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SC EP:110 Hunter shoots a Sasquatch

A listener writes, “I still have a hard time understanding what happened to me. I was charged after being hit with a baseball sized rock, after I fell down by my truck it came over the bed of my truck I was able to pull my pistol and shot it over the left eye and it ran away but continued to throw rocks. My encounter is much more than I can write in an email……”

I spoke to the gentleman this morning and he has agreed to come on the show. I find him to be a very credible witness and some of the behaviors he describes I have heard first hand but have not talked about on the show. He was hunting and a rock hit him in the chest, the witness describes how the creature threw the rock which is very interesting because I have heard this “off the air” several times. He caught sight of the creature and ran for his truck. When he got to his truck he threw his rifle in the back and dropped his keys. The witness was upset, shaking and fell to the ground. The creature cleared a distance of 75 yards in a matter of seconds and was now on the other side of his truck. The creature came over the bed of his truck and was within a few feet of him. He describes in detail what it looked like. He said the creature kept screaming at him and was moving closer. He pulled out his pistol and shot it right above its left eye. The caliber he was using was not enough to penetrate the skull but he knows he hit it. He said that the creature let out another scream and ran off. He was able to get into his truck and drive off. As he was driving a soccer ball sized rock hit the rear panel of his truck. As you can imagine the witness still struggles with what happened to him to this day.



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125 Responses to “SC EP:110 Hunter shoots a Sasquatch”

    • Pierre M

      I liked the show Wes great encounter. Plus it came from Oklahoma. These things are around and people need to know. Sometimes hunters unknowingly hunt in territories where theyre hunting or have little ones. If they want u gone they will run you out. I believe this guy was in the wrong place wrong time. They will make sure you dont come back lol. But they are not to be messed with. Even tho people like us go looking for them lmao.

  1. tom b

    OMG, This guy came so close to being dinner. I am sure since it was so close to him, if he had not shot it, it would have killed him. Wow Great Show.

  2. JOSE J


    Doesn’t those chatters remind you of Cha-ka from the Land of the Lost the old TV Show with the high raspy voice…Love the who brotha

    Coach J

  3. Frankie P

    This is a top sighting/experience. I’m so glad he told his story. I feel so sorry for him going through that, but so glad it turned to the right for him. Just amazing!

  4. Eric H

    Great Show…… Interesting encounter, glad to know about the lights, but not convinced yet that they are the full reason, seems to me for James its just a matter of time until things are going to escalate.

  5. Jim D

    Wow, this is best episode I’ve heard since The Insider Parts 1&2 (episodes 67 and 68). Here’s another lifelong hunter who won’t go into the woods alone anymore, that’s sad man. Wes, I think the reason your show is so much better, and will last, (regardless of what the idiot troll community wants to say about you and your show) is for the simple fact that what you are doing is a good thing. It’s almost like a floating AA meeting for Sasquatch encounter-ers . Also, we are all learning things as this program goes along, gone are the days of believing in the inane tactics of the Finding Bigfoot crew, and Sasquatch Ontario’s “Hey Nepathia-I love you buddy” is pure rubbish. What THIS student is learning is the true nature of these dangerous and deadly wild animals. I never want to encounter one of these things in the wild and if I ever do, one thing is for sure I won’t try to make friends with it. When my wife and I go on our vacation late this summer to a cabin on the outskirts of The Smoky Mountains, what I’m learning at these “meetings” may just save our lives-see just like AA…

    • james n

      Hi, My name James and I saw a Bigfoot. LOL. Jim D. Your are 100% correct about Bigfoot AA. Since I shared This encounter with Wes my Encounter does not seem to Haunt me like it did Before. I’m so very Grateful to Wes for this show!

      • james n

        Hey James, I’m the guy from this episode. I agree that this is like AA for us Squatchers. We from the past episodes need to let Wes know how F+-&_ing Awesome this is and how much Wes has helped Us All in dealing with the memory of it. Hell I’m back to hunting, though it’s in the back of my mind I’m not afraid of what I might see out there. Good luck my Squatchers Friend. Jim N.

