Dec 19

Strange Image Captured

State Police received a frantic phone call about a Bigfoot sighting near the Hood River exit a few weeks ago. This image captured is ambiguous at best. There have been many historical accounts of them crossing I-84 in this area.

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    • Denise F

      I’m not sure how tall that guardrail is but I’m guessing the metal is at about 2.5 ft and posts could get…maybe 3 ft…..give or take? If so that makes this thing BIG.

  1. Denise F

    I will tell y’all misidentification can happen…..I can’t believe I’m going to tell this story but here it goes……

    My son and I were traveling through the forest late one afternoon and we approached a home with a large cyclone fence. I swear I was looking at a 2.5 ft baboon from the back inside this yard! I passed it, mouth hanging over to discover it was a dog hunched up like I have never seen (almost off his front legs) going to the bathroom! What shocked me more is my son was surprised because he said he thought it was a type of baboon also, lol.

    If we had only seen it from the back then we would have claimed a baboon sighting, lol.

    *Why did I tell this story again? ?

  2. Charles R

    It is a small tree, clearly visible in the daylight from same camera, according to some comments made and someone said Thinker Thunker debunked it also. Possibly the driver saw a real one, who knows.

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Jul 15

Strange Image Captured

A listener writes “Wes, attached are game camera photos. One has puzzled me for years. The other is of what the camera was put there for. ”



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  1. acrylic sand artist

    The image at top, I am sure I see reflection of rain. But my question is,
    was it cloudy and raining or light rain that night? Because, if it wasn’t raining,
    no clouds, I don’t know what the white spots are?
    The bottom image, I see a beautiful buck.

    • RICHIE E


  2. Bob M

    I be been taking pictures with game camera ever since they first come out 20 years or so ago lottery 10,s of thousand s no way of knowing I’m a hunting guide taking pictures in every kind of environment you can imagine.
    Not disputing your claim but I’ve never seen anything remotely similar to those
    I’ve got many interesting pictures but not that.
    Just my opinion

  3. Trent M

    If it were rain, or anything else falling, wouldn’t it look lighter on top and more solid on the bottom? Most pics of rain show a streak that is the same size at the top of the exposure as at the bottom since it is the same object. At least that is what I found when searching for pics of rain.

  4. Dave W.

    I see the dots, but it cannot be rain. If you look you will see the “trails” start at the bottom of the photo and travel “upwards” away from the ground. I dont believe this to be rain. What it IS….not sure of that. Possibly a good shot of a few orbs.
    Oh and that is indeed a nice buck in photo #2.

  5. Richard P

    The top one looks non conventional to me. And you can tell by the front one closest to the camera that the light is emitting from something suspended in the air. Not from something in the distance. Because the tree would block it. The shape is interesting. It looks like the classic ghost shape used in cartoons and similar portrayals.

    This type of thing is one of the reasons that I bring sunglasses on ET/ED contact ops, even at night. Because sometimes the lights that I encounter are so bright that I need to put them on to avoid being blinded by them.

  6. gary h

    November in Pennsylvania. Not many bugs out flying around in sequence in the middle of the cold night lit up like a ball of soft light trying to flee upward away from a camera flash. I also have many trail camera photos in all kinds of weather. Snow, rain, sleet, wind etc. captured with the flash from the camera. This photo shows the opposite “trail” direction all of the above weather related photos show. The weather related droplets captured have never shown the electric blue that encircles these objects captured in the photo. This indeed has puzzled me for years. Thank you for you opinions. You all could be right. Hoonose???
    The deer photo was sent along to show a better sense of where and what the surrounding area looks like. He IS a beautiful buck. ghoskins

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Dec 31

Strange image captured

Stacy Brown recently posted images from a game cam that have people perplexed as to what it actually is. All of these images were taken from online. Someone drew an outline of the image. I do not see anything definite but it is interesting. As I get more information I will post it. Take a look:


I highlighted this image:


Here is the original:


Zoomed in:





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  1. Thomas J

    Viewed the photo an the YouTube asked if it was a hog or something else. Never seen a hog with legs or arms that long. The government says it is a mutated squirrel or a mutated beaver. Get real looks like a big ugly monkey but there are no monkeys in the USA. So The government says.

