Mar 17

SC EP:524 I Thought I Ran Into The Devil

A listener writes “I am from Indiana. I grew up with these things being around my property. I have seen them twice but have had glimpses of them numerous times. I have so much to say. I purchased a home a few miles from where I grew up.

Something else has shown up, this sounds crazy but it was a werewolf. It killed my dog…this is crazy but I am telling you the truth. Have you heard of this before?”





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169 Responses to “SC EP:524 I Thought I Ran Into The Devil”

  1. Denise F

    Great episode, I have a feeling after all these years those things ‘live’ there all the time and probably move freely around at night (like opening up the barn door). When you think about, if they have been in an area for decades than something is making it worth their while.

      • Denise F

        Absolutely true and I don’t think people know what it is unless they are close up to it.
        I have a neighbor who told me to “be careful” years ago that a guy in all black was walking up his driveway toward his garbage cans/ car port. My neighbor happened to be out late cleaning his gun (it’s Texas) so he yelled at this guy….who kept walking and NEVER said a word. Neighbor fired a shot over his head and only then did ‘the guy’ tuck tail and run. After asking what the guy looked like he stammered a bit and just said he was all dark. I think who or whatever it was came around often, we just didn’t know.

        • Asheim

          Be safe Denise. We have them here too. Vic Cundiff had on an episode that told of a German man’s encounter in Norway. He owned a summer house about a 2 hour drive from us here. He was terrorized all night by a wolf like creature walking on 2 legs that came out of the woods circling his house screaming all night. I think he only had an axe to defend himself. He reported it to the police the next day and got the heck out of there. Don’t know what the police made of his story.

  2. Cindy S

    Wow, what an Intense show! I will be praying for Linda and her kids… I can’t imagine facing this Evil thing!!
    Hope that Sulfur works!
    Incredible show Wes!!

  3. June P

    What she’s describing about animals lifting their lips to smell in more detail is due to having a Jacobson’s organ.
    Lots of wild animals have it… that said, it’s so freaking creepy!
    Jacobson’s organ or not, it had to be scary to watch it lip flip.
    Bennachtai na Fheile Padraig agat!?☘️????‍?

  4. Doug K

    Hey Wes…thanks for another great program and to this lady who shared all her experiences over the years. Very nice tribute to the people who lost their lives at Christchurch. Thanks man!…

  5. Laura M

    That was an amazing story. I wish the guest and her boys all the best. I also wanted to thank you for the kind words you had for the folks in NZ. Beautiful tribute.

    • Glenn R

      I wish too that at least they would give the general area so we could kind of connect the dots a little better,but from her accent I bet it’s southern/southeast Indiana if you’ve ever traveled through on I64 it’s pretty desolate…maybe other listeners would have more input. Wes please have her back to tell more stories she was very easy to listen to and great content.what happened to her dog? Did it live??

    • Blanche D

      Great ep. So scary to hear of being chased as a young woman, later on to have one stare her down. Amazing encounters. I did feel bad for that fella from NJ. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Robert B

    Wow!!! Just freaking wow!!! If she reads these comments later, a word of caution in regards to the orbs (the lights), stay away from them! I got hit in the head by one January 2016. Honestly, the best way I can describe it is like having a really bad roommate that wrecks all your stuff and won’t move out. I went pretty crazy for about a month. I would have to go out on a limb and suggest possession or a partial possession… Just stay away from them. If you see one, just turn around and leave. Bob in Germany

    • Jay Carlsen

      WOW !!! I live in Northwestern Michigan and I seen a ball of Light one night while walking over the Manistee River on a Bridge just North of the small Town I live in. But at the Time I thought it was Aliens. And since I do not like being Probed – I ran ! ( I think these things we call Aliens are Foul ) But it was before I ever heard of these Sasquatch being involved with these Orbs.
      Who knows for Certain ?
      Did you Feel it hit you in the Head ? or did someone else see it ? ( Just Curious )
      I believe this might be why these things are regarded as Hoaxes & Myth here in the U.S.A ………………. Their Connection with the Unknown.
      Isn’t it Facsinating that the Sasquatch are ” Turned ” by the Name of GOD ? Why would this be ? If it does not Validate the Bible ? ( …… Again , Who is Certain ? ) Another GREAT Episode ! And only More Questions raised in the Comments.