  6. Dave T

    Awesome show Wes. Thanks James for sharing your life altering encounter. I still go in the woods unarmed most of the time but encounters like this one really have me thinking differently. You know James, an inch or two lower, you might have got that guy right in the eye which would have probably dropped him instantly. That little 22 slug would have rattled around in his big melon like it was in a pinball machine. That’s what’s so deadly about a 22, it doesn’t penetrate well but if it does it ricochets all over the place. These things definately know what guns are so no matter what caliber, it’s better than nothing at all.

    • JAMES B

      More people are killed by accident with a 22 doing just that. And he used a magnum 22. Your right, though in that situation, even being a marksman, I don’t know how accurate I could be while simultaneously trying to swallow my heart back into place.

  7. Jay Carlsen

    MAN ! I just eat this stuff up ! Isn’t it Fascinating ?!?!
    Now isn’t this a Reality KICKER ? That if in fact these things are Real ( & they are ) would this NOT lend credit to all the Myths & legends of Trolls , Goblins , Ogres Mystic Creatures of Human form? Would this not be the Neanderthal , & Pre Humans of the Past ? Of Course it would ! Their are different Forms of these things , What ? 4 types today , it is Guessed . Would they not Be the Pre Humans they told us we evolved from in School ? Well , Yeah . Sure Does .
    For a Creature to come from another Form of animal , would Require over 50,000 Transitional changes . These are Not seen in the Geological Record . One , two , Here & There that they call Transitional Fossils . But if it would take 50,000 changes to get another animal from a Species. Wouldn’t they have More ? You would think so .
    The Heavy Eye Brow , Barrel Chest , & the way they are ” Hidden & Denied ” by the Government . Why ? To keep us from Knowing the Truth ? Seems so to Me . Do they want us to keep from Realizing that we are NOT descended from these Pre Human Creatures after all ? If they are Not a Feral Human , how then can we share a Lineage? Are they a Separate Manor of People ? Yeah , but clearly not us .
    this isn’t the X-Men , Mutation = Loss of information . Every single time observed . Not adding information to the Genome.
    But I am only a Fool , Believe what you will .

    • Gabriel H

      @Jay – isn’t it sort of insane really, to KNOW hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, that these things are completely legitimate; and not only that, but thoroughly estaished THROUGHOUT THE GLOBE. And yet, the sheer amount and the depth of coverup, is incredibly, so INCREDIBLY large that… well… It’s insanity dude. The fuckers running this planet REALLY ARE insane… Take a bite of that… How does THAT taste in your mouth… This is the place we live in people… It’s FOUNDED on FRAUDULENCE. This HAS to stop or we’re all gonna die at the hands of THE PEOPLE WE ELECT!?!?!?!? How fucked up is that….

  8. Jim D

    This is off topic but look at what this little blurb says about David Paulides: Extensive data concerning clusters of mysterious disappearances of visitors to US National Parks have recently been brought to public attention. Media efforts to cover-up the relationship between these HHO antigravity drones and their close association with park visitor abductions and secret underground CIA bases in National Parks have been lead by government-paid disinfo artist David Paulides. Paulides’ book 411: Missing Persons was widely disseminated on all the fake alternative media (covert CIA operations) to implicate Bigfoot and obfuscate the reality of serial military/CIA abductions.

    • Janet B

      Hi Jim…guess it shouldn’t come as any surprise that this grot has been coming out for the last 6 months or so. First it was
      Dave had some less than honest thing in his past…now, he’s a paid patsy for the feds?

      I’m not saying the CIA/military might not be out there abducting people….but BF sure sounds like the better candidate
      either operating on it’s own, or what?….maybe competition with the gov????

      Might I ask where this came from? I’m really beginning to feel that, “they’re”, out to get Dave because he’s getting
      to damned close to figuring it all out.

      Discredit the messenger I guess.

