Jan 12

Interview With Linda Pomranky

Bigfoot And The Citizen Scientist Podcast interviews Linda Pomranky regarding her encounters.

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  1. Jason H

    Went to that west branch conference in 2019, my 1st one , sorry to say it was a disappointment. That’s being nice. But they did have a witness from western Michigan with an encounter ,and see she was really shook up.

  2. Amy H

    This fella must be new. His technique needs refinement. She was a gracious guest and probably good at this point in this guys podcast career. It does always seem everyone, except Wes, feels compelled to tell their “story” instead of digging into the guests sighting.

    There is a lady named Connie Willis, another podcaster,who does a good job interviewing guests but her podcast is $$$.

    I couldn’t finish this one….

    • Charles R

      Connie Willis is also a guest host for Coast to Coast AM about once a month on the weekends as is big into Bigfoot.

      As for t Linda Pomranky I missed her episode number 300 as in 2017 I was working 80 hour weeks so I went back yesterday and listened, mainly because she lives in Midland County, MI where I grew up ( Midland, MI ) and her childhood sighting at 13 and then later encounter also took place. I think some of my relatives and best friend ( RIP Mike, passed in 2008 ) probably know some of her relatives. I had one ( and possibly another ) close encounter in the outskirts of Midland County in 1996 when one was screaming that woman being killed scream in my best friends backyard where he owned 10 acres of which 8 were wooded with lots of other woods around like she described to Wes. I still go up their a couple of times per year and would be neat to converse with her and compare experiences, but I am not on the book of faces.

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