Jun 20

SC EP:116 Reported Sasquatch Sounds


I hope all of the dads who listen to the show have a great Father’s Day tomorrow. I am going to go ahead and release the show tonight. Have a great weekend!

My guest tonight is Randy Savig who is a member of the MABRC, which is the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center.


You can visit their site at www.mid-americabigfoot.com/


Tonight Randy will be sharing his audio recordings from the field with us along with encounter stories that he has investigated and his own encounters. Randy grew up interested in Bigfoot because of his brother who encountered one when they were children. Later in life Randy was unable to work and had time to research the topic again. After his own encounter Randy decided to learn how to cut and edit audio and has focused on collecting audio every chance he gets. We will listen to Randys audio and compare it to other reported Sasquatch sounds. Randy will also share with us a family farm he investigated that had several strange things going on and how several family members saw the creatures.

If you have had an encounter and would like to come on the show email me wes@sasquatchchronicles.com



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  1. Papa - Yeti

    Another great show Wes, thanks. Wes, if Texas washes out, (no pun intended) then contact the Navajo Dine people. They have had decades of encounters and weird activity down there in the four corners region.

    Upon another note: those pour folks in Texas and Oklahoma have had their world tuned upside down and or destroyed. but as with the homes or people so must have the Dogmen and Sasquatches lost much from the huge storms. There has to be a lot of activity and movement in those regions, to include territory disputes / fights.

    • Ted L

      I agree with Papa Yeti this might be a once in a decade or century event that has decimated large portions if not all of particular family ranges. There will be mass movement and encroachment into other family territories that will undoubtedly cause friction at the least perhaps all out battles as stronger groups displace weaker groups. With wildlife displaced local livestock normally left alone will be perhaps not so safe anymore. Researchers around the country ought to try and help the local researchers with equipment and field people get out there and get these known areas under surveillance. Happy Father’s Day to all the alpha males out there, don’t forget to thank the alpha females for making it all happen… we all know without them there would be nothing to celebrate.

  2. Mary W

    Wasn’t there some naval code guy ( linguist?) who studies languages and concluded that the sasquatch have a language? He used the Moorhead sounds to study. His young son got him interested in it from a project he was doing for his school work. I think he worked on it for several years before reaching his conclusion

  3. jamie smith

    Great show. But if these creatures are smart enough to figure out what sound you respond to (your name) then they mimic it to try and get you to follow it, that is really freaky. When the guest mentioned about 1 st group quiet then 2nd group loud was interesting because I camped at my area last weekend and we arrived first and we were sitting quietly after setting up camp then a group of younger people arrived at sunset, set up their camp about 150 metres away from us and partied, played loud music and talked loud, we just sat there listening and then my mate smelt a shitty smell briefly but I didn’t as I was off getting more rocks to put around the fire we had made. They went to bed at about 9:30 pm and we just continued listening and quietly talking then they all got out of their tents and tuned every light they had on and even got in their 4×4 and used their spot lights too see into the bush behind their camp, they frantically searched for about 10 mins then one of the blokes yells out ” let’s just go back to bed and we will leave in the morning “. We didn’t go and ask what it was but we have our own thoughts on what it was , I just didn’t want to freak that out by asking them if it was a yowie we decided that if they needed our help they would call out but they didn’t so we just stayed up till 1 am and heard absolutely nothing. In the morning they had left before we got up, I have learnt not to mention yowie,bigfoot, etc until someone else says it other wise your the crazy one.

  4. Robert V

    Wes love the information shows like this just as much as the sighting episodes.

    About the sounds. The one chatter clip freaks me out more than the large scream. It sounds so sinister. I feel the reason the mimic stuff is bothersome is the intent. It’s like a duck hunter using decoys and duck sounds to bring in ducks. Isn’t this what the Sasquatch are doing to us when they use our own sounds? Imagine if a woman is in a camping group and they want to kidnap the woman, why not use a baby crying? Is it there hope the woman comes out of the tent to find the baby? This was just an example. How about the dog calls? Or the names? It’s all the same. To me, and I’m not an expert at all, but this is a predatory behavior. Again it’s what we do when we hunt. Banging Antlers together or using duck calls. Just my idea.


  5. Elaine G

    Randy thanks for giving SC your story and recordings on BF, very interesting. Thanks Wes for clearing up the audible also. Not said anything about it before as plenty of peeps listening saying the same thing about the audible (unlistenable), which is crucial for listeners to follow the stories, nothing more annoying than not been able to follow an encounter story.
    Ron Morehead recording very much the same sounds going on which Sasquatch Ontario recorded while he was camping right next to the feeding tree one night while BF was eating where there was more than one of them squabbling over the food he had left out for them. I remember him saying that he had to catch his breath at this time as it scared him. Also find it strange that Sasquatch Ontario has had his You Tube account disabled. He had some of the most amazing audible on BF I have ever listened to.

