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SC EP:440 Something picked up our trailer

Jason writes “Hi Wes, The things I encountered were in 1984 and 1988 when I was 12 and 16.

I’m from Fresno California. I’m a long haul truck driver now, and I’ve been listening to you on and off since your episodes were in the 30s but I went back to the beginning.

I come from a hunting family, and my father cut firewood on the weekend’s to make extra money. So we spent a lot of time in the Sierra’s.

When I was 12 we went deer hunting somewhere in the Kings Canyon National Forrest. I don’t remember exactly where. It was my father 2 of his younger brothers and I.

My uncle John had an old camping trailer. It had 4 bunks and nothing else. After hunting all day we went to sleep. It was probably 2 or 3 AM.

Something picked up the back end of the trailer, and guessing dropped it from at least a foot or 2 off the ground. It was a really big drop. It jolted us all out of bed.

It was a small trailer but with all of us in it, it must have weighed close to 2 000 lbs. It wasn’t made of the lightweight material they use today.

I heard something moving around outside, and it knocking over stuff. My uncle Bobby grabbed his rifle and started to go out the door and my dad grabbed him by the arm. And my dad was dead serious. He wasn’t letting him go outside. My uncle started to argue with my dad and my dad just shut him down. He just said we’re going back to bed.

My dad wasn’t a nice person. He did some time in jail and prison. He was mean guy and I never saw him scared of anything. He told me it was a bear and don’t worry about it.

There’s no bear that did that. Only men or a sasquatch could have done that. If my dad thought men did it I know all 3 of them would have been out the door guns in hand.

I always thought that was really strange.

When I was 16 we were cutting some pine wood near mammoth pools near Yosemite National Park. I believe that’s Sierra national Forrest where we were. Not far from a little town named Oak Hurst, where we lived for a year when I was 6 years old.

We had been in the habit of going up and cutting enough wood to fill the truck. We’d camp that night and get up the next morning and we’d fish for a while and go home.

So the sun had just come up and we started trout fishing in this little stream. It was really cold, they had barely opened up all the small roads after the spring thaw. There was still ice on the banks of the stream. I was half asleep. It was really quiet. There wasn’t anyone around. I was just thinking how I wanted to go home and eat.

I was just kind of looking around slow dragging my bait in when something caught my eye. There was a big dead log laying on the other side of the stream, about 50 feet away.

That’s when I saw it. There was a sasquatch laying down on his stomach, propping himself up on his fore arms.

He was hidden behind the log looking through the end of the log that had hollowed out. He was perfectly still his head tilted up just watching us.

The look in his eyes was so hateful. The guy in your intro talking about that really hit home with me. He just looked so disgusted we were there. His eyes were like a chocolate brown.

I reached over and tugged on my dad’s arm. He was just a couple of feet from me. He had just caught a fish and was re baiting.

I was so scared. I could barely get words out. I said, 1:00 on the ground by the big log. I basically whispered it and he was all annoyed, what??? And then the words sunk in and he looked and saw it. He just said, don’t move. He looked over at his 30 ott 6 leaning against the tree next to him, but he didn’t pick it up. We just froze for what was seconds but if seemed so long. And suddenly we heard what I guess was a tree knock over across the road behind us. It sounded like a really sharply hit line drive off a baseball bat.

As we looked back he jumped up from behind the log and ran across the stream. It was probably 25 feet wide, and he cleared it in 3 steps.

He didn’t look like the patty gorilla type at all. He was very tall, I would estimate between 7 and 8 feet. I went to wrestling and watched Andre the giant walk in and he’s the only thing I’ve ever seen comparable in height. Where it looked like someone was carrying him in until you saw his legs.

But this sasquatch was very thin. His shoulders were wide but he wasn’t heavily muscled like you normally hear about. His hair was either gray or dirty white, I’m not sure. The hair wasn’t very thick either. It was probably about 3 or 4 inches long, but was more thin. He might have been old I don’t know?

He had super big hands with long fingers. I saw him plant one hand on the log as he lept over it. I’ve never seen anything like it.

His legs were very long through the thigh and short in comparison below the knee. He was amazingly quick. He clod hopped over the steam and across the road behind us and he was gone in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

His face was very different looking. It didn’t look human or ape. It was elongated. His nose was wide and flat but had a sharp ridge in the middle. I didn’t see nostrils. He had a good sized forehead. His hair almost parted where the forehead started. He didn’t have much hair on his face. He had it coming from below his cheek bones and and big side burns. I saw his ears, and his chin, but there was nothing distinctive about them. His eyes were fairly deep set and there was a pretty good ridge that ran across above his eyes.

It all happened so fast I know there are things I missed. I don’t remember seeing his feet. Crazy as that sounds.

After he ran away my dad grabbed me and said let’s go, NOW!! We just threw our stuff in the truck and and took off. I asked him if he had ever seen one before and he just nodded his head yes.

He said not to ever tell anyone what happened. Not even my mom. He said that people would tell everyone I was crazy and it would ruin your life.

