Bob Gimlin Preview For Sunday

In this clip I talk about the time Bob and I met and how I almost broke his shoulder…again. I want to thank Bob for allowing me to interview him and taking the time to speak with me. The full show will play on Sunday but here is a clip.

SC EP:88 Jurassic Park

Tonight we speak to Mo who had a sighting while out hiking with his kids. The children were playing and Mo looked up to see a figure just outside of the treeline watching them. When the creature and Mo made eye contact the creature then backed up into the brush. Mo, terrified for their safety,… Read more »

Show and Forum Updates/Changes

There are some changes coming to the forums. The show will go on!

SC EP:87 Attacks from the community

Tonight we address some recent concerns about the show. Woody joins me as we sit down to discuss all of the rumors going on about the show, us, and our encounter.     Open New Player Window

SC EP:86 East Texas Trip Overview [updated]

Tonight we will be giving a recap of our trip to East Texas and the Sam Houston National Forest. Bob Garrett was kind enough to take us out to a few of the areas. The whole time we had non-stop rain and flooding but we did have a couple of encounters and lots of audio… Read more »

SC EP:85 Sasquatch passing through

  Next week’s show will be BIG as we return from our trip from a location that is hot right now with activity. I plan on coming back with video and audio. Tonight we speak to a witness who started noticing a group of Sasquatches passing through his property at a certain time of year,… Read more »

Into the Abyss With William Jevning #2 [Archived For Members]

After a week of being sick Will returns tomorrow night for Into the Abyss. Get your questions, comments or encounter stories ready as this call in show starts tomorrow night at 6pm PST. The call in number is 646-716-8791 Here is a link to the upcoming show. When the show starts if you scroll all… Read more »

Show Notes with Shannon-Lon Strickler and Sean Forker

  Show notes with Shannon welcomes, Lon Strickler and Sean Forker of Arcane Radio. Lon is a cryptid researcher who writes and mentors on a variety of Fortean subjects. In 1981, Lon had an encounter near Skykesville, MD, and since 2005 has produced the very popular and informative, Phantoms and Monsters blog. He has been… Read more »

SC EP:83 Sasquatch encounter on the mountain

Tonight we speak to Alex who had an encounter as a young man during a hiking expedition. Years later he had another encounter while skiing. These encounters have changed his life. Alex discusses the behaviors and what he saw.     Open New Player Window

SC Outtakes #02

I want to apologize to everyone for Will being sick tonight. I do not want to let our audience down. So here is part #2 of the stuff that never makes it on the air. Ray continues the conversation about his universal knowledge of bigfoot and the universe in general. These are the type of… Read more »

SC Outtakes #01

This is outtakes that never make it on the air. Sometimes we get the strangest calls. This is stuff that happens behind the scenes that you never get to hear. We were finishing up an interview and Will sent me a picture of No Shoes Curley. Then we decided to bring Ray on. Weed seeds… Read more »

Show Notes with Shannon-Author and Investigator, Linda Godfrey

On this episode of Show Notes with Shannon, I will be joined by Linda Godfrey. She is the author of 16 books on strange creatures, phenomena and people. She’s a frequent guest on national TV and radio shows, including Monsterquest (Seasons 1 and 4), Lost Tapes, Monsters and Mysteries, Sean Hannity’s America, Inside Edition, Coast… Read more »

SC EP:82 100 Bigfoot Nights

Tonight we speak to Christine Dela Parker, author of 100 Bigfoot Nights. Christine talks about moving into a home that was abandoned and in need of fixing up. She moved into the home and realized very quickly that something was not right. Listen in as she talks about the encounters around her property with Sasquatch… Read more »

SC EP:80 Southern Sasquatch Encounters

Tonight we speak to Pat from Oklahoma who had a couple of encounters back in the 1960s and describes what he came across. We also speak to Melissa from South Carolina who has been investigating a property that has a lot of activity. She also describes some strange encounters with the police department regarding Sasquatch…. Read more »