Jun 12

Wife thrown by silver back gorilla

Bluff charges sometimes turn into real charges with non human primates. I think these people are crazy being this close to the silver backs but I think the gorilla went easy on this woman who was in its way.

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  1. Trent M

    As scary as that probably was it looks to me like he was being gentle, you could see he made contact and then pushed. If he was angry I imagine she would have been airborn.

  2. Ernie S

    Yes, I found out last week when I saw the gorillas at the Zoo and the silverback was moving the direction of the food and the wife was in his path. She was staring towards the glass at us and didn’t move out of his way that he charged at her and threw her! It was something I had never witnessed before!!! We all jumped back and some people screamed!!! Found out with Zoo keepers that when a silverback is moving everyone should move out of its way! It’s the respect you show him! Also on a sidenote, The baby gorilla has a small white spot on its tailbone area and if it jumps onto a silverback, it will ease it off and look right to the Young’s tailbone. If it sees a white mark, then it forgives it because it’s a baby but if the spot is no longer there, watch out!!! ??

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