Sep 18

Tomorrow Night’s Show

I am moving the members show to tomorrow night. I am sad to report that I am going to say goodbye today to my loyal friend and companion, my dog Cola. He is 16 years old and has lived like a king since I rescued him from a kill shelter 10 years ago. Since I got back from Utah he hasn’t been eating or walking well because of his hips. He has lost a lot of weight.

It is something I do not want to do. If I could get out of it I would but I will put my selfishness a side and do the right thing. Its been a hell of a week, not sure how much more my heart can take.

I apologize for the last two weeks I know with the event in Utah it messed up the weekly flow. Kerry’s untimely death and now I say goodbye to the best dog a guy could ask for.

I will return tomorrow.

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    • Christina C

      I’m so sorry Wes. I lost my best dog of 16 years the beginning of this year. We have also lost my mother in law, grandma in law and my brother in-laws Dad in the last 18 months so my heart and prayers go out to you and Kerry’s family. He seemed to be a kind man. Faith in God and the knowledge they are safe with him now has pulled us through. I so appreciate you and what you do, you have no idea

        • cyndie r

          My vet always reminds me that it is gift. Even though it can be gut wrenching, it is the last act of kindness you can give a pet to not let them suffer. The physical suffering causes anxiety and additional emotional suffering. When you choose to stop the suffering you have done a kind and loving thing.

  1. Linda B

    Oh Wes, I’m so sorry. It’s too much, dear friend. I will pray God will strengthen you and give you some peace. Don’t even worry about the show. We all love you very much and we have all been there when trouble comes. Take care of yourself, please. God bless and keep you.

  2. Kim R

    So very sorry. It’s the hardest and most unselfish decision that we can make for our beloved pets. Prayers with you during these emotional times of losing some of your best friends. Until you all meet again.

  3. m99

    Wow. That’s heart breaking Wes. We love how you love your pet. Our last pet to die was a cat who was 20 years old. We had her cremated and have her urn and pictures on the enty way. It is my belief, we’ll see our loved ones AND loved pets again. Sorry for the loss of your pet and your friend. God Bless you Wes.

  4. Josephine L

    Oh Wes, my heart aches too…I’m sorry for all the recent losses. Most important, take care of you and we’ll be here for when the time comes. I, too believe we will all see each other again. Sending love & prayers for you & Cola ????❤

  5. Lisa S

    Wes, I join everyone else in my prayers for you with this very hard time of losing Kerry, and now your best friend. We’ve lost one dog and have a senior right now in our house and do not look forward at all to that day. Don’t worry about us. Please take care of yourself first. Thank you for all you do for us. Prayers for comfort and peace. ????.

  6. Kathy K

    So Sorry to hear that you lost your beloved dog Cola, I firmly believe that we will see our beloved pets in the afterlife. I’m going to a pet cemetery in Massachusetts when my time comes to be buried with my four dogs…I’ll tell Cola when I see her/him at the Rainbow Bridge that you loved her deeply and that you missed her…

  7. Ryan W

    Wes, take care of yourself and your well-being. sometimes when it rains it just pours. praying for you and your family in such a trying and painful week. We all adore and appreciate you deeply. Praying for comfort, peace, and solace for you

  8. Chad C

    So sorry my dude. Sometimes life doesn’t let up…my pup is 13 and at the very end as well with his hips and seizures. I know it’s coming, so I feel for you. We just gotta try and get back up!

  9. Tommy

    Wes, You have embraced us by basically putting your PERSONAL life out here for all the world to see. That’s great when times are good, and we cheer and Laugh with you along the Sasquatch Chronicles Journey. You should also know that when LIFE gives you hard times, WE ARE ALSO WITH YOU through troubled waters.
    I was a GUEST on your show (episode #442, sasquatch saves child) You treated me with respect and kindness and I appreciate that Wes.
    The same day the world was mourning the loss of KERRY, I also lost MY brother JOSEPH LAWRENCE to a heart attack. Joe was also a ‘knower’ and also liked to listen to stories on your channel. when everything swings back toward normal, I hope that we can have a chat. I wish you ‘God’s Peace’ through these troubled times, Tommy in Minnesota

  10. Mike C

    I’m so, so sorry. went through the same thing twice in December With Duncan, then in March with Callaway, they were 14 and 16. They’re family, and I still mourn them.

  11. Blair M

    Wes, our dogs are part of us because they give us unconditional love. Our hearts grow larger when we have a dog that loves us and that we love back. When it’s time to allow them to be free from pain and suffering, too often we become selfish and make them hang on. But the right thing, the loving thing, is to let them go quickly and painlessly.

    My thoughts are with you, Wes.

  12. Karla G

    No apologies, Wes. You’re going through my worst nightmare. Some people just don’t understand. It’s not “just a dog.” It’s a family member, that you can love just as much as another human being. Maybe even more. My dog is my best friend. I dread the day I might have to make that decision. You’re doing the right thing. I just don’t know if I could do it. But good for you for putting Cola first. It shows that you genuinely love him. It’s not fair. I don’t know why God made man’s best friend with such a much shorter lifespan than man. It’s just not fair. Take all the time you need. Bless you and Cola. You rescued him once, and now you’re doing it again. ~Karla Guffie

  13. Kelly S

    When my ex & I had to make the decision to euthanize our cat, the vet tech said ‘it’s the last nice thing you can do for him.’ As I watched peace settle over him, I realized she was right. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt like hell.

