SC EP:73 Listener encounter stories [Members]

  For our members-Episode 73 is now in the Episodes section. Tonight is a special call in show. We asked our listeners to call in and share their Sasquatch encounters with us. We speak to several people tonight who came forward to share their encounters, including a gentlemen who spoke about his friend disappearing under… Read more »

Deer carcass plucked from Swift Creek Lake in Virginia

Chesterfield, Virginia Swift Creek Lake at Pocahontas Park – Informant wished anonymity. My wife and I are on a big fitness kick and have recently taken up kayaking. Not the kind of kayaking you see on TV where people go barreling down whitewater rapids in small boats that more aptly resemble floating coffins. We are… Read more »

Sighting in Ostego County, NY

09/27/13 Afternoon Ostego County, New York Me and a few of my buddies were mowing a hay field off of a remote road. The mower broke down so we decided to go home for the night and come back the following day after barn chores and finish the rest of the mowing and tedding. Later… Read more »

Reno police officer has sighting on Boundary Peak in Nevada

YEAR: 2004 SEASON: Summer MONTH: October STATE: Nevada COUNTY: Esmeralda County LOCATION DETAILS: It was about 1,000 feet S.E. of the peak to Boundary Peak Mt. NEAREST TOWN: Dyer Nevada NEAREST ROAD: Canyon Trail Rd. OBSERVED: I have been a police officer in Nevada for over 19 years. In 2004 two of my college roommates… Read more »

A glimpse of the Old man of the Woods

By: Steve Laramee I was visiting our family house in St. Etienne de Bolton, Quebec, Canada. It has been, for the most part abandoned since the 70’s, except for occasional family visits for weekends etc. The home has been in my family since the late 1800’s, but moved to it’s current location in 1912. There… Read more »

Bigfoot encounters in Minnesota

Jay Stewart – Bigfoot Encounters 1975 Written March 1983 Date: 2nd week of July 1975 Time: 1st Encounter, Approx. 5:00 am 2nd Encounter, Approx. 6:30-7:00 am Nearest Town: Ely, Minnesota County: St. Louis Nearest Road: Inaccessible by vehicle. Take County Road 88 to County Road 116 (Echo Trail) North of Ely to Fenske Lake on… Read more »

Dax Rushlow’s recent field work and photos

Evidence mentioned on the last edition of Show Notes.   Salt Fork State Park 2014. Dax is taking the video, and Walter Tippie is casting the tracks. Pittsburgh, New Hampshire-photo taken by Dax, while snowmobiling with his wife. 18 inches in length. Photos taken by Dax while camping in New Hampshire, 2012. The second, is… Read more »

The Mystery of the Upside Down Tree

In different areas of North America, people have found trees, big trees, that have been uprooted and shoved back down into the ground in an inverted position. Does bigfoot cause this, or is there some other explanation? One photo on that site shows an upside down tree found on top of a ridge in Northern… Read more »

Watch: Woman Spots Bigfoot In Colorado

No one knows that better than the people who are sure they’ve seen Bigfoot in Colorado. 9NEWS reporter Colleen Ferreira and photojournalist Matt Michela talked to a woman who is sure what she saw.  

Creature Weekend Is Coming!

Creature Weekend’s 3rd annual Crypto-Conference returns May 1-3, 2015 at Salt Fork State Park Lodge and Conference Center in Ohio. They recently released the info on this year’s guest speakers. Check it out: NICK REDFERN Nick Redfern is the author of many books on cryptozoology, including Monster Files; There’s Something in the Woods; Monster Diary;… Read more »

Texas Man Has Bigfoot Sighting And Offers Track As Proof

An East Texas man claims to have had a bigfoot sighting on his property, and took a photograph of a track he found at the location.The man became alerted after neighbors told him their dogs had been attacked. “Today, one of my neighbors complained about their dogs being attacked, so I started looking more carefully,”… Read more »

Orangutan Learns To Produce Human-Like Sounds

  Patience may be a virtue, but Tilda, a female orangutan currently living in a German Zoo, would rather not wait to receive attention, and has started producing human-like vocalizations in order to be noticed by her keepers. That makes Tilda the first known wild-born orangutan to produce novel calls similar to those made by… Read more »

Sasquatch encounters are nothing new

People think seeing a Sasquatch is a new phenomenon. Witnesses today express feeling like if they discuss what they have seen or heard people will think they are crazy. Here are some historical accounts:   1864 Fraser River canyon, BC Alexander Caulfield Anderson Fur trader and party attacked by ‘hairy humanoids’ which threw rocks at… Read more »

Sasquatch, British Columbia, 1934

June 10, 1934 Hairy Tribe Of Wild Men in Vancouver Survivors of Race, Believed Extinct, Are Reported VANCOUVER, B.C. – (U.P.) – Reports that survivors of the tribe of wildmen known as “Sasquatch,” a race of ferocious hairy giants, who dwelt in caves in British Columbia years ago, still are roaming the rocky wilds near… Read more »