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SC EP:456 The Pinecone Throwing Incident

Tonight I will be speaking to Rob and he shares two encounters with us tonight. Both encounters he had something thrown at him.

The second encounter he describes seeing a “Hairy man” after having a boulder thrown at him. I will also be speaking to Tony Merkel from The Confessionals podcast. With the upcoming International Bigfoot Conference coming up and Travis Walton will be a guest we discuss the “fire in the sky” incident. I will also be playing a clip of Travis talking about his encounter while on the ship to bring everyone up to speed before I interview him at the end of August.

Rob writes “My name is Rob and I started listening to your show in August of 2015 while I was stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia for a 4 month leadership course. I found it very interesting, some of the behaviors people were reporting, mostly because of 2 occurrences I had, one in fall of 2011 and the other in the summer of 2014.

I say occurrences because I was, and Still am not 100% what exactly happened in 2011 and what I saw in 2014.

I am born and raised in Enumclaw Washington. I spent my life going river fishing with my dad. We would not even waste time with se river access and preferred and still do prefer solitude while fishing.

So we would leave early in the mornings and head for mounting river fishing wherever we felt like we could make a good hike and be left alone. In 2011 I had just returned back to Washington from attending college in Ohio. For the 2 years I was out there finishing my degree I never quite had the time or opportunity to come home often, to spend much time with family, or fish. Once I graduated and came home, that fall my dad and I left early on a Saturday morning and headed over Snoqualmie to the head waters of the Yakima river just outside of Easton.

We took the exit and drove in until we came to a bridge over the river. We crossed it, hoping that the road on the other side might follow the river a little further down stream, mostly just so we didn’t risk being in the first spot any other fisherman might come to. However, once we crossed the bridge and drove for a little while, we found out that the road didn’t follow the river hardly at all, so we turned back, crossed the bridge again and parked. We took our poles and headed down to the bank just upstream of the bridge. While we were talking about the best ways to fish that particular area, a pine cone came out of nowhere and landed just at our feet, about 3 feet from the water of the bank we were standing on.

The bank was about 45 feet wide, and while there were pine trees up hill from where we were standing, they were in no way reaching anywhere close to over us. Not even close enough for a generous bounce and roll to reach us. We thought it was odd but kept talking and then pulled out the lures and began fishing. My dad walked upriver from me about 120 feet from me, completely visible to me. It was not even 3 minutes with my lure in the water before another pinecone landed to my left about 2 feet away. I never saw the arc of the fall of the pine cone. It just landed there. Pretty soon my dad called out saying that a pine cone hit him. At this point we started looking around to see if there was anyone, anything, a tree, and how they were flying in to judge where they might be coming from. It was so eerie, and I instantly became uncomfortable, but it didn’t seem to bother my dad too much. So we went back to fishing, but again not even 3 minutes and pinecone started falling so close, one bounced and hit my shoe. At that instant I called up to my dad and told him I had an uneasy feeling about what was happening, and that I was ready to go. He assured me it was alright, but said he was willing to head back to the car and try to work our way down river to find another spot, he just needed to use the wood line to “drop off a package”. So while he headed for the brush, I walked back up to the car to put the gear away. I was seated, just waiting for him, when he finally got back, he seemed pretty hasty, but I just assumed he was eager to get to a peaceful spot on the river and get to fishing ( This becomes important in 2017). So we headed back to I-90 and started to work our way down toward Ellensburg, trying to find spots along the river to fish. The rest of the trip was uneventful.

In 2012 I joined the Army Reserve and met my finance, in 2013 I was married, and in 2014 I got divorced. When I got married I moved to Spokane and really didn’t have the chance to fish or spend time with my dad, so when I was divorced and moved back to Enumclaw, we decided that a Sunday on the Ohanapecosh would help get my mind off of things. So we took off, headed for Green Water, entered Mt. Rainier National park and headed over Cayuse pass toward Randall and Packwood.

