Mar 14

“It Was About The Size Of My Truck..”

A listener writes “I haven’t seen a bigfoot ,my husband has but that’s not why I’m writing. I was wondering if anyone has ever contacted you about seeing a giant wolf like creature.

I was driving outside of Cougar, WA a few years ago and it was thanksgiving weekend, there was snow that year. Four of us in my 4 runner. I was driving back home from mount Mount St. Helens. Me and my friend Gus saw a giant wolf like beast crossing the road, it came from the lake crossing the road heading up a mountain.

It crossed very slowly and looked at us and showed it’s teeth.

It was moving very slowly, it was dusk and I had my headlights on so we saw it very clearly. It looked like the skin changer that’s in the hobbit movie.


It was huge. I drove to Alaska about 6 times and seen lots of Wolves, it wasn’t comparable to that, it was about the size of my truck, it had lots of fur around its neck and big bushy tail, it could of killed us all in a second. If I’ve seen it others probably have also.I would like to know what it was. Just wondering if you have any info on this creature..”

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  1. Michael C

    If he was up on his two back legs it’s probably a Dogman although if it were you’d probably have been acosted in some freaky manner.These are similar to werewolves but more persnickity.If it was just a garden variety quadraped it could be a timber wolf suffering from gigantism .The only other possibility I have knowledge of would be a SKIN WALKER manifested in an extinct animal known as Dire wolf.

  2. Janetta V

    I own a 4-Runner and really, they are not that big, and certainly nowhere near calling it a truck. Trucks haul big things, and have babies and those are called 4-Runners. Good story though.

  3. Greg O

    Maybe a Dire Wolf! I have heard/read several accounts of Short-faced Bears so why not Dire Wolves! An interesting yet very dangerous story! I live in WA and do not want to cross paths with this thing she saw!

  4. Amy H

    Cougar Washington? Damn it! I go up there often. Poop. Bigfoot is bad enough now a possible Dogman? I’m glad I’m spending more time on the water then in the woods…except camping. Ignorance was bliss…

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