    So sorry for all the hurt you have experienced this week. Sending lots of positivity your way. Take care.

  14. Maria G

    oh Wes I’m so sorry to hear this news. Pets are family too and it’s so very painful to say goodbye. Please find comfort in knowing that he will be in a better place and I believe our beloved animals go to heaven too. I can relate to how hard it is. Peace Wes and we’ll still be here when you get back. Big hugs
    P.S if you have a pic of Cola I’m sure many of us would love it if you could post it for us. RIP Cola

  15. Piper M

    Putting our selfishness aside to help our most loved pets cross over to the other side when they have lost quality of life and are suffering is one of the most difficult things a person can do. We question ourselves a thousand times even when we know we are doing the right thing deep down. Cola is so blessed to be loved by you, to have been rescued by you and to have become your “somebody”. I pray that Cola crosses quickly and peacefully and that your higher power holds your heart in their hands and gives you comfort today and in these coming days which will certainly be difficult. I am giving you a hug Wes and sending all the love I can your and Colas way today and always.

  16. Denise F

    Oh Wes, my thoughts are with you.

    I had a best friend named Brady, golden retriever, who developed hip dyslexia. He was only 12 when I had to help him get up and down every time he needed to. I must admit I fed him too many chicken nuggets, lol, but he sure did look good with those few extra pounds ???? He was a good friend and a loyal companion like your sweetie was to you….I’m sure.

    The hardest drives are the ones to the vets office but I kept saying that I was doing it while he still had some dignity.

    Be well Wes and I’m pretty sure life will get better….one day at a time ????

  17. Lee N

    Hey Wes, so sorry to hear of all the grief that you have had to deal with! Sounds like Cola will have a new friend waiting in Heaven. Kerry will be getting a great loyal dog! I’ve lived through lose like your experiencing. It’s brutal! Only advice is take it a day at a time. Your dog and friend Kerry would want you to live life to the fullest. God Bless! Love ya man.

  18. Terry R

    It’s a sad day Wes. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. We can’t have pets any longer because we can’t deal with the pain of their passing. Just the memory of their passing bring tears to my eyes. Peace be with you Brother, it’s never easy even as the years pass.

    • Chad W

      We feel the same way right now, Terry. We recently had to put our beloved rescue dog down, and it just tore our hearts out. We feel like we simply can’t go through that pain again, and can’t get another dog. Time will tell if we continue to feel this way as the years go by.

  19. Timothy D

    No man or woman, should be asked to bear the loss of two close friends in the same week. And yet the Grim Reaper has no conscience nor understanding of time. What you do have, Wes, is a family and community of people who love you.
    More than anything, we are called to help bear one another’s burdens. That is the highest calling and the nature of friendship itself.
    We are here for you, and with you.
    Our loving God, who defeated death, will not be deterred by even the deepest grief. Love will always win in the end.
    Hang in there, brother. This too shall pass. Tim

  20. Karen H

    So very sad and truly heartbroken for you. The stabbing pain of loss is bad enough when we lose someone we love. The pain from the loss of a beloved 4 legged best friend hurts beyond words. You are having to suffer from both and there are many people tonight that instead of listening to your words will be praying for your broken heart.

  21. david b

    I am sorry about your dog. I have had many through out the years. Most were hunting dogs, and they become your best friend. And Kerry passing, he touched a lot of lives including my own, and I never met the man. Prayers for all!

  22. Chris422

    I moved to Texas and had to leave my best friend behind to try and start a life with my soulmate…so I understand the pain in losing that special friend.
    Cola will be waiting for you one day.

    If this helps: A long time ago I stopped looking for a new buddy to fill the void of those that I lost. I didn’t like the idea of replacing buddies.

    So I went a time without a shadow following me around. Then one-day, by ‘Chance’, my new friend came into my life….one that found me sitting on my porch. She was a good friend.

    I hope you get some rest and take care of yourself.

  23. Melissa K

    Wes, I am so sorry, When you love that much and get it right back, the hurt is immeasurable. I have lost a rescue pet, too.
    Please find some comfort in that from the time you walked into that shelter, Cola became one of the luckiest dogs in the world!
    He could not have had a better life because of you.
    Take as much time as you need. Melissa

  24. Bob M

    My condolences Wes. I’ve had to have a dog euthanized because of injuries she sustained and it broke my heart. Fortunately I found another great dog.
    May your heart heal over time.

  25. Chad W

    That is so hard, Wes. That pain is deep. You have my deepest condolences. Our 13-year-old rescue dog recently passed, and it was simply heartbreaking. He was everyone’s favorite family member. We’ll always love him.