We had stopped along that road once before and walked down to the river to do some fishing, well that day we stopped in the same place only the river had moved. From the time we parked the car and actually got to where the river was at that time took 15 minutes, and we crossed 4 dry river beds with large patches of forest growing back up between them. Once we found the river, it had worked its way along a cliff. Like there had been the foot of a hill there until the water eroded it away. The cliff face was a good 25’ high which really didn’t mean to much, apart from the fact that where we arrived at the river, upstream was an enormous log jam.

The log jam was so high that it reached to the top off the cliff wall. The log jam stretched from the cliff face, across the river, and was anchored in the forest of the last dry river bed we had come to. Like I said, it was enormous. The other thing that really didn’t mean much at the time was that the Jam had at some point collected enough sediment that a few small deciduous bushes were growing on the top. Well, my dad headed down stream, out of sight and I stayed there where we had come out to the river, I would guess about 200 feet away from the base of the log jam.

I had been fishing about 10 minutes when I heard what sounded like a tree break. I looked up at the log jam but didn’t see anything. So I went back to fishing. About 5 minutes later though, a rock, easily the size of a beach ball hit the face of the log jam, making a breaking sound as it bounced, and then came to a stop in the river bank. As I looked over, having heard the branches it broke, then watching it thud to the ground, I saw movement on top the log jam. Honestly Wes, I don’t know what I saw, but to me, it looked like a furry human backside, up right, had run behind the bushes on top the jam. I saw what looked like a trailing thigh, knee, ass, and foot, ALL BLACK and FURRY or Hairy I guess, disappear into the bushes up top.

I was horrified. And for a minute thought maybe it was a black bear. Any way. I turned by face back straight, keeping my eyes right and upstream while I calmly reeled in my line. Once I had my line in, I turned down stream to walk to my dad, all the time, not looking directly back, but keeping my head turned one direction or the other to keep my peripheral vision on the jam. When I found my dad I just told him that I wasn’t feeling too good and that the stress of the divorce was too much and I really wanted to go home and lay down. He was very sympathetic and reeled in his line and we headed back through the forest and dry river beds back to the truck. It was the most heightened state of alert in my life, every time we would cross a river bed and have to forge through the forest growing back in. We got back to the truck and headed home. I never told him what I had seen. Mostly because as terrified as I was I thought maybe there was a chance, in fright and panic, that I misidentified and it was just some normal animal.

Fast forward to 2015, I was at Fort Lee, VA for an extended training course and had a lot of free time on m hands. There is not a whole lot to do there, and not a whole lot just off post. However there was a bookstore and I spent a lot of free time just browsing. One day I wandered through the Occult/ mystery / alien/ etc. etc. etc. section, and just perused some books on the subjects. When I got back to the fort that day I just happened to start looking at related videos on YouTube and stumbled across your show. Episode 11. Siege of Honobia. I listened to it, and I listened to more, and then all of the fishing events came back. I spent the rest of my time there reading and listening. I read David Paulides books religiously and listened to your show. When I got home after I started talking to my dad about bigfoot and other fringe topics, and he instantly brought up the Yakima occurrence. He told me that while he was in the wood line, another pinecone hit him, hard, while he was squatted in there, he said he absolutely had no Idea where it came from, and that he was actually pretty disturbed by it. So we started listening to your show when we would get together. We have even made 2 drives out to Yacolt, hoping to see something that would completely confirm the tiny bit of what I saw. We drove up Mt. Yacolt, just off the main road before you come into town by the school. That is an eerie feeling driving that road. The woods seem so claustrophobic and dark, even on the sunny day we went. The second trip down, we drove to Sunset falls, and drove all the way up to ( I believe FSR 50) and the feeling is much the same. Still no confirmation for me though.

I don’t really know how to word it. I saw something. That much I know. I know what it kind of looked like. But it was just a 1 second glance. I do believe now, after listening to your show that there is something out there. I just cant say for certain that is what I really saw. But I would like to see one.

