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SC EP: 985 Creature Follows Farmer Home

Jacob writes “Last year in September in Minnesota I had a close interaction with a creature and have some video footage of it. Last year when this event took place I originally thought it was a dog man or wendigo or something of the sort.

I recently my cousins talked to me and said I should contact you about this because what happened to me is very similar to the encounters on your podcast and after listening for a bit and hearing the Sierra sounds that’s when I was convinced this was a sasquatch or big foot.

Last year I was plowing a field for this farm I work at while on the phone with my older sister (for privacy purposes I’m not going to use anyone’s real name besides my own) but her and I were chatting away about the day and some other stuff when from across the field mid turn around I noticed something in the corn field.

It was big and black but from the distance I was at probably 1000 yards away I couldn’t make out what it was but at first glance I thought the Andersons cows got out again, so I drove over to investigate.

While I’m on the phone I’m explaining to my sister about how I see a cow and it got out so I got to go lead it back to the pasture area they have so it doesn’t get in the way of me plowing the field. (I just want to preface that I grew up in Oregon in the cascade mountains so I’m very familiar with the legend of sasquatch and wild life in general as I grew up in the mountains and hunting) so as I’m driving over towards this corn field its just hitting me that this “cow” is absolutely massive.

Its was huge, so I park the tractor about 250 yards away from where I see this cow and I start walking over towards it still on the phone with my sister. Mind you this entire time I’m telling her what I’m seeing you know because it was just an odd looking cow. So get about 100 yards away and I realize this isn’t a cow by any means it’s way to big.

I thought it was a black bear, they aren’t terribly common in Minnesota but it is possible. So I continue to walk closer because my curiosity was dying to find out what this creature was, but as I get closer it hits me that black bears are not this big I’ve seen grizzlies this big but black bears are very small compared to me as I’m standing at 6’5″.

So this entire time I am thinking to myself what the hell is this thing, so I get 50 yards from it and while I’m walking it’s staring at me kind of swaying back and fourth, and then it stands up on 2 hind legs, now that’s when I was flabbergasted because it’s now standing taller than the corn field which is 7 ft tall. It was a good foot and a half if not 2 feet taller than the corn field and I’m explaining this to my sister and she is like what the hell because black bears cannot stand that tall and if they can I’ve never seen them that big when I was hunting.

So I get 20 yards away and this thing bellows and does an ear piercing scream that rattled my rib cage and my sister starts freaking out she over heard it on the phone and I was a bit shook but I wanted to get an even closer look at this thing so I continued on. I get 15 yards away and that’s when I realized I messed up because this thing tower’s over me and it’s roar was just something to behold.

So I just stood there at 15 yards beholding what I am seeing because in most cases in nature animals are more scared of you vs them so I wasn’t scared of it at first but I was just filled with pure dread I had never been more terrified in my life.

My sister is yelling and yelling at me to get back to the tractor and leave before this thing gets real pissed off, as I am beholding it’s absolute magnitude it bum rushes me, it starts to charge. The fear when I realized this creature was stupid fast and I mean it cleared 15 yards in the blink of an eye was absolutely insane so I did a quick oh no turned around and ran as fast as I could back to the tractor, I’m sprinting as fast as I possibly could back to what I thought was my saving grace, I turn around to take a peak as I hear these long strides and heavy thumps right on my heels and 5 feet to the side of me it’s keeping pace and I had the feeling it could easily just reach out and grab me at any moment.

I clear the couple hundred yards to the tractor in 1 leap I hopped in the tractor quickly trying to close the door on the tractor. I look out the tractor window to see it very quickly turn around and run back towards the corn field at what I imagine is full sprint, the absolute speed this gigantic being carried is something to behold. I almost felt sick because the way it ran I would explain as unnatural to any animal I have ever seen run or human for that matter in my entire life and I would describe it as morbid because it made me sick to my stomach just watching it run and then it vanished into the corn and I have not seen it since.

The entire time I was running my sister could hear the entire altercation between I and the creature. I finished the field convinced what I saw wasn’t real even though I have a video of what I saw.

The next morning I went to my boss on the farm and everyone told me it was just a black bear. But later months after the interaction people were saying they saw the same thing cross the road or hoof it across a field it was never violent towards anyone but I just thought it was an absolutely wild event to take place and luckily I was able to escape from.”











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140 Responses to “SC EP: 985 Creature Follows Farmer Home”

  1. richard r

    I know this guy is christian but he needs to speak to the source and command it to leave, christians don’t know how to pray, they ask god to remove or do it. god gave us the power to do this.

