Jan 12

What Does The President Want Us To Know About UFOs?

I do not want to spark a political debate but some of you might find this interesting. RT News reports “Buried deep in the COVID emergency relief bill signed by Donald Trump was a new law giving the secretary of defense and the director of national intelligence 180 days to provide Congress with an unclassified report about ‘unidentified aerial phenomena,’ or, as the rest of us know them, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

The report is required to include ‘a detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or held’ by almost all US intelligence agencies.
It must also include ‘identification of any incidents or patterns that indicate a potential adversary may have achieved breakthrough aerospace capabilities that could put United States strategic or conventional forces at risk.’

Whether the Biden administration actually goes through with it, time will tell, but the questions is, what does Trump know? He did introduce the new Space Force after all!”

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  1. Charles R

    I know Pres. Trump was briefed on at least the Navy Pilot videos that surfaced first on Dec. 17, 2017 back in 2019. Reporters asked him at that time if he believed and his response was not particularly. Then you have Don Jr.s question a few months ago that may or may not hint that he knows a lot, and of course the Space Force. Just guessing, and I doubt he knows any more than is currently available to the public, but that is still a lot, especially with the History Channel series Unidentified now 2 season in with particular emphasis on military and commercial pilots coming out with their experiences. However it seems we are moving into the realm of disclosure, something Dr. Steven Bassett has been leading the way towards for over 2 decades.

  2. Mark R

    Not to hijack the post but The Vast of Night is on Amazon Prime now. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Snappy dialog and it pays homage to sci fi pioneers that should be honored. Low budget sci fi bliss!

  3. Linda B

    Looks to me it was Israel that came out with the story and president Trump did something with our military to defend us. Great. Thank God he did if “society is not ready for it”. The alien stuff has always been the most scary for me. We watched the movie Signs a few years ago and afterwards my husband made a scratching sound on the window screen as he stood outside the kitchen window. I jumped a foot. Well, when I looked, he had my dad’s deer head trophy jumping up and down in the window. Crap. . If they are linked in a similar category along with ghosts and cryptids (as discussed in a recent SC episode) think its time we get ourselves right with God folks. There’s a lot of us out here who think Jesus will be coming back before these things are all unleashed.

  4. Lisa B

    I believe it was Trumps way of shining a light on, what’s been hidden from us, the American people, for decades. There must be something there if he found it necessary to release. Hopefully the subject of Sasquatch will be in the mix. We all know the government knows what they are.

  5. Clifford B

    Well I grew up in Kent Ohio , where a notorious encounter occurred 1 town over in Ravenna Oh. 4 police officers chased the flying discs through multiple municipalities until the disc went north , ad in straight up and into the sky . The 4 cops all resigned from there careers in law enforcement within a month of the encounter . Since that happened it felt like a no brained in our neck of the globe . Of course we have visitors.

  6. Andrew F

    I think that the government only release what they have to. Look at the UFO stories trail. First big slip up was the initial Roswell newspaper story saying that flying discs had crashed. The US Navy’s footage of alien craft was finally released to the public after years of denial and subterfuge and leaks. And when individuals came forward such as a former Canadian minister, many retired military, ex Area 51 workers, and events unfolded such as the Belgian triangles, Rendlesham Forest UFO and various sightings in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, etc….. the American government became obliged to offer a response. So, let’s call on our “heroic” President to save the day by forming the Space Force. I’ve heard Flash Gordon and Superman will be lending a hand too!

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