Jun 11

I realized that this was not a cow

A listener writes “I was driving to my grandparents house in Idaho yesterday at about 10:00am and I encountered something very strange.

I was in my car in higher elevation with lots of large rocks and big bushy trees. When I came across a small pasture with about 50 or so cows and they were all kind of huddled together. I thought nothing of it but then the cows began to run away to the edge of the pasture. I have never seen cows run before and it caught my eye. I then see a very unusual looking bright red ish orange cow leap towards a mother cow with her babies. Almost like a mountain lion leap. I continued to watch and saw this “cow” get on its hind legs and stand like a person.

I then realized that this was not a cow at all. This was some sort of man looking creature. It had a very sleek orange looking coat, a huge wide chest cavity, that then got very small at the hip area and had extremely long legs. It’s arms were about longer than it’s knees. It looked like it had no neck but a very round head. This was the most terrifying thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I cannot believe what I saw. I began to scream and was on the verge of tears. I mean this thing was ginormous it was at least a good 9 feet tall. I was terrified for my life and still am. This thing looked to have had the power and strength to rip me in half easy. Now I know that seeing that crazy of a sighting is extremely unlikely but at the back of the pasture there were big trees and huge rocks heading up to big hills and mountains. I then started to observe the hills and mountains and they were the same bright orange as the creature’s coat. So he definitely was camouflaged into the surroundings. My mother is from the area, I asked her about it and she said that “cow thieving” is known in the area. That cows would go missing and disappear.

So the farmers started keeping a better eye on things during the night time. So I think it’s perfectly logical for this to have happened during the day. Because if the farmers were keeping a close eye on things at night I think they would notice the huge orange man like creatures eating their cows. And less in the day time when the pay less attention to the cows and blend in with their surroundings”

5 Responses to “I realized that this was not a cow”

  1. Kristina Easterday

    A bit frighten to say the least! Glad your safe. I’m interested in bigfoot, but NOT interested in running into one. I walk the woods if Northern Michigan a lot with my pups, won’t stop, but now I pay more attention to my surroundings.

  2. Dovie D

    This is at least the second time I have heard someone share about a weird creature in Idaho in a field. What the heck! I live right next door in Oregon. I use to live in the eastern part for a few months but wow that is scary. My husband and I want to take a trip to Idaho this summer to see his brother. We will keep our eyes out. Wow! ?

  3. Trent M

    So the locals are aware of the “cow thieving”…. I wonder if it’s known what is doing it? As fast and stealthy as these creatures are I don’t believe you’d see them take a cow at night unless you were in among the herd. One scares the group into running towards the far treeline and then one or two grab a calf or cow when they bunch up next to the fence.

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