  2. Jason D

    A mutated beaver!? I love it! It’s definitely either that or one of those South Carolininian mutated badger raccoons who’s grand parents were hedgehogs. Rare, but they’re out there if you know where to look. Mmm, Merry New Year to the good ole Badgecoonhogs.

  3. Denise F

    Y’all are going to think I’m nuts but if you look at zoomed in version, it looks like a cat type face upside down near the ground….as if it was rubbing back of head on ground.

    Just a brief observation lol

    • Denise F

      Think of the right back leg and tail where the arms would be. I probably am imagining my own pic in there but I swear you can see the side profile (it’s upside down) of a cougar.

  4. Carl D

    I think Jason is on the right track…this might be a Badgecoonhog. However, after much examination, it could also possibly be an overgrown hybrid between the meadow jumping mouse and a long tailed weasel, both evasive species to that area.

    It’s the feral long haired Mouse-tailed Jumping Meadow Weasel! An elusive species, seldom seen, believed to be mostly nocturnal. They live deep in the woods, but are actually sometimes spotted or captured on game cams when venturing out to raid farms for cheddar cheese or plump chickens.

    I could be wrong, of course, because we all know that this is really either a bear or a pack of wolves or a cougar, depending on where you live and which predator animals live in your area ..wink, wink.

  5. Eva B

    Well, we do have monkey’s in the United States. South Florida, from Jupiter down to the Keys. Only reason(s) why: 1) Small exotic zoo’s/ sanctuaries do not properly prepare for hurricanes. They escape. 2) Back in 50’s, possibly earlier than that, people had a fetish to purchase exotic pets. When their pets grew and they couldn’t control them anymore; Exotic pets were dumped into the Everglades. Now we have issues with all kinds of exotic animals, mammals and insects. These foreign exotics are destroying the natural habitat or ecosystem for our animals of this state.
    I love the ignorant people that reside in the Miami area and think they do not have sasquatches close to them. If that’s not a primo location for sasquatches, I don’t know what is… seeing that the Everglades is adjacent to Miami. The glades has such a plethora of food sources for sasquatches! So many areas throughout this state are inhabitable for people because of the swamp-like conditions.
    Those are some mighty long arms for a hog? Lol I didn’t realize hogs had hands, fingers and palms. ??
    South Carolina, another perfect state for squatches! Beautiful state!

  6. Charles R

    The outline figure has it looking towards the camera. However in the zoomed in picture to me the head is pointing 45 degrees or more ( just an estimate ) to its left and only the right eye is visible, as is a human shaped nose, and mouth looking down towards the ground. It is squatting and using it’s hands for some purpose. Huh.

  7. Thomas J

    The three red lights are the tail lights is the governments vehicle used to track down and destroy mutated beaver. Go Trump special forces and please pick up the trash in the national forests and parks cause You shut the government down.

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Dec 7

Strange Image Captured

A group that calls themselves Taylor & Tate NCSW discusses a photo that was taken on a trail camera. Take a look:



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  1. Ernest M

    You must feel humbled that such good information is being entrusted to you Wesley, I believe this is just as genuine as the White Pennsylvania Sasquatch. Thanks to you and NCSasquatch for posting.

  2. Paul M

    Holy moly that’s a good pic…. l never seen an better game cam pic yet…. ya theres not good head and face particulars , But man the body on this bad BOY IS FRICKEN MASSIVE…. NOW I NOT SAYING FORESURE ITS BF….. BUT I DO SAY THATS NO BEAR… SO THERE…

  3. Charles R

    I see a Bigfoot. Or a 7 plus foot tall porcupine with two massive feet that can walk upright.
    What I see.
    The subject is stooped over, thus can only see a tiny bit of the head.
    The arm is massive and covers the leg some giving the appearance of very short legs.
    The rear in is quite large – just like Patty’s
    The feet are large and the left one is lifted ( at steeper angle than humans 73 degrees maybe) up much like Patty’s and appears the bottom of the foot appears to be lighter in color.

    Unfortunately motion blur takes away from what could be an awesome trail pic. Bigfoots can walk at a high rate of speed ( Patty at 7 mph as a guide ) which would cause the blur and also the rather long hair to move around. If it was windy that would also play a factor with the hair.