      Thanks for the post Jim.


        • Janet B

          Hi Jim, as I’ve said before, I don’t care what they say about Dave’s, “missteps”….I think he’s doing marvelous work, and work that is much needed and extremely valuable. He’s one of the good guys for me, so much so, that I make small donations to his work…probably don’t help much, but maybe they get the group a box of pens every month. Proud and happy to do
          what little I can to help.


      • Pete M

        Thanks Jan for pointing out the obvious. Regardless of what Dave gets accused of, he’s no Fed. These things are abducting and eating people, he’s locked on to it, now they claim this or that. I believe him.

          • Janet B

            No worries Pete…I understood. Yup, he’s no Fed…he’s taken them to task on an almost non-stop basis ever since he
            started the Missing 411 investigations.

            Isn’t it SOP for the feds to attempt discredit anyone who gets too close? You’d think by now that they’d realize that
            it doesn’t always work…especially in such professionally developed investigations.

            I’ve always admired the groups strict adherence to a certain set of parameters in the cases they deal with.

            Still hoping that they will look into the disappearance of the former Harlem Globetrotter gentleman….lots of really
            odd things going on with it…especially the point where his car was found…weird.


    • erin f

      David Paulides isnt even human, he comes from the pleiades cluster to implicate bigfoot in mass murder. it’s all about necevar, the galactic war that is going on, bigfoot, aka sallyons are from this cluster as well, but all want them eraticated..so pauldies is sent here to write some books to convince us BFs are bad ass killers of humans so that we help kill them all.

  9. DonRay

    The reason he remembers the inside of nose so well, is that he saw something the brain hasn’t seen before…… All other features, though animal,, still look familiar.. He even noticed groomed hair, again something you dont see on a wild animal… These obscure observations are what confirms to me, a real sighting………..Also, there is a story about a Bowhunter in Alaska that shot a grizzly with his bow, it pissed off the bear.. the hunter got bear hugged..The hunter unloaded his 357 in the mouth of bear,(6 rounds) The bear threw him down and ran off…There is no substitute for a large caliber, so use it…. Great encounter Wes….. Ciao

    • David H

      A Barrett would be nice, (if you have 13,000) but my go to would be an m14 with. …. ?? Gr. H110+168 gr. Horn A MAX = 2850 ish x 20 per mag x 2 per leg +1 in rifle = 100 .308 = 1 OR 2 DEAD Clan of Beasties = 1 on slab !!!!!! IMHO .

    • Steven B

      Hi Michael, With a round like a 22 mag from a handgun, hitting above the thick brow-ridge and shooting from the ground up, it wouldn’t be impacting at a 90 degree angle to the head, more or less, so there would be a good chance of the bullet just entering underneath the the scalp and sliding along the skull just like Wes mentioned about the grizzly and .357 Mag. Still, it can be noted that it was enough to make ole Hungry, Hungry Harry go look for something a little more easy to beat on…and very HAPPILY so for us! 🙂

    • Jay Carlsen

      Yes , I have a Friend with a Pellet in her Skull . & Yes Steven B Angle would be a definitive variable . I was in a Motorcycle Accident when I was 16 years old . When I was Released from the Hospital , my Friend who was driving the Motorcycle when we hit the car Apologized to me that he went home that night & I was left in I.C.U
      I was kinda offended bye this ( Like what are you saying ? That I am a Retard Now ? ( And I HATE that word ) I told him ‘ WHAT The Fuck are you Talking About ? They Let me out ! I am ALL Better Now !’ it was left at that .
      3 days later , My Friend put a 22 Rifle in his Mouth & Ended his own Life . The bullet went through his Pallet of his Mouth & there was No Exit Wound .
      So I could see it bouncing off a Heavy Brow Ridge .

      • james n

        Jay, I’m So very sorry to hear about your friend. I to have a friend that ended his life some 25 years ago and it still Haunts me as to why, what made him do that. and I would say his Death affected me so very much more than my encounter ever did. Best wishes. James N.

