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The Creature Slowed Its Pace As It Passed Us

A listener writes “Our story starts in Erie, Pennsylvania, the most unlikely place you would think to come across a sasquatch. It was a bright and sunny afternoon in the fall of 2002. My sisters and I were at home, a ranch house in a patch of woods surrounded by neighborhoods, a nursing home, and some of the busiest streets in town. They were out catching butterflies on the hill top in our front yard with our dog. I was just about ready to look for a net in the house when I noticed something down the creek caught my sisters’ attention.

I went to the edge of the hill and asked what happened. “I think it’s a crazy black dog, chasing its tail,” my youngest sister said. I heard leaves rustle and crashing sounds about 60 feet away or so but I didn’t see anything. I was going to go back to the house when I got the feeling that I should stay. We talked amongst ourselves for a little while before the crashing noise stopped and the entire world went quiet. I don’t know how, but it was as if the creature appeared out of nowhere.

The creature stood inhumanly tall, thin, and slightly hunched. It reached about 8 feet, shrinking the hills and trees around it. The fur covering its entire body was like looking into a black hole. Its faceless, conical head was so dark it was as if all the light of day disappeared into it. The fur was messy and matted around its lower body, its elbows ashy, and the hands were in a strange, almost cartoonish position, like a villain creeping by on Scooby-Doo. It made no noise. Not a sound, and walked so incredibly fast and steady over the creek you would’ve thought it was walking on glass as it headed toward us.

Our dog’s fur stood up on end. We had never seen her like that before or since. Her barking, growls, and snarls were vicious and nonstop. She lunged a few feet down the hillside at it then back up again.

The creature slowed its pace as it passed us. It had to have been no more than 40 feet away. It felt far too close for comfort but paid no attention to us. It kept along the small creek, not looking at us once, even as our dog barked and as I called out to it. I must’ve said hi ten times, expecting it to at least wave back. I raised my voice, wondering if it could hear me over the barking. “Hi!” I called out. “Nice costume! Where are you going? Who are you? Are you bigfoot?”

At some point, I lost patience. I slid a few feet down the hill, curious and playful. My sisters told me not to go any further. Thankfully I never made it past our dog. Her behavior was all it took to shatter my curiosity. Still, I wanted a closer look especially because none of us could see its face. I caught a glimpse of the front for maybe a few seconds but hadn’t seen anything. Looking at it from the side wasn’t any easier. I stared at its pointed head so intently but never once saw even the glint of its eyes. I can only assume it must have been looking down or away.

I picked up small rocks and aimed them at the creature, hoping to get its attention, but I only tossed them a few feet, afraid at what it might do. It never got aggressive even with everything going on. It just seemed annoyed, but more than that it seemed lost, just wanting to hurry home, wherever home was.

The time we first saw it to the time it disappeared into the woods was probably no more than a minute. For some reason, it felt a lot longer, closer to 5 minutes. I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure. All I know is it felt like forever.

My sister was the last to see the creature. She saw it drop down real low on all fours and vanish into the ground.

This left us with so many questions.”

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  1. m99

    She said her sister saw it ” vanish into the ground.” Hope these two people can join you. That was a very weird encounter, wouldn’t you say?

  2. Asheim

    Another encounter I would like to hear more of. The child was very fool hardy. Glad no harm came to them. The creature was more intent in where it was going.

  3. Glen K

    (New Jersey) A frightening encounter, and very well written. Actually the writer sounds like an author. The “vanishing” is strange, but seeing as there were hills and trees around, it may have been an illusion. Anyway, a chilling account. I hope they can come on the show!

  4. Kimberly M

    I would love to know where this took place in Erie, that’s where I live and this is the 2nd sighting I am hearing of. The other one was the sighting in Belle Valley Erie Pa. Bigfoot Tony did a video on it. The guy was filming a train and saw it run past, very fast and when Bigfoot Tony slows it down he finds a juvenile peeking by a tree. This just goes to show you that they can be anywhere.

  5. Charles R

    I wonder if the one the listener saw was the same as this one close to him/her as it also walked with that strange Scooby Do villain walk ( nice description by the way ).

    I went to the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society who had a tremendous amount of reports in Pennsylvania – many hundreds to see other activity in Erie County. The site has lost it’s domain – good grief. I mean Stan Gordon was/is a member of this society. There are five reports on the BFRO and a kids are involved in several that are a bit similar.

  6. Jay Carlsen

    WOW ! What an Account !!! I have worked in Erie Pa a few Times doing Siesmic Survey. And it just so Happened that I was in Erie Pa 9/9/01 where I was working on the Airport that is east of Town. ( well that is where our Job started at…… ) I had talked my Drill Pusher into going back to the Drill Truck one last time so I could finnsh my cold Coffee; before We crossed a Fence bordering the Airport Property.
    When He started the Truck , The Radio show it was Tuned to said there was a Terrible Accident in Manhatten. That a Plane had struck one of the Towers ( not Spesific if a Commuter Plane ? or a Private Plane ? ) When the Fireball Erupted from the other Tower the Host blamed it on the Fuel Tank ; That must have just broke off the Plane ? And Erupted into a Ball of Fire !
    Then the Female voice on the Program said ” That was no Fuel Tank , that was another Plane. ” When the other 2 Male Host second guessed Her , She challenged them to Rewind it & see for themselves. ……………… after a moment one of the Male Host said “We are under Attack. ”
    ………………. A Day I will never forget.
    …….. Since I have accepted seeing a 10 foot Tall Gorilla in Northern Michigan in the summer of 2000. ( Because not only was it an Impossibilty seeing a Wild Gorilla in Northern Michigan. …… I seen Gorilla’s at the Detroit Zoo. And they were nothing close to that Size ) ( And it did not look ANYTHING Like ” Patty ” ) I tell EVERYONE. ( ALL Police Officers I speak with – Friends – Family – People I do not even Know ) And I had the oppertunity to share my Story with my Friends Uncle. Who is a Vietnam Vet , and an Army Ranger.
    When I shared my Story with Him , He ask if it was even Possible ? And I countered if He Thought it would be Possible for a Race of Humans – Who are Vastly Different than We are ….. could Survive by Stealth alone ? ( And I could see the Gears Turning in his Head) He then agreed with me ! And He even grew up on the Dirt Road I was Escorted down – the Night before I seen who my Escort was. (10 foot tall Gorilla ) And He told me that He never seen any Gorilla’s out there…… But He did see a Orange Glowing Orb ! That was floating in the Yard of the House across the Street from where He grew up. And His Explanation was that He had thought it was a Ghost. As the Elderly Couple who occupied the residence had just passed away ( The Elderly Man the Year prior – then His Wife came to join Him a Year later) The Elderly Mans wife had passed the Weekend before my Friends Uncle had wittnessed the Light. But He thought it was the old Man returning to take His Bride home ? He did consider when I told Him that these Gorilla’s might be connected
    somehow to the Lights that dance in the Forest at night.
    I was Intrigued when I seen the Gears turning in His Head. As I believe these Sloping Forehead People are the same as the Edomites from the Bible. This Nocturnal Nation of People who are a ” Different Manner ” Than us Modern Humans ( Because of Their Pre – Human Brains ) And I make my determination from everything said in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah that Describes Esau. Not who was decended from Esau.
    Esau of the Bibical account of the Twin sons of Issac and Rebekah I believe is the Sasquatch.( as described in Genesis & Obadiah )

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