    These folks need to go to that trail cam location, take some measurements and try best as possible to recreate or at least give some perspective to the possible size of the subject. I am leaning to this being legit, but like Wes – what do I know.

  4. Charles R

    On another note I read the comments on their youtube. This gal named Capri Tyner gave a fabulous story of how a female Bigfoot rescued a 5 year old boy in a tree from a 1500 pound bull that was attempting to knock the tree down. It did not go well for the bull.

  5. brad b

    Don’t think that’s a bigfoot. The legs look like they bend like a dog’s legs not a primate. And the proportions aren’t right with the huge upper body and stubby little legs. To me this looks like a normal animal up on it’s hind legs. We don’t know the distance from the camera so it’s hard to judge it’s size. As usual though we can see about whatever we want to here.

  6. FlagStaffer

    about Taylor & Tate NCSW
    these guys have no credibility. in a previous video they purchase a pizza and leave it in their area (in the box) for BF to find. they milk this for two episodes and at no point do they say what size pie they ordered, if it’s thick or thin crust or what toppings are on it. don’t you think that if you went to all that trouble in the field and video taping and editing and posting you’d at least tell your listeners what kind of pizza you were using????

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Feb 1

Strange image captured

Trey writes “Been talking to a witness close to me about some strange noises and stuff he’s been finding and he sent me this. He seems legit so I may be going to meet up with him sometimes soon just wondering what you thought of this photo.

Any input from you is definitely worth it. Looks like it could be real but not enough detail so at the same time it could be fake. I don’t know if anything sticks out to you. It’s not too terribly tall but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a juvenile or something. That’s his tent and he sat a game cam out behind it because he had been hearing vocals and captured this at 6:06. Said he had his alarm set for 6:45 so he just missed whatever it was. He’s supposed to be emailing me back with more details as in if their were footprints or anything that morning. Thanks Wes and again I just like to bounce stuff off of you since you been doing this a lot longer than me.”




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      • Trey

        He’s referring to the silhouette of something that’s right between the 2 trees in the camera frame. I have a dome tent like this and when I stand at the entrance it’s up to about my chest. I’m 6’3 so I’m guess I got this between 6’5-7ft. Not out of the range of a person but a big person. Again I’m not saying it is one or isn’t I’m just looking for further input on it.

    • Trey

      He said he was trying to place it somewhere that would look over his camp and be close but not stick out. I assume he put it behind these trees so that the camera was kind of blocked by them instead of putting it right on top of the tent where it would be very visible. Again I’m not saying one way or the other just reaching out for other opinions

  1. Trey

    Only thing that makes me think this could be legit is he asked me to come out and stay there and show me the place and guaranteed we’d hear some vocals at the least. When I’ve had people try to hoax me in the past their not quick to invite me out and walk me through everything and show me the sight. Doesn’t mean it’s real just makes me lean toward the possibility of it being real

  2. Jason T

    Yes the white silhouette looks to me between the trees and the tent. If you enlarge the photo you can clearly see something. Sorry I was fishin just saw that someone wanted to know what I thought was scary. I am big ol chicken though. Lol


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Dec 4

Strange image captured

NvTv writes “Here are some Trail Cam photos that were submitted into us by a viewer….Let us know what you think!!”



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  1. Dan M

    Intriguing!! Just curious — if this was taken in 2009 then has the video been circulating for a while or just released? Also, was there any indication of a mom or dad creature around that same area?

  2. Daniel E

    I had an infant Bigfoot come up to my living room window when I was a toddler in the late 50’s. We both put our hands against each other’s on the window face to face and it smiled at me. It’s mother must have been right around the corner of the house because it looked up and to the left and ran around the corner out of sight. I ran and told my mom I had just seen a monkey boy of course I’m not sure she believed it but she did come back to the window just to look. That was in Florissant Missouri a long time ago but I remember every detail. I have been very fortunate to come face to face with one twice in my childhood and have not forgotten one detail of either event. Both times they smiled at me so they are not just a dumb animal.

  3. Lee D

    I suppose this is a good time to ask, hopefully someone replies… does anyone know of a decent FLIR camera that atLeast takes a good resolution video, photos/video would be preferable and distance w/o spending vast amounts of money? Any help would be great.