I also don’t know about the pinecone throwing. That is not one I have heard on your show, or anywhere else, but maybe that is something someone has shared with you privately before?

Lastly, I just wonder if you have gotten any reports off the Ohanapecosh or Yakima River in the Easton area?”





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44 Responses to “SC EP:456 The Pinecone Throwing Incident”

  1. Denise F

    Thank you Wes and guest!
    When those rough days hit, it’s nice to have an old friend (SC) to lay up and listen to. Much appreciated ?

  2. Nicholas S

    Anybody that has an issue playing the show on the old player when you would lock your phone and it stops playing. if you’re using the Android 8 all you have to do is use Firefox it also work with YouTube far as locking the phone and playing. Wasn’t sure where to let everyone know how to fix this issue… so if this is the wrong place let’s put the info wherever it needs to be to let everyone know. Before I figured out the solution I was having to download the episode open it in a new window and then play it with a different player and it was a pain. this way all you have to do is go to the episode through Firefox click play and you can close your phone and it will keep playing and make sure under power saving mode if used is setup correctly.

  3. John M

    A Gorilla, a Sasquatch, a Chimp and a Human are all sitting around a fire… Wes.. Who lit the fire?!!! LOL… We might be the odd “man” out… But, for sure, the Human lit the fire and brought the party favors!

  4. James M

    I wonder why they would shoot Travis Walton with their damn outer space weapen and then patch him up. Why didn’t they just not shoot the man to begin with or just leave him for dead after they did? Poor guy. The whole things creepy asI hell.

  5. pam purple rose

    Super! Just can’t get enough Travis Walton; his co worker at the time Steve Pearce was on Paranormal Central last week. This encounter wrecked that mans life for years.

  6. Christian L

    Look up the Allagash alien abduction incident from Northern Maine in the 1970s….very interesting….also Travis Walton describes some of the abducters as very human aka Nordics(?)….going back to the hypothesis that maybe there is no missing link because we aren’t part of the chain…..maybe we were placed here as colonists or as an experiment.

    Wes maybe you can ask him about the Humanish occupants….how big…hair color…skin color…hand type…eyes…etc. Was he clothed when he was returned??

  7. Doug K

    Thanks Wes…..what a great show this was tonight. Thanks to Rob for sharing your encounters with all of us.! Thanks bud. YEEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!!

  8. Cherona C

    Wes, you really need to give Oak Island a chance. I love it! The history part is very interesting as Tony says. Watch from the beginning & you have to agree there are some interesting things that have happened there. Get on board Wes! Keep watching Tony! ☆☆☆☆

  9. STEVE S

    Wes, your comments about the Oak Island show were hilarious. I have to admit I like the Oak Island show. It is better then the “Never Finding Bigfoot Show” that has been on.

  10. Forrest W

    Hi Wes. So you can’t believe people don’t know of Travis Walton? Welcome to the middle of the Bell Curve dude 🙂 How about the people that call BS on Concentration & Death Camps of WWII. The center of the Bell Curve is a scary place.

  11. Jay Carlsen

    I worked with Marty Lagina in Karlin Michigan in the winter of 1992 / 93 & beyond. He was a Good Guy to work for. The Dead Beat Brother Rick Lagina is a retired Post Office Employee , so I am sure he is well off also.
    Marty & his sons would recognize me as that Crazy Guy who would walk out into the Field where I had a loaf of Bread tied to the outside of my Backpack & Peanut Butter & Jelly in my Pack ( to sell $1.00 Peanut butter & Jelly to whoever would pay ) ( And you would be surprised just WHO will Pay standing before a neck Deep Beaver Pond ! )
    By the time I worked with Him , He was already Boss….. So no one expected Him to jump out in the crap with the rest of us.
    I recognize his Son , Kraig Tester & His son who just passed away…..
    I like Show myself.
    ……………….. One more thing …. Wes , Ask him what He thought it was ? The Government ? or What ?

