Sep 30

SC EP:992 The Baba Yaga

Tracy will be my guest on an upcoming show. In 1991 in North Carolina Tracy had an encounter with something. Tracy said “I was told about this strange creature on our hunting property.”

Tracy didn’t believe his uncle and other family members, he thought they were just messing with him until he ran into it. Tracy said “It stood like a man but it was not a man. I just kept asking what is it? His Father and Uncle told him me they had seen it many times.”






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73 Responses to “SC EP:992 The Baba Yaga”

  1. Mark R

    Welcome back Wes! My brother and I both had long weeks at work (yesterday I had coverage on most of first shift, all of second shift and part of third shift). We both totally enjoyed the show while driving home from visiting family and friends.

  2. Timothy D

    Grateful for tonight‘s guest, and willingness to tell his story, to our indomitable host, Wes. Who sits only seven shows/encounters out of the magic four figure number of 1000. Perhaps three or four of the most memorable guests, such as Claire, one of the pastor’s, our German, female fellow member with the dogman encounter,, and perhaps the former Marine and truck driver, who parking his rig to gain the needed rest in Arizona before returning north, and who saw two of the creatures jump out of the tree, one, a short, stout monkey/Sasquatch, and the other a dog man type creature, and thought enough to both take a photo or two of the creatures, and to protect the two women preceding him on the trail…would be interesting to get a few folks together, and reflect on their encounters and why Sasquatch Chronicles and Wes, provides a means through which to continue healing from such fearful experiences. Just a thought, perhaps, for a future show. Maybe Wes and woody would would like to tell their story one more time, while having a member thoughtfully interview them about how they have reflected, and integrated the experience over the years. Anyway, just giving some thought, as I’m sure West has, to how to make sure 1000, a memorable and healing experience for his community followers and experiences. Love you, Wes, and happy you’re on the other side of the surgery/revtim.

  3. winkatme

    WES, I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! I hope everything is going well for you. I KNEW you would be back before Oct 1st! 5~4~3~2~1 LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! NOTHIN BUT LOVE, WINK

  4. Priscilla M

    Missed your voice Wes. Glad you’re back! Wish you a speedy recovery. That was a great show. Love what you did before the intro there. Sound quality is excellent and editing the music around the witness – sounds sooo good! 👍

  5. Josephine L

    Wowsy!! I’m on the late train this Saturday night SC family. Wes, I hope you’re feeling better 😊. Looking forward to listening to this episode and reading everyone’s comments ❣👀

  6. Charles R

    Pretty cool type of habituation going on in and around the Carolina property Tracy. I seriously doubt anyone was in real danger as you seemed to think. They had their place out in the woods and you folks on your farm. I would think the Bigfoot and surely some others were just keeping a close eye while you were in their territory. Very typical of this type habituation.

  7. John M

    Baba Yaga (Russian: Ба́ба-Яга́) is Slavic folklore for a witch in the woods not a Boggy Mam. You guys have been watching too much John Wick. The John Wick movies got it wrong.

  8. Russell B

    This guy is nuts, he said that he could see the hair on this creature at 1000 yds. That’s over a half a mile away. He couldn’t even see the creature from that distance. Nice story though

  9. Benji P

    Nice to have you back sir Wes. The 1000# episode is almost there. So excited !!! Look at where this all started and where it is now…much respect, much love….and much light to/for you Wes…& your love1s <3

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