  4. Steven J

    Has anyone else noticed those pics are presented in reverse? Look at the time stamps.
    I really think this might actually be a hog or something. That pic that shows it sitting and the face, it strikes me odd the face is much blurrier than the rest of the body.

    Ultimately, there is not enough info to know one way or the other.

  5. Knobby

    This is not new photos. I’ve seen the whole series, and these NvTv hoaxers didn’t show them all. Its a guinea hen dusting itself. The lady raises them and this was caught on a trail cam. A lot of trail cams have low shutter speed to gather light, and this was a blurred image of one dusting itself. Other images not shown clearly show a guinea hen. NvTv mixes some real stuff with made up crap like this because they just want youtube clicks.

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Nov 21

Strange image captured

Is this a photo of a creature or entity watching these people or is it pareidolia?

Brenton writes “A fan sent this picture that looks like Dogman watching while they had picture taken. The two maybe three Dogmen are standing in the woods. Hope you can see the dog like creatures as easy as I did.”


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  1. Lee D

    I would like to say pareidolia. But also a little on the fence with that, considering when they changed the contrast you can see depth to what is there… to me it seemed that there is at least something there.. maybe not Dogman, but I am leaning towards something.

  2. SantiamLady

    Well….the one on the left looks like something standing there, but impossible to say for sure. It kinda looks like a black bear up on its hind legs. Shoulders way too narrow and sloping to be a Sasquatch or a Dogman, tho. The circle on the right doesn’t look like anything to me.
    I’m leaning towards pareidolia.

  3. NervousWreck

    Not so easy to see I guess. Not sure how they figured they were dogmen, there is little to no definition. Cant wait to see some good dogman pics! Wes you got any you can share with us? Pretty please with a cherry on top!

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Mar 19

Strange image captured

Ken posted in the Bigfoot Outlaws Facebook group this image with the caption “I’ve seen several crawling in the woods like this at night.”

Coonbo writes “They do this all the time. To watch it on thermal is freaky. Like something out of a sci-fi horror movie. They move on fingertips and toes, like a big lizard, but their head is up looking at you. Sometimes only moving fingers and toes.”

Credit: Tori Alexa

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  1. Jeffrey H

    #2 position!! Coonbo is the man!!! Knows his stuff on Bigfoot’s. Would love to sit down and talk Bigfoot with him, for hours! (Wes too) How strong their fingers and toes must be to move their huge bodies, it’s like a Bruce Lee move.

  2. Robert V


    I think that is a missing person photo. Before seeing that, I was just going to say, it’d be an easy way for a Sasquatch to grab someone by the legs and drag them away.


  3. wendy s

    No wonder people go missing when they ate RIGHT behind their group. See………they are so intelligent. This happened in your encounter, didn’t it Wes?? Why do you think they do this. I’m sure you have addressed it but could you refresh my memory??

  4. Charles R

    A former guest on this program Mike Brookreson from outside of San Antonio has a couple of pics of one in the crawling position that is reaching for a melon. It is a better pic than this, but still not quality because he kept using I phones, but in the bush you can not get a conclusive shot with any camera. Who else uses this technique of crawling to get into position quitely. Snipers and that is there training. The Forest Giant is the best hunter in the woods and there are many reasons for this. Clearly they can be very stealthy, or as loud as bulldozer depending on their end game. The most noteworthy item on the above pic is how far the eyes seem to be apart as compared to a human. But then again we are limited by the total head perspective. Maybe it can be cleaned up a little.

    • June P

      Oh great…thanks Charles R..!!!!!….?????.my next move may be to San Antonio…??? I knew Sasquatch were out in Texas but these images combined with creepy finger/ toe crawling just outside of San Antonio ?? Holy shite sandwich! Think my house there will include a mined and booby trapped yard!!!

  5. pam

    That is why I do not go to find these abominations. They may find you.
    I would love to have a poster of this showing the missing person poster,
    Just to place in some of our state park restrooms.

    • June P

      Enough to keep your happy butt out of the forests!!! Holy moly, I remember being out in the Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia and smelling weird stuff. The Dolly Sods Wilderness can be very dangerous for UXOs ( unexploded ordnances from WWII training exercises in prep for going overseas) , but this makes those UXOs look like a better way to go!!!!
      My Australian Cattle Dog was very wary of the woods and when my sister and I were hiking in a lot of wild Rhododendron brush in the Black Water Canyon, I got the spooky feeling of being watched. My Cattle Dog stopped and growled a few times…our butts got out of there. OMG I just don’t want to think of this!!!!

