Show Notes with Shannon – Jeffrey Kelley

Visit us at!  I will be joined on this episode, by Jeffrey Kelley.  He hosts the Squatcher’s Lounge Podcast, and produces Bigfoot Campfire Stories.  We will most likely cover a wide range of topics on this one, so tune in…or better yet…call in and chat with us!  646-716-8791 Live right now! Click the link… Read more »

The Seattle Times: ‘You can’t say it’s not a Sasquatch’

The Seattle Times: Sunday, August 10, 2014 John Ray, of Marysville, and Rob Parker, of Snohomish, have spent years hunting in the old-growth forests of Snohomish County for evidence of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch. They haven’t convinced the scientific community, but the “squatchers” say it’s only a matter of time. Parker, 60, is a former policeman and… Read more »

Woman Picking Berries Says She saw Monster

The Pekin Daily Times Friday, July 28, 1972 A rural Pekin woman reported to Tazewell Co. sheriff’s officers that she saw Cohomo (Cole Hollow Road monster) while she was picking berries by the old coal mine on Rt. 98, about 3 miles east of Rt. 2, at 7:35 p.m. Thursday. The unidentified woman did not furnish officers with… Read more »

Two men have a close up sighting during road crossing

Witness Observed: My best friend and I were returning from a hunting trip for turkey in eastern WA for my 50th Birthday. With no success further east we went to Teanaway. Again no success, as we returned to the freeway in Cle Elum I was saying to my friend we need to watch for elk… Read more »

Kennewick Man

Encounter with an Ancestor The discovery of a human ancestor variously referred to as Kennewick or Richland Man has shed light on the complexity of human immigration to the western hemisphere and ignited a controversy that may affect the future of paleoanthropology in the United States. Discovery On July 28, 1996 two young men encountered… Read more »

Giants in America available now in the podcast section

Brad Lockwood is an author of 9 books, including “On Giants: Mounds, Monsters, Myth Man — Or, why we want to be small.” Brad writes us “This is my lifelong study of early Native American mounds, who built them, and the supposed big bones unearthed. A bit of an expert on the subject, I do… Read more »

When The Vikings Met Sasquatch

Vikings led by Leif Ericson made their way to the East Coast of North America in 986 CE. It was there that they reported seeing an “horribly ugly, hairy, swarthy and with big black eyes”!  

My Bigfoot encounter by Sean Green

Hello all. I would like to share my experience regarding my personal sighting. I will try to be as detailed as possible without being boring so bear with me… Sighting: 15-20 feet Location: Huntsville, Ontario near otter lake Duration: Aprox two minutes total Time: Early morning, daybreak Season: Summer I am from Michigan. We went… Read more »

Upcoming Show: On Giants – Mounds, Monsters, Myth & Man

On an upcoming show we will be interviewing Brad Lockwood, author and researcher into giants. “On Giants” is a study of big things, or why we want to be small. Including original sources, interviews with experts, and startling archeological finds, author Brad Lockwood retraces several tall-tales (and debunks most) including those of an early antiquarian… Read more »

Texas Man Witnesses Multiple Bigfoot on All Fours

Texas– A man says a group of tall ape-like creatures entered his property and climbed up onto the roof of his northern Texas house. “I was currently staying at my parents place when I had finished college, ” Courts Griner, a man in his mid-thirties, told Cryptozoology News in an interview. “I was chatting with… Read more »

Toronto Police Officer hunting moose has close encounter

Witness Observed Before I start, let me give you my background. I am 50 yrs old, have 2 kids and 2 grand kids, have been married for over 29 yrs and have been a Toronto Police Officer for over 28 yrs. I started shooting when I was 7 yrs old, started hunting woodchucks and rabbits… Read more »

Sasquatch encounter of the week

Tonight Shannon and Will sit down and speak with Steven from CA who shares his encounter. While fishing with his kids something threw a log at them which was the size of a telephone pole. Steven got up the courage to return to the spot three weeks later and they had a rock thrown at… Read more »