Like I said before he wasn’t a nice person, but outside our family he was all friendly and loved to tell crazy stories, mostly celebrity related. But he never ever said anything to anyone about sasquatch.

Later as an adult I went and pulled his records at the county to learn about what he’d done because he nor anyone else in our family would talk about it.

I learned that he did some time at Jamestown fire camp up in the mountains. He completed a lumber jacking program. No doubt where he learned to cut wood. I also believe he had sasquatch encounters there.

I say that because unlike a lot of people, I have always known about sasquatch, because my dad watched in search of with Leonard Nimoy. Until your show I never knew anyone else knew that old episode with sasquatch and the yeti. It scared me to death when I was 4 or 5 years old. My dad watched the six million dollar man, my mom still has pictures at Christmas when I was little where they bought me action figures with Steve Austin and sasquatch when he was his nemesis.

When we moved to the mountains when I was 6 I was terrified at night bigfoot was going to come storming in. I know all those years my dad was quietly fascinated with it.

I wish I could have had an honest discussion about it, but he flat refused to talk about it. He passed away in 2014, so I’ll never know all he saw.

Sorry for the novel. I don’t really consider my encounters anything special. It’s pretty tame compared to others.

I’ve spent so many years fighting with myself about this stuff. I’ve never told my wife or my best friend. I’ve never been part of the bigfoot community at all. I started listening to you, and then stopped for over a year because I just wanted to forget about it but I can’t, even after 30 years.

I really appreciate all you’ve done. You make it feel ok to talk about this stuff. You’re really the only person in the bigfoot business I’d trust. You’re a sincere guy, and I really appreciate that.

Thank you for your time.”

I will also be Matt who ran into a ball of light while hunting. He describes seeing a red ball of light that seem to follow them.







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38 Responses to “SC EP:440 Something picked up our trailer”

  1. winkatme

    5,4,3,2,1……. HERE’SSSSSSSSSSSSSS WES! He’s the Johnny Carson of the podcast world. I would like to request some ENIGMA for the background music. ET HEM… Thank YOU so much for everything you do. And to all those brave people who share their stories. NOTHING BUT LUV, WINK

  2. m99

    I couldn’t agree more with you Jason. Wes IS the real thing and I feel blessed everyday to have SC to listen to. I can truthfully say, personally I’ve grown these last couple years. I felt very fortunate to be listening to this show. I thank God that Wes decided to put himself out there, and make this a place for people to share their encounters. He a real gem and he’s got guts for sure. 🙂

    • m99

      Hey Matt~ What a great description of what ya’ll saw. I was thinking to myself ‘it’s evil’, then you said it. I think disembodied spirit – a demon. They say the difference between a devil and a demon is that once the demon was a Nephilim, a “shade”, a human hybrid giant born of the unholy union of a fallen angel and human woman. Now, that’s pretty crazy sounding, but that’s what the story is. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. Blessings to you and yours. _m99

  3. Lewis S

    Yes people have been taken and eaten, don’t tell the BFRO. It upsets the nitwits about the big n’ fuzzies. They have lost respect for our response to aggression and think we will sit back and be food for them.

  4. Doug K

    Hey Wes!!! Big thank yous to Jason and also to Matt for sharing these two awesome encounters. Thanks guys. YEEEEE HAWWWW!!!!!

  5. Kim S

    Jase brother your pops would love to tell you that he’d just love to tell you all bout it now that he’s out of body…(he knows he should’ve said more..now) you two talk anyway..you know this.? Second encounter, it’s just like you and I but without a body just an energy form ok…like who we are on the inside good or bad…I’ll leave it simple.

  6. Janetta V

    Both episodes were great Wes. I think you are right about the balls of light. When you see them it’s time to get out of there. If no one else knows, that coon dog did. For some reason animals know, and I think our Creator built that in to animals…they know. Thanks to both guests.

  7. sarah e

    Awesome ! Love hearing more about the lights. Must have SnowWhite on. She’s interacting with something? using small objects left on her outdoor railings. We Love ya Wess from Wisconsin

  8. Bal G

    More shows on the lights please! This is fascinating and creepy at the same time. Seriously Wes, if you dedicated the next 10 shows on this subject, I would be all ears. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  9. Christian L

    What is interesting about the lights is people say Evil but….are there accounts of aggression or worse? It seems like everyone says the same thing….they are evil but keep their distance soo how evil are they really? They never seem to focus their evil on us….so maybe if they are evil we are just bystanders and the lights have another mission which has nothing to do with us.

