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SC EP:458 M.K. Davis and the Tire Talker

Zach writes ““I’ll go into my encounter in 2005. I lived in South Webster at the time and we were maybe five miles from the Wayne National Forest Trail Head.

I graduated high school the year before and we would go up to the national forest and drive around the gravel roads up there. We called it the New road because it was built sometime in the 90s and allowed access throughout the forest. They set up primitive campsites and trails for 4wheelers and hunters. I deer and coon hunted it a lot as a young man and ran traps in the rivers running through the forest for muskrat and mink. Never in all my years out there have I encountered anything unusual beside a couple wild dog encounters and seeing a giant wild boar one morning. It was a last minute camping trip with friends one night that we all had an encounter.

Me and some friends decided to camp out on the new road one Saturday evening. It was the end of September and the nights were becoming cold and chilly. We packed up my buddy Erics box van with beer and blankets then he followed me up the road behind my ford escort. We got to our campsite which was a dead end gravel road in Wayne National Forest. The locals use the circle turn around spot for target practice so there’s always shotgun shells and broken beer bottles everywhere. We cleaned up the area then start a fire. It was dark when we started the fire and kept it roaring through most of the night. We backed the van close to the fire and sat in the back just hanging out and bull*****. The first weird thing we noticed was every once in a while we would hear a ding off the top of the van. The first few times we didn’t pay much attention to it. I thought it was acorns falling or a bird dropping something from the trees over head. Well it kept happening so my buddy Eric climbs on top of the van and finds two gravel stones laying on the roof of his van. It was the same gravel from the gravel road we came in on.

We laughed and though maybe it had popped out from under my tire and landed on the roof of his van because he did follow me a few miles through the forest on that gravel road. But it kept happened and as it got closer to midnight it was happening more often. Sometimes two rocks hitting at a time. We heard 4wheelers in the distance earlier that night and so my buddy starts yelling into the woods thinking it was someone messing with us. After Eric yelled and threw gravel back into the woods it seemed to stop. We finish our drinks (which was a 12 pack of Natty Light) then later down in the van to sleep for the night. I wanna say it was around 2am when we hit the hay.

Anyway a couple hours later maybe around 4am I woke up to the sound of wood breaks and crashes in the forest. I woke Eric up and we sat there and listened to the woods cracking around our camping spot. If you ever seen the Blair Witch Project and remember the campers being woke up at night and the crashing in the woods around them. That’s what it sounded like. It was coming from different directions and once we stepped out of the van we noticed the sounds were coming from down the hill around our spot. The camping spot sat at the top of a hill and it was a sharp incline down on both sides and completely forested. After standing out here and listening for 15 mins or so we heard a loud crash closer to us so I grabbed the spotlight and we started shining down the hill into the woods.

I shined for a few mins before I saw two yellow eyes looking up towards us from a bush thicket. I couldn’t make out the figure in the brush but thought it was something tall or something on a tree because the eyes looked like they were above the ground quite a bit. We watched it for a min then the eyes disappeared. I thought maybe it was a raccoon messing around. There is bear sightings there but it’s very uncommon to cross one. We started shining on the other side of the hill and soon we heard a big crash again. Like wood logs being smashed into the brush. We ran back over and shined down. This time we got a better look at the creature and it had red eyes instead of yellow this time. It was a tall dark figure but is hard to size because we were looking down at it form the top of the hill. We lite that sucker up with the spotlight and there was a Sasquatch. I have no other way of describing it.. it was built like tank and stocky. Looked more like the patty Bigfoot with the cone head. It’s fur looks black/gray and was matted in balls. The thing was Matty looking. Covered in dirt and mud. It’s hair did hang down a bit like a orangutans but was matter up bad. We didn’t smell anything tho.. that sucker was maybe 200 yards down a steep hill looking up at us. My Buddy Eric was freaking out and I was scared to death. I turned the light off and we packed up and was driving out of there in a matter of seconds lol. It didn’t really do anything besides stare up at us. No growls or movement at all. It was standing there still before I turned the light off and headed towards the car. We still talk about this story sometimes when we hang out. Made both of us a believer for sure. Sorry for the long story. My mom had several night encounters around her house. She has heard the Ohio howl out there at night. Long whoops too. My late great aunt had an encounter when she was little out there. She saw something walk through the corn field and it was taller then the corn…

Also wanna mention the encounter I had last fall the creature was tall and linky where the creature we saw in 2005 was huge.”