    I have been listening to BF encounters , dogman encounters etc on Youtube for years now, especially SC and have been reading books also on Neanderthal Man. One thing which sticks out in my mind on reading about Neanderthal Man and written by Jack Couzzo in his book ‘Buried Alive’. He states, verbatim, ‘that Neanderthals were different than us in the size and shape of their face and head. These differences had been attributed to lots of different factors and the Neanderthals were also well-known for their muscular strength. They even had a muscle in their shoulder that was more developed and attached to the side of the shoulder blade in a stronger position. It is in a deeper position rather than attached close to the outer edge. It was called the Teres minor muscle and it helped give them more precise arm control in the throwing motion’. I did find that part most interesting as BF likes to throw things at people who disturb their environment and seems always with good aim too. I do wonder if BF is related in some way, especially after Tracy G ‘s encounter as his description of them is almost exact of that picture in the ‘Them and Us’ book about Neanderthal Man.
    The mind boggles over Bigfoot, which is why I cannot get enough.

    • Wes

      lol if you only knew half of the stuff I have been told by long time researchers who have come across this thing. I may do a dogman show in the future

      • david s

        I’m all for a dogman episode Wes. I think most of us would welcome it. Especially here in SE WI where it has been seen allot.
        I might be able to track down a guy who made the news in Milwaukee a few years ago. He had a dogman take a deer carcass out of the back of his pickup.

  6. Cindie M

    Wes, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!! I loved the show! I am from Missouri. That is pronounced with a long E on the end !!!! Lol.

    All kidding aside, I’m was so excited to confirm Missouri is rockin’ with Sasquatch. I will be checking when the next open “adventure” is. I live an hour west of St Louis. I have not had any encounters, however this past May while camping at Montauk State Park, I heard a loud howling. It was not close and came from up a high ridge or hill outside the park. It was followed by what sounded like a coyote. This was about 11:30 pm or so. We had just finished setting the tent up and I was inside organizing. I actually kind of chuckled out loud and smiled! Thank you for everything you do!

  7. Gabriel H

    Yeah the Dogman stuff is truly intimidating. Thank-you Randy. Thank-you Wes. And a thank-you & back at ya’s for the fathers out there. I raise my three by myself and I tell ya…

    You know what I found interesting with the audio? First off great work Randy. Gratitude for your contributions Sir. SO many witnesses describe the typical forest-going-quiet phenomena leading into a sighting. This isn’t the case with audio recordings – like Randy’s for example. So what is it? Is it more a case of witnesses becoming hyper-alert? I know in the instances I have had this happen in the forest it’s like waking up, even though I was already awake. It’s interesting – the discrepancy in this area. Do we have any audio recordings of spontaneous sightings?

  8. Papa - Yeti

    You can delete that last large posting Wes, it was a very bad night for the Dyslexia. I can rear write it in English this time, if you want me to? : ) its about Fire awareness and the suggestion of a fire shelter for those going out and into remote / isolated areas to search out Sasquatch and or Dogmen – in the heated months of summer. because forest fires can erupt and block exits roads and routes of travel. those few extra pounds may safe someones that becomes trapped and from their bacon burning to a crisp.

  9. Janetta V

    Hey Wes, Randy seems like a very nice guy. I liked the show. Everything he said was so believeable. The part about the hyenas was a surprise, but with all the crazy things popping up in this world I believed that too. I agree with you about the mimic calls these creatures do. It’s not only disturbing and weird, but we don’t want to think they are that intelligent, that’s even spookier. Hope Randy reports back. Appreciate the show Wes.

  10. Melanie W

    Great show once again, Wes! Your guest, Randy Savig, sounded logical and rational. He wasn’t jumping to conclusions without clear proof or documentation. To be honest, some of his recordings gave me the shivers for the simple fact that he was such a rational investigator. Keep it coming, Wes! We’re loving it!

  11. Cindie M

    Wes, I loved the show! I am from Missouri. That is pronounced with a long E on the end !!!! Randy was born in Minnesota, which is why pronounces the ‘I’ as an ‘A’!!!!! Lol.

    All kidding aside, I’m was so excited to confirm Missouri is rockin’ with Sasquatch. I will be checking when the next open “adventure” is. I live an hour west of St Louis. I have not had any encounters, however this past May while camping at Montauk State Park, I heard a loud scream. It was not close, it sounded like it came from a high ridge or hill outside the park. It was followed by what sounded like a coyote. This was about 11:30 pm or so. We had just finished setting the tent up and I was inside organizing. I actually kind of chuckled out loud and smiled! This aas not the first time I have heard this while camping in this state park. Thank you for everything you do!

  12. Steve E

    OK , sorry for the late reply but I have some comments of the sounds that start around 19:48:

    Sure I hear some strange grunting too, but I seem to recall dozens of Sasquatch reports that say the entire forest went quiet and all through this recording is a couple of very close birds chirping.

    Anyone else find that odd?

  13. Steven D

    I like the part when wes makes the macho man joke and randy seems like a guy who has had one too many in his life.lol like this poor guy had a normal life and name , until the early 80s when this deep voiced wrestler became a star!! Wes I would of said snap into it…haha great show man randy was great!!

  14. Elaine G

    to me….sasauatch just going about their daily existence , we are the inertlopers in their enviroment.. they are the light of the foest and when encountered the heart is still and all around

  15. Sharon B

    A good friend of mine raised birds and they learned to bark because she also raised dogs… also she would yell to a daughter upstairs in her house and her birds picked that up also… they yelled “Vickie”!

  16. Teri L

    It is pronounced MissourEE not MissourAH – OMG how can we both live in the same state and pronounce it so differently. Great show by the way. Really enjoying your podcast.

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