  10. Robert B

    Totally agree! More shows on the lights!! I’ve been hit in the head by one, and it absolutely did affect me for over a month. I would love to know what the hell that was!!!
    The one that hit me was about the size of a softball, and an off white. When it hit, it wasn’t like getting hit with something solid. It felt more like a puff of air, but there was something solid about it too. I’ve watched the video I was shooting at the moment I got hit. I’m convinced it was a malevolent attack. It was supposed to hit me in the back of the head, but I unexpectedly turned around reaching for one of my other cameras that had a dead battery, and it was right there. Pop, in the forehead above my right eye. I freaked out for a good 3 minutes, because I knew what had happened. I wish I had a camera pointed in that direction, instead of the other way. I had all kinds of battery issues that day. Something was sucking batteries down just about as fast as I could get them in the camera, or in the audio recorders. Interestingly enough though, they left the batteries in my EMF detector alone. They were the same AA batteries that were in the audio recorder. I don’t know. It was the absolute strangest day of my life. But I did get Big Red on camera. I got yelled at, I got hooted at, I got zapped, I had strange metallic sounds coming from the air above me. First it sounded like the worlds biggest woodpecker, then the rhythmic sound started having a whistle quality to it, then it became very metallic sounding. When it started sounding metallic, I turned and started heading out. Then it finally stopped. But the sound was very loud, and sounded as if it was coming from the air above me, just like everywhere. That was a very strange day…. Bob in Germany

  11. NHSquatcher

    As a subscriber how come I can no longer download these to my player? Does this mean I can’t save my paid episodes anymore?

    • m99

      Please send an email to Wes to tell him this: wes@sasquatchchronicles.com

      I’d probably do that and start a thread in the forum. That way a’ moderator could help you with the technical aspect. My question too is, did you use the new player to download? How about trying the old player link? Hope I’m not being dumb & hope it works out for you.

  12. David R

    Thanks Wes, Matt and Jason! Joe Rogan is a JOKE! When he had Les Stroud on he seemed open minded to it, but I’m probably wrong. When it comes to the Browns property I live in the same county, and would like to visit them!

    • m99

      Totally agree with you David R. I can’t listen to him for long. He’s annoying. I liked it when Wes posted their chat. Isn’t he the one where Wes said he was a very small man (maybe he said ‘short guy’, I thought, ‘small man).

      Are the Browns still recording? I don’t know. I have been thinking about it since it was recently mentioned. I know I’d be nervous if I were Sarah, having little kids playing in the yard. Didn’t she say they were stopping the research? Could be I dreamed it.

  13. Annelise B

    Wes, also all the other listeners, I’ve been listening to Sasquatch Chronicles since the very beginning…I knew almost nothing about Sasquatch beforehand. Have not missed an episode, EVER, and I honestly feel like a member of an enlightened group of human beings, to have shared this journey with Wes, and all of the other loyal listeners. Truly, we know something that very few other humans know..!! It’s a vast amount of knowledge, all put together…years of weekly shows!! Thank you so much, Wes!! Much love, Annelise 🙂

    • m99

      That’s very cool Annelise. So is your name! Thanks for stating all of the above. Sometimes it sems like I’m trying to kiss up, and ‘tamper down’ the kudos! But, Wes is Wes, and he can handle it. I like the fact that he is growing too, you can hear it in his voice, and he has maintained humility and respect for the people he interviews. Amazing place.

  14. Wolfgang M

    Kings Canyon in Sequoia is where I go camping every year. My girlfriend and I had a weird experience though. I can’t attribute it to bigfoot but it was dang odd.

      • Wolfgang M

        We stayed at Kings Canyon Sequoia National Park. We took the nearest hardest hike all the way up a mountain by a waterfall. my girlfriend intermittently yells “hey bear” really loud. But several times while scaling this hill she does a whooping call. No responses of course. Everything seems dead up there. Like no bear, nothing. So as we make our descent, she is yelling “hey bear” again and startles something in the woods near us. Bushes shaking like it was something really big. Then we hear a wood break, but it was so loud it sounded like a gun going off. Not like a small branch. Like a fresh tree exploding. I immediately think we stumbled on a bear so I pulled the pistola because we were way too close for comfort. Now it could have been a bear or a deer. But once we heard this loud shotgun like tree snap, it got quiet. Any other animal would crash through the woods to get away from us. But this one stayed. It got real still and didn’t move. We couldn’t see what it was. It made two sudden moves in the forest and stopped like it knew it made a mistake. We don’t know what it was. I just figured a scared animal would run. It’s possible my girlfriend called a curious bigfoot in. I am positive had it been a bear it would have ran, we’ve stumbled upon bear before in that area. I just don’t know how a bear could break a tree or whatever it was to make it that loud.

  15. Mauri G

    Love the lights episodes!! Right now I’m reading Hunt for the Skinwalker,in it they talk about a blood red orb seen on property as well as a bright blue one that caused intense fear in the family and the NIDS scientist which they could not explain why it made them feel this way!! I just don’t know what the lights,orbs are,in the ghost shows they say they are spirits and sometimes demons I do believe that some how some way all if this stuff is connected.Ine more thing also on the ghost hunter shows there batteries will drain and the orbs will sometimes change there emotions just as in the Bigfoot encounters some people describe.

  16. Frank S

    wolfgang; sounds like you had yourself a bigfoot moment; im sure you guys were in the company of one the big fellas.
    really cool. glad you made it out of there in one piece. nice story and great experience: for sure……..

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