Mar 14

“Run To The Car!”

A listener writes “When I was around 8 my family went camping just north of Glenwood, Washington, we camped at the Berry fields. There was nobody around for miles but one family a mile away.

Myself and my two brothers ran around the trees and surrounding area till dusk…our mother made dinner and we went to bed in the tent. My father pulled the car up to the back of the tent before they came to bed. I woke up to my mother panicking telling to put our shoes on and don’t go out side yet.

My father was outside the tent starting the car….he yelled for us to run to the car. My mother stood in front of us telling us to look down and cover our ears. I looked up as I was jumping in the back seat..I wish i didn’t look…I saw shining red eyes and a huge outline of a shadow standing bout 8 feet away.

My mother climbed in the front and my father jumped in the car he was driving wild trying to turn around to pull out…just as he turned around I heard a loud thump on the trunk of the car. My mother looked back and screamed. One of them is hitting the car. My father yelled at us to lay on the floor and my mother to lay down on the seat…as we got on the road speeding away I heard the trunk being hit and I heard something heavy running behind the car…my father drove around 80 mph all the back to Yakima non stop.

My uncles are tribal police, tbey came over and talked to my parents. They found that the hood of the car had been pushed in and there was huge dents in the trunk.

One thing I saw was a huge hand print in mud on the back of the car…..Theres more to this but its too much to write…”

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    Dang! That was intense! I recall a scene from the movie BIGFOOT THE MYSTERIOUS MONSTER hosted by actor Peter Graves, when he states that Bigfoot is “gentle, and yields the land to intruders”, that is clearly not the situation here and pretty much on all the encounters being posted on Sasquatch Chronicles. As fascinated as I am about Bigfoot, I pray I never see it!

    • Rick H

      Hey Pam!
      I have heard many stories and encounter stories that have centered around berrry patches. For me they were protecting the berry patch and were annoyed that they had not left at dark. I remember reading an encounter about some natives who had an agreement with a tribe of bigfoot that during light hours they could pick berries but at night is was to be left alone.
      In my opinion, it is like somebody coming and raiding your fridge in the middle of the night. I mean would that piss you off? Humans are so naive and quick to call them monsters without critical thinking. I agree that there tactics in this account are excessive and very scary. They didnt ease into delivering the message thats for sure.

  2. DONNA G

    OMG !!! Wes, I believe you had an encounter like this many,many Moons ago ….back when you were very new to this show where a family was trying to escape out of the Woods during the night in a pickup where the BF’s were chasing it and trying to jump into the back of the truck. I want to hear this encounter….esp since I NEVER,NEVER will be out in the woods like that. I’m a Concrete Cowgirl as far as I am concerned. Last night while cleaning up my kitchen around 9:30 pm CST, I heard a loud growl at my kitchen window. As I am always reading your posts daily if possible, I knew it probably was not a BF at my window because I live on the second floor of an Apartment Complex in a smaller city, so I didn’t get scared about looking out my window….thankfully it was just the wind blowing real hard from the storms coming through the South . Don’t think I could survive the night if I lived in the Woods or Country. Thank you Wes for the experiences of the wild,wild country to this Southern City Girl. With all the stuff going on in the country now, it’s nice to have and “escape” from the day to day problems/stress . Better than watching a boring movie or tv show. God Bless you and your family. Hope you recover fully and soon !!!

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