Apr 17

Bigfoot Sighting and Drowning?

Editors Note> I found this encounter story strange but interesting, people have reported seeing the Sasquatch swimming. Here in the Pacific NW witnesses describe seeing them swimming across the Columbia River. What are your thoughts? <

This encounter was taken from Bigfoot Ballyhoo.com


Every once in a while people hear stories that seem so incredible they hesitate to repeat it. I talked with a person the other day and was told this strange tale. According to this person he was called out to Scottsburg Park on the night of May 19 2014 to investigate some reports of vandals overturning trash cans and other park equipment. As he tells the story he explained that he never believed in any such a animal like Bigfoot. As the story goes he arrived at the park at 11:45 or so and walked around the park looking for damage and vandals.

According to him down near the riverbank he shined his flashlight on a upright human/ape mix of animal. According to him the animal was gray in color and quickly tried to escape the light by going right into the river. He claims he watched the large beast as it went out into the river apparently trying to escape to the other side. His claim is the animal only made it about halfway to the middle and went under. It surfaced one time gasping for air and then disappeared under the water. He ran back to the vehicle and called the apparent drowning in to the dispatcher. Soon several more law enforcement people showed up

A boat was deployed and they recovered the body somewhere downstream near the elk reserve. That was his story. (I cannot find any account of a drowning on that date. I can find no account of any reports concerning the Scottsburg area for that date.) The thing is I know this man and have never known him to lie about something so important as a drowning. I can only conclude the records of this drowning were never filed or removed.


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  1. Frankie P

    Makes sense to me there was no report filed! If it was reported as a “hairy man” drowning, I bet it was just treated like an animal control case or something. I’ve seen a couple of reports about swimming BF’s but it may be a “learned” thing like with us. Moste monkey/apes enjoy the water, but shallow water. Good story, one more mystery too.

  2. Rod C

    With very little or no body fat these animals likely would not float. I saw the clip where the chimp was chased into a moat by a mob of chimps and this guy outside of the enclosure jumped in and saved the chimp from drowning. Especially if this was an old or sick BF scrounging for a meal through the garbage.

  3. Kay S

    I would also imagine, due to their size their bones would be very dense. Little or no body fat, dense bones, not a good combination for floating.

  4. BTDT

    This is utter bullshit, these things swim like fish, you think when they come to a river they walk upstream or down until the find a bridge?
    Jeezuz people I know you all worship the moon man but try not to just believe EVERYTHING you read.

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