  12. Pat T

    Wes, hilarious Oak Island smack!, couldn’t agree more. History channel has us by the cohunas. Keep letting the viewers ( myself included) think that there is actually something there. Got to hand it to Marty though, great salesman!

  13. Michael B

    Hey Wes, SYFY Did a great spot on Paranormal Witness. Titled the abduction. They interview each and every one of the key players in Travis’s story including the guy that did the polygraph the cops each one of the witnesses of the crew that was with him. Much better than the actual movie Fire in the Sky.

  14. David J

    Great show, Wes. I look forward to your interview with Travis Walton. I’m sure hoping you do extra shows this year from the International Bigfoot Conference like you did last year! Keep up the good work!

  15. Dovie D

    Hey Wes that is the Willamette River. It flows north from Eugene area to Portland Oregon which runs into the Columbia River. We belong they don’t belong.

  16. Terry R

    Wow Rob hit most of the areas that I wander around ( a lot by myself while hunting ), and I gotta admit that I don’t feel much like a he-man with the bow and arrows. Thanks for having Rob on. His encounters hit close to home.

  17. Jan F

    tony is a waste of my time 🙂
    Whit hes storys.

    And travis walton was a Wild man who Would ride on bulls and stuf like that.
    Wes i Would love to hear about your storys about the Angel storys os yours…and the Cave man you talk about.

  18. Jan F

    I meen about you have to be this or that or another to hear the testemonis.
    And that sucks.
    TO much buisnes in it. 🙂 supertron megatron and ultratron.you know. 🙂
    Besiddes that…hes oki.

  19. Jan F

    WES you give the bedst shows for free 🙂
    Its just like the man in the bible who serve the bedst Wine first…and thats good

  20. Mario G

    Wes just joined and I love this show. I joined after I heard you say you weren’t on YouTube, just lending my support for what you do. Cheers from Orangeville Ontario buddy.

  21. ben D

    Hey Wes look up Eddie Page on YouTube. He talks in 1 of his videos about meeting travis Walton and Eddie’s story is a special one

  22. ben D

    He has told some people that the 2nd aliens he came across in the ship looked just like us.. but had pale skin and kinda blue halo

  23. John P

    oak island is garbage id rather watch paint dry. the history is cool but lets face it we all know damn well those dudes find anything of value the cameras are getting turned right off there not gonna show anything ,I do give them dudes credit for trying, I just couldn’t see wasting my royalty checks of 250.000 an episode an spending it on renting equipment an paying my freeloader brother his cut to jump in the swamp for me… fire in the sky sucked too sorry lol its just my opinion I hope travis Walton is still getting nice royalty checks from that movie , poor guy deserves every penny due to what he went thru and experienced I couldnt imagine his pain he felt tfrom that,… hey wes can you ask travis if any of the aliens he encountered were Nordics or greys? I always wanted to know

  24. Jeffrey M

    I’ve had dried mud thrown at my brother and me ,it hit the tree behind us. My brother didn’t see it but I turned around in time to see the ball of dirt come flying in and breaking on a pine tree behind us. We were 2 miles in woods on atvs .

  25. Eva B

    “Fire in the sky,” Favorite movie of all time! Aside from the “Fourth kind,” that occurred in Nome, Alaska. Both, true stories. Travis, I feel for you. What you went through. I’m going to read the book, but the graphic content in the movie shook you to the bones. Can’t wait for the interview!

  26. James W

    I know that area off Easton well. Good hiking, nice swimming holes in that river. Water freezing cold in August, both places. My son and I use to camp a lot at Bumping lake too. We would stay on Federal Park side, or on Forestry Land cut out along river. Bring BIG guns. Bring fishing gear too Wes. Many times during the night you will hear vocalization. I moved back to Florida late last Fall, along The Crystal River. I can tell you both areas have MANY of them. My opinion there are more here, way more activity too. Especially at night if Raining.

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