    • Ernie S

      When I keep hearing the Chimpanzee type, I always think of it looking and standing like the new POTA – Caesar or Koba looking. Also, I do own the POTA Ceasar Head Bust with Blu Rays and as I look at the face, I keep wondering. That head bust really looks creepy! I feel for those who run into one like this type!

  10. Jan W

    Another great show for the SC.! Also, great audio. As for Paulides being a government disinformation agent, the govt. paid trolls are really scraping the bottom of bridge now. And the CIA can only dream about abducting as skillfully as whatever is doing it our National Parks. I agree with you Janet; Dave is getting too close to uncovering something the powers that be have worked hard to keep under wraps.

  11. Annelise B

    Wes, loved the show! What a terrifying experience for this guy. I was thinking the same–that this was like the human-chimp hybrids in Planet of the Apes…notice how no one ever gets injured by one of these things and lives to tell the tale? I think if they get their hands on you, you’re finished–no way do you live. I also think that probably, they are as individual in character as humans. There are “thug” males, gentle females, and most of them are like most normal humans and just mind their own business. It’s like in that movie Grizzly Man–he spent 13 idyllic summers with normal bears, then got eaten (along with his girlfriend) by that one “bad bear”. When you run into a “thug Sasquatch”, you’re lucky just to get out of that encounter alive…I’ll bet most people are just never heard from again.

  12. Tyler D

    Thanks Wes for getting to my question about the eyes Broseph. Appreciate it man. What you said about the hunter following the sasquatch is pretty fascinating because I’ve actually read one other encounter just like that that came out of Australia. The guy was on horseback taking a ride through rough country. He’s been riding a little ways at this point when right in front of him on the trail he’d been riding on pops out a 6 1/2 foot yowie. Apparently the yowie seemed just as surprised of his presence as the man was with it. The yowie walks down the trail a ways turns towards towards the man and waves encouragingly for the man to follow. The man was completely dumbfounded at what he was seeing and after his horse stopped fussing pursued the beast. He followed the yowie a good ways and every once in a while the animal would turn around just to make sure he was still following. They started to reach a canyon with steep walls on both sides. N as soon as the man approached the entrance he had an overwhelming feeling that something was off. So after a few minutes of contemplating what he should do the man backed up n turned around. When the beast realized the man had turned around the yowie pursued him. The beast was flailing his arms around and whining as if begging the man to come back. The man feeling a bit more uneasy picked up his pace. And about a quarter mile from the canyon the yowie stopped following the man and walked away with a very sad expression on it’s face. I might have forgot a few details of the story but if you guys are interested in looking up the story its on a website called Rex Gilroy Yowie Research or something along those lines

  13. larry h

    this was one of the best shows that I have listen to in quite awhile man that guy was so lucky to have that pistol, one thing I think he should have done was tell his father anything to get him to leave. Wes fantastic job,

  14. Debbie C

    I enjoy your interview with James, he sounds sincere,
    honest gentleman.
    I hope James, his family, dogs and farm animals remain safe from those creators.
    I hope you have an update with James in the near future!
    Great show:)

    One thought…
    I wonder what Bigfoot would do if it saw it’s own reflection
    within a very tall upright mirror?
    How would Sasquatch react?

    • Steven B

      Hi Debbie, I think I can answer that question based on personal observation:
      “…I wonder what Bigfoot would do if it saw it’s own reflection…?” He would react the same way I do every morning when I get up in the morning and see my own reflection in the mirror. His eyes would open wide and then he would squint a little as he can’t believe what he was seeing. There would be a couple of short, high pitched screams, and then he would run blindly through the woods yelling in “Samurai Chatter” the English equivalent of “Samsquanch!!! Samsquanch!!! My EYES!!!! My EYES!!!!”…. 😉 😀

      I hope you don’t mind a irreverent answer to a very good question.