  26. Deedee H

    Take time for yourself Wes, 2 big losses in one week is a lot. We can wait for the next show for as long as you need, I am so sorry to hear about your dear friend and my condolences go out to his wife and family. I do remember his encounter story and he tells it so well, now I’ll never forget it. And Wes, I am so so sorry to hear about your pup, they become family members but, in a unique and special way and when we have to say goodbye it’s almost unbearable. I think about my rescue lab mix named Stella every day, she was 11 when she left us. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  27. Christopher P

    Wes,I am so sorry about Cola I just lost my best friend and co-pilot Frankie (15) it’s not easy your doing the right thing but you know that.I wish Kerry’s family the very best he surely will be missed very kind and caring man. Hang in there and Thank you for all you do you do an amazing job.

  28. Candice N

    So sorry, Wes. We put our old girl Blossy down a few months ago. The thing that had always frightened me about being a dog owner was that I might have to “play God” one day and decide to end my dog’s life. I realize now, after my experience, that if you make your decision correctly it’s really a mercy. Certainly better than the alternative. I’m sure you gave him the best life, and you gave him a full life, and that’s a wonderful thing. I hope you find peace in that knowledge.

  29. Claire L

    My condolences, Wes, I had to have my dog Dave put to sleep on Friday morning. He was 15 and a half and couldn’t go on any longer. It was well and quickly done by our veterinarian but it destroys you. I have lost my best friend and constant companion and feel as if my hear5 has been torn out right now. Good bless you. Cx.

  30. Amy H

    Take your time Wes. We can wait. Grieve and remember one of the best critters life gave you. They never last long enough but they give more loyalty and love than most humans you’ll ever know or encounter. Sad, but at least we get to experience the joy of true and faithful companionship for a little while. Cola knew you were his/her friend and forever home and he/she spent his/her life letting you know how thankful for it he/she was. Dogs are a gift and those who know that truly experienced unconditional love. You are lucky….

  31. Emily B

    Take all the time you need. I know how painful it is to lose a furry family member. I’m so sorry for the loss of Cola, but when you rescued him from a kill shelter his new life with you began. A life filled with love, warmth, play and a forever family to grow old with.

  32. Jewell H

    oh no poor Cola ???? poor you, Wes. ????
    this is the worst news ever, I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a loved one. And our animal companions can be some of the most loved. I’m so sorry to hear about this. please take your time to heal.

  33. Lisa H

    So sorry It’s so difficult to lose our beloved pets Do what u need to do to get thru this This is your show Wes & your livelihood, we r fortunate to have u I’m so thankful for your show & this community. When I lose a pet I have to focus on how I had given them the best life ever in order to move thru the loss God Bless from Basalt CO

  34. Shellie K

    My heart breaks for you Wes. You were Cola’s saving angel and bless you for giving him so much love. We all know how you feel about your dogs. Being brave enough to set him free is the last, best gift you can give him. He would thank you. Take whatever time you need. Praying for you and Cola to have peace.

  35. Connie O

    Wes, as everyone else has said, my heart aches for you. You gave Cola, a long life, a wonderful life! You were selfless, not selfish, in your decision. Two days after I had to put my Benny down, I heard his collar with tags shake at the top of the stairs. I truly believe our wonderful pets live on. I’m sorry for the other losses you have had to endure this year. Try to rest and know you are loved by so many. Rain, rain, go away! ❤️

  36. Juan D

    No apologies necessary, despite your understandable grief, all is going to be well. Just know that the first faces to greet you in the after this life are furry ones.

  37. Tara G

    Oh Wes, I am so sorry about your friend & your dog.
    Those are hard hits. I had to put my Sophie dog down a few years ago . It was not an easy decision, but one that had to be made . You & Cola are in my prayers.
    Much love to you.

  38. Kerry H

    when I lost my dog two years ago it broke my heart just the same as when my mum passed away. I didn’t realise that this beautiful furry friend could make my heart ache so much. my heart goes out to you. He will be by your side always. Perhaps Kerry will be waiting for him to look after him for you. ????????❤️

  39. pam

    Oh Wes, take your time.
    I have had to do it; many here too, I would think.
    Two death-versaries you’ll not forget.
    Someone I know lost their doggie yesterday- and she is NOT a Bigfoot person, does not know about our friends death. But , she got another rescue today and named him Kerry ! Coincidence?

  40. pam

    Oh Wes, take your time.
    I have had to do it; many here too, I would think.
    Two death-versaries you’ll not forget.
    Someone I know lost their doggie yesterday- and she is NOT a Bigfoot person, does not know about our friends death. But , she got another rescue today and named him Kerry ! Coincidence?
    My life is FULL of them…..

  41. Nick T

    So sad to loose a dog, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I have lost 2 in the past and have a 14, almost 15 yr. old pit mix that is very much a part of my family, it’s only a matter of time for her. I do know your loss and it does suck. take care. Nick.

  42. ruben c

    Wes, No need to apologize. I , like many others here posting know the experience, and the emotional crash. I am starting to feel emotional as I read your words. Yes, You and us treat our family as KINGS, they deserve every ounce of LOVE. God bless and stay strong. I valve all the work you provide

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