Jun 13

Huge dark reddish brown figure

Interesting report from Lee County, Texas. The witness reports ongoing activity that started in 2014. Here is the report “Incident began with rocks being chunked at my daughter, myself and my brother after returning from visiting my Dad in hospital.

We stopped to report his condition to my brother. We were very loud, laughing and talking and a rock chunked from out in the yard in the trees. At that time no homes nearby as we live rural. Two wks before my Dad was putting his trash in the can and happened to feel someone watching him and he looked up to see in the moonlight (full moon) dead on straight away about 20 ft from him a tall 8ft brownish figure looking at him. They stared at each other for a long moment and my Dad tossed his trash, looked up and it was gone. My Dad doesn’t believe in Bigfoot but my brother is disabled and sits up outside on the patio every night. He had heard whoops, stick fighting, growling and saw figures at the fence line.

I decided to try interacting with whatever it was so I began wrapping sandwiches, cookies, veggies, meat, eggs etc. every day I made a lunch which I wrapped in bread wrapper and placed in Plastic grocery bag and hung in a tree branch near where we heard noises. Everyday the food was gone. Once it left me 5 potatoes from the neighbors garden above us. I would leave a dozen raw eggs or boiled an they tap the ends of the eggs and suck the middle. They did not eat celery, carrots or spicy crackers, but loved tortillas, breads, cake, all meats and peanut butter or nuts. I fed for almost a year and smelled them many many times, we heard a sweet growl several times. Once my brother saw its backside walking to a tree. It chunked some rocks at me as I was at the far end of the pasture. Each toss the rock became closer. My brother said come back before it hits you. I began walking back and he pointed where it was beside a tree and I saw the side of it. About 8 ft tall grayish/ brownish like tree bark. I began calling it “Trudy” when feeding it.

Sometimes it would let me know it was there, and if it was, all was totally silent, nothing moving. When coyotes would be howling nearby it would let out a shrill scream and the woods became silent. I sat many evenings beside gift tree and it never hurt me. Never attempted to hurt me. Actually would give a low growl. Once I left a pink cup to see what it would do and it would toss it in the ditch. I hung a tiny angel Christmas ornament and they removed it and never found it. One evening my husband drove up and they tossed rocks at his truck. We mounted a game cam but never had any pics except of myself feeding. Many pics of orbs. My brother said he thinks by voices and calls there was male, female and young ones. I know for fact they are harmless and are very caring. Two new homes moved into our area and they have now left us. I miss them and still go down into the pasture hoping they will throw a rock.

4-2016 coming in from nearest town approaching a bridge repair so I slowed down and it was 7:15 on a clear evening I saw standing in a clearing a huge dark reddish brown figure in the tree line. I was shocked to see it dead on in open daylight. I looked back at my lane and over to clearing & it was gone. Its hair looked 5 inches long on the head to the neck area and 8 inches on the body. It was standing in tall grass so couldn’t see below waist. After interacting and watching for a year I notice the hair color changes with the season. There are many ditches, reservoirs, acres of uninhabited woods and many creek beds. We have gardens, wild berries and wild plums so I think they can stay hidden. I have pics of tracks, I have bags I saved she left me to refill. I don’t care what scientist say I know they are real and very sweet. Nobody should hurt them as I think they’d only hurt you if you tried to cause them harm. I would not trade my time spent with them for anything.”


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4 Responses to “Huge dark reddish brown figure”

  1. Trent M

    A lucky person who had positive ongoing interactions with a small family group, just the thing that the BFRO prefers to portray as the norm. I’m really glad this woman had a positive relationship with this group but it can be very dangerous to judge them all by any one encounter or even series of encounters, be it positive or negative. They are a cultural species and if the family group you run into has a culture of violence towards humans for whatever reason then you may have a really bad day. I know she says “I don’t care what scientist say I know they are real and very sweet. Nobody should hurt them as I think they’d only hurt you if you tried to cause them harm.” While I might agree that I don’t want to hurt them They are not all “sweet” and if folks don’t use caution when attempting to interact with them it could be dangerous.

  2. Denise F

    Many people raise a tiger in their home since it was a small cub…. sometimes they live happily together and sometimes they turn on you…..

    Personally, I wouldnt want to find out which one would be my story.

  3. Barbara W

    While this worked out well, it certainly doesn’t always. I’m glad they got to see the good side of these creatures.
    Funny how they go together with orbs in so many encounters.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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