  2. Karla G

    Jacob, you were, in fact, unintentionally misled about the cougars and red eyeshine. Domestic cats can also have red eyeshine, depending on the type of cat, pigs can also have red eyeshine, cows, etc., quite a few different animals actually.

  3. Karla G

    This has to be about the most terrifying encounter I’ve heard on Sasquatch Chronicles. The fact that he/it broke in via the sliding last door and just came on in… it’s horrifying. Poor Jacob!!!
    But I love that it closed the door behind itself when it left though, lol, that’s great. It was like a really polite home invader lol.

  4. Robert E

    Thanks Wes. Jacob’s story sounds like a celebration of the pure American youth we all love and once knew here in America, up for a challenge, even at personal risk. I would have loved to hear his phone conversation with his sister and I wish we all wore body cams.

  5. John L

    Thank you Jacob, and thank you. Wes for all the hard work you do to keep us informed about these creatures.i have had a encounter with on of these things in 2019 and and the Grey face is the first thing I saw it’s crazy

  6. Nolebez

    I wish he had better footage but obviously whatever that thing is. It’s clearly taller than the corn. We got corn around here. It’s easily 7+ foot tall. I’m only 6 foot but hands are this guys size….9 inches palm to tips. I ain’t never checked that before.

        • Wes

          Yeah it sucks it’s hard to eat, hard to speak. I cannot wait to get them fixed in the mean time the failed implant is swollen and painful. My speech is off and there is nothing I can do about it right now.

          • Laurie V

            Baby Ambesol or orajel works to numb it! Whiskey works lol I opted for dentures and they give me headaches. I don’t know how you’re managing to work! Thanks for the show Wes! Hang in there!! Love from Canada!!

          • Heather G

            Wes I’m not sure if you will see this but clove oil works amazing for mouth pain. In fact some of the dental pain relief kits out there contain clove oil in them so the pure stuff is pretty potent

            As far as the encounter goes, there just seems to be more to these Sasquatch than 100% biological. There’s too many weird things that go on with them. To say a Sasquatch is pure animal is to deny the bizarre evidence that goes on in these encounters.

          • Annette S

            Jacob’s story doesn’t sound real. He uses too many known phrasing of other stories. Plus who sees a huge creature and continues towards it?

  7. Austin W

    Cool story, but why did you keep approaching this thing? Especially after you could see it clearly. Also about the comment about touching it why on earth would you do that? Do you know have fear unless the monster is about to kill you? Lol wish you would of recorded the whole time you walked towards it. Next time you approach one make sure you record it so when you go missing you will also be a legend

  8. Audrey J

    I normally listen on Saturday nights as I’m going to sleep with the lights off. This episode freaked me out so much I had to sit up and turn the lights on. Poor Jake! What happened to him is absolutely terrifying.

  9. Kelly K

    … and why didn’t he take a picture of this “stupid huge” creature when he was 30 yards away from it?!! Sorry Wes, I’m calling BS on this whole encounter! Way too many “seriously?!!” moments in this tall tale.

    • Donald P

      I don’t know if this is made up or not, but many things don’t make sense. You wouldn’t need to get within 15 yards to see this wasn’t a cow or bear. At that point he wasn’t frightened and could have taken a picture. He would have gotten a real good look at it from that distance and should have had more details than the standard ones we all know about. He mentioned he didn’t scare easily, but when something was in the house he barricaded himself in the bedroom and said he was too frightened to look in the basement. He’s either a good storyteller or has embellished parts of the story. Only he knows for sure.

  10. Austin T

    Thanks Wes great episode! I was wondering how did it run back to the cornfield? On two legs or four maybe? Wish we got more details on its movement since it was running rather close to him.

  11. Matthew J

    That was an incredible story. I’ve heard of folks being followed home, long distance even. Those stories all had a reason that you can understand the sasquatch being pissed off. Jacob didn’t fire a warning shot, just came too close. I’ll remember this encounter and keep my ears open for a similar story.

    • Jake P

      Fifteen yards, not feet. Also he thought he was walking up on caws, so he wasn’t shooting video until he got back to the tractor and the animal had returned to the corn rows.

  12. Teresa P

    It’s curious that he never once called the cops…. You think someone broke into your house and you call your friend instead of the cops and yet still stay in the house the rest of the night???

