Jan 6

Strange image captured

I do not have any information on this image, it was just sent to me. I am trying to find out where it came from. I am not claiming it is anything but I promised you the audience whenever I get something of interest I would share it.

A listener writes “Hey Wes I don’t remember where I got this but check out this pic. Look how the trap muscles go up to near the back of the head. It looks to have black or grey skin on its face and chest. Its hard to tell but there is a white spot where it looks like the mouth should be. Is it showing its teeth or growling?  This pic is a good one though. I thought I would share. Thanks Wes.”

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  1. Eric B

    Long torso, long arms, comparatively short legs and no neck. Looks very real but without a backstory or any other photos…..
    It could be a great looking cardboard cutout. Would love to see it in another photo/position for comparison. Looks like he is showing teeth or perhaps graying on the chin and top of the head. Great pic, though. Thanks for sharing. I know there are many pics like this out there that are probably genuine and are never seen by anyone. THANKS!

  2. Richard C

    only comment I have, I thought that squatches didn’t walk “Upright” with their knees locked. This appears to be doing that?

  3. Chris I

    I would love to know where this came from. I think the knees (lowest point we can see) look bent and the body looks sort of hunched but not relaxed. Maybe like it’s just coming out of a call position. Maybe that’s why it appears to have the mouth slightly open.
    Way too real looking!!!

  4. m99

    Hilly terrain, beautiful pine forest – Georgia? Tennessee? Someone’s lower 80? Brush hogged private property? The thing looks real. And it does look like ears on top its head… Wisconsin? Minnesota? It’s pretty close by too. Wish we knew more about that picture. Thanks for sharing, Wes.

  5. Alexander F

    Wes, THANK you so much for sharing something you were sent. I really and truly–and am definitely not alone in this sentiment–get soooo frustrated when your interviewees tell you “Do you recall the picture I sent you?” or “I will send you some footage I shot” … Can you do a post-show posting whereby you put that all out for us (at least for members)?

    Even better would be a pre-show post so we could look live and follow along in real-time.

    Lastly, regarding this one … just far too many of the hallmarks of bullllllllsheeeeet: blurry beyond reckoning or intelligence; unknown source, location, date, time, or any info of any substance.

    BUT, that is EXACTLY why you should share this stuff!! You know we alllll love disputing and discussing these things. This is great!! Not a waste of time–I mean, come on, if you’re into this subject, you know exactly what you’re doing with that ol’ time of yours.

    I love it!! Please consider what I suggested. I really think your members (in particular) would be SO grateful if you did.

  6. michael n

    I sent this pic. I cant remember for the life of me where I got it. I have been searching and searching but cant find it again. This definitely looks real to me thats why I sent it. Creepy scary pic. Just a weird build to it. Sorry folks im trying to find it and I wont stop til I do.

  7. Steven J

    I am reasonably certain that is an altered image. The tree to the right and above him has an unnatural curve on its left side above the subject. Also, there is a defined square pixilation around the upper torso area of the subject that is centered on it, but appears no where else in the picture.

    Without more data or seeing the original, I am leaning to Photoshop.

  8. Steven J

    Actually, I will back off some and say its 50-50. Its possible what I am seeing is artifacts from the zooming and sharpening of the original image. The proportions seem closer to human, however. There is not enough data or information to judge one way or the other.

  9. Susan H

    This picture reminds me of the picture taken by the Russian kids that went up the mountain and camped out and never returned. Years later they developed their film and there was a picture of something that looked just like this. They found them all dead. One even had her tongue removed. Scary

    • Natalie J

      The Dyatlov Pass incident. I think in that case the pic was added by the tv show & was not part of any of the actual documentation of the case. I was seriously bummed when I found out! Lol

  10. Karen C

    Could this creature be a Dogman with all those teeth looking white in the photo??? He does have ears that stand up, the right color, can’t see if he has claws 3″ or more, well feed for sure, Hummm Mystery??

  11. Rick K

    I would love to believe that’s a real sasquatch in the pic, but let’s be honest, that could be anything. Could be an animal, person, photoshopped pic, or even something ridiculous like a little Batman doll. Whatever it is, it’s a fun discussion.

    Wes and Woody had a very long up close and personal encounter with multiple sasquatch, both of them should be able to tell if it resembles the type that they saw.

  12. Jack33

    I took this picture and played around with it in photo editor.
    First off, whatever it is, it’s male.

    Secondly, it’s completely and totally ripped.
    The world’s biggest, baddest bodybuilder has nothing on this thing.

  13. Jack33


    Mess with contrast and the brightness of that photo until you can see some definition.

    That thing has the biggest biceps, pecs, traps and lats I’ve ever seen -definately not human proportions.
    In my opinion, it would be hard to make a suite that had the kind of muscle definition I’m seeing. Also, when you mess with the contrast/brightness and apply filters you can see male genitalia. I don’t think someone playing a hoax would go thru the trouble of adding such a detail on a costume.

  14. Martin Z

    No offense Wes but this image has that video game pixelation to it. Not the whole pic, just the sasquatch. Or the pic may be cgi, or I may be totally wrong and it’s real.

  15. Chris S

    Im pretty sure this image has been around for a long time. Cant be certain, but may have been included in a episode of monster quest, depicting the incident the eyewitness was describing. If I can find anything else on it, ill include in post

  16. Darrell O

    I am not going to make an argument on whether I think it is a real photo or not. However this is pretty close to what I picture in my mind when I hear witnesses describe seeing a creature that is massive and built like a body builder.

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