      Just a thought, if it is an “Alpha Male”, and if they are territorial, there might be a lot of posturing followed by some very violent “mirror smashing” that would commence…

  15. Robert P

    With the millions of illegal immigrants coming in the country we will have a one party government very soon. They may admit these creatures exist about the time movement in the wilds is greatly restricted. For environmental reasons of course

  16. Andrew O

    Another brilliant show, and it’s quite gratifying that these guests feel unburdened once they’ve talked to you and taken seriously, but still with appropriate empathy and humour.

    Excellent stuff 🙂

  17. Eddie M

    I understand why James didn’t tell anyone.. Don’t blame hm. You get “oh yeah right” look. Something that literally changed you’re perspective on “things” is a joke. Tough when family or close friend.

  18. Rick C

    Hey this Rick C in Texas , I saw Finding Big Foot last night and that big dork Dildo Fay said “I can’t believe the Indian people are scared of Big Foot ?? Well that really tells me they don’t know what their talking about”—-. He is and they all are idiots!!

    • Jim D

      Rick C—- Earlier in this thread I was referring to Episodes 67 & 68 The Insiders Parts 1 & 2 and it turns out that James Bobo is the guy who initially took his report when he called BFRO about his lone wolf Sasquatch that was killing so many animals in the neighborhood. That guy said that Bobo was pretty much clueless as to the true nature of these beasts and like what you said, I think that Bobo thinks that these things wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    • Eddie M

      The ONLY good part on that show are the “encounter interviews” …. These people are very credible at times…I am sure once they see what the”four stooges” do with their encounter story they regret getting involved. I really think they are part of the “incredible” by intent cover. I know how it feels to be given the “yeah right look”… Finding Bigfoot only makes it harder for people to come forward and The Goofs on That other “Mountain Monster” Show must have a Director telling them to “shout at each other louder”. Why doesn’t someone “PAY” a real Rocket Scientist that can literally call the damn things to do that…IF they actually want to prove it exists…I think they really don’t want to … Pay Day Stops at that point…. Kinda like an Al Sharpton type…He can’t accept his team won… Because that means pay day stops “For Him”. Like everything if you follow the $$ you can usually find the motivation. Personally I do not need proof..I saw “The Proof”. And whatever the female’s name is on Finding BF…I wish a nine foot alpha would grab her up and make an honest woman out of her…perhaps then she would believe. If I was one of their guest’s that was kind of enough to share with them and she questioned my word like she does theirs…I tell them all to stick it.

      • lee d

        Her names renay and to be honest ,I think she’d love a female big foot to carry her off in the sunset .lol she’s as lesbo as bobo the dildo Fay is dumb, all bobo dose is eat I bet he’s a vergin ,unless he payed a hooker.

  19. Sean C

    I can’t help but think, that maybe there are way more than just 4 types as previously thought. Maybe there are as many different types, with different customs, just like people from different continents. There just seems to be too many discrepancies, amongst identified behaviors. Either that’s the case, or certain groups of people are lying, and I just don’t believe that to be the case. It doesn’t seem like people really have much to gain, by fabricating that kind of information, not really. I would continue to be cautious and respectful nonetheless, because you never know what kind of temperament you will encounter with any species anyway.

    Be careful out there in them woods!

    Thanks again Wes, for another awesome show! I love you man, can I have your Bud Light?


    • Eddie M

      If you look at the “Them and Us” corrected painting…That is what Tim Baker said he had been seeing for years in Alabama and Mississippi … That is exactly what I saw in N.C. …It was a “young” ape and did not resemble a humans face in any way other than having a mouth, nose and forward facing eyes. Dark gray/black leathery face… squatted up a tree 30′. A Wood Booger. That Tornado video resembled what I saw a lot…only it was not running but, very close in size. especially when in quad-ped form.

  20. bill l

    great show as always.Not sure about the dog calling. Parrots do mindless mimicing. While I don’t think they speak fluent english or other languages, I think they know what certain words or phrases mean. Like calling the dog,so they can have it for lunch.