I will be welcoming M.K.Davis to the show on Sunday. Below is some of his videos. Take a look:

M.K.Davis has been researching the Patterson Sasquatch film for the last 20 years. He has traveled extensively and has amassed one of the largest collection of images from the film. M.K. has trekked the Bluff Creek drainage of Northern California on many occasions and his observations have led to several important discoveries on the film itself. While the Patterson film is only a very short piece of film, it continues to yield vital data that may one day lead to a more complete understanding what it is that is on the film and what it means to all of us.


M.K.Davis discusses the Sasquatch altercation video: An altercation between two Sasquatch over a tire setup is broken up by a large interloper.


M.K.Davis talks about the extended white Bigfoot video: This is the longer clip of the white Bigfoot video. There is a vocalization as well as other noises on this longer clip.


M K Davis revisits the fence climber: Another look at the fence climber and some added video and perspective.


M.K.Davis discusses the voice in the shed video: A camera picks up a mysterious voice inside the shed that the camera is mounted on.


Here is the fetus M.K. talks about during the show:





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92 Responses to “SC EP:458 M.K. Davis and the Tire Talker”

    • F S

      MK says they found a hominid-looking fetus with an umbilical cord in the water at Bluff Creek but they threw it away because the weather was hot. SERIOUSLY???
      This is a supposedly educated, erudite, technically savvy gentleman.

      • Janetta V

        Well think about it man! What are you going to do with that fetus? Pay for a DNA test, who cares? Give it to the government, they don’t care, they’ve killed dozens of them in all there cover ups. Tell me what you would have done with the smelly thing, and remember no one really cares when it’s all said and done.

      • Hawk

        Same. My BS meter went “WHAT?!?!”

        And not to offend but his videos are really the Text Book Definition of “blobsquatch”. There seems to be very little compelling imagery. Most really resemble a human being creeping about – there’s nothing to compare body-size to and the movements scream “just a guy”. My 2 cnts: The Altercation video is two dogs harassing each other and a guy walks in to scold them.

        And YES, I’m a “knower” ……. but I apply a health dose of skeptical -common sense.

        • Jon A

          I agree. Just super blurry shots of a guy and some dogs or something. I’m a “knower” too. But MK’s stuff is pretty weak. Blurry footage like this isn’t even worth sharing and trying to make something out of it.

          • Christian L

            Concur….the man is extremely overrated imho….that audio was laughable as was his commentary…and the fetus? Come on….snake oil salesman…Shenanigan meter on the peg!

      • Evelyn L

        They could have kept the “fetus” in a plastic bag in the creek. That would have kept it cold enough to be preserved until they got it to some ice. If they man is serious about wanting to prove what they are and is a serious “researcher” that is what he would have done.
        This man may have some technical ability to make videos appear clearer but his ideas about this subject are way out there.

  1. James M

    I often thought that the ones seen that looked so human in the face were the Sasquatch / human hybrid after hearing the Indians talk about them stealing women and sometimes there was a birth. The sketch of the one Mike Wooley had after him is a perfect example.

  2. Doug K

    Wow!!! M.K. Davis!! I love his work. He has done so much work in this field. A big shout out to M.K. and also to Zach for sharing their stories. Wes Germer rocks!!! YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!

  3. Jeffrey H

    It was so great to hear from M.K., it’s been a while since I have heard him talk. He has such a vast amount of information to learn from. He through me off tonight with the hybrid Bigfoot versus the non hybrid Bigfoot. I have always thought highly of Paul Freeman’s work, as I have of MK’s work too but now I going to have to go back and study both of their videos as I have before. So great to hear M.K. talk more in depth about his work. Thanks, M.K.! Zack, thank you too for sharing our two encounters. I really enjoy them also. Nothing better then hearing it from the person first hand. Wes, really enjoyed your whole show tonight. Thanks for setting it up and flowing through with the interviews. I’m sure I’m going to have to listen to this show again!

  4. Scott B

    Ok, who ran out of time first? Tony said he ran out of time and couldn’t have Wes on and Wes turns the tables and says he not have time for Tony! Hahahahaha who’s bustin who’s balls here? Great show Wes!!

  5. Calvin B

    just rejoined for a month, to say this. This episode is SO CLEARLY the guy(Zach) from the ‘I shot bigfoot ‘ episode from ‘the confessionals’ podcast. Did you ‘Blow its dang head off’ Zach!? C’mon Wes we aren’t stupid. Enjoy my $7 usd.

