Sep 19

Tonight’s Show: Encounter While Hunting In A Tree Stand

Chip writes “1978 or 79, my parents had built their dream home in a golf course subdivision out in the country kind of between the city & the closest 2 “bedroom communities” in the next county to the south. It was fairly remote at the time.
Surrounded by dying dairy farms, woods, abandoned rail spurs, creeks, ponds & lakes. I was 10 or 11, our house fronted on a long hole of the golf course, and the other side of the fairway was woods, at least a quarter section deep before the next road-I recall waking up to something that filled the entire window of my ground floor bedroom window-it was an almost floor-ceiling double hung window-I felt called or urged or encouraged to come to the window, but I was scared to, although I didn’t feel threatened or endangered, just afraid of the unknown I guess. I didn’t approach but I watched – all I could see was a huge shape that filled the window & was side-lit & slightly backlit by the moon, I could tell it was animate, moving & it was almost like it was talking in my head to come to it, not to be afraid, etc. The next day I asked my little brother whom I shared the bedroom with If he saw or heard anything, he hadn’t. I think I convinced myself I was dreaming. This occurred not 3 miles as the crow flies from a sighting that I found on BFRO under Missouri, Greene County, from 1983. Interestingly enough if you read this entry:

This same place (we called it Winoka) was a place my buddies & I frequented from about age 12 thru high school.

Over 40 years later I had encounter in southern Dallas County MO between Buffalo & Windyville while deer hunting, paced in the woods, touched on my boot while in deer stand.”

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  1. Brian L

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