  21. erin f

    ive been wondering how we taste… to a sasquatch.. i wonder if they favor a particular part.. maybe the liver? but they dont start fires, so they only know raw meat… like tartar or sushi…

  22. Papa - Yeti

    Armchair Gunslinger says: If would have been much worse for you, if the ugly little Beasts had figured out that you always retrieve something from the bed of the truck before gaining entry to you truck cab before you leave the area. Maybe place a spare ignition / door key in a magnetic key box and slap it under your running board or in your front wheel well. Aka the back – up plan. And don’t go it alone anymore. Personally I’ll be carrying a Henry 45/70 lever action carbine upon my side holster. It won’t be the first time I have carried a big bore lever action carbine into the remote woods while out collecting mushroom with my family. And if I am going to choose a target it’s going to go either under the chin to penetrate on through and take out the throat, / air passage / spinal – cord / envious system. Paralyzed, and can’t access any air, or scream out to call in for reinforcement creatures.

  23. Steven B


    This ole Samsquanch likes the way you think: “if I am going to choose a target it’s going to go either under the chin to penetrate on through and take out the throat, / air passage / spinal – cord / nervous system. Paralyzed, and can’t access any air, or scream out to call in for reinforcement creatures.”

    “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Good nuggets of common sense advice in that post. Kudos!

    My ‘tongue-in-cheek” Back-up plan to that would be:
    1. Give a good account of myself that the world may know a horrendous battle had taken place in the woods so that they may erect a marker in my name.
    2. “Die with my boots on.”
    3. Hopefully have had a good spicy meal beforehand, such Thai or Mexican, and just before I am about to see my demise, take a healthy chaw of Ex-Lax. May they will be “Sas-Squatting” in the woods several times daily for the next couple of days and that may they remember for a LONG time the results of eating one too many humans.
    3. May my last words be inscribed on my grave marker: “Take your stinkin’ paws off me, you damned dirty apes!!!” 😉

  24. Sean C

    Damn, I hadn’t even considered that Paulides may be lying to us, as a source of disinformation, which bothers me. I think that no matter what, we are being lied to from every angle. Even if big bro wanted to come clean with us about everything, (I know, funny thought) I don’t think any of them would know where to start! We’re probably talking about decades upon decades of lies, probably before even WW2 came about, and the evil scientists were brought over here and given jobs, who even knows when it really started. I know it can’t go on forever though, and I think some truths are soon going to start bubbling over, so get ready for shit to get really weird now, and I mean REALLY weird!!!! God bless us all!


  25. Teresa V

    Really an awesome show , Wes, I really enjoy the Oklahoma encounters. This is one of my favorite episodes. Jim did a good job telling about his encounter.

  26. Rick C

    I’ve been reading the bible a lot lately I’m sure for whatever reason our government knows what’s up. With that I’m sure the earth is no more than 10,000 years old …….If Bigfoot or a Neanderthal is discovered it blows the Earth being millions of years old of the water it is a truly weird world we share .

    • Jim D

      wait, you mean to say that you actually think that the earth is only 10 thousand years old? How do you and you kind account for dinosaur bones that are scientifically proven to be over 65 MILLION years old? Just wondering…

    • Reed D

      I’m on the same page with you on everything you said. You hold a valid point… sometimes you find out just how unpopular it is. Thanks Rick.

    • Reed D

      Im on the same page as you on everything you said. You hold a valid point…. but sometimes you find out how unpopular it is. Thanks Rick.

    • Jay Carlsen

      Well I am Down w/ the Biblical View . ( But I wasn’t here , when it was Made …… So I will wait to Find Out ) Your On to Something Rick C ! Look at Gen 25 , Were God tells Isaac’s Wife Rebekah that 2 Nations will be separated from her Bowels . And When Esau is Born he comes out Red all over , as if wearing a Garment of Hair !
      Then jump to Gen 27 When Jacob Steals Esau’s ” Blessing ” ! Every Time Esau is referred to it is as Hairy Man – Wild Man of the Field .
      I am not going to list it all out , But I believe that the way it is Written ….. It says Esau is a Sasquatch ! Check it Out !

