Jun 7

SC EP:111 What was that?


Many encounters with Sasquatch happen so fast, it leaves people thinking “What was that?”

One of the encounters on Sunday will be with a witness who saw one run across the road, jump and clear a 6 foot embankment. The witness and her husband were shocked by the size of the creature. The witness describes how the creature moved on all fours and the “hair” on the body.

The second witness writes “My boyfriend and I were living about 10 miles east of Huntsville, Texas on a private property with three lakes in the Big Thicket. One night my boyfriend asked me to go get his wallet out of my truck that was parked just below the deck. I immediately had a very uneasy feeling like never before??? I asked him to go instead. He said he would stand on the deck and watch since he did not have his shoes on. I have never been afraid of the dark since it was around 9PM. I finally agreed and walked down to my truck.

As my hand grabbed the door, the truck began to vibrate and shake like a 7.2 earthquake!! I was immediately paralyzed but managed to let out a blood curtailing scream as I saw a giant hairy blob jump out of the back of my truck. It seemed to fly all the way across the railroad tracks. This creature filled the entire bed of the truck and I was about one foot from it! My eyes were looking but my body was frozen. I never thought Bigfoot or Sasquatch. We thought it may have been a bear but there were never any sightings of bears there although my boyfriend had mentioned he had tossed his left over hamburger in the bed. We looked for tracks but I explained to my boyfriend that it seems to fly all the way across the railroad tracks landing on the other side.”

If you have had an encounter, email me wes@sasquatchchronicles.com



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72 Responses to “SC EP:111 What was that?”

    • Michael K

      First I’ll say I’m one of the original listeners and fans from day 1 almost. Second I will say I will always tune in. With that said I’m only staying real. The first guests on this episode to me didn’t ring truthful and the reason being was she claimed the creature flew. Even after Wes gave her a couple chances to clarified she maintained it flew. Sorry but in my opinion she was a lonely fan wanting to be on the air. I’m sorry if I’m wrong but I want to keep it creditable and not a show that other shows mock.

      • Mike W

        You have to remember my friend.. a lot of people who’ve witnessed the creature running, have remarked about how strange it looked doing it. It didnt seem to pump its arms like we do when running.. and the top half of the body seemed to remain still while its legs moved at an unnatural speed. They’ve been described as almost looking like they were “floating” across the witnesses view at high speed.. which may be her way of describing its strange gait. Im sure others have probably wanted to use the word “fly” but toned it down to “floating” to lessen the the ridicule factor. Also, it’s been seen to jump at a tremendous speed from a still position, up into trees 20-30 feet in some instances.. not at an arc.. but like on a string, point a to point b. Sometimes straight up. And lastly, how do you explain witnesses who’ve seen them duck behind trees.. and without taking their eyes off of it.. walk straight to the tree.. and the creature is gone?

  1. Tyler D

    Wes, you’ve really been on top of your game lately. Makes me proud, honored n humbled to be a part Sasquatch Chronicles. SASQUATCH CHRONICLES FOR FOREVER N A DAY

  2. Jay Carlsen

    HA , HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Of Course they Crap in the Forest !
    No Not Nephilim , they were Intelligent. Taught man weapons of War & of Warfare . Making Potions of herbs of the Field. If they were These Creatures , why did they Abandon Metallurgy ?
    I believe they are a People , not only that is what is said by Native Americans. Or because I believe it to be the same as Esau from the Bible .( before his Birth it was Told to his Mother ” 2 manner of People are with in you , 2 Separate People will be released from your Bowles , the Older will be the Stronger , But will serve the Younger .” & Esau being born , when he came out , he was Red all over. As if wearing a Garment of Hair . What is THAT Talking About ? Please read it for your Self ” Gen 25 – 29 .
    In Siberia back in the late 1800’s a village caught a Female & broke it’s Spirit , putting it in a Pit for 3 years . When they let it out , they used it for the Heavy Labor . & it became Pregnant & killed the first 4 Children it had . Until the Women of the Village it was from her Washing the Baby’s off in the Ice Cold Siberian Stream , that ran bye the Village Right after Birth . The Human part could not with stand the Shock of the Cold Water . After that Women of the Village Would Take the Children from her after they were Born , saving the last 4 children from death . Just the Fact she conceived Proves they are a People . Man can not mate with Apes & have 1/2 Breed Children . It can NOT be done . Russia has tried it . D.N.A has to be the same to Breed . Sure Horses can breed Donkey’s & produce Mules But they are the Same Kind – Horse Kind . Monkeys can not breed with Man – the difference is to Great .
    Everyone pans on Melba Ketchem , & the Government suppresses encounters , Could it Possibly be a Smear Campaign ? Who Cares who Braids her Horses Hair ? What her Findings were are Key .
    Wes , You yourself said you spent time as a Bouncer . I imagine you Yourself can Become almost Animal Like when Provoked ? am I close ?

