Jun 11

Bigfoot In The Forest Documentary

The YouTuber writes “”In The Forest” Bigfoot Documentary. Is Bigfoot a multi dimensional creature?

Has its presence been covered up by covert athorities due to its connection with unidentified Flying Objects or the possibility that bigfoot could be an extraterrestrial itself? Or is Bigfoot the missing link that completes our evolutionary progession to present day humanity? Is this elusive creature an undiscovered primate, awaiting its discovery?

Is it possible that this creature is a secluded remnant of an ancient species of human that has cleverly eluded our present day detection? Or is Bigfoot just a legend, a myth, or some facinating figment of humanities immagination to satify our curriosity for the unknown? These are questions that may never be answered in our lifetime. But one thing is certain…………..Something is “In The Forest”

4 Responses to “Bigfoot In The Forest Documentary”

  1. NW Mike

    I saw that video years ago. It’s interesting. The guy who recorded it said he saw the figure moving and got his phone out. The figure tried to hide but when it saw the man staring, it threw the rock near him. The man left quickly.

    In the documentary, the Chinese man who was half Yeren was interesting. His physical features were really weird: long arms, low cranial vault, big jaws. Some Chinese scientist needs to get post mortem DNA from his body.

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