to hear Andrew’s take on the biomechanics necessary to allow astounding abilities in both bipedal and quadrupedal movement. The only clue I have is, unfortunately, based on a mindspeak account. One witness claimed she was able to ask how a male was able to move on all fours and was simply told, “I just move my leg [femur I believe] up into that spot.” I’m not suggesting they dislocate the femur, just that there may be some actual added accommodation in the femur and pelvis. Proportionally shorter legs may be part of it too, of course.

  17. deborah f

    Hi Wes dont usually comment but the AI stuff was epic and perhaps we could have a monthly AI update. I feel your honesty and grounded attitude would bring us a great show. best regards Deb

  18. connie m

    we are all paying members you are out of bounds mike t.. telling anyone they cant comment unless they’re dick riders. stfu clearly wess is having trouble finding credible material. i’m paying for sasquatch chronicles not this AI bs. really wes, you don’t think someone could write a script for computer generated voices. your programming has been mediocre at best. someone must have sent a memo to all sasquatch channels to start an all inclusive club that includes all kind of bs. so my answer is no,you should not make paying members listen to 19 min of pure crap. imore and more of your guests appear to be writing fan fiction. i’m still a paying member so i’ll say what i want to say. i’m sure wes’s army will come after me. i care not.

  19. Gerry M

    I agree with Andrews explanation of Sasquatch origin. If you believe in the extraterrestrial “Zoo Hypothesis “ in which we were created by an alien civilization and the earth is like a giant laboratory. Then Sasquatch is just another experiment on this planet running parallel to us!

  20. Julie W

    The only problem with AI is the human aspect in coding it. It ALL goes back to ‘revenge of the nerds’. We have had the ‘doomsday bot’ for decades that predict the future, then brainwash people into fulfilling that future based on what the chatter is. Machines merely follow the humans edict. So the answer is to eradicate the nerds now, they have always been rejected and will understand lol.

  21. Tessa C

    Loved the episode, had to skip the AI stuff, too depressing/scarey! But I respect the hell out of you Wes, you produce everything beautifully. Random suggestion: other topics could be at the end instead of the start, so those interested could keep listening + those only wanting sasquatch content don’t have to skip? Love what you do so much, really don’t want this to sound like a complain x

  22. Bob C

    Hey Wes, I felt compelled to comment on the piece you did on AI. didn’t anyone watch the terminator? this scares the shit outta me. Nothing good will come from this! at some point these things will figure out that they don’t need us, then what? yours is by far my favorite podcast. keep ‘em coming!! thanks

  23. Cristina J

    Great episode. I’m scared to death of the AI but it also pisses me off because you can’t trust anything anymore. Even if someone does come up with a great picture or video it makes it even harder to figure out its validity

  24. Sidney R

    Excellent guest! He was able to retell his experience in a way that made me feel as if I was there. Plus I li ed near there for awhile and.can visualize the terrain somewhat. Fascinating.

  25. Mark H

    I have some thoughts about the Sasquatch and the Nephilim / fallen angel connection.
    Listen to my interview at
    SC EP:807 – The Little Monkey
    Also go to YouTube and listen to Gary Wayne and L.A. Marzulli. Gary Wayne is probably one of the world’s best experts on the Nephilim and L.A. is really good too.
    Contact me if you can. I’d love to talk.
    Mark Hillen
    Cedaredge Colorado

  26. Tom C

    This was an excellent show. I loved Andrew’s interpretations and ability to allow his expertise to draw conclusions. The theory that these things have been genetically engineered by an extra-terrestrial race is something I’ve thought about many times myself. Whether that’s the case or not, I still ask myself the same question of WHY? What is their assigned purpose? Are they still fulfilling that purpose or has that purpose long come and gone and they’ve been given the space to now evolve on their own and carry forward as a species without intervention? Perhaps we have it backwards though…what if they’ve been here the whole time and we are the ones who have been genetically engineered….apologies to anyone who reads this and now goes crashing down the thought train.

    • Mark H

      Hi Tom,
      As a Christian, I sift everything through the Bible. In my opinion, the “extraterrestrials” are actually fallen angels, demons, or something Satan conjured up.
      I believe that the Nephilim do exist as well as many other crazy things. I’ve seen the Sasquatch up close, and I think that they are part human female, part primate and part fallen angel or possibly Nephilim.
      This demon DNA fits everything about these creatures. If they are part demonic, then that explains speed, strength, intelligence, mind speak, red glowing eyes, orbs, etc. This all fits perfectly for me and doesn’t contradict the Bible in any way that I can see.
      Can’t prove it… lol… but that’s my theory.
      Take care.
      SC EP:807 – The Little Monkey

  27. Norita B

    I encourage more presentations of the paranormal / UFO etc.
    You Do You. After all this time, after all the episodes, after The Encounter plus all the stories you don’t share on the podcasts, your view and perception have forever been altered.
    You have Woke to Things in
    this World that can’t be explained on a human level.
    I think once contact has been made with a Sasquatch, an ancient, primordial switch is flipped, a long ago sense that we have long been ou of touch with.
    Once flipped, it stays open and you begin to see and encounter as sense ~ Things.
    Keep up the Great Work and Thank You for a you do ~

  28. Janice K

    AI is beyond disturbing.
    Funny but true, years ago my family nicknamed me Sarah Connor. Because I could and would shoot a shotgun from the hip.
    Great guest. I was a PTA at Tacoma General Hospital

  29. Wayne B

    I came here for Sasquatch but I definitely don’t mind when you touch on other things such as this. it’s good to be well informed on everything. absolutely love what you do Wes

  30. M B

    I am thankful for the information about AI, Wes. Thanks for sharing it. Like you said in the interview with Kevin, it’s really harder when you have an encounter without being able to see it, but get the vocalizing, tree knocks, and trees breaking. No closure. This interviewee seems to be ok with the visual encounter. Glad it didn’t change his life.

  31. m99

    Hey Andrew ~ You did a very good job. I can’t believe it’s been over 20 tears ago because you sounded like it happened last week. Plus you made me feel a little anxious because it was rapid fire, so to speak. But hey, that’s okay. It was such a good episode I came back to hear it again today. Anywho, nice to hear your encounters. Thank you. _m

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