    • David R

      I agree Tylor! I think bigfoot is just a giant hairy apeman that is very smart that buries the dead under ground. I also think that they can live under ground. I live on the coast of WA, and I’ve heard some strange knocking noises when out deer hunting. I live about 30 min. from where the cowman story happened!

  3. Avis B

    Hello Wes…
    I am glade you are doing the show next week… But as for the Blood line of the Nephilim … Well it is not just Humans that have the blood line.. They also Mixed with animals and Plants… From the research I have done… Now I am not saying that Bigfoot is a Nephilim or even a very long distances one that has changed over 1,000’s of years.. … I am still on the fence about that.. .. I hope you realize that some of us have studied this and many other areas as well looking for answers … and are still looking… There is not any simple answers to the Fallen or even the Nephilim or even there offspring.. When talking about this stuff .. you run off into a DEEP RABBIT HOLE … Sometimes I wished I did not want to know answers to these questions .. life would be so much better…

  4. James G

    Hey wes,
    Being a parent of 3 I’ve never thought to include monsters or boogie men to keep my kids away from things they shouldn’t do or places they shouldn’t go. Maybe in the past stuff was so boring they did make up stuff for “teaching moments” but having studied history (and still loving it) I have yet to run across the “How to scare the crap out of your kids and keep them safe” book that somehow was so popular that it was read and put into practice all over the world. OR or there are things that people have witnessed and experienced that convinced them to share with others and warn others. I get there are some silly stories and silly people out there, but seriously there’s a lot more unexplained and unknown to boot. Love the shows and love the unencumbered “lets look at it all” approach you’re taking this venue.

  5. Avis B

    Oh I know what it is that makes me think they are the Nephilim offspring…. Is that in the past many peoples have said they can get a women pregnant, that would be many Indians… and that the bigfoot women can have human babies as well, that would be in Siberia ….. I have yet to hear of any other animal that can breed with a human without a Geneticists Dr… Just saying….. I still love the show ..

  6. Diane L

    Cindy seemed reallly garbled…was it just me? I tried listening on Firefox and then on Google Chrome….still couldn’t hardly understand her.

  7. Pete S

    Why would this woman think “bigfoot” if all she said it was nothing more than a black mass or blob and that it “flew”? I would not be saying bigfoot or making any such claim. This is not a bigfoot encounter.

  8. Sean C

    Do a google search on “Bashar on Evolution or Bigfoot” an interesting theory on how we are possibly related to sasquatch. I’ve been trying to get some attention on this, just because I think that considering every angle of the sasquatch mystery is worth consideration and exploration! It doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist, because he could still have created all life, but it could explain what some people would prefer to keep hidden from us. I don’t know the truth, but I think the more things that we consider, the closer we will be to knowing the answers that we seek. It’s probably a fantastic conglomeration of multiple theories, so far out there, that many may not be able to handle the truth! Only God knows for sure, but I think they could easily be related to the Nephilim some how.

    There have been many people that have told their children to beware of monsters, in the past, to keep them safe. It would seem that many of the First Nations people have done so in the past, and southern families too, regardless of whether there is any book on doing so or not.