  7. Neil S

    Wes, Wow! This is now one of my favorites! I too could listen to this brave woman for hours!
    And thanks for the wonderful tribute, nicely done.
    Wishing you the best!

  8. LaVonne J

    Beautiful tribute to NZ’s victims Wes. Thank you for that. Irregardless of each of our beliefs and faith, we’re all humans on this path called life. Prayers for these families.

  9. Asheim

    An incredible show Wes. Thanks for all the good you do. A beautiful tribute to New Zealand and the song at the end has a special place in my heart. We are all brothers and sisters regardless of where we live or how we worship. Prayers for healing and light this world needs. ❤️

  10. Shelly S

    I am praying for you and your sons. You are a strong woman. I can’t imagine what you have been going through. Can you move? This is one of the most terrifying things have heard. I am so sorry. I wish I could come and pick you up and move you. ❤

  11. Margaret H

    Thank you for opening the show with such love and warmth for those killed in New Zealand.. We pray for those who died and for the loved ones left behind to mourn their passing. God Bless them all.

  12. Jimmy W

    One question came to mind while listening. If all this is so well known and she’s talking to neighbors about their sightings. Why did she not really talk to her neighbor who heard the creature bulldoze through the land? Was this neighbor new? That was the one puzzling part of the show.

  13. Paul M

    Hi WES. Good show again tonight. This women seemed to HAVE alot OF OF ACTION around her house, And when she moved. I was down in east TX Last week , and things have changed with the animals down there. You know where l was… lts down where you were with MOE and TIM and BOB and WAILIN… I WENT TO 4 different areas in the AREA. 3 others were still GATED and you cant get into them for the 3 straight in. BUT in the 4 places we did camp IN FOR 2 weeks , the coyotes WERNT howling or the THE OWLS weren’t CALLING .. IM not sure if there were any around… wierd as that was , l went up to Boinkin Springs And same RESULT… You know and l KNOW for a fact this AREA HAS HAD MONSTERS IN IT… NOW ITS QUITE… WIIERD… THEY could have killed them off…. I dont live in the area… AND 1 WIERD THING I DID SEE IS AN ORB THAT I I CAUGHT ON MY NIGHT VISION… IT WAS NOT VISIBLE TO THE EYE WITHOUT NIGHT VISION… 3 PEOPLE GOT TO SEE IT… …. IZZY was is bad to the bone… HE WAS THE BIG GUY … THANKs

  14. DeeRay S

    Thanks for sharing your incredible experiences Linda, I hope you come on the show again,,I would love to hear more, God bless you and your family . Great show Wes

  15. Bob V

    I’ll say it again. DON’T FOLLOW THE ORBS !!! My experience with them led to a very scary encounter. I believe they will bring in Sasquatch, or Sasquatch just follows them.

  16. Bob B

    Incredible …. this lady is made of steel… Wes, start a map that shows where the Dogman are seen…there has to be some sort of correlation between the geographic areas…LBL is near Fort Campbell…is her venue close to a military base….anyway what an incredible show….right now I gotta go and listen to it again….JUST WOW….

  17. David J


    this is the best guest you’ve ever had. Until today, the last guest from episode 75 was the best. I was terrified just with the images her words created in my mind. I’m blown away. My own sighting is equivalent to a Disney movie compared to her sightings. I would drop dead with a coronary if I ever saw a dogman.

    Thank you for doing what you do, Wes!

