Anthony Moffett: Stick structures found

Anthony is the founder of the Sawtooth National Forest Bigfoot Organization. He is my question for Sunday. He will be sharing his own personal encounters along with some very strange reports that he has looked into. Here is a video Anthony posted, he returns to where he found some strange structures. As you can see… Read more »

Sasquatch Howls recorded 2015

In the 2015 recording the howler seems to turn to howl in different directions for each howl. Distant response whoops can be heard in the background. Noise from the Ohio turnpike (Route 80) can also be heard in the background. The 1994 recording is known as the Ohio Howl. It was recorded on high bluffs… Read more »

The Watcher In The Woods

Is now available in the podcast section.. Tonight I speak to Frankie who had two encounters with Sasquatch. The first encounter he had one cross right in front of his car. He was not sure at the time what he saw that night. He said “Now I understand that I saw a Sasquatch but at… Read more »

Sundays Show – Military encounter on base while training

On Sunday I will be speaking with Anthony Moffett from the Sawtooth National Forest Bigfoot Organization. He says “When I was in the military and we were doing training on the military reservation, I stepped away from my group while everyone was waiting and I saw two large creatures watching us in the push up… Read more »

What does it mean to be human?

I want to thank Brian R. for sending this to me. Brian writes “I think the Sasquatch is a larger version of these guys with some other things missed in along the way, as seems to happen in hominids and hominids alike. I strongly suspect the different types represent various hybridization events, possibly regionally and… Read more »

Big Human Relative Sported Modern Hands

The hominin finger bone likely came from the pinky finger of an adult left hand. Scientists have discovered the oldest known fossil of a hand bone to resemble that of a modern human, and they suggest it belonged to an unknown human relative that would have been much taller and larger than any of its… Read more »

Apes may be capable of speech, new study suggests

I want to thank Brian R. for sending this to me Koko, a human-fostered gorilla, has developed vocal and breathing behaviors associated with speaking – something thought to be impossible for gorillas. An ape, directly socialized with humans, has learned the vocal and breathing control found in human speech, according to new research. Koko the… Read more »

Interview with Brandon on “The Shadow People”

Woody and I interview Brandon who has Sasquatch on his property and his little daughter says “the shadow people tap on her window and try to talk to her. Brandon had an encounter on his property where he saw the creature running on all fours then it stood up on two legs. He says the… Read more »

Friday night’s show: The Watcher in the Woods

  Friday night I interview author Michael Dupler. Michael wrote the book The Watcher in the Woods: A Case for the Existence and Intelligence of Sasquatch. Come explore Bigfoot territory with Michael Dupler as we examine the evidence supporting the existence of this rare and elusive creature from folklore, history, investigations and reported sightings, and… Read more »

Hunter has close sighting of a primate-like creature

2008, Tucker County, WV I was hunting West Virginia’s late antler-less deer season in the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge when the sighting occurred. I had gotten to the area shortly after 3:00pm that evening, and after parking my vehicle in the “Camp 70” parking area I hiked up what appeared to be an old… Read more »

Hunting party loses deer to unknown predator

1992, Panola County, Texas I am a 42 year old computer systems administrator who lives in East Texas on my 133 acre farm with my wife and two teenage children. Although I was born in the big city, I have spent the majority of my life in the country and I am an avid outdoors… Read more »

Watch: I’ve Seen Bigfoot (Official Trailer)

A feature-length documentary written, directed, and produced by Joseph Glarner, Mark Robinault, and Peter Wiemer featuring eyewitnesses and researchers telling real stories of their own encounters of the illusive Bigfoot.

“That bear was strange”

Wes, first off I love the show and listen all of the time. I wanted to write to you because I had an encounter with my then wife back in 1997 in Washington state. We were driving home from a family reunion. We were on the back roads near the town of Woodland. I remember… Read more »

SC EP:137 After Hours Conversation

  Tonight is an after hours conversation with a Joe who is a listener to the show. Tomorrow night Woody and I interview Brandon who has a lot of activity on and around his property. Tonight we speak to Joe who brought a great topic up about Sasquatch origins. Sit back and relax as the… Read more »

Bigfoot runs across road in front of woman in car

Fannin County, Texas I was driving from Windom. It was after midnight. I had the high beams on as you never meet another car at that time of night. I saw a dark colored upright figure, like a “big” man run across the road. The figure was at the edge of my headlights so I… Read more »