    Thanks for all of your hard work Wes! You really have taken the show to the next level………….

    Chris Cagle

    • Tristene M

      I agree, there is nothing that would clash with Creation. God is the most prolific and mind blowing creater in the entire galaxies and worlds. He loves making new things. Why not a Sasquatch? There are records of over 50 different hominids. When Cain got the boot God had to mark him so the other people wouldn’t kill him on site. Since the family wasnt large who did he take for wife? Certainly not any females born, so what are these other people? Gods a mystery and fascinating because the bible and other ancient texts were not meant as a full up to date history book. IMO

  9. erin f

    11th cousins? i was suprised, i was expecting 7th to 9th at least… once you hit 16th, were pretty much all connected, the news story uses the idea that the common person doesnt understand geneology ( i dont, but i do know that being someones 11th cousin is nothing to get all worked up over)

  10. larry h

    Carson evolution is a fairy tale, a nut case goes to an island and comes up with a bunch of crappie ideas to make a name for himself because he is so tormented that he is a failure and figures what does he have too loose. And these other nut cases that says we come from apes are laughable in their conclusions its hard not falling out of my chair laughing. Darwin ideas mostly has been disproven as ideas of a moron, and these other so called scientist has to have a job too, so if we have arms and legs like a chimpthats proof enough there is just one thing missing, a brain. And according too these so called scientist our brains are closer to a Dolphin, so like global warming these scientist just change the facts around to fit their needs.

    • Jay Carlsen

      I can not Believe there are Like minded People HERE ! ( I forget , was it here …… or YouTube someone tried to Scold me for what I Proposed ? no matter ) Anyway Mr. Larry H , I think I found Sasquatch in the Bible ! His name was Esau ! the Twin Brother of Jacob . Ch 25 of Genesis begins that tale of their Birth & goes on through chapter 29 . Esau is the Only Man in the Book I have read where he is Constantly referred to as ‘ Hairy Man ‘ – ‘ Wild Man of the Field ‘ . Every Man was Hairy back then Why make the Big Deal w/ Esau ? I have heard the Edom is Russia Argument , & I do not buy into it Much . Only because when Esau is Born he came out red all over as if wearing a Garment of Hair .
      What even Turned me on to this was after Esau found Jacob had Stolen his ” Blessing ” ( What was that Blessing ? That we would live in herds , in City’s ? was it a Blessing of Community ? or of Technology ? ) Isaac told Esau ” Time will come & you will gain Dominion , You will Break your Brothers Yoke from your Neck . You will eat of the Fat of the Land & drink of the dew of Heaven ” I read that & thought to my self ‘ I have Never seen Sasquatch at the Drive through Line at McDonalds ? Could it Be ? & I went Backwards to chapter 25 when Rebekah was Pregnant . Very Fascinating !
      It is not a Fairy Tale , And YES it was Proven To Me with some Crazy Dream I had sometime in the Month of August 2001 . I had my Ideas before , w/ plenty of Doubt mixed in . But since that Dream …. I Know . Just as People who have Seen this Creature KNOW they are Real ….. I KNOW . & I am Afraid Everyone will Know – before long . I was Born in 1971 & I believe this will Happen Before I Die .
      If you would like to Read my Dream , I would Gladly write it down . & you can make up your Own Mind .

    • Jay Carlsen

      OH – I also think this is why they HIDE the Evidence of these Creatures . It would Blow the Evolution Idea straight out of the Water ! …….. OH – OH – OH – Peer Review ! – yeah , hang on to your Papers written bye Men after Grant Money. I can write all sorts of bullshit for some Grant Money Now !

      • Gail d

        I totally agree Jay if these creatures were the so called missing link they would have shouted it from the rooftops. But they know what these things are and I am sure it was something that would put a big glitch in there evolution theories.