  6. Thomas W

    Nice low crawl……the strength to be able to do that on toes and finger tips over an appreciable distance is mind boggling. Let’s also not forget them using the trees……..Dumb Apes……no way.

  7. m99

    Well, that’s beyond creepy. In the original, bigger shot is the photo, on the right. I’m assuming of a missing hiker?
    Wow, something is happening here, seems like things are cranking up. As L.A. Marzuli used to say, ‘it’s real, burgeoning, and not going away’.

    I’d so appreciate Coonbo sharing a thermal image of one crawling on it’s fingers and toes (like a big lizard). That thing, if this is real, doesn’t so much look like a Sasquatch as it does a demon, or what people have attributed what a demon looks like.

    Frankly, if this is similar to what Wes and Woody witnessed, they’re lucky (or blessed) to still be with us. I think about that encounter a lot. I rationalize that the big boy was showing off his skills for his captive audience. I think this ground crawling is creepier than the tree climbing aspect. Ew.

  8. glenn b

    I can buy it. Good shot, now let the skeptic in and I could also say it looks like a hog facing the camera and a couple of others nestled in next to it. I like it though.

  9. June P

    This is like those Japanese horror movies where the creepy chicks crawl all spooky on the ground!!! This is terrifying, creepier than clowns and just plain disturbing!!!!
    Hope the Wildmen don’t do this crap in the German Alps, I am heading there in May…..holy shite!

  10. Dan S

    That is one humungous bowl of NOPE right there. I have heard of other encounters where the creatire was crawling on its fingertips, and I believe it was also recounted in Wes and Woody’s story as well, or am I mashing together encounters? So this yields a question…how are their finger tips strong enough to support their weight? I guess it could just be a matter of perfect weight disperment, but still.

  11. Trent M

    The 1st time I heard of this behavior was around 2000, we used to have bigfoot talks in an app called PalTalk. A man named Dan Beldon, a police officer told the story of his encounter when he was camping and 4 wheeling in Eastern OK. with a fellow officer. When they set up camp and started relaxing and listening to music they heard a lot of noise in the woods and it would stop when they turned down the music and resume when they turned it back on. The noise stopped behind a little dirt mound. Dan had just got a new .40 cal. handgun and he fired it into the dirt mound and when he did a bigfoot stood up and ran off. It had belly crawled up to them the last 10-15 feet from the trees as there was no other cover but the 18″ tall grass. It really scared Dan and his partner, and when he went back to the area with a reporter it was filmed in a documentary called “Bigfootville”. Unfortunately when they edited him re enacting that scene they made it look like he was shooting wildly into the woods. Dan passed away a few years later.

  12. JAMES B

    No wond r the gov’t is interested in these things…..
    Could u imagine dropping 3 of these things into an enemy encampment at night???
    God that is just too creepy for words, gives my goosebumps goosebumps! !!

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Jan 6

Strange image captured

I do not have any information on this image, it was just sent to me. I am trying to find out where it came from. I am not claiming it is anything but I promised you the audience whenever I get something of interest I would share it.

A listener writes “Hey Wes I don’t remember where I got this but check out this pic. Look how the trap muscles go up to near the back of the head. It looks to have black or grey skin on its face and chest. Its hard to tell but there is a white spot where it looks like the mouth should be. Is it showing its teeth or growling?  This pic is a good one though. I thought I would share. Thanks Wes.”

46 Responses to “Strange image captured”

  1. Eric B

    Long torso, long arms, comparatively short legs and no neck. Looks very real but without a backstory or any other photos…..
    It could be a great looking cardboard cutout. Would love to see it in another photo/position for comparison. Looks like he is showing teeth or perhaps graying on the chin and top of the head. Great pic, though. Thanks for sharing. I know there are many pics like this out there that are probably genuine and are never seen by anyone. THANKS!

  2. Chris I

    I would love to know where this came from. I think the knees (lowest point we can see) look bent and the body looks sort of hunched but not relaxed. Maybe like it’s just coming out of a call position. Maybe that’s why it appears to have the mouth slightly open.
    Way too real looking!!!