  13. James G

    Here we have a witness, that clearly saw the eyes illuminate, not “eye shine” from an external source. Not only that, it was running beside him, not chasing from behind, that’s not normal behavior from any animal. It’s hard for some to grasp or accept, but these beings are beyond our current understanding, it’s as simple as that.

  14. Jake P

    This is one of the most amazing, astonishing accounts I ever heard or read. If you going to invent a story, it would never be this crazy. Too bad the video isn’t a little better.

  15. Daniel M

    it’s interesting that he thinks it’s a flesh and blood animal after the red eyes, unnatural, fast movements and it’s ability to come in his home by a supposedly locked door. not to mention being that big and hiding in a crawl space. no doubt it was physical to him, but that doesn’t sound like any animal to me.

  16. David D

    First of all I’m going to start by saying that if you are brand new to the subject of cryptids then this obviously does not apply. A giant pet peeve of mine is hearing all these people talk as if what they’re saying is fact, claiming this creature is a wendigo, this creature is a rake, this one is a skinwalker, this one is a dogman and this one is… whatever. Most people apparently either haven’t seen what some of these creatures actually look like through recreation or trail cam photos or they’re just regurgitating someone else’s wrong opinion. I feel like if you’ve looked into it the differences between each creature are distinct and obvious. There is no way, in my opinion, you can confuse a dogman with a skinwalker. There’s no way you can confuse a wendigo with anything else and the same goes for a rake. What these things actually are, I have no clue but the names that have been associated with the supposed physical description of these creatures, I do know.

    • Jeff B

      Wedigos in Native American lore are spirits that possess people and turn them into cannibals. I as far as I’ve found the idea of them of being giant monsters is a modern thing.

  17. John A

    your videos never work, will it open for anyone else?
    I’ve never been able to open any of them since the app was created, not a single one.
    it’s just a picture of the video player, clicking on it has no effect at all.


    the video is only about 6 seconds for me. is it longer for anyone else? i don’t see anything clearly moving through the field. I do see a couple of flashing lights on the right.

  19. m99

    Thought we could listen to this again in a few minutes. It was extremely good. I was scared right along with him as he spoke about “something” coming in and making noises. So glad his friend heard it too! Be careful! And one other thing, speak to it and tell it to stay in it’s lane, in the name of Jesus! Remember, salvation means “safety” as well.

  20. Scott F

    He claims he walked up to within 50ft of the creature, yet the video is from 1/4 mile away and shows nothing but a dark blob which could literally be anything. Next….

  21. David C

    Thanks for sharing this interaction. I must say this is one of the more “scary” and horrifying accounts you have shared Wes. Not only following him home, not only banging on the house, but something going on inside. Wow – I slept with the lights on.

  22. Lori

    Really enjoyed this! Thanks Jacob for sharing this encounter with such detail, terrifying!! Wes…thanks for all you do and sending thoughts of “fast healing” post surgery!

  23. Chuck L

    Wes, you speak a lot about how phone cameras are not that great. Because the pictures get pixelated. Which is true. The other big reasons are: your phone DOES NOT have a shutter and not a real zoom lens. When you zoom on your phone, you’re not zooming in on the subject, but zooming the pixels of the image. If that makes any sense. Hence pixelated pictures.

  24. Jennifer M

    Jacob you are one brave guy. I think the reason it followed you is because you challenged it and it wanted to make sure you knew not to mess with it again. God bless and hope your harvest work is peaceful.

  25. Jennifer S

    Great episode! I was able to watch the video on the SC website but not on the app. So what do you think the light is that shoots up out of the corn to the right of the creature??

  26. Tim N

    great show. i have to ask, and this was probably already said but what part of Minnesota did you see this thing? He mentioned Bemidji and one point but i thought this was at a different area.

  27. John A

    Wes are you using server issues or something? I’ve tried several nights to listen but this episode refuses to play all the way thru. keeps stopping and loading every few seconds or completely fails.
    downloading it falls every time.

    • Jana P

      I don’t know if this might be your problem, but I just know that I used to have trouble getting the Podbean (?) player to work. It just didn’t show up on the page and if it didn’t have the additional player below it, I couldn’t listen to the show. I wrote SC but didn’t get a reply. That’s why I waited so long to get a subscription because I wanted all the shows. But the problem was the Podbean player won’t play on Firefox. I have to use Chrome on Sasquatch Chronicles.