    • erin f

      wow, i dont think ive ever heard it said more arrogantly and ignorantly then you just did…go write your paper and collect your nobel prize…oh but wait, the scientists are all in a conspiracy right? just wow…

  11. Terry W W

    Can’t wait to listen about the nephlims. Those were some good encounters. The lady who went out to truck, kept saying it flew like a bird. Did she even see it hit the ground or did it fly? Big as Sasqautch is, I bet the back end of that truck was bottomed out. I remember a Oklahoma Sooner football player that was 6’3″ weighed 250 lbs named Marcus Dupree. When he ran, he actually looked like he was gliding over the ground. You can watch his highlights on YouTube. It is incredible how something large can move so fast.

  12. Debbie C

    To bad Cindy’s interview, on her end that is, very garbled.
    I would of love to hear most of what she was describing to Wes:)

    Personally, I never heard of the Nephilim, for that matter never heard of the word before.
    Then I join Sasquatch Chronicles, I hear/read about the Nephilim often.
    For me, Nephilim = Bigfoot / Sasquatch and all names given to this huge hairy creature.

  13. Kim L

    Thank you, Wes, for another good show. I look forward all week to what you’ve cooked up for us, personally, I’ve yet to be disappointed. The prospect of a show discussing the whole nephilim issue? Gosh, I’m not sure how good an idea that is. I really don’t see anything but controversy coming out of that. Oh, it would be interesting and no doubt spirited, but what conclusions or common grounds are there to be reached within that subject? I believe there are way too many directions to go, way too few source materials that we will accept as credible. As an example, many of us will accept the Bible as factual, but how many of those will agree on the interpretations of those Bible references to the nephilim? They just don’t provide the kind of detail that we’re looking for in such a discussion, not to infer that Jehovah was obligated to provide an answer to every question we could come up with, just like He didn’t provide us with an inventory of the animals on the Ark (wouldn’t that simplify things!) If we all agreed, we’d have a mighty boring site, right? I will look forward to, and not miss for anything, any episode on any subject, Wes. I’m just not seeing an obtainable goal here. But, not my will, but yours (where have I heard that before?)

  14. Chris B

    larry h….i see yet another Creationist misrepresenting Darwin’s work. He NEVER EVER claimed that Humans came from Apes. So just stop with that nonsense. Use the Google machine in front of you. Find out what he really wrote and what the Theory of Evolution is really about. Simply type in “Did Darwin claim Humans came from Apes?” You’ll get your answer in a matter of seconds. There is no excuse for willful ignorance in this day and age of the internet. But since you don’t know….here’s the “Cliff-Note” version as it pertains to the Human/Ape relation according to that “nut case” on an island(which btw…Darwin wasn’t the lone “nut” with this theory, he was just the first that had the guts to write a book about it). His theory is that we are related…but on a different branch on a family tree of life….kind of like very distant cousins….but did NOT “evolve” from Apes. Kind of like the Hippo,s closest living relative is the whale, but Hippos didn’t evolve from whales or vice versa. They just have a same, very distant…as in millions of years distant…relative. Hope that helps and your mind isn’t blown.

    Carson H and I will choose to believe in “fairy tales” and you can believe that earth is 6,000 years old…to each his own.

    • erin f

      You can add me to the fairy tail list.. Btw Evolution is an observable fact. The fairytale you (larry) are trying to refer to is called the theory of evolution by natural selection, you know, decent with modification, the corner stone of all biology? do at least get right what you are arguing against… or stay ignorant.

  15. scott o

    ‘ There is no excuse for willful ignorance in this day and age of the internet. But since you don’t know… and… see yet another Creationist misrepresenting Darwin’s work’ blah, blah… This also works in reverse… All who view or read with a seething disgust for the subject of which they are trying to disprove will no doubt travel this path of half-falsehoods and assumptions that they determine as “facts” Most of these aruments are not of much value but a show of intolerant rants for the fact that one cannot ‘package’ the concept neatly and feel afrustration they cannot solve. Either one or the other may be right. You just gotta ask yourself, do you want to take that chance that you are wrong in your assertion? Mostly the ranting and ballyhoo that goes on in these chat areas is laughable and quite sad as they contibute nothing to the hard work that the hosts are trying to accomplish. Lets forget, and move on to working and sharing the possiblities of these ideas being possible and work toward the goal of finding the real beginnings of Sasquatch.