    • Charles R

      Innnnnnnn Milford. An excerpt from a commercial I hear often when listening to the Reds. May be Mike Castrucci Ford, not sure. Why are the majority of Bigfoot sightings around Cincinnati coming from the eastern side and not the western side which I think is more forested?
      Zach your guess about what a Bigfoot is really parallels mine that is another hominid cousin so to speak.

      Now M. K. Davis really got me thinking about this hybrid difference due to mating with Native women decades ago, and thus the reason for the differences. If true then it could also explain something else. That being what I think is a huge population increase in the Bigfoot population. This mating may have infused the offspring with advantages of better immunity to human diseases such as small pox that I think decimated the populations as the white man moved west starting in the 1700’s.

  6. Sid N

    I’ve appreciated M.K. Davis’ work for a number of years now, and think he is honest and legit. He doesn’t ram his opinion down our collective throats, he leaves it up to you to decide. I’m sure he has a wealth of information and a lot more to share in coming days. I for one applaud his integrity and diligence and look forward to hearing from him again. Great show!

  7. m99

    Hi there Mr. Davis! Thanks for being here with Wes. Holy Cow! That was very interesting audio for sure! Had to pull out the headset to listen fully. If I was out & heard that I’d turn around and leave. Spooky. The lady should be afraid of them! They reminded me of crazy-ass chimps. And, it’s a lesson in habituation. NOT a good idea, Ever. Poor lady. Good advice. Talk and back out. Good theory too.

    As always, learn something new with each and every show. It’s a real privilege to have this podcast to listen to and learn from. Great Show! Thanks once again Wes.

  8. Tamsin D

    Dear Wes & Tony,
    You two seem to have an issue with time! On both podcasts I was jazzed to hear what each other would say, instead I found myself breaking a rib with laughter while cleaning a stall and trying to hide from the neighbors. No way could I explain that two Bigfoot podcasters were up oneing
    each other. I’m sure they saw me…… still no clue how I will explain my uncontrolled laughter and running to hide in the barn. (?)). Both of you so were cool and calm while explaining how time had run out.
    Now let’s own this; both of you could have continued.
    Must admit I truly believed Tony when he closed out.
    No more. Wes you were so matter of fact signing off with your lack time, brings me back to hiding in my barn.
    So here I stand trying to come with anything other than Sasquatch, if you have any idea of what I can say it would be greatly appreciated.
    Wes this was an excellent episode, so enjoyed your guests.
    Tony your Confessinals episode was also great.

    You two are like brothers ……having a grand old time picking on one another
    Luv ya both. ??

  9. Darryl H

    Wes, loved how you gave Tony from The Confessionals the treatment that Jimmy Kimmel used to give Matt Damon – announce him as a guest, but then run out of time. Homage or not, I laughed.

  10. Bradley B

    Wow, that audio of the “sasquatch” in the tractor barn was so embarrassing. Thank goodness I listened to this episode after my wife fell asleep.
    I would rather her catch me in a gay strip club than catch me listening to some dude make noises thinking I was taking this as serious evidence! M.K. is not the best of guests.

    • Rodney P

      I agree with you the noises in the tractor shed was the worst impression of a Sasquatch I ever heard. There was nothing that sounded like language that you hear in the Sierra sounds audio just a bunch of different sounds. It was totally obvious it was some guy trying to make everyone think it was Sasquatch but not even close and you’re right if my wife would have heard that audio she would be making more fun of me than she already does (she’s a nonbeliever). What surprise me the most is with M.k. Davises great reputation in the Bigfoot world that he would even put it out there as legitimate evidence. I really like watching M.K.s video’s he does excellent work that’s why i can’t figure out how this one got by him.

  11. m99

    Regarding the comments above, I too had my doubts so I used the headset. The sounds are not human, and varied between almost inaudible to frightening and bizarre. And it was taken from a hidden recorder.

  12. ben D

    I have a question about evolution. Hopefully someone can give me a education… if evolution is how it works how come we don’t witness monkeys today turning into humans or fish walking out of water and becoming whatever q fish becomes after it evolves

    • m99

      Hi Ben. I’m not an evolutionist myself, but the way it works is over millions of years. It’s not something one can watch happen. At any rate, that’s the supposed answer.