  3. m99

    Hilly terrain, beautiful pine forest – Georgia? Tennessee? Someone’s lower 80? Brush hogged private property? The thing looks real. And it does look like ears on top its head… Wisconsin? Minnesota? It’s pretty close by too. Wish we knew more about that picture. Thanks for sharing, Wes.

  4. Alexander F

    Wes, THANK you so much for sharing something you were sent. I really and truly–and am definitely not alone in this sentiment–get soooo frustrated when your interviewees tell you “Do you recall the picture I sent you?” or “I will send you some footage I shot” … Can you do a post-show posting whereby you put that all out for us (at least for members)?

    Even better would be a pre-show post so we could look live and follow along in real-time.

    Lastly, regarding this one … just far too many of the hallmarks of bullllllllsheeeeet: blurry beyond reckoning or intelligence; unknown source, location, date, time, or any info of any substance.

    BUT, that is EXACTLY why you should share this stuff!! You know we alllll love disputing and discussing these things. This is great!! Not a waste of time–I mean, come on, if you’re into this subject, you know exactly what you’re doing with that ol’ time of yours.

    I love it!! Please consider what I suggested. I really think your members (in particular) would be SO grateful if you did.

  5. michael n

    I sent this pic. I cant remember for the life of me where I got it. I have been searching and searching but cant find it again. This definitely looks real to me thats why I sent it. Creepy scary pic. Just a weird build to it. Sorry folks im trying to find it and I wont stop til I do.

  6. Steven J

    I am reasonably certain that is an altered image. The tree to the right and above him has an unnatural curve on its left side above the subject. Also, there is a defined square pixilation around the upper torso area of the subject that is centered on it, but appears no where else in the picture.

    Without more data or seeing the original, I am leaning to Photoshop.

  7. Steven J

    Actually, I will back off some and say its 50-50. Its possible what I am seeing is artifacts from the zooming and sharpening of the original image. The proportions seem closer to human, however. There is not enough data or information to judge one way or the other.

  8. Susan H

    This picture reminds me of the picture taken by the Russian kids that went up the mountain and camped out and never returned. Years later they developed their film and there was a picture of something that looked just like this. They found them all dead. One even had her tongue removed. Scary

    • Natalie J

      The Dyatlov Pass incident. I think in that case the pic was added by the tv show & was not part of any of the actual documentation of the case. I was seriously bummed when I found out! Lol

  9. Karen C

    Could this creature be a Dogman with all those teeth looking white in the photo??? He does have ears that stand up, the right color, can’t see if he has claws 3″ or more, well feed for sure, Hummm Mystery??

  10. Rick K

    I would love to believe that’s a real sasquatch in the pic, but let’s be honest, that could be anything. Could be an animal, person, photoshopped pic, or even something ridiculous like a little Batman doll. Whatever it is, it’s a fun discussion.

    Wes and Woody had a very long up close and personal encounter with multiple sasquatch, both of them should be able to tell if it resembles the type that they saw.

  11. Jack33

    I took this picture and played around with it in photo editor.
    First off, whatever it is, it’s male.

    Secondly, it’s completely and totally ripped.
    The world’s biggest, baddest bodybuilder has nothing on this thing.

  12. Jack33


    Mess with contrast and the brightness of that photo until you can see some definition.

    That thing has the biggest biceps, pecs, traps and lats I’ve ever seen -definately not human proportions.
    In my opinion, it would be hard to make a suite that had the kind of muscle definition I’m seeing. Also, when you mess with the contrast/brightness and apply filters you can see male genitalia. I don’t think someone playing a hoax would go thru the trouble of adding such a detail on a costume.

  13. Martin Z

    No offense Wes but this image has that video game pixelation to it. Not the whole pic, just the sasquatch. Or the pic may be cgi, or I may be totally wrong and it’s real.

  14. Chris S

    Im pretty sure this image has been around for a long time. Cant be certain, but may have been included in a episode of monster quest, depicting the incident the eyewitness was describing. If I can find anything else on it, ill include in post

  15. Darrell O

    I am not going to make an argument on whether I think it is a real photo or not. However this is pretty close to what I picture in my mind when I hear witnesses describe seeing a creature that is massive and built like a body builder.

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