  27. Gail d

    That was truly a scary encounter. That rock must have left a hell of a bruise on his chest.
    If they were near my house I don’t know if I could deal with that. I like to go in my yard with my binoculars or telescope and look at the stars. Having these creature not far away staring at you would totally spoil that for me, I could never be comfortable.
    Thanks for a great show Wes and thanks James for sharing your encounter

  28. Reed D

    As always…. A great show! Thank you.
    James, thanks for sharing your encounter, you did a good job and stood up to that situation well!
    I believe this encounter really proves just how danger it can be out there, especially out there by ones self. Without that sidearm James would have been in big trouble! I know that firearms aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who are going to be out in the mountains or woods alone, I think it would be wisdom to get the training and carry one. Just saying.

  29. Gabriel H

    I also find it telling how the sasquatch utilized the truck through the event here. We as humans would dash around the truck. And I believe its not simply a size issue. It remaining in physical contact with the truck, as they often do with trees and other items when at the same time showing themselves is telling. Also that it went over the truck. To me this is telling of the agility of these things, as well as how and what kind of obstacles they are moving amongst on a regular basis. They’re totally adapted and used to it. Can you imagine what a sasquatch could do for parkour…?

  30. Tyler D

    103rd YEEEAAAA BBBBBOOYYYY! Wes, you’ve really stepped up your game. N makes me unbelievably proud and humbled to be a part of Sasquatch Chronicles. SASQUATCH CHRONICLES FOR LIFE! SC FOR FOREVER N A DAY N NEVER HESITATE!

  31. Tracy G

    I have to say,out of all the episodes,this one frightens me the most,bc I can relate to everything James said. I haven’t had a nightmare in a while about my own encounter but think it’s possible I will tonight. Thank you James for sharing your story.Keep up the good work Wes.

  32. Tim G

    I am new to the site, and I really enjoy it. This mans story is not only amazing, but credible. Every time he could have exaggerated, he didn’t. Also, you are all correct about that silly Finding Bigfoot TV program and others like it. Ity has taken one of the most intriguing mysteries of our time and chosen to dumb it doen for ratings, especially with their silly night time escapades.

  33. Doreen Dee S

    Great interview again Wes! Thank you guys. We got bluff charged last weekend at our camping site, scared the daylights out my husband and made the kids want to turn around and go home. Around 3-3:30 am, we heard a howl, then a scream. Needless to say, we did not stay the entire weekend as we usually do. I still can’t imagine an encounter…eyeshine, howls, and screams are enough for this gal! Your guest still sounds like it’s weighing on him, I hope he is able to get some peace from talking to you.

  34. Doreen Dee S

    Oklahoma again? Yikes. Great interview, thank you guys. We got bluff charged last weekend at our camping site (Oklahoma), scared the daylights out my husband and made the kids want to turn around and go home. Around 3-3:30 am, we heard a howl, then a scream. Needless to say, we did not stay the entire weekend as we usually do. I still can’t imagine an encounter…eye shine, howls, and screams are enough for this gal! Your guest still sounds like it’s weighing on him, I hope he is able to get some peace from talking to you and sharing with all of us.

  35. springr

    New comer to the web sight. Listened to many of these stories on you tube. Did not realize that the shows that are on you tube were put up without Wes’s permission. Have years Sub. now and going through from the beginning. I have one question for James. You did not tell your Father about your encounter and let him go out hunting by himself why ?.

  36. Jeffrey M

    This is a fantastic episode! This gentleman has clearly given this a great deal of thought, like a crime scene investigator! He pays attention to the behaviour of these creatures. Well done Wes! Thank you for bringing this witness on your show, very enriching!

  37. A.V.

    All evidence and video proof aside, honest matter of fact accounts like these are where it’s at. So fascinating! Thanks for sharing this Jim.

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