  16. Donna A

    SQ is my fav radio by far, too! Wes…you are doing such an awesome job. Thanks so much for all your work in making this the BEST Sasquatch info provider there has ever been.

  17. theodore M

    Been wondering why I like this show so much . Apart from the great content I think it’s got to be the smooth soothing voice. So let me ask you this Wes, is it true you bigfoot guys get all the women?

    • Kim L

      I’m thinking, let me see, the ultimate chick magnet— well, nothing this guy could have, or do, or look like, would be relevant— without the voice of— WES!

  18. Jan W

    I was beginning to worry last night too! I needed my Sasquatch “fix”, having been spoiled by so many early posts. Another great show, thanks to the guests & Wes, and looking forward to the next episode!

  19. Melanie W

    From what I can glean, there are black bears in East Texas, although back during the first witnesses sighting, who knows…
    Interesting quote (makes me wonder what folks are seeing if not black bears… Heh):
    (From https://tpwd.texas.gov/huntwild/wild/species/blackbear/)

    “If you judge by recent reported sightings, the Black Bear is making a significant comeback in Texas. However, public interest in an animal often has a way of fueling additional sightings, especially during poor visibility conditions. This is true not only with bears, but many other elusive and intriguing animals, such as Mountain Lions or sharks. In other words, some of the bear reports could be false.

    “From the Big Bend to Austin, bear sightings have surprised biologists and the public alike. On the other hand, at least one sighting per year of Black Bears in the Hill Country is not uncommon. These individuals may be truly wild animals looking for suitable habitat or mates, but it is entirely possible that they are released or escaped captive animals. In any case, the chances of a recently established population of Black Bears in the Hill Country are remote. Central Texans are probably seeing wandering individuals from farther west. “

  20. DonRay

    Nothing unusual about the day??? What about the fact your feeding someones pet alligator , that they left behind??? her encounter is more proof that the brain does not compute what its seeing…. im sure the creature was touching the ground… it appeared floating, but it ran…..just faster than the brain processes info, or tries to relate to familiar experience…. Great listening again Thanks Wes. Ciao

  21. Ed P

    Maybe adequate is a primate with some characteristics that appear human. For example, recently baboons have been filmed walking upright like people in order to cross rivers. Maybe sasquatch over the years has adapted to the environments of forests and rain forests in order to survive.

  22. Eddie M

    To any and all that believe “all this” just “evolved” with no “infinite wisdom” involved …may I suggest gaining access to a 24″ convex telescope and using a celestial globe find any glob of light and look….what you thought was a star is a galaxy…with millions of stars and millions of planets and millions of moons…odd infinitum that goes on and on…you’re literally looking back in time millions even billions of years. Move the telescope one inch any direction and you just moved a half billion miles…if you do this and still believe “this all just evolved”??? The infinite wisdom has passed you by..literally.

  23. larry h

    Chris B I never said Darwin said we came from apes it would do you well to be able too read and understand what some one writes. And yes Darwin and most of his conclusions have been disproved and I didn’t say he was the only nut case moron who could not grasp reality because of inbreeding which is whats wrong with people of like mindset. There is zero evidence of evolution just a bunch of people who want an easy job sitting around thinking up ideas to keep themselves in a job. Just because a chicken has wings doesn’t make it an Eagle, of course Darwin would find a way or even you might Chris B but it all boils down too is what each person believes and we just don’t see the same truth, of course there is only one truth. GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH AND ALL LIFE.

    • erin f

      You should try finishing high school, then you can see how much work is involved in academia.. high school would give your brain a little taste of the rigor thats coming.. Honestly, i find you too be a complete dick. you use the products of science everyday and scoff those who work at it, tireless research amd experimentation, predictive models, time consuming papers, but you mock it and dismiss it without ever knowing the hard work involved. your childish world view is so simple for you, you with no education whatsoever feel you have the correct answers. your arrogance disgusts and sickens me. be content in your ignorance, you fool.