  18. Elaine L

    Wes, your tribute to the unbelievable tragedy in NZ was very nicely done. It’s so hard to wrap your mind around the reasoning for such a waste and wanton disregard for human life! Prayers for the victims and their families and all who have been touched by this tragic loss! On a happier note great show and awesome guest…loved it beginning to end! TY

  19. Elaine L

    Hi Wes, I meant to mention in my initial comment about the native woman who said she recommended putting down sulfur around your home to keep the werewolves/demons etc away. Think about it the way… sulfur = brimstone. (>.<)

  20. Janetta V

    Dear Wes, What great show. I’m really somber here. Your poor guest. That song at the end. Really tugged at me, and wrapped things all up in a box to where we realize how life is so real and full of good and bad that in the end we must just hand it to the Lord and let him figure it all out. Thanks guest, please be careful. Thanks so much Wes.

  21. Larry P

    Tonight’s episode contained the most amazing and incredible multi encounter stories I’ve ever heard in one program. That’s where the problem arises, it was too much to believe, too well choreographed and the story teller was a little too good at telling stories. I don’t believe one word of it.

      • Jamie C

        A bit harsh no need for language like that, it’s all about opinions just because you don’t agree with his you get aggressive. I’d say you’re a bigger one than Larry. Basically you’re just a troll i thought that wasn’t allowed but because someone dared to say he’s not a believer your comment goes unnoticed! I get the impression there’s one rule for one and one rule for another!

        • MONTE M

          I do not take kindly to guests being called liars. Treat a guest with respect not call them a liar but you are right I was wrong in doing so.
          Larry and Jaime sorry I called Larry a Big Wanker for thinking the guest was telling us a heap of BS and telling him to shove off. I think the guest was honest.

  22. Jessica C

    What an amazing episode & a REMARKABLE woman. Thank You Wes for giving her a safe platform to share & validate her experiences without judgement. I cannot imagine having to encounter & deal with those terrifying creatures…ESPECIALLY as a single parent trying to protect my children.

    Thank You also for the heartwarming tribute to NZ & all those affected by that tragedy. It’s people like you Wes that combat the evil in our world by your positivity & kindness. It’s greatly appreciated by myself & countless others. Cheers to you. ????

  23. Kathy J T

    Amazing show Wes!……and thanks to Linda for sharing – hope she joins and listens to all the old shows.
    There is so much to learn and she will be able to relate to a lot of it. LOVED the outro……………

  24. Chris S

    I made the mistake of watching that sick F..ks video before it was taken off the internet. I wasnt sure what it was. I regret every second I watched. Hope everyone in New Zealand can find peace, some way or another. Thanks Wes

  25. Collin M

    Holy crap if I would have had a 308 on that thing I would have started pulling the trigger as many rounds as it carried there is no dang way it would have survived I know what a 308 round will do to an animal and that’s kill it she needs to shoot in the air at the least let them know u mean business

  26. Bal G

    Ugh, it hurts me to say this, but I’m kinda leaning towards your line of thinking Larry P. Bigfoot,orbs, and dogman all rolled up into one. It’s s too neat, almost too perfect. Wes being the super dude that he is agreed to have this guest on, and let us decide. From the responses off this show, the listeners overwhelmingly believe her accounts. I’m on the fence with this one. In no way am I calling her a liar,but I am more than a little bit skeptical. Then again, I think it’s good to be skeptical. The one thing I don’t understand, is why the guest won’t move. Especially after the dogman encounter, and having 2 kids in tow. If nothing Else she should think about her kids well being and safety. Her son had seen it before her encounter. I get it, not everyone can up and move, for financial reasons and similar problems. Maybe she doesn’t have the money, or she’s tied to the property because it’s been in the family for so long. Not sure what’s going on. But that struck me a bit peculiar
    Sorry for the long post. Great tribute to the New Zealand terror victims Wes.

  27. Lee

    Thanks Wes one of the best guests you’ve had I enjoyed her voice def have her back . Also thought your comments at the beginning were well put and I agree it’s crazy times at the present.