      I don’t know if that helps you, but I just thought I’d give you some ideas of things to check on. I’m using Chrome and I’m not having problems with the show playing all the way through. Maybe your browser or internet provider?

  28. Terry M

    The best story I’ve heard yet. That makes the most sense. Is that all radio restaurants? How they get taken up in a spaceship? They get cheese basic picking warriors 13 and stringy diabetics explain to bread, glowing eyes. And they’re attitude change as they get older and bigger

  29. Jimmy M

    I think this guy is making the whole story up. He doesn’t sound very bright. He says to many things that don’t make sense.

    Locking the sliding glass door and then it’s partially open all of the sudden. also, who would then open the door up wider and just leave it that way? He says he does this to different times.

    Everyone knows to put some type of rod or pole in the back side of the sliding glass door track and then there is no possible way it can be opened.

    He’s also full of it, when he says that he’s been told that cougars are the only animals who have eye shine at night. Any one that does anything outside at night, in the country, knows that this occurs with any animal.

    There were 2 things that really got me. He kept calling his hand gun a side arm. No young person says side arm, maybe ex military but even then just sounds fishy.

    The second thing that really blew his entire story is when all of the sudden his side arm switched and became a rifle in his story!

    If you pay close attention when he goes up to his bedroom and barricades himself in his room, instead of saying he’s waiting in the room with his side arm, he says rifle all of the sudden. The entire thing is just ridiculous.

    To top it all off he says that he thinks the creature was flesh and blood. Why would you even think that for one second! A flesh and blood creature doesn’t magically unlock the door! A giant size flesh and blood creature can’t fit through a small crawl space!

    The people with stories like this really hurt and take so much away from the people that are legitimately honest about their encounters.

    Just my 2¢.

  30. Nikita V

    For the people complaining about the video: He clearly said he took the video to show his boss that the cow was out, to avoid any problems with work.
    He didn’t suspect anything ‘off’ at that time, which explains why the video was short and from afar.

  31. Cynthia J

    Jacob wow! Bless you! What an amazing encounter! You are so brave. The video was amazing as well that was smart to capture what you could at the time I can’t say I could have been that calm to think of doing that. My grandparents were farmers and my parents of course grew up on farms in Missouri. As a child I remember strange things happening when visiting almost every weekend I think maybe one reason your story is so intriguing.I do think something was watching over you to protect you absolutely! I also noticed the light or orb in the video which we hear about more and more. Makes you really wonder what is happening here to our planet. I have listened to your story at least five times because something just sounds so familiar about parts but I can’t remember exactly what – whatever happened as a child to my sisters and I is pretty much just a blank to me now but I do know it was something out on the farm surrounded by some deep wooded areas. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this and bless you out there working so hard because what you do is definitely not easy. Wes I hope you are feeling better ugh – mouth pain of any sort is a challenge. Thank you so much for what you do for everyone.

  32. Ryan M

    Knowing that it could have possibly came in the house Creeps me out. Does anyone know what episode is about the two brothers and weird stuff that happened? I hear Wes mention it all the time, I can’t find that episode.

  33. Amy T

    Damn Jason! There is a book entitled The Sacred Prayers Maps of Intent by Christopher Macklin. Maybe you could use one or two of those prayers to prevent it from following you again. Blessings Jason and thank you for re-living your experience. It is all data that sheds light on to what this creature is. Hopefully one day, we will be able to put the pieces together. Sincerely, Thank you.

  34. Melinda P

    He feels a sense of dread because it’s evil! Normal huge animals don’t give you that feeling! It’s sent here by Satan. These guy are a part of the end of days! Satan has plans for them once we get to the end. Pray and hope you are found worthy to escape all this!!! God bless you all!!!

  35. Bob G

    The more encounters i listen to the more i am convinced sasquatch are worldwide; and though they take a flesh and blood form, they shapeshift. Not to other creatures but to an energetic or spiritual form. I have now heard a few times that et’s or ed’s refer to human bodies as vessels. Like a shell in which our spirit energy is kept. The only thing that could explain the Sasquatch phenomenon fully is that they can change their physical form to a spirit form. Maybe as an orb of light, maybe as a mist or semi-see through entity. I think they live and die. As we do. But as a creation of fallen angels, (et’s or ed’s) they have some of the same abilities. Part ape part man part nephilim. They are a creation of beings that believe themselves to be gods. The polytheistic faiths have always worshipped fallen ones and their offspring. And Sasquatch are a form of offspring. An abomination outside of Gods creation. But not outside of all creation.

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