Jan 12

Upcoming Show: Childhood Encounter

A listener writes “I had a childhood sighting when I was younger on a trip when we were Going to a camping retreat in big bear.

So we were going on this camping trip with the city of Norwalk in California for a retreat ,This is something that they did every year and I was being very good at this time of the year so I was able to go on the trip with. I’m not exactly sure how far into big bear we were, but it was a big setup.

There were several cabins there at this time. Me and some other kids took off through the woods. Outside of the eyesight of the adults. Because I had some cannabis. And we were going to go smoke age of 12 bad kid. I guess I was , None the less I noticed when we were walking through the woods that there was something on our right side following us.

The other people that I was with noticed as well After some time we continued on and the woods became extremely quiet where we could not hear anything at all, We all took notice of this and started talking amongst each other. And that’s when we heard something following us on the Left side , At this point I told the guys to hell with this I’m out of here and I started running back to the campsite. The others followed in pursuit. We got back to the camp site. And was talking about this amongst ourselves and later on that night.

One of the craziest experiences in my life that I’ve ever witnessed took place. At some point one of the adults come running to our cabin tells us to Keep the windows closed and the door locked. Do not come outside.

We are all confused at this point. Trying to figure out what’s going on. Of course me being the person that I am I look Outside immediately after scanning the area for a second I Noticed that there is Something Big on The Other Side of the Trash grabbing bags out of the Trash dumpster.

What I saw seemed to be about 8 feet tall. A dark brownish red color and was huge. One of the other kids came to the window and saw this as well with me ,The adult told us that there was a bear in the cap , When I saw what I saw I told everyone. That’s no damn bear. That’s a Bigfoot, it looks like a man. The other kid that was there agreed with me and everyone started running to the window and shoving each other out of the way, by this point the creature was taken off back into the wood line.

Later that night I told the staff that that was not a bear. I seen a Bigfoot the other kid agreed with me. The next morning they kicked me and him out of the camp and made our parents beat us at the bottom of the mountain to take us home. There are more little details, but that’s essentially what happened.”

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  1. Chad W

    That’s a great story! It’s kind of amazing that Big Bear Lake is only about 15 miles, as the crow flies, from heavily built-up portions of southern California.

  2. Charles R

    Shame on the camp conselors or whatever they were for putting you and friend out. I wonder if they knew about this, as probably not the first time. I get it though, if word spread about the camp being infiltrated by Bigfoot(s) it could hurt business or bring about bad press by the press mob who make fun of such accusations. Would like to hear more about the details.

  3. doug d

    “Made your parents beat you at the bottom of the mountain to take you home” WTF !!! Thats crazy that they threw you out and then made your parent’s beat you! 😆

  4. Stacey C

    Hi Wes, I know you very busy but if you can find a little bit of time try and listen to at least the first 30-45 mins of mike. He worked in government pretty high up in national security etc… Zhe talks about Anu – Enlil, and about 10-11 min mark he talks about Bigfoot, what they are the government absolutely knows about them. He also in another video confirms Dogman etc… Anyway here’s the link if you find time, very interesting. Thank you. https://soundcloud.com/ouncil1archive/01-10-2024-revelation-12-the-alteration-of-everything-we-know

  5. Linda B

    I just wanted to throw in I camped at Big Bear in the mid to late 80s. The drive to the camp from west of LA was up these gorgeous and steep mountains with lots of U shaped curves in the road. It was wild and isolated and had an ancient feel to it, undisturbed. I can totally imagine sasquatch in that area. I saw my first bobcat in the wild right along the road on the way up there. I remember the retreat center had an ominous feeling about it. This was in the days before I really got into our subject. One more thing haha, I remember the bakery in the little town of Big Bear. 🙂

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