  28. Ric M

    Very nice tribute to New Zealand! I’m a four time OEF/OIF deployed Veteran. I fought against extremist, not Muslims. Here in Phoenix, a white man was just arrested for making a threat against a Muslim Mosque a mile from where I live. I hate extremists!!! I don’t hate Muslims! This is a part of me that wants to take my sidearm and go stand guard outside of the mosque and protect them during prayer service.

    Tonights show was intense! I think this guest lives somewhere south of Jasper, IN. I lived in Indiana and there were a lot of sightings in and around Hoosier National Forest. When I reenlisted in the Army back in 90’s, I was on a team that went to survey the Indiana National Guard at Camp Atterbury. I was a 13Fox (Fister) which is an artillery forward observer. I was observing the chief of this one team and I accompanied him to the TOC (tac operation center). During the TOC meeting, a radio call from some soldiers standing as road guards radioed in to state they saw two very large things cross the road and scared them half to death. Camp Atterbury is to the northwest of Columbus, IN. I think now they encountered the Mill Race Monster. An hour later, the guards, the SOG NCO, a major, and a couple other National Guard soldiers were back at the TOC and they all looked scared and shaken up.

  29. Jessica R

    Ah Wes the best show yet!!! And I don’t say that lightly, cuz I LOVE all your shows! Very compelling stuff. And… your tribute, well you’re a class act señor. Thx for playing that song too. So much goodness I cannot even hit them all. Much love.

  30. Emily T

    Did not get a wink of sleep last night after that show!!!! Talk about being frightened, I can only imagine what this property owner is going thru! Praying for her and her family! Wes what a wonderful intro remembering the people of New Zealand, when will the hate end? Loved the”over the rainbow ? “ song you played at the end. Great show Wes!

  31. Lele S

    This account was so terrifying. She is one brave woman. Most people wouldn’t have been able to go outdoors in the dark just knowing that Sasquatch were a possibility.

  32. Cindy S

    I’ve listened to this episode 3 times now. First, the tribute to those Lost in New Zealand was Very Special. Such wonderful folks there. My heart breaks for their families.
    Secondly, I can’t get Linda out of my mind. She is so Brave… and I will pray for her and her boys. I can’t imagine facing all of this… Blessings to you Linda.

  33. Michael V

    Great show Wes
    Apparently she has lived in that area for a very long time. I would take my kids and move. That’s no life having to look over my shoulder daily. I guess in the cities may not be much better just different predators. Conceal and carry in the city but out there doubt the hand gun is going to stop these things especially as it seems there is always more than one. Time to beat feet and go.

  34. Alana E

    Just want to say thanks Wes for the NZ intro, I have loved ones in NZ and it’s the most beautiful and friendlliest country, another senseless act of violence on the innocent by an uneducated and fearful individual. Love your show and episode, thanks and cheers from Down under ???

  35. Terri N

    Wes, It’s gotten Real! It doesn’t matter what anyone says, from here on out! This lady is one of the Best witnesses I’ve ever listened to, along with the 2 brothers accounts! Thanks for bringing her on! These kind of stories offered up on your Think Tank Talks with the Guys
    ( which I hope you all do a Lot more of ) just may help some of the ‘on the fence folks’ and others, along. Sharing links to talks like this one, during live talks.. that they can just click on and actually hear folks like this lady sharing her stories, could change the tide. Thanks you!!

  36. Lisa F

    Dear Wes,

    Probably your best witness yet; calm, very observant (almost scientific) but with a farm girl perspective. She is an experienced animal handler, I particularly loved her description of how horses smell and lift their lip to focus on the scent. She is keyed in to animal behavior.

    Question: Have you thought about asking a researcher to use all of the qualitative data you are gathering and apply a scientific tool to identify common themes and concepts? You could really sift out some valuable data. Qualitative data is just as important as quantitative data, but must be organized and rigorously examined.

  37. Janet B

    Dear Wes, thank you so very much for your beautiful tribute to those who’s lives were taken in New Zealand…it brought me to tears. To think that the entire world is involved, and no where seems to be safe. Having just turned 70, if someone had told me our beautiful world would be like this when I was 30, I would NOT have believed it. Sadly, I have had to realign my thinking. Bless you and thank you.