  13. Jay Carlsen

    I was a Long Time parishioner of the Evolution Religion. Until I had that Crazy Dream back sometime in the Month of August 2001 where I heard HIM say 4 words…… And after I heard the Roaring Voice of GOD I woke up a Christian. What Evolution has on it’s Side is Time. Because it is believed that with an infinite amount of Time ? Anything is Possible.
    And this is from the weakness of Man for Guessing at Time Lines. Trying too put the Biblical Narration in a context that we understand Today. ( like saying that the Earth is only 6000 years old according to the Generations of People from the Bible ) Which is Absurd. Because it tells a Story from the Beginning. But from the point of After the Fact.

    • m99

      I do too.

      I talked to a guy once who saw two of them in broad daylight. He told me a Park Ranger called him after his sighting went public. The Park Ranger then proceeded to say he had seen a helicopter carrying a cage underneath with a Bigfoot creature in the cage. He watched it until it was out of sight and assumed they were going to release it into the swamp that was nearby.

      This really can’t be covered up much longer (I hope).

  14. NHSquatcher

    First of all if that was a fetus, it was still inside the amniotic sac. What they should have done was slit open the sack in order to see the actual animal inside and then they should have put it in a bag and brought it to be tested to see what it was. It could’ve been the fetus of a deer or any other animal that has babies at that time of year not necessarily a bigfoot.

  15. JOHN E


  16. Andrew O

    Thank you for another excellent show, Wes. Hearing MK was a treat. Just to comment on two of the above videos. I’ve always thought the white Bigfoot running on all fours was amazing, but the top video in the garden was incredible! It looks like the very big guy is rubbing out footprints that the other two had left. Almost like he’s consciously trying to cover up any evidence. Amazing if that’s the case!

  17. Farmboy

    Try to be real and respectful with comment to M.k. and who he got involved with in Lamar county Texas by the lake …none here talks about it ..those Kimberly Clark guys haven’t encountered anything ..hoaxers ..these things in this area are not friendly ..believe me when I say no one will hold a camera up at one around here and snap a pic and live to tell about it …two types of encounters with these ,pissed off are hungry..

  18. Jeremy B

    Much respect to M.K., he’s spent countless hours breaking down different sasquatch videos. He never tries to convince but instead just shows the evidence for everyone to decifer. He has amazing breakdowns of the PG film at Bluff Creek!! Thx Wes & MK

  19. Evelyn L

    The “fence climber” video looks like a person climbing over a four foot fence. Nothing more. M.K. Davis may have some technical skill at manipulating videos to make them look as he thinks that they should look but his ideas about Bluff Creek are way out there. If you do not agree then find the YouTube channel called The BDRP and look for the videos titled: MK Davies: The Bluff Creek Conspiracy part one and part two. In it he accuses Bob Gimlin of slaughtering a large number of Sasquatch just to get that video. He and Dee Daws accuse Patterson and Gimlin of murder due to the fact that they have such a close relationship with these creatures that they feel it is the same as murder to kill one. Daws says that not only is Davis good at playing with video but he is an ace “investigator” as well. The things on those videos sound like slander to me. Davis present no evidence other than the fact that ‘he says so.’ He says that he found all this information and so that is that. Forget about the fact that all of this happened over 50 years ago and most of the people are now dead and cannot defend themselves. There are no witnesses except Gimlin himself. There are no online records for him to “research” from the era. There is NO WAY he can prove that there was a logging company in that area in Oct of 1967. Davis has been harping on Bluff Creek for years but he has finally gone over the top. Gimlin was there. I believe what he says. What M.K Davis and Daws said about Bob Gimlin comes from nothing other than the imagination of a bitter old man.

  20. Evelyn L

    Mr Davis apparently has no knowledge of genetics. It does not mot matter how many times that an animal mates with a human or any other species, there will be no offspring. It is genetically impossible! The outcome has NOTHING to do with how many times two different species mate. It takes genetic intervention such as science is doing today or what the ancient writings say took place long ago. Megalithic sites all over the world show the images of this genetic manipulation. Cryptids such as the Sasquatch, and others that have managed to stay away from humans all these years, may have been around for ages. Even now the earth still has many, many thousands of miles of uninhabited land which these creatures could be living on or in if there are as many subterranean tunnels as some believe exist. They obviously can exist under the most rugged conditions and seem to pop up in the most unexpected places and then seem to disappear.

  21. Stanley M

    Dont care what anyone says… MK is the real deal. Why would he spend all the time manually developing these fyilm clips? There is no reward in doing so. Cant belive some of the comments here. His clips are enhanced! NOT altered. As far as the fence jumper, its not a human…good greif. Those of us that can use tape measures understand the figure in the clip is 7-8 ft tall.

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