  24. larry h

    Chris B I feel real sorry for you and people of like mindset it must be very lonely and dark in your world of wonder but remember this GOD will always love you.

  25. Esther P

    Wes… Love your intro on this subject of Giants-Nephilim-BF. I can see you’ve really been researching deep into this subject, including the inter-relatedness of the bloodlines of influential people…. Hmm (Giants/Nephilim/Homo capensis & Wilcock, Spencer, Dewhurst, Hudes, Svali; US-SSP; Conehead Skulls; Bible – latin, aramaic, greek; and DNA Consultants on Giants with 6-fingers/toes & double rowed teeth; And so much more!) Anyhow, loved your show even tho am late in commenting this onto the blog.

  26. Pierre M

    The first encounter is very interesting. The lady ssys the thing flew out of the truck bed and didnt touch the ground til a quite long distance. Thats amazingly freakish . If these creatures wsnted you thrres really nothing you could do. They would be on you before you knew it. If they want a piece of you theyre going to.

  27. Sean C

    I always find it funny, when people talk about their level of education, like it has made them superior, and then use childish name calling tactics, to prove their superiority. That’s just a classic example of a superior intellect, if I’ve ever heard one.


  28. Stone

    Why does this women think what ever came out of the back of her truck was a Bigfoot if what she says flew out of the back of her truck. Also if it flew why was she looking for tracks. Her story to me sounds a little off and just doesn’t match up to me. Wes your doing a awesome job keep it coming SC is my favorite show on TV or radio Sasquatch Chronicles For Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!###!!

  29. Seamus J. C

    God created evolution. It took 6-7 billion years, on Planet Earth. Does that not seem like a godlike scale to you? To God, 6 billion years must seem like “six days”. The Bible is a mix of myth and history, which does not invalidate it whatsoever. Myths are very important; every culture everywhere has had them. They are users manuals for our souls, guides for behavior, descriptions of how to connect with Spirit, and many other things. One of the fascinating elements of myth is that each one has so many facets, angles, and levels. Without myth, we would be lost–and many of us reject myth because we do not see it as literal truth, and so we have no guide to being a human, spiritual being. That’s sad. Also sad is the hard-line devotion to literalism and scoffing out of hand at science and its discoveries. You could think of science as the study of how God made creation, and how God continues to move creation. It is, or should be, a very humble undertaking, reverent truth seeking that moves glacially slow based on discoveries that unveil creation in two-steps-forward, one-step-back fashion. … Evolution explains a lot, and every new archeological find only strengthens the theory. For instance, we find more and more of our hominid ancestors, many of whom looked like “apes” but were bipedal (I still can’t figure out why some use the word “ape”as an insult. Are they not a fascinating part of the mind-blowing variety of organisms that God has created? And have apes ever destroyed God’s holy creation in the way that humans have? WE are apes, relatively intelligent, tailless primates with opposable thumbs.)…Organisms and ecosystems become more and more sophisticated the closer to the surface the rock layers are. How exactly God works through creation is a mystery that is both fun and fascinating to study, and we will never understand all of it, but by observing and trial-and-error (we could call that “science” if we want), and study of myth (The Bible and myths of other cultures) , we can get closer. Science is constantly having to admit that it had things wrong, and modify its beliefs. This is humbling. As I read the Bible and other myths (and, yes, ‘fairy tales’), I find that I can always go deeper, that my earlier point of view was relatively limited, a stepping stone. This is also humbling. Humbling is good, whether by Bible or by science….Good people, it would help in our quest if we could disagree with each others’ views without resorting to insults. I don’t think that insulting another helps them listen to your point of view–Christians, are you not trying to spread God’s Word? Science lovers–Do you not want your point of view considered seriously? Then stop calling each other names, for God’s (and/or science’s) sake! Learn from each other!

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