    Jan B

  38. Antonio C

    I’ve been listening to your podcast since 2012 thank you for what you do Wes. This shows bring me a peace you can’t imagine. But this last episode got me all shook up. I was driving for Uber/Lyft three years ago and I had to drop someone from Chicago to Lafayette university Indiana. I drove in the rain 30+ miles at 2:30am through country roads surrounded by tall cornfields. I needed to get back to highwayI65 it looked just like this woman described her area. I’ve been thinking a general area where this might have happened. I’m from Chicago it sure sounds too close for comfort. Good luck to her.

  39. Scott A

    Not sure I would continue to raise my children in that environment. Bigfoot are one thing, but that whole dog man scenario just sounds dangerous and evil and like the kid said….demonic.

  40. MONTE M

    Brave guest , crazy stuff . Mysterious Phenomenon’s. How shitty would that be to have a scenario like this where a person gets killed and the men in black show up and tell you a bear stuffed your loved one in the crotch of a tree but their head is missing along with their insides? It would be pretty sad and horrific especially knowing the truth about what really happened and it was being suppressed from society.
    Glad that didn’t happen here but Iam sure it has before. Try to live with that uncomfortable truth the rest of your life without going insane if that ever happened. I can understand people wanting to hold their ground against these things but for some like the guy who abandon the brick home in the woods you can see these things, the whole shocking scenario is too much for some. If your putting sheet rock up there has been a lot of work done and to simply walk away from that type of investment tells you of the shocking horror of the physical size and overall serious threat they pose to people. People with money have homes built, people who build on homes themselves put the sweat equity into it because they usually simply can not afford to just throw money around. The guy walked away from a dream and sizable investment because of these things . That’s how intense these things are. Scary!

  41. Karen C

    Well I believe they are new to our country, you never heard of these things like you do now. I believe they are Demonic an you must pray out loud ask Christ to protect you…I heard that has worked many times for others…I’ve read where they been seen coming out of old wells, an are around grave yards…Be Safe Mom…

  42. Jan D

    When a kid, I thought the days of killing in the name of religion were done. Now I am older and wiser and flummoxed by the sadistic stupidity of the NZ massacre. We all live and we all feel pain. No ideology is worth this. As for the show, I can’t get enough of the accounts from people who grew up with these things. Great show, Wes.

  43. Stuart C

    Fantastic episode!!!

    Wes, that was a tasteful acknowledgement to tragedy in NZ.

    As intriguing and eye opening as these personal testimonies are, it’s frustrating that there never seems to be any resolution for any of the individuals that have encountered these cryptids beyond, perhaps, a sense of vindication as more and more people share their experiences.

    Are people just more comfortable sharing their stories, or are the populations of these beasts growing? Or both?

  44. SANDRA E

    Wes, your guest brought some interesting encounters to your show….one on the best I’ve heard in a long time! Thank you!!

    I also want to thank you for the tribute to New Zealand’s lost loved ones. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was so appropriate, too. “IZ” Izrael’s rendition was and still is my favorite….he is loved and missed by many.

    Thank You.

  45. richard w

    Happy St Patricks day, everyone! ? good luck! This was a SCARY episode, but my Saint Pat’s luck saved me from wetting myself in fear! Eeeeeew. ?. But anyway, bye! ? U all!

  46. Debbie C

    Great interview! Linda has a nice voice to listen to.
    I believe her strange stories, she is a brave
    young lady:) I bet she gets that from her father:)

    Trust your intuition, that inner voice telling you
    this is not right, this is bad or evil.
    I strongly believe demons do bleed. Sometimes the paranormal
    world lives among us as living breathing animal.

    Be careful with orbs. There are different colors
    of orbs. You can talk to these orbs with dowsing rods.
    Test them by asking do you love Christ?
    Many times the answer will be no.
    I am not a religious person.
    I get a bad feeling with orbs of color.

    Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, OVER THE RAINBOW song, Perfect ending Wes~

  47. Kate W

    What an amazingly brave lady. I could not imagine the experiences she has had. I hope she and her boys remain safe.

    I found it fascinating how Linda described the community in which she lives in how the people there do not go out at night, even the small rural town shuts down at dark. A very haunting story and a chronicle that I won’t forget. Great show Wes and thank you Linda for sharing.

    It was kind of you Wes to remember the people and families in NZ. My family and I live here in Australia and it has effected us very much, as does any violent act or tragedy. Prayers for them and hope that these terrible violent acts will cease.

  48. ROBERT M

    The lip -flipping thing is called the Flehmen Response , it is usually a reaction to presence of pheromones-USUALLY ASSOCIATED WITH IMPENDING SEX!!!!! Look up Flehmen Response in wikipedia. When I have seen it done by horses it has always been a stud or gelding getting him a good snootful of female in heat.—-AND NOT JUST OTHER HORSES. Very embarrassing when you horse sticks his nose in your girlfriends crotch and does the lip-flip! This young lady was nearly the victim of a sasquatch abduction and rape. Very lucky escape, very lucky. I am surprised this lady didnt make the connection , being “horsey”. Maybe be shes just trying to keep the show clean. OOPS.

  49. Barry R

    All the mentions of them following her and her family in the woods, always behind them. Did it remind anyone of the one Native American name for them, ” One that walks behind” ? I forget which tribe.

  50. Cathy S

    I believe sulfa works because these things are demons and they know where they are headed in the end and the sulfa reminds them of hell. So they stay away.

  51. Forrest W

    Wow Wes. The music at the end is very emotional. Great job Wes. Outstanding story, wow! Hope you can get Linda on or her neighbors. Did you find out if the brothers are close?

  52. Joyce A

    Not that I don’t believe her but it gets so boring I could Not listen to it. It was the same thing over and over. I was disappointed because I kept listening to see what was going to change in the story.

  53. Lawrence H

    Clearly she is lying about seeing the lights ….what would make her tell Wes …”you know what else made me think the place was haunted was this blue light the size of a basketball”…then claims she only finds out from Wes live on the show that there is a correlation between the lights and Sasquatch…I think this girl obviously had seen something or maybe even her family had seen something growing up …but she is clearly lying about the lights and she acts excited while telling the story …clearly traits of someone who gets off on lying…

  54. DeAnna M

    I know “Linda” personally, she is NOT lying about any of her encounters or experiences I also know the area where she grew up because I spent many hours near there myself. The property is located very near to Brookville, Indiana. I had visited her property before I knew of the creatures being there and I commented to the person I was with that the place had a creepy vibe. I myself have turkey and mushroom hunted all over the properties near her childhood and present home and told my ex that I no longer wanted to hunt there due to the fact that the woods had a “personality”…always felt like we were being watched (cliche but the truth). “Linda” has offered for me to come and visit her and we’d see if we didn’t get a visitor or two but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it! I know they’re out there, good enough for me. I had a non-visual experience with 3-4 creatures at my place near Milton, Indiana and it was crazy enough.

  55. craig d

    Really wish people would drop the ‘Squatch and stay Squatchy’ bullshit. Sound like 5 year old kids in a playground. In case no one noticed Sasquatch aren’t entertaining entities they are a serious
    subject and all this stay squatchy bull is just imbecile talk. Grow up.
    Okay ranty time over.

  56. Jesse D

    I loved this episode, and what a tough chick! I didn’t doubt a single word she said— but man when she said that thing answered her horse’s snort my soul got the chills! What a whole ass nightmare! I love callers like this because I have no idea what I’ve been doing for the past hour plus but sitting here listening lmao! I hope she comes back on! ❤️

  57. Jesse D

    …this interested me so so much I had to look deeper into animal communication; and man she is lucky AF to be alive. Again, I say— what a tough chick.

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