Jun 8

SC EP:441 My grandfathers property

Matt writes “I am a retired combat veteran of the Marine Corps. I saw combat in both the First Gulf War and Bosnia-Herzegovina/Kosovo.As a kid, I grew up in Kentucky. I had several encounters there. Then later I had one in Tennessee and another in East Texas.

In Kentucky I lived with my grandfather. He was a Baptist minister and a man of good Scottish stock. We lived in central Kentucky in the Green River bottoms. I was used to seeing bobcats and panthers. From an early age I knew their screams and had a healthy respect for their space, especially at night. In about 1972 I was 7 years old. One summer evening my grandfather and I were walking just a few yards from our house at the edge of a 7 acre field. It sloped a bit up and ended in a tree line which had an old barn at its center. A small trail circumvented the entire field.

As we looked east and up at the field’s edge, we saw something standing upright and much taller than the corn which was about 7 feet tall as it was late June. It was brown in color and looked directly at us. My grandfather turned me around and towards the house and said “You’ll not be going outside tonight.” I sensed a bit of fear but knew better than to ask why. That night was warm. Our house was built up about six feet to avoid the backwaters of spring. My grandfather and I slept in the same bedroom in two beds separated by a window which was open that night. It faced the field where we had seen the creature. As I drifted off to sleep I smelled a horrible smell.

I awoke and looked out the window. Standing squarely in the majority of the window was a dark figure looking in and looking side to side. I could feel the warmth of its breath and see the eyes which were somewhat yellow and red. I looked across at my grandfather who had moved to lying prone with a pistol in his right hand. The only light was provided by the moon. After a few moments I heard the creature walk away towards the front of our house and step up on the wooden porch. At this point my grandfather bolted from the bed and grabbed a double barreled shotgun and yelled to me to stay put. I heard one shot which he had to have fired through the screen door then a growl/scream that shook the house. My grandfather yelled for it to “Fek off” and fired a second shot. By then I was next to him with my own 12 gauge.

He reloaded as it jumped off the porch and ran back towards where we had seen it earlier. It yelled the rest of the night and we heard it for several days. I don’t remember if it ever yelled much after that week.”


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  1. Jonathan B

    The road crossing being a game is like deer crossing the road. There has to something else. May be a hunting strategy.

  2. marsha l

    Stoked I have a day off!! Cracking a coldie, giving my cat some much needed attention, & time for Wes & SasChron Fam! ???? Have a great weekend, All!???✨

  3. Cynthia S

    Oh yes! Can’t wait to dial this one in when I get home
    from work! Friday night and Sasquatch Chronicles,
    doesn’t get much better. Of course, an adult beverage
    ? on the side! Thanks Wes!

  4. Asheim

    Super excited to hear this one and it’s up in time for a cozy bedtime story!! Thanks mucho Wes! Appreciate all you do to keep this site rolling. ???

  5. winkatme

    Hi Wes, YA~WHOOOoo LOL! I’m sooooo ready for this and hoping for a little… surprise. Have a great weekend. NOTHIN BUT LUV, WINK

  6. dan F

    Thank you Wes, Great way to end my day sitting here in the Pa.Allegheny National Forest on the porch and relaxing listening to your show. Lifes good.

  7. m99

    (In reference to Matt moving to the heart of the city) ‘That’s exactly my sentiments toward alligators!’ “I hate those nasty things.” _quote from the movie Joe Dirt. 🙂

    Thanks so much Matt. That was such a good description, of the house, the family, the encounters. Awesome man.

  8. Garland F

    Friday night with a good cigar sitting on the porch listening to Wes! Just about as good as it gets. Thanks Wes.

  9. F S

    Thank God and thank Wes!
    I swear we are in the midst of the apocalypse – volcanoes, weird weather, an Antichrist in the WH, good is bad and bad is good – this is where I come for sanity.
    Have a blessed weekend.
    And spread some love around this poor planet.

  10. Karen C

    No Apocalypse, live on a Island you get volcanos, No weather change just normal weather for centuries, The Antichrist lives in Hell where it belongs, SO Life if good, family all working again, bills are being Paid on time, and Love, respect, and honor for our Military is back…

  11. Dovie D

    Oh my. That is the smell that came through my bedroom window several years ago. I shared about with This occurrence with Wes the Sulfur and sewage smell. I was home alone and it occurred twice. From the time we moved into that home I always felt we were being watched. Oh my gosh!! I couldn’t see the Sasquatch because it was blocking the window. But you know how you question your self even though I know something was outside. That smell it’s horrible. I have had 3-4 encounters that has taken me a few years of listening to several pod casts before my memory was triggered.
    I’m glad everyone was ok. It seems like the creature going up to the window seems he might have been looking for a meal. Scary.!

  12. Shelly S

    That was really good!! Thank you Matt and Wes! Matt, don’t go hiking Rattle Snake Ridge in your off time. I have a feeling you would see one again! ???

  13. Janetta V

    Sure loved the show. Thank you Wes and Matt. Good old fashion type story, only it’s real, even better. I think.

  14. Denise F

    Matt was a great guest and gave such detail, I love the guests that make me feel like I was there with them.
    Thanks for sharing, Matt.

  15. Janeda E

    What an interesting, articulate man. Matt’s descriptions were so relatable, the raccoon paw description really gave life to the “Manimal” in my head. I could see the fingers flexing and paw padding as he was describing it. Truly a great guest. Thank you Wes.

    • m99

      Thanks for doing that David S. I did pull up the ”Gibbon’ to see the description when spoken of, and had an idea of the ‘Roan’ color, but didn’t look it up. You are an accommodating treasure trove. Thanks again.

  16. Colin K

    Wow, this was a great interview! Thanks Wes. SC is therapeutic both for those who share and for those who listen.

  17. John G

    When Matt was talking about Jason being his partner, did he mean his partner while working as an ambulance driver? Or did he mean life partner?? I only ask out of curiosity, def. Not judgemental. 16.5 years seemed awfully long to just be a work partner. So I think he meant life partner. Sorry for the confusion.

    One of the best stories I’ve ever heard. When he discussed his childhood, and the layout of his home I could just about feel the sunchine and smell the cornfields. This man has a beautiful mind for describing his surroundings. Thanks KS again Matt!!!¡.

  18. John G

    I want to hear more stories about his grandfather. What a great man he sounds. They just don’t make people like they used too.

  19. Jon W

    I have heard at least 5 interviews of East Tennessee encounters that I either know where they were or have been in the exact location. I live about 5 miles East of Greeneville and can’t figure where this occurred! I would love to know!
    Great show!

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