Jan 13

The Confessionals Podcast: The Bigfoot Lights

Tony writes “In episode 303: The Bigfoot Lights, we talk to Dustin who is a Native American with some amazing experiences. It all started out when he and his ex-girlfriend were driving back home from college to show off their new baby girl to their families. On their drive that night they saw a strange streaking light that was soon accompanied by more. As this experience continues these lights seemed to be very aware of them and triangulated on them as they drove. What follows is more lights coming from the lights in the sky, dropping down and following them as they drove. Dustin consulted with a medicine man that told him these lights were bigfoot and they call them the star people.”

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  1. Jeffrey S

    Yes, we tend to have strong emotions attached to whatever we have been indoctrinated with. The more intense or deep the indoctrination, the more intense our emotions are concerning the belief/s. I contend that the stronger the emotion when defending an indoctrinated belief, the more likely the now deep belief is most likely an untruth. The basis and supporting nomenclature that is the belief, is known by the indoctrinated’s soul, subconscious mind or the universal inherited truth that well may be in our DNA to be bullshit.
    When a truth simply is reality, not fantasy created by mans mental gymnastics, doesn’t respond with emotion. The strong emotions displayed, especially in response to a perceived attack to said believe is because the individuals mind’s subconscious ( knows truth) battling with the conscience ( willfully believing otherwise). The more inane the emotional outburst, the more bullshit is the belief. This is root of most of our social mental problems. Too much indoctrinated bullshit in our heads! Lol!

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